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Chapter 8 - Reunion? - Conceited Dragon - Chapter 8 by Limpin_Technocat full book limited free

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 - Reunion?

It has been at least half a month since the three infiltrators snuck into the demon palace and the atmosphere was really weighing on their minds. If it wasn't the high chance it was them getting caught or them having to witness the slavery the unfortunate towns folk or even having to keep the stupid Takumi from going out at night but they got used to it over time.

The small inn which they stayed in was owned by a fairly wealthy resident called Nashua; whom Ichika knew quite well, he used his connections with the other kingdoms outside to ensure his safety, but even he too was getting nervous.

"I'm fucking sick of this," Said the yawning Luna who just got out of bed, "let's fricking raid the castle tonight."

Ichika who was busy trying to escape Takumi's courtship offers (even though she liked them) turned to her and asked cleverly what they would do once they got in. Luna got fumes emitting from her head and replied that she doesn't even care anymore and that she'd just murder anyone who got in her way, Takumi was watching silently in the background.

"Quite a girl fight, eh old man?" He joked with the inn owner but the middle aged man didn't laugh.

Rather, he looked like he came up with a plan and not long after he ran to a back room.  He later returned holding a vintage looking sheet of paper, the crew was invited over to a large table on the south side of the room and the paper was spread out.

"This is a map?" Asked Ichika and the man agreed, he said that the map was that of the entire castle and had all the secret passages and Luna's eyes widened in joy, as this gave them the chance to make a proper plan to get into the castle, with the low chance of getting caught.

An hour of passing around ideas led to a fairly solid plan, the secret passage on the east castle town road would be taken since it was the easiest one to access and it led right to the throne room. But there was a disadvantage for Ichika due to her rather large assets… she couldn't fit therefore only Luna and Takumi could sneak in because of their slender body types. Nashua volunteered himself the task of getting them to the easy town without them being seen.

Takumi and Luna both left the inn after a quick meal, hidden in a hand cart covered in a sheet which pushed by Nashua, Ichika tagged along even though she couldn't join them in the castle as she didn't want to feel useless.

The route to the castle was long and oddly silent for Takumi and he began to get restless, he started to hum trying to make time go by faster but he was stopped by Ichika's mighty hand slamming onto his head and they pressed on. A few turns and a few close encounters with guards and they finally arrived.

"The passage should be right here," said Nashua.

"I don't see anything though," said Takumi and Luna, looking quite puzzled.

Ichika, looking very superior shoved herself between the two confused spies and drew her blade, Takumi flinched in fear but little did he know that Ichika wasn't planning on hurting him (at least not this time). Instead she sliced away some thick weeds which revealed a small rusted slot in the wall.

"Oh, I think I get it now," Luna said with a rounded mouth, Takumi shrugged as he still did not understand.

"Watch and learn please," Ichika directed at Takumi, she then inserted her sword into the slot and injected a small portion of her dragon force into it, then a dim light shone through the cracks in the wall and an opening was created.

"This is where you'll go through," Nashua informed, "you'll need to crawl since the area is so tight, just go straight and you'll reach the throne room."

Ichika gave herself the job of keeping the entrance under surveillance just in case.

Luna opted to go in first since she was the smallest and Takumi followed, the area was a really small space but it was enough for the two to fit in one behind the other so they parted ways with Ichika and Nashua and went on.

The vent-like passage was surprisingly clean and posed no breathing problems so it was a smooth journey. The path to the throne room was really long and Luna began to feel bored.

"Do you like my butt, Takumi?" She said sexually.

"Um, I didn't catch that, what!?" Takumi coughed while replying.

Luna stopped suddenly and Takumi bumped into her. she then confessed that she was jealous of Ichika and wanted to get to him before her. Takumi then began to reiterate the fact that his beauty has that effect on persons but stopped halfway, speaking uncomfortably.

"I don't think I could bring myself to do that, since you look that way, um, no offence."

Luna giggled and reminded him that she was an expert shapeshifter so she could make her body seem mature.

He got slightly aroused but decided it was best to leave that matter for later and to continue forward, Luna agreed.

The short distance to the throne room was more awkward than usual for Takumi, maybe because of the fact that Luna kept making sexual passes at him even in her childish state but despite that they pressed on and soon reached a dead end which seemed to be right above the throne room.

"Is everything prepared?" Asked a low female voice, another voice owned by a male replied yes.

Takumi quietly asked Luna if she understood the conversation and she didn't, the two saw it best to just listen and try to decode what was being discussed.

"Oh, please welcome our two visitors please," said the first voice.

A loud shrieking sound was heard and the two came crashing down, landing in front of a tall, fit woman wearing a poofy grew gown that had rigid black shoulder pads with jet black braids and horns protruding from her head.

"Greetings my two spies!" said the woman.

Luna looked astonished and told Takumi that the woman standing in front of them was the infamous demon queen. They instantly got on their feet and took their fighting stance but they were bound by four demon guards and had their dragon force drained by green jade cuffs.

"Take them to the jail with the others please," ordered the queen.

Her orders were followed and they found themselves being thrown in a run down prison.

"Well look who's here," said a familiar voice.

Takumi found it odd that he vaguely recognized the voice and quickly looked to see who it was, only to be shocked out of his skin.

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