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25.42% Conan Casanova (+18) These woman are mine / Chapter 13: Chapter 12: Escaping the underground laboratory

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Chapter 13: Chapter 12: Escaping the underground laboratory

Having taken the facilities local backup and accidentally trigger the security system Conan raises through the ventilation shaft to return to Erin, who is still waiting for him in the storage room. Hearing people run around everywhere all of a sudden, he is happy to be reaching her soon.

While Conan is crawling through the ventilation, Erin finds herself in a bad situation, seeing that one guard already entered the storage room. Clenching the rifle, she makeshift bat, in her hands, she bites her time and waits for the perfect opportunity to strike. Heaving her heart nearly leap out of her body she tries to stay as silent as possible.

Hearing some sounds from above the guard looks up to the ventilation, giving Erin the opportunity to strike. Swinging her weapon at the man's head, the guards head instantly spews blood everywhere while hitting the floor with a band. Luckily the man was not part of any team so that there are no additionally dangers she has to deal with.

Hearing some behind her all of a sudden, Erin turns around, ready to strike only to stop herself at the last minute.

''Please don't hit me!'' Screams Conan, seeing his lover nearly splitting his head.

Seeing her lover and hearing his surprised voice Erin nearly begins weeping. Feeling most of her worries vanish, she neals down a hugs Conan. Smelling his sweaty body that is a strange mixture in between childish sweet and musky male, Erin is able to calm her racing heartbeat.

With a thump, the rifle hits the floor, while Conan calmy pats her head, strokes her hair and tells her in a soothing voice.''All good now. I have the solid hard drive containing the tape...'' Pulling Erin up to her feet Conan also tells her. ''...Now let's get out of here!''

Thinking that if others saw her just now, she would have to commit suicide out of shame, Erin stands up her face tomato red.

Smiling at each other and holding each other hands the moment of romantic affections is destroyed the moment the voice tells them. ''Ahm... Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but if you still want to get out of here you will have to go now... The way to the exit is mostly empty now.''

''We are ready, please tell how to get out!'' Says Erin, already nealing down to take the rifle, while Conan takes the dead or unconscious guards wallet. To his disappointment, the man carries neither a weapon nor bullets with him.

''Good. Let me tell you the fastest way out of here...'' Says the voice, sounding a bit jealous and begins explaining the route for them to take to get out.

Not even ten minutes later Erin and Conan are still escaping in the direction of what they assume is the exit. Breathing heavily both of them are nearing their natural stamina limits. Having drugs in their systems, earth-shattering sex and the constant fear of being detected would do that to even the strongest of mortals. Turning around the last corner the voice had told them to take to escape, they run directly into a man wearing a white lab coat.

''What the?!...'' The man curses when hitting the floor. Hearing the familiar voice of this man Erin can't control herself from shaking in fear. -Dr. Frank!-

Not knowing who the man is, Conan tries to pull Erin after him and around the man. Not realizing that his lover is shaking in fear, he is unable to do so before he hears the man talk into his headset. ''Two test subjects have escaped their confinement...'' Fighting her fear Erin uses the rifle still in her hand to knock the man out. Unable to fully hit the man, he continues to talk. ''Need assistance of guards, repeat assistance of guards...''

Before someone can answer the man a shrill mind-numbing sound comes out of the headset. Cursing Dr. Frank throws the headset to the floor. Feeling herself pulled away by Conan Erin regret not having hit the good doctors face.

Reaching the end of the corridor where they as promised by the voice find a wide steel door, tranquilizer darts are already fired at them as two guards appear behind Dr. Frank. Rattling at the door it doesn't move one bit, Erin gets hit in her left thigh by a dart.

''Come on,... come on,.. open... Goddamit!'' Curses Conan shouting at the door while Drank and the two guards are closing in on them.

Seeing Erin limb behind him, getting hit by a dart in his right shoulder and seeing no way to open the door, all hope of escaping and reuniting with Ran seems lost. Feeling the darts take effect both Conan and Erin go down onto their knees.

Turning around to look at his lover Conan sees a blurry figure wearing a white lab coat close in on one of the guards. Unable to follow every movement of that person, he sees something flashing in that figures left hand when hugging the first guard.

Trying to follow that figure with his eyes, Conan is unable to do so because Dr. Frank steps in front of him. Obviously unaware of the danger behind him, the man ignores the unconscious Erin and steps in front of Conan. Looking up at the man, Conan is able to make a pervert and lust filled expression. -Help! I don't like old man or man in general.-

Seeing the man's perverted smile suddenly freeze, Conan finds the men through gaping wide open and blood leak out.

Still fighting with the tranquilizer effects, Conan sees the figure in white neal beside Erin, injecting something into her. Seeing the figure get closer to him, her face gets into focus, he surprised blurs out. ''Ai? What are you doing here?''

Feeling a needle pricking his neck, his head becomes instantly clear. Looking into the face he had originally thought was that of the immature Ai Haibara now he realizes that she is in truth the still mature Miyano Shiho.

''I like that name. Ai. If I am ever on the run I will keep that one in mind.'' Says Miyano smiling down at him.

-Fuck she is stunning!- Thinks Conan feeling the tranquilizer lose its effects. Looking behind their savior he sees Erin already back on her feet.

''Thanks, Sherry...'' Says Conan to Miyano, keeping his cool while reminding himself that his lover watching them.

''How did you know?'' Asks Miyano taken aback by the boy's words.

Smiling at the mature face of Miyamo he says. ''... I guessed and you confirmed it just now...''

''Ahm... Thank you, Miss Sherry, for helping us, but... could you please open that door for us.'' Interrupts Erin Conan with jealousy in her voice.

Nodding Miyamo aka Sherry begins working on the steel door. The next moment the door opens, showing an empty parking lot behind it. Eager to leave the facility Erin instantly runs out.

Seeing his freedom before him, Conan hesitates and stops in the doorway asking. ''Are you coming with us?''

Shaking her head, Miyamo says. ''No. I have still some work to do. Consider helping you guys now, is me repaying you for saving my sister.''With that said she pushes it out and closes the steel door

Now finally free Erin and Conan begin searching for a way to get some help. Finding a phone booth in a barely illuminated alleyway, Conan uses the money he had taken from the guard in the storage room to make a call. After contacting Agasa to pick them up, he calls Ran to meet him at the Kudo Manor.

''Here we are...'' Says Agasa, driving up to the manor. After having listened to Erin and Conan's censored retelling of the recent events, the old man had remained deep in thought for most of the drive.

''Ok. Conan Casanova. Care to explain why we are here at the Kido Manor?'' Asks Erin feeling uncomfortable not knowing her lover's relationship with the Kudos, specifically Yukiko Kudo.

''I will explain everything in due time. But first, let's meet up with your daughter Ran.'' Says Conan, giving her a vague nonanswer, that sends Erin in a dangerous train of thought. Suspecting, that her dear old actor rival/ friend might be having an affair and cheats on her husband with him. Having seen Conan's above adult sized dick, the mothers face turns a healthy red.

After dropping them off at the entrance, seeing that it is already early in the evening, Agasa says his goodbye to the two of them and drives home.

Stepping into the manor, holding Erins hand Conan steels himself to explain everything to Ran and take responsibility as a man having these kinds of relations with both mother and daughter should.

Zibarn Zibarn

Despite Miyamo appearing, it will take sometime before she joins Conan's harem... A lot can happen to her until then...

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