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Chapter 3: Let's summarize, cause I'm lazy. (Vic's POV)

"Find those monsters! Don't let them escaped!" said by the man who's leading a group. This man has bulky face. "Captain are you sure we can defeat them? Those are monster with human faces right?" one of the soldier raised a questioned. "Indeed, they are monsters but remember we need to finish this mission and report immediately, and of course how can those monsters defeat us easily. Remember we have a two fifth iron ranker warriors in our group."

The soldier nod and sigh a relief. Indeed they have a lot of advantages to defeat that monster. First is they outnumber their enemy, second terrain advantage and lastly this two fifth iron warrior ranker. "Alright after this subjugation we're gonna blow a party!"

"YAAAH!" how too boost there morals? Easy, throw a party with lot of girls to eat.

Not far a way two pair of eyes keenly observe the situations happening below. "This is bad sis, they already here." the boy said nervously. This boy is Vic "I told you before don't do that, now look... they're here to kill us!" Vic exclaim. "Brother-", "Don't call me brother!" I exclaimed angrily. Zia perk her lips.

"This is a good chance for us brother, we are strong. I don't know how strong we are but we can test it right now", "Sister this is a really bad idea, your saying that we will kill this people?" they'd look at each other. "These is a gift of the God", "No, isn't"

How did the twins enter this mess? Let's go back two days ago.

"What the f**k?" bewildered from what happened, Zia used only a regular punch and the result is this? Motis is knockout and the person in question doesn't know if this guy still alive.

'How the hell my sister punch so strong?'

"I told you before my little cute brother, the God's bestowed us power to protect our selves" Zia said.

No, sh*t this is impossible how can we became so strong. We don't have any proper training or rank or job. "But we are otherworlder remember?" my sister answered my question even without raising a question. How did she do that?

This past days my sister keep pestering me what kind of power this 'God' bestowed to us, 'I don't know whose this God shes talking about, and I don't want to know'. If she's not talking about God, shes talking about what kind of system or cheat we will get. Seriously i don't know what she talking about.

"MOTIS!" exclaim of the fat guy who's name I really don't remember. "Tan" my sister said "what?", "your asking what his name right? The fat guy". Creasing my eyebrows "I didn't ask", "even you didn't ask, I'll answer it nonchalantly like a true lady". My sister is really scary.

"What have you done?! YOU! YOU!!" Tan exclaim while pointing his finger toward us, "you? what you? are talking about me?" Zia said while cracking her knuckles. Ahem I mean our knuckles. "So what if I knock him out? Do you dare to taste this lovable hands of mine?" Ooh, my sister tried to intimidate this fatty. Let's see what will happen.

Tan glared at my sister "you'll pay for this. Hair help me to take-", "where gonna take her out right? I'm ready to bust her face now." sweat poured at the back of Tan. 'Take her out? This fool'. Tan whispered "No, with her strength, shes gonna take us out instead. Help me to move Motis", "Umu" The hair agreed.

The duo rush and lift the lifeless body of Motis "remember this, we shall return". After that they run fast like a horse, what ability is that? And that's all? Lame.

Afterwards Matilda exit the room "Hmm? What happen?" Matilda ask. She's been away for almost Ten minutes. "Oh, nothing" Zia replied with a smile. "So what is it? That Madden Cow?" My sister ask.

"The monster you describe is a rare beast named Moontanga" Pfft! We almost spill the tea. "What happen? Are you both alright?"

"No no no, continue please" i said. While restraining our laugh.

Moontanga is one of the rare beast outside the city. Let's discussed about the monster system and calamity system and how they'd rank it based on the power level disaster.

First of all the Monster system. There's a 6 types of monster tiers.







Common monster is the one you will always see everywhere. Basically live stocks.

Rare, just like the Moontanga beast, they're the viscous one. There level of strength is mostly above fifth iron ranker.

Uncommon monsters. You'll only meet them by luck or if your affinity is really good. They are stronger than an ordinary eight silver ranker and have a special abilities.

Epic monster are stronger than an ordinary ninth Gold ranker.

Legend and Myth as you can see, they're a lot stronger and I still lacking information about them.

Now let's talk about Calamity system.

Calamity system is based on four levels.





Peon Calamity is nothing much extra ordinary. Example of this are drought, storm, etc.

Storm Calamity is based on monsters strength. This issue can be solved by the Adventurers Guild using Subjugation Missions.

Dragoon Calamity will be issued if one of the cities are in danger.

And lastly the Meteor, a nationwide disaster.

And that is the summary, cause I'm to tired to explain it all.

"Did you report it to our Guild leader?", "There's no need, I can just post a subjugation notice and let those brutes handle it. Easy right?" Matilda said. I rolled my eyes when i heard that. Seriously this woman thinks all the men here are her slaves?

"Here is your payment Blighty twins 2 silvers and 50 bronze coins based on your discoveries and information" Matilda put the coins on the table. "Umu" I grab the coins and put it on my pouch. "Let's go and grab some stuff to eat then go back to our inn and rest" I said to my sister. "Rest? No no no. We need to train and cultivate after we eat."

Cultivate? "What are you talking about we're not cultivators" I protest. "Yes we are! Did you see my punch recently, right? How can I release a strong punch like that if we're not a cultivator?" Zia eyes shine brightly.

Ahem, let me explain about the two basic types of power ranking in human society. The Cultivator and Magus.

Cultivator are the one who strengthening their inner bodies. Harnessing the energy and controlling the flow of mana inside of their bodies. They are the one we called fighter types by practicing and creating there own martial art techniques.

For cultivators there's a ranking tier.

Iron one to ninth.

Bronze one to tenth.

Silver one to eleventh.

Gold one to twelfth.

And Platinum one to fifth.

Now let's talk about Magus. They are the one who control the order of the elements. As you can see they can use magic freely using the power of the nature. Wuhu, I'm to lazy to explain and I'm still lacking about information about Magus and Cultivators. I need to go back to the library and study.

And thus my beautiful sister want to train her body, *cough cough* our body and want to became a cultivator. Really?! That's to tiring if she can handle the pain and stress then I'm not, so I'm against about being a cultivator. I don't want pain. Cause it hurts, and if you cultivate wrongly your meridians will be clog and you'll be crippled for the rest of your life. And if your unlucky you're gonna die and if you die your dead and if your dead there's no future at all. Basic.

"My little cute little brother of mine, I know what are you thinking and no matter what I'm- no we're gonna cultivate and became a proper warriors! This is the time we are waiting for, cause we are heroes!" her chuunibyou disease is acting up again. 'Haist' this is bad for my heart.

"After we eat we're gonna go the library and pick a proper cultivation technique. Trust me I'm prepared for this." Zia look at me with a bright eyes while giving me a thumbs-up. What the hell? Thumbs-up your face! Oh mother of nature God please help me, I don't wanna die-.


Unknown for the twins the Nature hear his plead.

moarkey moarkey

I hope you guys enjoy this webnovel. Any opinions/criticisms are welcome here with open arms~. ;)

Moontanga- from the root word of "Moo" and "Tanga"

Tanga- means Idiot, fool or stupid.

Chuunibyou- A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome".

Blighty- Derived from vilayati, an Urdu word meaning "foreign," blighty is an old military nickname for Great Britain.

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