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Chapter 12: A New Battle Mecha

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Milan, Mei Duo, and Ni Ya were currently chatting outside the forward command center’s main building. Milan’s eyes were sharp, and with just a glance, she could see Tian Xing Jian walking out in a dejected manner. She immediately ran over to his side, grabbing the commendation order to see what it was.

The initial expression of playfulness seemingly dissolved into resentment after a moment before she finally could not help but scream, “What is this? Fatty, you still have a year and a half imprisonment term! No way, I must tell teacher about this!”

Fatty’s eyes brightened up. That’s right, didn’t he have to stay at the research lab for a total of 2 years? The two of them were filled with purpose as they ran. One for the sake of continuing her tyrannical abuse, while the other for the sake of protecting his own life. Only Mei Duo and Ni Ya were left behind, looking at each other in dismay.

Boswell was truly furious! The forward command department would usually dilly-dally for matters regarding the engineering aspects, wasting so much of his precious time. Right now, they had actually used a piece of paper to transfer his very own fatty, whom he spent lots of effort in grooming, away. How would he allow for this to happen so easily?!

In the heart of this old man, Fatty could be considered as half his disciple. Even though with what Fatty learned, he could not reach the most advanced and sophisticated research, his learning ability and comprehension capabilities as well as his creativity were truly the best amongst all the students the old man had seen. Furthermore, with his extremely formidable hands-on ability, he had cleared a big obstacle for the old man, thus allowing him to put all his attention into research. Boswell believed that in a few years of time, Fatty would definitely be able to stand on the apex of being a Battle Mecha and weaponry professional.

Furthermore, this cute fatty was so obedient. As long as the old man said “execution by rifle”, the fatty would keep quiet out of fear and carry out his orders without any other purposes.

“How can I ever find such a good fatty again in the future?”

The old man’s protective disposition completely exploded!

Furiously, Boswell barged all the way into Bernadotte’s office. After that, the entire building could hear the roaring of that old man! This continued for an entire hour before Bernadotte, who was at the end of his patience, finally called his guards to bring the maniacally shouting old man out.

Boswell was truly seething with anger!

“Fatty, come with me!” The old man had already lost his reasoning!

Returning to the underground research lab, the old man immediately used the central computer to investigate the identity of the fatty. He used his personal power to forcibly change his information while gritted his teeth as he said, “What Federation classified information is this? Fatty! I’ll now recruit you into Jialipalan military institute, immediately becoming a specially-recruited research student who is currently being coached by me and also promoted to the vice-commander for my research lab! Everything in the research lab, be it the Battle Mecha or weaponry, can be taken by you, and every single confidential clause on documents will be useless to you from now on!”

“Protecting these equipments will be your very first job! The confidential regulations on the science and technology of Federation allows you to decide when you want to retreat on the battlefield!”

After completely changing the fatty’s identity, the old man added, “Right now, I’ll prepare a list of equipment for you to choose! With the identity of being a research student of our institute, you only have to serve the army for a year. After that, you can choose to resume your studies back at our institute. By then, I’ll bring you back once again!”

After that, the old man went back to his own research lab, leaving behind an entire room of dumbstruck people.

Fatty had truly loved this cute old man too much. According to what he said, he could choose any of the equipment in this research lab!

Milan pulled the fatty all the way into her research lab, pointing out to the Battle Mecha that had been manufactured by the biological double attribute metal as she said, “Damned fatty, I’ll give this to you,” Milan’s eyes brightened up as she thought of how chaotic the world would become with it.

Yet, the fatty actually shook his head! Milan could feel herself being driven mad. How could there be such a fatty who could not tell good from bad?!

After seeing how Milan’s expression did not feel right, Fatty immediately explained, “This Battle Mecha is definitely something that I wanted. However, it is simply too beautiful; it will only paint the Battle Mecha as a target should it be brought into battle.”

Milan tilted her head for a moment, thinking about what Fatty said before agreeing with his thinking.

“That’s right. The first prototype has been manufactured according to the needs of a rich private mecha, and thus it has a truly different entrypoint as the other standardized Battle Mechas. If that’s the case, which of the other Battle Mechas are you planning to choose? The other ones are truly too weak when compared to this.”

