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97.36% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 111: A Game by the Battle Mecha Company

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Chapter 111: A Game by the Battle Mecha Company

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Hurstkurst, seeing this employee had a face full of anxiety, could not help but feel panicked. He asked, “Who are these people that are creating a disturbance?!” That employee replied, “You should hurry there and take a look. I really can’t explain it clearly, but there’s someone who’s prepared to smash our signboard. The people below have started surrounding us.”

Hearing that the matter was grave, Hurstkurst placed down the phone and ran out of the door. Suddenly, he realized that he still had guests. Turning over towards Fatty in apology, he said bitterly, “Master, please have a seat first. I’ll go and take a look at what has happened.” Fatty felt curious as well and replied while still standing, “Go and do your job. We’ll go over and see what exactly the matter is.”

Hurstkurst did not have the luxury to be polite with Fatty. He left with that impatient employee of his, running all the way towards where the disturbance was created. By the time Fatty and the others had reached the workshop, it was filled with people and all of them were beaming with smiles.

Some were secretly delighted: “Coming here today is the right choice. It’s so happening.”

The person beside him was gesticulating wildly: “That’s right. Previously, we saw two idiots arguing and I laughed so much that my stomach hurts.”

Another person felt disdain: “Those two rookies weren’t anything fun to watch. Seeing how that fatty ran is what I call fast. It felt as if his butt was adorned with a rocket.”

Another regretfully said, “Aiyah, I’ve came too late and did not see anything at all. Was there a fatty performing?”

The person beside him quickly replied with his spittle flying all over the place, “I saw it! That fatty was streaking nude. That’s what I call fast!”

Another person fell in a daze: “...Fatty streaking nude? ...Why did I see him wearing his clothes still.”


The person beside him joyfully replied, “It’s because your eyesight isn’t good… Even though he was wearing clothes on the outside, he is totally nude on the inside!”

Fatty was startled. Damn, this is also called streaking nude! He said to Milan, “See this? The first time I go commando and someone realized it immediately. Did you really not keep my underwear?”

Milan laughed so much that she had to stabilize herself with Fatty’s body, unable to straighten her back. With a red face, she pinched his arm with all her strength. Why was the mind of this damned person always so messed up! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The wretched person mumbled to himself, “I say, why did it feel so windy down there when I was running…? So it turns out it was indeed pouring wind from below!”

The crowd was dense. Even though Fatty tried squeezing his way in, he failed. Giving a look at Milan and Mills and his friends, he suddenly shouted out in terror, “There’s smoke coming out from the Battle Mechas! It’s going to explode! Quickly run! Quickly run! Someone is dying! It’s going to explode!” Following that, he switched to the voice of a few other people as if there were many who were shouting in panic. The voices came from a near and far location, and it felt truly miserable. The crowd became panicked as they dispersed away, until finally, even the employees and Hurstkurst had ran away, causing the entire place to be filled with only the few of them.

There were several Battle Mecha parts placed on the empty ground. Fatty stared blankly at a loss as he walked over and took them out and said, “These parts aren’t going to explode. Who was the one who shouted out just now?”

Only after quite some time had passed did someone finally discover that they were tricked. There were some who stood in the middle of the crowd that were more intelligent and rational, yet it was only when they realized that these people’s voices did not sound like those that were shouting before did they resentfully return to watch the bustling scene.

Standing right in the middle of the crowd was a person with his hair dyed red that had ran the fastest previously. He shouted angrily, “It is fine if your unparalleled maintenance center cannot repair Battle Mechas, but now, you even decided to play a trick on us! Who are you trying to scare!? Let me tell you all, if you don’t give me an explanation today, then we’ll never leave! We’ll definitely smash apart that signboard of yours!” Several people with unkind faces took this opportunity to pour oil onto the fire: “That’s right! Such a big modification center can’t even find a single circuit board. Our Battle Mecha has been placed here for such a long period of time, and yet, it hasn’t even been fixed. Today, we must get an explanation from you! Otherwise, we’ll take this unparalleled signboard away with us!”

Hurstkurst was relatively calm as he returned a smile: “Did those gentlemen over there want several mecha parts which we don’t have in our storage?” Several of the maintenance center’s machinery engineer looked towards each other. Amongst them, one of the most senior machinery engineer said, “The Battle Mecha which this gentleman sent over is the [Full Moon] Battle Mecha manufactured by the Alfa Company. This is the 300th mecha which we’ve collected during these past ten days and all of them required a circuit board replacement. Their circuit board is more unique, and during these two days, the Alfa Company…”

Hurstkurst’s expression turned ashen. He waved his hands: “You don’t have to say it. I know!” Turning around towards that redhead, he said, “I know that you have been sent over by the new maintenance center in the eastern district. Do you think you are very amazing when you have the Alfa Company supporting your back? Right now, you even want to steal away the business from the commoners of this maintenance center!? Go back and tell them, stop with their schemes. You can just bring this mecha away. We won’t repair it!” Finishing his words, the redhead jumped out and shouted, “What a load of fart! Where’s the evidence to prove that we are sent by someone else? If some other company doesn’t sell their parts to you all, it only shows that there are some problems with you guys. Since you can’t even solve an issue of a circuit board, why are you even maintaining Battle Mechas? I’ll take away that signboard of yours right now!”

“Go! Go and take down the signboard! This broken maintenance center can’t even replace a single circuit board and should just be closed!” Several big men that came with the redhead jeered as they were prepared to flocked up and smash the signboard!

Hurstkurst angrily shouted, “Who dares!?” That redhead used a single move to push him down on the ground. He sneered, “This father dares!”

