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66.66% Conjoined Adventures / Chapter 4: Absorption Aura (1/2)

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Chapter 4: Absorption Aura (1/2)

Exiting at the Adventurers Guild, the twins decide to go at the plaza's market to buy some food for lunch. And of course while walking straight at the street, people keeping there distance at the twins. "Monsters" that's what they always hear everyday so they really used to it now.

"Ox grilled meat! For one silver!"

"Spicy lemonade frog! One cup for 5 bronze!"

"Turri soup! Turri soup here!"

"As expected it's still beautiful as ever" Zia said while looking at the bustling people.

"So my little cute brother, what do you want to eat?"

"Ox grilled meat" Vic replied "cause it's juicy and heavy for our stomach"

"Alright, one Ox grilled meat coming right up!"

The twins walk in front of the store.

"Mister, one Ox grilled meat please" Zia ask.

"Oki doki, one Ox grill meat coming righ- aaah!" the man said with the face of astonishment and with an eyes like it's gonna pop-up

"Hey, Balad that's rude!" Vic said.

"Hahahaha, sorry lad it's a joke, it's a joke" Balad said jokingly.

Warshwall market plaza!

A place of paradise for those who want taste a good food or buy a miscellaneous things. This place is always bustling with people especially at night.

The twins took the nearest table and sit besides the road.

"I like this place" Zia said while watching the people to and fro the road.

"You like them, but they don't like us" Vic frown.

"Brother, the day will come and this people gonna recognize our greatness. I promise." Zia smiled.

The twins casually chatting when there food comes up.

"One Ox grilled meat, my lovable friendly monsters" Balad smiled while serving the dish to his favorite customer. Balad is the first person who recognize them as a friend and help the twins when they're first appear at the city. Without his help the people of this city will strangle or chase them to death. Such a good man.

"Thank you again Mr. Balad, your Ox grilled meat is the best of the best!" Zia give an exaggerating comment.

"HAHAHAHA, that's what I like!" Balad laugh.

"Alright little monsters, gotta go and finish your food now. Remember eat them all! Ahahahahaha" Balad left while laughing.

'His such a good guy' the twins comment.

"Hey, sis after this where gonna move to library right?" Vic ask.

The twins plan to make a detour to the library before going back to the inn.

"Yes, I need books for cultivators"

*cough cough*

"can we skip that books, I really don't like your idea"

"Nope, we need strength to protect ourselves. And this is for of you, because I love you" Zia give a lovable smile.

"I know.. this world is really dangerous after all".

After finishing there food, the twins stand up and walk to the main road and walk straight to the library. Not far away, a group of people in a shadow watch them leave.

"They're moving, let's go."

Walking and passing the fifteenth block, they turn right and then left and walk again for ten minutes before stopping at the building with the signboard 'Aklatan'.

"Here it is, the library. Lets go inside now" Vic said.

The twins rush in and excitedly open the door.


"Aaaah, this smell I love it!" Zia said while sniffing the the air. This old books have a sweet smell with notes of vanilla flowers and almonds "I love you guys" Zia giggled happily. "Cultivation book, here i come!"

The twins walk at the front desk.

*cling-ling* *cling-ling*

Zia press the bell excitedly.


"Hi, Miss may I ask where can we find a book for cultivation?" Zia ask.

"Oh, Hi Ms. Zia, Mr. Vic. If you want to browse the cultivators book kindly go at the third block left side for beginners" the receptionist answered.

"Thank you" the twins bow slightly.

"Let's go!"

"Hey sis, what's the rush?"

Outside of the library a group of man standing and waiting outside.

"Those bastard monster Blighty twins. I'm gonna kill those bastard.."

"Don't worry young master they won't live long" if the twins saw this fatty they're gonna recognize it right away.

"Harumph, hurting my most trusted subordinate, they're seeking death!" this master name is Leonard Gilis III the fourth son of the Gilis famiglia.

"Because of them the deliveries will be delayed. They need to teach a lesson, that no one! NO ONE! can trample my family business." with a blood shot eye Leonard Gilis III glared at the front door of the library.

"Here it is! The cultivators section!" Zia said happily

"Sis, what kind of cultivation book will you practice?" Vic asked "Is it fighting book right? You're gonna learn skills like wushu, karate, taekwondo..." Vic continued "or or your gonna learn some bad-ass palm strike like the books your always reading?.. right?"

"No." Zia answered.

"No?" 'then what book you are looking for?' Vic said with question mark popping on it's head.

"Those books are for advance cultivators"

"But you said we need strength to protect ourselves right?"

Looking at her sister Zia smiled

"You said you don't want to feel pain. You're my lovable brother and we only have one body. I can endure the pain but I can't endure seeing you in pain also." Zia caress her brothers cheek. "You know that I love you and your my treasure"

Zia pick a book with the title 'Absorption Aura'.

'Absorption Aura?' Vic read the title. This is not a battle technique, It's is alright if this a battle aura or any kind of aura that can hurts their enemies but this isn't.

Looking at her sister "Sis, why absorption aura? And if you look closely this is a really thin book with 3 pages only. And it's written that this is incomplete." Vic asked.

"I know, we can find the other chapters at the other cities but it will took us time because we need to prepare the travel expenses" Zia answered.

"Oh I see, you'll learn it first then you're gonna pick other battle cultivation book. I see, I see" Vic said with acknowledgement.


"No?" Vic raised his eyebrows. 'Well whatever'

"Hey sis before we seat I want to borrow some books again"

"Researching again?"

"Information is the key to win a battle." Vic said with a dignity look.

After getting some books the twins walk beside the table and sit. After reading an hour, Vic look at her sister and raised a question "Sis, what's the used of this Absorption Aura?"

"If you learn this technique you can easily absorb the mana around you. This is good for beginners" Zia answered.

Absorption Aura is the most basic fundamental if your starting to be a cultivator. By learning this cultivator can absorb the mana easily and also guide the mana flow inside their body to strengthen their muscles.

"Sis you know, you can pick any battle techniques and please don't mind me. I know that we need strength to survive and a little sacrifice is nothing for a better world." Vic said, while reading his own books.

"I don't need it, this Absorption Aura is the most suitable battle techniques for us."

'Battle technique?' raising his eyebrows Vic ask "As far as i can see this is a support type technique. How can you used it in battles?"

"Brother this is our own cheat, we are otherworlder and we're born from an advance society."

"What do you mean?"

"This Absorption Aura we're gonna make it as our own, then I'm gonna search it's flaws and revised it, if you're asking what method will I use..." Zia look at her brother and smiled "It's a secret".

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