Fatty had already planned in advance. With a wretched smile, he said, “Isn’t there enough materials prepared in the materials storeroom for a second Battle Mecha prototype? I still have a month of time before I need to report to my division. I’ll just take this opportunity and the materials to build my own Battle Mecha. Hei hei.”

Thereafter, in the following month, Fatty had truly mobilized everyone in the research lab to manufacture and develop the new Battle Mecha. Each of the components had been based on the blueprints designed by Fatty and given to everyone to complete. As for the most important components and the final assembly of the entire mecha, that would be left for Fatty to complete.

Tian Xing Jian closed himself up in Milan’s private research lab. Nobody knew of what the final Battle Mecha would look like. It was just that everyone could frequently hear the fatty and Milan arguing within the lab, and very often Milan would come out of the room ashen-face before slamming the door. She would scold, “This idiot wastes so much materials!”

The manufacturing of the Battle Mecha had become a guessing game for everyone in the research lab. Everyone was looking forward to the day the mecha was fully completed. As they were quite familiar with the components and indicators for the first prototype mecha, they were quite certain that this new mecha would not be weaker than the first prototype according to the data provided. The biggest problem would be what the initial shape of Battle Mecha would look like.

Finally, Fatty announced that the Battle Mecha had been fully developed. It was time for the secret to be revealed.

Seeing how Fatty’s eyes were glowing, everyone was truly looking forward to it. However, these expectations turned into disappointment and sighs when the curtain fell.

Leray Federation’s 2nd generation Battle Mecha Beast Mk.III had the characteristics as follows: a height of 6 meters and was a single-operated Battle Mecha. It was developed in New Age Year 2030 and had served the army for 20 years. But in reality, after 10 years of being used in the army, it had already started to be washed out. Right now, the only reason why the army still had several Beast Battle Mecha left was for the purpose of transporting heavy goods. 30 years later, the standardized Battle Mecha had already developed to the 7th generation, creating a gap that was akin to an old granny’s car and a flying car. They were so completely different in level that no comparisons could be done.

This Battle Mecha’s original shape had actually been built using the model of the Beast Mk.III. Furthermore, it looked even more damaged than those Beast Battle Mechas that had been used by the army for over 30 years to unload various ores.

Looking at this mecha that looked almost as if it was going to fall apart, everyone had the same line of thought: “Did this fatty’s brain get short-circuited? How could he produce such a mecha after using so much advanced technology?”

Everybody turned towards Tian Xing Jian, waiting for him to give a rational explanation.

Seeing the venomous glare that everyone was giving him and how Milan was about to explode at any moment, the fatty knew that this time, if he did not explain things carefully, he would not need to go to the frontlines anymore. Instead, he would be beaten to death right here.

Fatty used an enchanting smile to placate the audience’s feelings before explaining, “I understand that the reason of avoiding the battlefield’s direct focus will not be enough for all of you. After all, the most ordinary and standardised mechas right now are the 6th and 7th gen. Battle Mechas. However, being a 2nd gen. Battle Mecha, it is still being used everyday by the army. Beast Mk.III is hiding a secret — it is actually the Battle Mecha in the entire history to be the most compatible man-shaped mecha!”

The fatty’s words created an uproar. No matter how stellar the 2nd gen. Battle Mecha was, it would still remain as a 2nd gen. Battle Mecha. With how technology was improving continuously, how could a 2nd gen. Battle Mecha’s structure be more stellar than a 7th gen. Battle Mecha?

Fatty gave an answer to this question, “Because the materials used to develop mechas improved and various Battle Mechas were being specialised, mechas that are good in all aspects and transformer mechas have completely declined. Regardless of whether it is speed, defense, or offense, different types of Battle Mecha are being developed in their own domains. The fastest racing car isn’t the heaviest car. This logic is actually very simple.”

“What you said is right.” Nobody knew when, but Boswell had entered the private research lab of Milan. He affirmed what Tian Xing Jian said before continuing, “The Beast Mk.III Battle Mecha is designed by my teacher, Professor Shear. Their theories at that time were completely different from what we have now. However, if we were to talk about the architecture of man-shaped Battle Mechas, then the Beast is indeed the best mecha in this aspect. Being the assistant of Teacher Shear, I can say that I truly understand the data for the Beast. With this sort of structure, it is truly comprehensive in terms of its defense, speed, and power, and it is the best choice of mecha for the biological double attribute metal.”

