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13.63% Conceited Dragon / Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - Takumi and Luna [18+]

Chapter 11 - Takumi and Luna [18+] - Conceited Dragon - Chapter 11 by Limpin_Technocat full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - Takumi and Luna [18+]

"What are we doing in this place? And why the fuck am I naked?!" Misao asked while covering her sacred areas.

The flesh of her breasts protruded from where her hands were and her beautifully sculpted abdominal muscles clenched from the sheer embarrassment. Takumi, however was more focused on the three new beasts that stood before him on Misao's side alongside the three dragons which he had already gotten to know and love but after some thought (And reading the characters on their bodies) he realized that they were the dragons of sun, fire and wind.

On the immediate left of Mizuko stood a long, coiling wyvern with silver scales and wide stretching wings, namely Typhon held the character for wind signifying his domain over the wind element crested on his wings, introduced himself to Takumi first.

Next was a very large dragon who Takumi had heard about, Haruka the sun dragon had a strong stature, with a solid body coated with golden scales and six wings, she held the character for sun on her chest.

The final new dragon was obviously the dragon of fire, his name being Ashrock. His scales looked like plates of dark obsidian and the gaps between them bore the resemblance of lava, his mouth had flames coming from it and lava red spikes protruded from his body, wings and tail. The six mythical beasts standing before Takumi were absolutely majestic.

"Helllloo?! I need some clothes here!" Misao's ranting took Takumi out of his state of awe and he gave the same information he received on that matter, "where'd the hell our dragon force even go?" She asked after clothing herself.

Haruka and Kage's expressions matched as they got upset, and the fact that they were celestial dragons made their appearances frightening, "It's our power so we can take it back anytime we want, we just don't have a body to use it." Haruka explained while pressing her claw gently against Misao's head.

"Exactly, you got too far with that fight so we took it temporarily and brought you here to tell you the extent of these abilities," Kage concurred.

"Even though you hold the greatest dragon force in the universe, that power wasn't made to go against themselves, if that last attack had connected…you would have levelled the village."

Takumi and Misao had no idea of the immense power they held or how dangerous it is so they both apologized and asked to be taught as much as possible about dragon force.

Haruka was volunteered to do the teaching as she had a better way with words, she started at the fact that dragon force was the power of a dragon given to a human through the dragon mark, but only a fraction of the true power is given and the owners of these powers namely the six dragon emperors of fire, water, wind, earth, sun and moon has the authority to take back or give more of that.

She continued by saying that dragon hosts wouldn't always have the base element of earth or water, but would get derived elements such as ice or leaf. Takumi immediately thought of Ichika, the lesson continued with them learning that dragon hosts who get the base elements are called 'pure dragon hosts' and then Luna came to their minds.

After an enlightening lesson, the two dragon hosts were returned to the human world with power fully restored, but the issue was…Takumi regained his bodily feelings, the texture of clothes wasn't present and all he felt was his legs and arms bound to a soft bed, he felt a warm, slimy tightness slowly caressing his male parts. He slowly looked up and saw the familiar green hair and blushing red skin.

"L…Luna?!" He exclaimed, interrupting her meal.

"Oh, you're back Takumi," she got up saying with a look of pure lust, "You were gone for quite a while so I decided to help myself, you're quite lively even without your spirit."

He was at a total loss for words as Luna stood over him exposing her child-like form, her chest had a slightly perky pair of breasts flushed as red as her face and as she moved over Takumi's face. He could clearly see her excitement as her liquids oozed down her legs, she had the sexual appeal of a fully matured adult even though she resembled a child.

"I've wanted you since the first time I saw you, Takumi. Please sit still and let me have you." her blushing increasing that statement and Takumi lost all sense of judgement after that

He offered Luna a seat on his face and she gladly obliged, returning to her own sucking. She felt the need to mask her sexy sounds that erupted from Takumi's oral skills but couldn't do it for long, she eventually screamed out loudly as Takumi's mouth acted as a suction cup around her clitoris.

"Ple…ase sto…p Ta…kumi," she stuttered as she rose off his mouth and released the straps that bound him.

She spread her legs while laying flat on her back and her sacred area was beautifully exposed, "I used my shape shifting to close my hymen because I want to truly become one wit…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Takumi hindered her words by pressing his lips against her, their tongues intertwined lovingly as they each stimulated each other with their hands.

With both Luna and Takumi breathing heavily from an awesome foreplay session. The main event began as Takumi rubbed his rod against her, slowly inching it inside her making her body spasm uncontrollably from the pleasurable pain, Takumi reached places on her insides where no man had ever gone before and she boldly acknowledged that fact.

Their eyes met at a romantic angle making them both blush, "please become one with me," Luna requested and Takumi began to move, her voice let out a high pitched moan and she clutched Takumi's back, digging into it with her nails making him move faster.

Luna opted to go on top and Takumi agreed. Holding her breasts she bounced with a fast paced rhythm and Takumi couldn't hide the immense lust he was feeling, Luna moved faster and moaned louder as she etched closer to orgasm causing Takumi's rod to bulge inside her signalling the same thing.

With utmost dominance he got up and held Luna closer and kissed her passionately, moving at his fastest sexual speed they both reached an amazing orgasm which caused Luna's eyes to roll back.

"Yes…haah…I'm finally…hah one with you." She said smiling and Takumi returned a warm smile.

They continued making love for the rest of the night until they were exhausted, falling asleep in each other's arms, the next day arrived.

Limpin_Technocat Limpin_Technocat

The F.B.I. is definitely coming to get me…

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