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Chapter 18 - CONQEROR - Chapter 18 by BLACKangelmarl full book limited free

Chapter 18: Chapter 18

That time, where fendrel was about to open the door.

After opening the door, an unbearable smell instantly shrouded fendrel.

"How the hell, someone bears to live in this house." fendrel muttered.

"Well..... To answer your question, this kind of smell for us. It like the sweetest perfumes, you humans love to use in your bo-... Wait!, you're not a human. What are you?" fendrel jump in fright because of the sudden voice, he looked at where the voice was coming from. What he saw was a 3 meters tall giant orc, sitting on a chair that seemed to be an old throne. Fendrel composed himself and reply.

"What I am, is not of your concern. What I wanted to know is... Your subordinates are dying outside. And yet you're here sitting leisurely, instead of helping your subordinates in the battle."

"Hahahaha!!.... What subordinate are you talking about? They are my 'slave!!', a slave that I can replace anytime I want. Since they died in a trash like you, that just means that they are weaklings, and I don't need a weakling slave. I just need to kill you, after killing you. I will torture your companion, if you have a woman in your group. I will **** her until she died in happiness, HAHAHAHA!!" The orc laugh maniacally.

"If your plan was to make me angry, then congratulation you succeed. I plan to give you a chance. But after hearing what you just said.... You need to die!!"

While saying those words, a dark-red aura gradually coming out of fendrel's body. It eventually covered his whole body, fendrel use his aura for the first time. 'what a headache, I can feel my stamina is getting depleted so fast. I need to end this faster."

Fendrel didn't waste time and use all his buff skill, afterward he use his new skill 'Fire Fist'. Two fist made of fire immediately materialize in the air around him.

On the other side the orc was stunned for a second, subsequently become a fear that sent chills to his spine. 'Tha-That's an aura, that you need to become a master warrior to control, don't tell me this guy is a master warrior.... I'm doomed'

Fendrel naturally saw the sudden change of the orc, he saw fear and confusion on the orc's face. He doesn't have a clue what happened to the orc, but since an opportunity was infront of him, he will gladly take it.

Fendrel didn't waste time and attack the chief orc, he sprint like a bullet. And arrived infront of the chief orc in a blink of an eye.

"WAI-WAIT MASTER PLE-!!..... AAAAAHHHHH" Because of fear and confusion, that shrouded the chief orc. The orc chief forgot to use his skills. Subconsciously tried to block the incoming blade, with his spike club. But the blade penetrate his weapon, like cutting a tofu. His arm holding the spike club, was also cut down. The orc rolled to the side, but fendrel didn't give him a chance. He controlled the two 'fire fist', and bombarded the chief orc without mercy.

Smells of burnt meat replace the stinking smell of the house. The chief orc lying on the floor twitching, full of fist burned mark on its body.

"You should be thankful, that I won't torture you. You dumb pig." Fendrel raise his sword to end the orc's life. But he stop mid-air, because the tightly shut door, suddenly burst open.

"YOUR MAJESTY!!! WAIT!" It was gioz, who's panting.

"Why are you stopping me gioz" Fendrel asked in a cold voice. Gioz swallowed his saliva, before continuing.

"Your majesty, what about letting the orcs see, that you killed their chief. If that happens, these orcs were going to fear you. Then it will be easy for your majesty, to conquer them." Gioz explain, while looking at fendrel in astonishment.

'That's a fighting energy, that you need to become a master warrior to control. That means, his majesty is a master warrior now. Just how many days have passed since we fight. It's not even a month, but now his majesty already become a master warrior. His majesty is a genius, even in a human society he will be a top genius." Gioz thought.

"That's a good idea.... Thanks" Fendrel looked at gioz apologetically. He got easily carried away by his emotions, since the day he become a demon.


After all the orcs surrender, a familiar sound rang in his head.




YES(✓) NO(x)]

Suddenly the whole village started to disintegrate slowly. The whole orcs became terrified, the whole place starting to get chaotic. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.



"Gioz get the soldiers, and calm them down." Gioz immediately bade farewell, even though he was confused on what was happening. He didn't dare to defy fendrel's order.

After some time, the soldiers arrive and calm down all the orcs. Afterwards they escorted all the orcs outside.

As for fendrel, he didn't walk outside the village, but stayed inside. Because all the disintegrate pieces of the village, was getting sucked in his buddy. He didn't have a clue what was happening, since in the game. After you assimilate any village, the whole village, town, or city. Would just crumbled like a broken glass, then disintegrate in the air.

Since fendrel didn't feel any pain or anything, he just let the system do his work.

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