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16.94% Conan Casanova (+18) These woman are mine / Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Abducted

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Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Abducted

While Ran, Akemi, and Conan are involved in a gunfight at the docks Erin Kisaki, Ran's mother has her very own fight in the prosecutor's office. Being a fairly tall and light-skinned woman, she is a beautiful woman with long and wavy blond hair with shorter bangs framing the sides of her face, most of which she usually keeps done up in a bun. Having a rather slender yet curvaceous inbuilt, she is admired by most men as she looks mostly like a blond mature version of her won daughter. She wears simple black glasses and just like today wears all kinds of sexy business suits.

''No. I will prosecute them!'' Erin tells the man sitting behind a desk.

Erin currently arguing with her former superior is hell-bent on seeing a case of environmental crimes committed by a huge pharmaceutical company prosecuted.

Erin originally was given files for a real estate case where the company was offering to purchase the home of Donna Jensen, a local resident. Being surprised to see medical records in the file Erin visited Donna, who explained that she had simply kept all her correspondence together with the company. Donna appreciates the company's help: she has had several tumors and her husband has Hodgkin's lymphoma, but the company had always supplied a doctor at their own expense. Erin asked why they would do that, and Donna replied, 'because of the chromium'. After digging deeper into the case and Erin found evidence that the local groundwater was and still is seriously contaminated with carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, but the company has been telling the residents that they are using a safe form of chromium.

Now having ample evidence to prosecute the company Erin is blocked by her own mentor.

''Erin, I know that you want to make a difference, but I don't see a case...'' Says the district attorney before warning her to not prosecute. ''... Erin let me be honest with you. The company is too influential and highly valued by not only the higher-ups but also the people. Nobody wants them to suffer, so let it go.''

''Let it go? Let it go?! Just like that?'' Erin asks taken aback by the man's opinion.

''Yes, just like that...'' Says the man, nodding his head. ''... nobody accepts you wants a prosecution, so why don't you turn down your ego and let them be.''

''Isn't it your job to uphold justice?!'' Erin asks the man, shocked by his blatant disregard for the law.

Disappointed shaking his head the man tells her. '' Erin I know that you want to honor your title as 'Queen of the Courtroom', but remember to be the queen you need a clean reputation and be alive. You have a daughter and a good career. Don't throw that all away just for a case nobody is interested in...''

Being interrupted in his preach by Erin's incoming secretary, the man turns silent.

Seeing her secretary Erin asks her. ''What is it Midori? Don't you see we are discussing a case?''

''I know Sensei,...''Midora says hesitating for a second before saying. ''... It is about your daughter. She was involved in shooting down at the docks...''

''Say no more. I am on my way...'' Erin tells her secretary before looking at her colleague and friend, saying. ''... I will be back. This conversation is far from over.''

Turning around and leaving the office she can hear the man say annoyed. ''Oh, it is over.''

Jumping into the first taxi, Erin tells him to drive to the dock where her daughter is. Before the taxi takes off, a woman finds her way beside Erin.

''Hello, Miss or should I say Mrs. Kudo?...'' Asks the blond woman wearing a revealing business suit. Seeing Erin who looks annoyed but otherwise remains silent she begins explaining herself. ''My name is Sharon Vineyard. Since the two of us have a common friend, Yukiko Kudo, I thought that we should have a good talk about ypur current case.''

''Not interested. I am off the clock and have to be somewhere. Please leave the taxi, I am in a hurry.'' Says Erin in a frosty voice, expecting the woman to leave.

''You mean your daughter Ran...'' Sharon tells Erin, rummaging around in her suit and produces a picture of Ran.

Being pissed and a little bit frightened for her daughter Erin asks. ''Who are you? How did you get that?''

Ignoring Erin's question the cool blonde ignores her question and tells the driver to 'just drive', before returning her gaze back to Erin.

Feeling trapped Erin makes an assumption and asks.''Are you threaten me to let go of the case?''

''Not exactly threaten...'' Says Sharon with a malicious smile that turns her otherwise beautiful face into a grotesque mess. ''... You have to understand that my employer doesn't want you or your daughter snoop around his businesses. I am sure you know what I mean...''

''And what if we don't?'' Asks Erin curious which trick this woman wants to go to ensure her cooperation.

Smiling even brighter like spider the blond states. ''Oh, just the regular steps like ruining your reputation with incriminating evidence and get you imprisoned... As I am currently aware the organization is currently testing se new drugs.''

''You have nothing on me, so let me go!...'' Tells Erin Sharon before trying to get the drivers attention. ''... Mr. Driver, please stop, I will use another taxi to get where I need to go... Mr. Driver...''

''Oh stop it. You know he is one of mine...'' States the cool blonde before continuing. ''... Also, I never said that we already had dirt on you...''

Seeing the taxi come to a sudden stop in the middle of a tunnel, Erin is unaware of where she is in the city. The door opens and strong male hands pull her out of the car. Struggling to get free Erin is helpless in getting free of her abductor's grasp.

''... We don't have dirt on you now, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't get it in the near future. Farewell Mrs. Kogoro and enjoy your toyboy...'' Erin hears Sharon say just before the taxi door closes.

''Let go of me!'' Erin helplessly creams hoping to draw some attention, but nobody comes to her rescue.

Still struggling she hears one of the men holding her hostage ask into a microphone. ''Dr. Frank a new test subject has arrived where do you want her?''

''Perfect. Vermouths timing is as impeccable as ever. I just got a new male test subject from Vodka. I am so excited to test out both APTX 4870 and APTX 4871. Get her ready to meet her male.'' Erin hears the answer over the loudspeaker from whom she assumes to be Dr. Frank.

''Rodger that...'' One of her captors says. ''... Let's take her into the lab and make her ready for the Docs experiment.''

Unable to resist her captors Erin is dragged into a bright white room by the man.

''What are you doing let go of me!'' Erin screams while even more desperately struggling in their grasp when spotting a urological chair in the corner of the room.

''Undress her and open her mouth.'' She suddenly hears a cool neutral voice tell her captors. Being pressed down on to her knees a strong hand forces her mouth wide open, while her clothing is gut right from her body. Before she can once again scream, a pill is suddenly forced down her tough.

Instinctively swallowing the pill Erin instantly begins to regret it, as a warmth runs through her making her horny. Feeling the cool air now envelope her body her peaks are slowly hardening and her body is insanely sensitive to the lightest of touches.

''I think it is taking effect. She is ready for her male. I can't wait to see her reactions.'' Says the neutral voice sounding a bit excited by the idea.

Once again being dragged by the man, Erin ends up nude and chained to an unconscious naked boy with an adult-sized throbbing dick in a cold steel box room.

Seeing the nude boy with a chain around his neck Erin begins to struggle against her captors, suppressing her incredible lust by screaming. ''What have you sick monsters done to the boy?''

''Oh, he is your male. Have fun...'' She hears the man say before closing the container doors.

Zibarn Zibarn

I know I am messing with the timeline to introduce Erin early...

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