Several machinery engineer brought out their tools. It seemed that this place was going to turn into a battlefield. Fatty, who was watching the scene, suddenly said, “Isn’t it just a circuit board? It’s kind of over-excessive to smash someone else’s signboard just because of this.”

The redhead said, “Fatty, this doesn’t concern you. This father has sent his Battle Mecha for almost a week, and only today did they tell me that there’s no circuit board. Damn, why did I even send it here earlier then?” Fatty pulled up Hurstkurst before asking, “Why did you delay him for a week?” Hurstkurst had a calm expression as he replied, “The person responsible for arranging the plans for the maintenance resigned yesterday!”

Fatty laughed involuntarily. There was actually such a matter regarding competition on the market that even bribery occurred. Just like a life and death battle, they had meticulously planned step by step—wouldn’t they feel tired? He could not help but ask in bewilderment, “The Battle Mecha maintenance business is so good and you all can’t repair that many Battle Mechas as well, so why would they do this?”

Hurstkurst pointed to the crowd and said, “You should ask them what the price is when visiting that maintenance center opened by the ultra-big corporation and what the price is over at our center. They plan to eliminate all Battle Mecha maintenance centers amongst the commoners, forcing everyone to be slaughtered by these big corporations.” The moment he said that, the surrounding crowd all agreed with his viewpoint. That redhead sneered, “Your price might be cheap, but it will be useless if Battle Mecha can’t be repaired!”

Fatty angrily retorted, “How about this? Let’s have a discussion over if we can repair this or not. Regardless, we’ll give you an answer!” Turning around to a machinery engineer, he said, “Pass me the blueprint for this Battle Mecha.” The machinery engineer saw Hurstkurst nod before rushing over to bring the blueprint over, spreading it out and pointing to the circuit board this Human-Model Battle Mecha required at its chest: “It is this part. Further details of the circuit board is located at G-102.

Fatty flipped over to G-102 and scrutinized it before looking through the blueprints of several other circuit boards. He then asked, “What is the issue with his circuit board?” The machinery engineer awkwardly replied, “We can’t find out. We aren’t that experienced in terms of circuit boards. Usually, when we experience such situations, we’ll just replace it with a new one and return the broken board back to its original factory.”

Fatty asked back, “Can’t you use other circuit boards to replace this?”

That machinery engineer bitterly laughed: “If there’s a related circuit board, we would have long replaced it for him. This type of Battle Mecha circuit board is extremely special.”

Fatty strangely replied, “Not really. This circuit board is meant for the leg sensors. The legs usually require more movement and many circuit boards could similarly be used as replacement. If I remember correctly, the Battle Mecha [Nelson] has a circuit board fundamentally similar to this!”

The machinery engineer nodded: “Logically speaking, it is indeed the case that many circuit boards could be used as a replacement. We have done that in the past, but it’s just that somehow, the Battle Mecha from this company just could not utilize this circuit board. We’ve tested using the [Nelson] circuit board, and after installing it, there’s no reaction at all! The leg system could not be started.”

Fatty passed the blueprint over to Milan and said, “I’m sure I did not see wrongly. Have a look.” Turning over towards that machinery engineer, he added, “I’ll trouble you to go and bring over a [Nelson] circuit board before bringing that damaged circuit board over to me for me to compare them.”

The machinery engineer agreed and ran off into the storage room before bringing out the two circuit boards.

The moment he saw the circuit board, Fatty just laughed out loud. “This dog sh** Battle Mecha Company is just playing with you all.” Saying that, he took out a maintenance arm and placed it over his hand. To get 3, you subtract 2 from 5; he dismantled a piece of something from the old circuit board before placing it on the [Nelson] Battle Mecha’s circuit board before saying to the machinery engineer, “Bring me over to see his Battle Mecha.”

That machinery engineer pointed out to the side. At a distance not far away, there was the redhead’s [Full Moon] Battle Mecha parked over there. Fatty walked towards it before dismantling the chest armor of that mecha and placing this circuit board onto it, after which he used the automatic repair function of the mechanical arm to fit on the armor and smiled: “All good!”

Several machinery engineers widened their eyes: “All good?”

Hurstkurst, who was standing by the side, hurried the person responsible for testing and controlling Battle Mechas. This Battle Mecha pilot entered the cabin before pressing a few buttons, causing the [Full Moon] Battle Mecha to start moving.

The few machinery engineers from the maintenance center did not dare believe themselves: “How could this be possible!? We’ve tested out using this model of circuit board to replace it a few times , but never once did the mecha move!”

Fatty laughed: “Actually, it’s very simple. What you all did not notice is that this company, for some reason which I do not know of, has installed a recognizing unit on the circuit board. If the Battle Mecha computer doesn’t recognize the authentic signal, it’ll reject all commands. Actually, there’s another solution to this, which is to reformat the entire Battle Mecha computer’s program and delete this recognition system. It’s just a little more troublesome.”

That machinery engineer who was kind of old looked at the blueprint and the old circuit board before finally praising, “Too amazing! You are truly too amazing! If you didn’t say it, I doubt I’ll ever be able to see through these schemes made by these big companies’ top-notched design engineers!”

Hurstkurst laughed out loud: “Master is indeed a master! Today, I am truly enlightened!” Turning over to that redhead, he said, “Go back and tell the person ordering you that there is always a mountain higher and an expert even stronger!”

That redhead was stunned for a long while before he finally regained his wits and sneered, “I do not want a circuit board from some [Nelson] Battle Mecha—what I want is its original!”

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