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Chapter 10 - Let's See Who's Better - Conceited Dragon - Chapter 10 by Limpin_Technocat full book limited free

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 - Let's See Who's Better

The village seemed slightly different when they arrived. The buildings had some of the slots that Ichika used back in the castle town and many pillars around the village which resembled the ore that was used to make a dragon spirit weapon. The short while they were gone the village had moved forward in terms of technology which was observed to be based on dragon force.

To Misao and Aegis however, it was astonishing, the feeling of being in a safe place made the shy Aegis burst into tears.

"Aye, Takumi," Misao said grabbing his shoulder, "after we do some recon here I wanna spar with you."

She was well known back on their home world for being a world renowned fighter in all martial arts and the thought of this made Takumi almost turn her down, but as usual, nothing beats his pride. Luna seemed to want to explore the large building where the village head was found since she too had never been here before and Ichika asked that Aegis and Misao go there too while she and Takumi would prepare their living quarters.

He slipped away from Ichika's sight to avoid doing chores and followed Misao. Inside the main building a touching reunion between Lancelot and Aegis flooded the room with emotions that would even make Misao cry, the two exchanged remarks of dear love which made Takumi cry out in a howl, blowing his cover.

"Ah…welcome young hero," said Lancelot wiping the river of tears which flowed from his eyes and welcomed Takumi to speak about any matters after he had fully reconciled with his daughter. Then Gyotan came running through down the hall and crashing at Misao's feet.

"Who's this geezer?" She asked with a glare and Takumi then explained that he was a blacksmith and he must have heard that she was the Sun Dragon Host and rushed to create an armor gemstone.

"That's right my boy," Gyotan acknowledged after catching his breath. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-see-who&apos;s-better_49430401290140420">;s-see-who&apos;s-better_49430401290140420</a> for visiting.

He then reached into his pocket and took out a small box, inside were three pairs of earrings, magnificently crafted with engraved gemstones of bright orange which made Takumi's ring look like something bought from a thrift store. Misao was astonished by the expert craftsmanship and helped Gyotan off the ground and took the earrings and inserted them into the ear piercings she already had.

Once the accessories were set in place a bright orange flash blinded everyone in the room and Misao was now fully clad in a golden suit of Chinese general armor.

"Wow! Look at you," Aegis exclaimed with a wide mouth

"You really outdid yourself Gyotan," Lancelot agreed, Takumi huffed under his breath from being outside the spotlight and impulsively asked for the sparring session to begin.

"You read my mind!" Said Misao with her usual psycho smile.

A few minutes later they found themselves on the same fighting area where Takumi's dragon force was brought to life which was fully reinforced by Lancelot and Aegis' joint dragon force technique.

"You know, when I said we would spar…" Misao informed while retrieving her scythe from the dragon realm.

"I meant fighting like your life depends on it!!"

Takumi abandoned all fear of her and his almighty arrogance took centre stage, he too got his ōdachi while also equipping his moon dragon scale armor saying he wouldn't have it any other way.

They both took a serious stance and their dragon force skyrocketed causing the very earth to tremble, both their dragon marks glowed brightly as did their eyes. Lancelot and Aegis along with Luna and Ichika who had just arrived held their ground to avoid falling over, then everything went silent, not a sound was heard, the air was still and it seemed as if all sources of noise disappeared.

"Father, what happened?" Aegis asked Lancelot and he answered with a worried look, "that's the energy of the celestial dragons, normal creatures can't sense it. This fight is serious."

Upon hearing that, Ichika felt worried and asked if they should be stopped, but too late, Misao bolted from her position in a straight dash and Takumi used the length of his sword to boost himself into the air, the fight had already begun.

Kage tapped into Takumi's mind and advised him not to get carried away but was tuned out, 「Moeru nami!」(flaming wave) Misao gave a slash of her scythe and a massive blaze reached Takumi and he was shot down.

"You're weak, Takumi!" Misao taunted as she inched closer to him smiling demonically, Takumi felt irritated and spun himself off the ground and sprinted towards her, both their weapons collided and the clang of metal echoed across the field, a series of kicks and punches made the battle seem unending.

Takumi's sword was swung with great force at Misao's throat and she dogded then laughing loudly, 「Neppa kurasshu!」(heatwave crush) she held her scythe up high and brought it down without mercy. But thankfully, Takumi avoided serious injury by jumping backwards while the scythe hit the ground creating a heated wind shockwave which split the earth platform in half.

When the dust and disturbed rubble settled, Misao and Takumi's dragon marks seemed more pronounced, the silver outline and more distinguished designs acknowledged the fact that they had both broken through to a new scale of their dragon forces, Misao reached the [Sun Dragon | Second Scale: Celestial Presence] while Takumi reached the [Moon Dragon | Second Scale: Almighty Resonance].

Their cultivation was even more pronounced when dragon wings of both gold and amethyst colour sprouted from their respective suits.

"Looks like this just went up a notch," Takumi stated happily which made Misao even more battle hungry, they both stepped ten paces away from each other.

Misao replied cheerfully, "This last strike will decide everything."

The spectators looked worriedly at each other while the fighters took a final firm grip on their weapons before dashing at an overwhelming speed towards each other.

But as they were about to come into contact their dragon force mysteriously vanished and their weapons along with their armor disappeared.

They both were dumbfounded and tried to stop themselves but their velocity was too much for any human-like friction to affect, eventually they crashed into each other with tremendous force, losing all consciousness.

They both woke up in a familiar cloudy area which Takumi recognized instantly, maybe due to the fact that Misao was without clothes.

The Dragon Realm.

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