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11.86% Conan Casanova (+18) These woman are mine / Chapter 5: Chapter 4: Interrogating Rose

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Chapter 5: Chapter 4: Interrogating Rose

Seeing the target Rose walk down the street in front of Mr. Hirota's rental apartment, Ran springs into action just in time to prevent the 'daughter' from going up the stairs leading up to the apartment.

Catching the woman of the guard, one simple stroke of Ran takes her out. Standing over the now unconscious woman close to herself in age Ran asks. ''What do we do now?''

''Now I have to make a call to the Professor. He will have to help us take her to my house for interrogation. Until then we better secure her with these.'' Conan says handing Ran a couple of cable ties before running back to the phone booth Kogoro just used to call the woman.

Agasa is very surprised seeing Ran and Conan carry the struggling Rose to his VW beetle and storing her in his storage apartment.

''Who is that and what do you want to do to this woman? Explain yourself, Conan.'' He demands when all three of them are sitting inside the car.

''She is part of the organization that poisoned me. Her sister is the inventor of it. I will first interrogate her before using her to contact her sister...'' Conan explains to the Professor.

''Where to? I don't want her in my house. If the man in black as you call them are knowing where she is we are all dead.'' Agasa complains while driving away from Mr. Hitoras apartment.

-Why do I have the feeling that I forgot something?- Conan thinks when answering. ''I think it would be best if we take her to my house. I bet we can find suitable accommodation for her interrogation in the basement.''

''That sounds good. To me.'' Says Ran from the back seat.

''Dito. Aside from helping you with gadgets, I don't want to be too much involved...'' Says Agasa when activating the automatic gates of the Kudo Manor. ''... I talked to your father recently over the phone. I think you should tell them about your current condition!''

''You didn't tell them?'' Asks Ran totally surprised that he hadn't told them already.

''Should I have told them everything?'' Asks Conan Ran, reminding her of their new found relationship.

Deeply blushing Ran says. ''I guess not.''

''Exactly. But I will have to tell them about the shrinking...'' Conan says when the car comes to a halt on the backside of the Manor. ''... But now we fist have to tent to our guest.''

Half an hour later Akemi Miyano aka Rose is gaged and blindfolded and bound to a chair with chains, Conan has found in his parent's bedroom and, sitting in an isolated part of the basement. Not knowing from either his last life more the boy's memories, Conan had asked Ran what kind of uses chains had in the bedroom she only blushed and went away.

Understanding the implication and getting inspired, Conan forcibly pushes the use of chains on Ran aside to focus on the task at hand, that being the interrogation of Rose aka Akemi Miyano.

Nothing at Ran, that he is ready, Ran begins removing the blindfold over Akemi's eyes, while the Professor points a lamp directly at the bound women.

''Where am I? Who are you guys?'' Asks Akemi frightened the moment the blindfold and ball gag are removed.

Lowering his voice Conan says. ''You aren't in the position to ask questions, Rose...''

Seeing the woman disguard her act of the frightened girl. Akemi tells him. ''I see you have heard of the organization. I hope you are aware that they will get me out of here and kill you all...''

''Oh, I not only heard of it I know more than they want anybody to know about them. Like some of their names. Let me ask you... 'Rose' or should I call you Akemi Miyano?...'' Seeing Akemi's eyes go wide, Conan presses forward. ''... How is your sister 'Sherry' aka Shiho Miyano doing in your parent's research?''

Knowing that he has already frightened her to the bone, Conan signals Ran to put back in place the gag and blindfold.

Turning off the light Ran, Conan and Agasa make a strategic retreat to regroup in the library. Just when they are going in the landline rings and Ran excuses herself to take the call.

Now alone Agasa questions Conan. ''How do you know all that? Didn't you say that they nocked you out before you were able to find out anything beyond their weapons deal?''

''Ahm...'' Conan begins saying but doesn't find a way to explain aside from the truth. -How about a version of the truth.?- ''... I have these memories, not my own ever since being waking up in the park. Please don't tell Ran.''

''What kind of memories?'' Asks Agasa rubbing his beard.

''The kind of memories predicting peoples murders.'' Lies Conan not wanting to tell the invention the cruel truth, that this world originates from a manga written for children.

Before Agasa is able to question him further Ran comes in telling them. ''Mr. Hirota was found dead in his apartment. The police are already looking for our guest as the prime suspect.''

-Shit, I knew that I forgot something, Akemi's second partner! I have to get everything back on course if I don't know what will happen next.- Conan curses his overside and says to his own accomplices. ''We have to speed things up and get Akemi or Rose to cooperate with us as soon as possible.''

Returning to the basement they once again begin interrogating. Having this time only her ball gag removed Akemi asks. ''What is it that you want from me?''

''It isn't about what we want, but what you want.'' Says Conan once again lowering his voice.

''And what is it that I want?'' Asks the prisoner a bit ticked by Conan's mind games.

Smirking while knowing that she is as good as turned Conan says. ''You want to free your sister and run away with that FBI agent called Shuichi Akai that has infiltrated the organization.''

''How do you know about Shuichi?'' Akemi asks, now totally freaking out.

''Oh, I know even more both your parents Elena Miyano and Atsushi Miyano where both killed because they refused to work any further on the organization's research project. A project currently headed by your sister...''

Hearing that Akemi's voice turns defeated and lifeless. ''I once again ask what do you want?''

''Your absolute and unquestioned loyalty.'' Tells Conan Akemi, knowing that he is not in the position to refuse.

''How can I prove that to you?'' Asks Akemi internally already giving up all hope to see her lover or sister ever again.

''What you do is a return to your employer, for now, get the one billion you and your two accomplices stole from the bank and meet up with Gin and Vodka. Before meeting them you call us and give us the address. We will keep you safe while apprehending the two of them.'' Explains Conan to her.

''You get the money and the two guys and what do I get?'' Asks Akemi, feeling her cackles being removed.

Removing the blindfold herself she sees Conan and Agasa for the first time and hears Conan tell her. ''You get your happy end with your FBI lover and my word that I will free your sister.''

A bit dazed from realizing that she had been interrupted by a seven-year-old Akemi just nods before saying. ''Deal.''

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