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92.78% Cosmos System: Transmigration to the other world / Chapter 90: Doubts Been Cleared

Doubts Been Cleared - Cosmos System: Transmigration to the other world - Chapter 90 by Advance_Writer7 full book limited free

Chapter 90: Doubts Been Cleared

Looking at his body, Feng Zhen nodded his head in approval.

Then he turned and looked at the motionless crowd, expressionlessly.

'I can finally control, my bloodline'

'System, how long would it take before I lose all my cultivation'

[ Ding! Responding to the host, if the host refuses the Dantian repair task, the host would lose all his cultivation in a week...]

'Well, if that's the case. I should get prepared for the worse. Anyway, before that' thought Feng Zhen.

Then he said, "{Seal of Time - Flow}"




"Ahh! Make way for me, I need to leave this place"

The people in the crowd were running as fast as they could run, away from the field, in panic.

All of a Sudden, the entire crowd fell silent, without making a noise. Everyone in the crowd raise their heads up, staring at the falling heads of the Mulan, Qiwen and Di Ming.


Few minutes before the falling of the heads....

"Bian Kia, that's enough. Let's see, if we can talk this kid out-" said the wrinkled face old woman, but before she could finish her words.


The sound of a bell could be heard.

Not knowing where the sound came from, the wrinkled face old woman looked around in search of the where the sound came from, unexpectedly she saw the heads of Mulan, Qiwen and Di Meng falling on the ground in slow motion.

In fear, She jerked back. Then she looked at Feng Zhen who was few meters away from the Trio. Unable to process what just happened, the wrinkled faced woman looked at the spear Feng Zhen was holding, she saw the spear stained with blood. Then she looked at the shaft of the spear, and saw blood slowly dripping from the shaft of the spear.

It wasn't just the wrinkled old woman, Everyone there, could guess correctly that the trio head were cut off by Feng Zhen.

Looking at the shocked faces of the remaining Figures floating in midair, Feng Zhen asked with an indifferent expression, "Do you know why I didn't kill the likes of you"

Glaring at Feng Zhen, although Ga Mu felt fear, he still found it hard to believe that Feng Zhen killed the trio.

Then Feng Zhen looked at Ga Mu who had a doubtful expression, and said indifferently, "It looks like you're still in doubt. Well, It seems I have to clear your doubt, by cutting off your arm. {Seal of Time - Frozen Time} "


A sound of a bell could be heard.

Then Feng Zhen approached Ga Mu, and he sliced his left arm.

"{Seal of Time - Flow}"



After the sound of the bell was heard, Ga Mu, who was glaring at Feng Zhen, suddenly saw Feng Zhen vanish before his eyes.

In fear, Ga Mu turn around to look for Feng Zhen. All of a sudden, he felt an immense pain from his arm.

"Ahh!!!" Ga Mu screamed in pain. Then he tried raising his arm, only to discover that his arm was missing. Then he looked down, only to see his missing arm, falling.

Then he heard a voice from behind, "Do you still believe"

As if he was shocked by Electricity, Ga Mu body tremble.

Be it the crowd or the figures floating in midair, Their pupils could be seen trembling.

It was known, that a saint class beast could destroy a mountain with just his fist. But to the people who saw the way Feng Zhen killed the trio and cut off the arm of Ga Mu. Who wouldn't be scared.

"I don't understand... I-I-It can-n't b-be, Killing Di Ming without in a flash, cutting off my arm in a flash. E-Even a False God can't do that, Only an Immortal could do that. I-I-Im-p-possible" shouted Ga Mu as he jerked forward in fear. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ignoring the words of Ga Mu, Feng Zhen Glared at the wrinkled face old woman with col face, and said, "I would be merciful and let you go. But the next time, I see your shadow in this Empire, Not will I will kill you, I will hunt down your descendants"

Like a fleeing bird, the wrinkled old woman flew away.

Watching a saint class beast running away, how dare they stay any longer, the remaining figures floating in midair, flew away with there tails behind her backs.

Although Ga Fei was angry that Feng Zhen cut the arm of her Father, she knew too well that it was her father that cause it.

Then she glanced at Feng Zhen, before fleeing with her father.


After confirming that all the beasts has left the capital. Feng Zhen turned and looked at the crowd.

Immediately the eyes of the people in the crowd met with the cold golden pair of eyes of Feng Zhen, they all trembled in fear as they stood, motionless.

The moment Feng Zhen spotted YinYing, Xi Yingyu and Xi Shoukang in the crowd, {Shadow Movement}, he vanished from where he is and in a flash he appeared before them.

"B-Big Br-rother Feng" Xi Shoukang stammered in fear.

When Feng Zhen saw the fear in their eyes, he sighed.

'With what they have seen today, I'm not sure if they would see me the same way they use to' thought Feng Zhen.

Then he bent down and patted the heads of Xi Yingyu and Xi Shoukang and smiled. Afterwards, he turned and looked at Miss Qin coldly and said, "Take them with you, train them, protect them, I will be leaving. But I will be back, If I discover that they are mistreated, I swear my name, That the Moonlight Empire will be a history."

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