The old man patted Tian Xing Jian’s shoulder and gave him a smile. “Quite a good product.”

Seeing how delighted the fatty was, Milan, who stood beside him, gave him a kick.

Towards the small action between his two disciples, Boswell acted as if he did not see a thing. Instead, he said to Fatty, who was currently jumping in pain while hugging his leg, “Follow me to the research lab. I’d like to prepare the things you’ll need.”

Boswell has stayed in this research lab for dozens of years. He would certainly be the clearest in terms of knowing what good things there were inside it. Giving them to Fatty was actually based on the decisions of Fatty after selecting them from a thick catalogue.

A pair of boots that could increase his running speed, a protective uniform that could camouflage into the surrounding environment while deflecting any radar scans, an even more sensitive hearing device, a light blade that was used by a Battle Mecha, a silenced sniper that looked akin to the M1 Garand rifle, a Battle Mecha mechanical arm with many different functions, and an alloy-made dagger called “Blood”.

All these items had been prepared for the fatty. Furthermore, many other research results from the other research labs had almost practically been used on his new Battle Mecha, including the newest radar, the newest composite armor, the newest operating system, the best ultra-energy engine, gunnery control system, improved peak grade energy cannon, and many others. There were also some weird installations that had been invented by the wretched fatty himself.

“Do your best. Remember that you are my student. Whoever dare to bully you, you should just hit them back!” Even after seeing that the fatty had been armed to the teeth, Boswell could still not feel fully rest assured. He took out another leading edge energy compressor and passed it to him. “Install this on your Battle Mecha as well.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

“Remember, you must not damage the reputation of our research lab!” the old man hollered.

However, this request was truly difficult for such a shameless fatty who was afraid to die and also extremely wretched. This wretched person was thinking to himself, “What will I do that could damage the reputation of the research lab?”

When Fatty walked out of Boswell’s person research lab, the old man added a final reminder, “During war, even if you have the best and most complete equipment, a single person alone could never become a god who could accomplish everything.”


There were still 2 days left before the month was up. Fatty must use this period of time to rush down and report to his team. At the time when he boarded the transport ship at the last moment, Milan gave him her Mauser pistol. The only person sending him off was just her alone. Mei Duo and Ni Ya had left before Fatty to the land-based Aviation Squadron, 101th Battalion stationed in New Rome. That was the unit which they had been serving previously. After passing the investigations, the order to return back to their old team was sent down to them.

The transport ship took off. Seated amidst a pile of items, the fatty felt complex about his future. He, who had always been looking forward to a dull life, had finally been thrown into the fires of war. He did not know whether he would live to see the day the war ends. Having escaped over 20 times with his life, his current self was totally different from that newbie who was so afraid that he had peed in his pants. Towards the upcoming new war, other than his innate defiant self, there, within him, was some kind of expectations and excitement, entirely different and the opposite from what his usual feelings were. He truly did not know which course of actions he would take in the future.

Miracolo Planet’s war between the two nations had advanced to the stage of the east against the west. For the sake of wrestling control over the airfield, both nations’ space fleets battled to an exceptional bitter stage in the boundless cosmos. The battles underneath the atmospheric layer between the ground-based aviation squadrons were spreading like wildfire. As for the main part for this generation of war — it was none other than the battle between ground armies as they fought to a greater splendor than even the desperate struggle in the air!

This current era’s war would pit a nation’s resources and military power against one another. Under the condition where both nations are evenly matched in terms of their military power, other than having peace together, an erupted war would only lead to the other side of the spectrum — an endless slaughter. In other words, the war would lead to a situation called the “Meat-Grinder Battlefield”.

Currently, all the intelligence predicted that the location where such a situation would occur with the greatest probability was none other than place above the Tropic of Cancer — Cato City.

And this was something which the fatty, who had left war for half a year, did not know.

At the moment, the transport ship slowly descended. He was truly prepared in his heart for what would be coming.

“When a man dies, he should be facing the heavens. Only then will his glory last forever!”

The fatty with a gangster temperament was prepared to let his heroism extend up to the clouds.

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