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Chapter 97: A New Round of Self-Torture

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The gravity installation within the research laboratory was originally used for testing Battle Mechas in a way such that their appearances would not change under the influence of gravity. Currently, Fatty was using it to train his control and hand speed. Most likely, in the entire Federation, it was only he alone who did this. Others might have thought of doing it, but they did not have such good conditions to casually train using the gravity installation.

During the mission when he was saving Russell, the battle with [King Kong] had let Fatty truly understand the inherent meaning behind Battle Mecha combat. Thus, after his hand speed reached a bottleneck, other than employing various despicable means during those battles, the real training was the repetitive use of basic instruction combinations as the main form of combat technique.

From Fatty’s perspective, despicable was his innate temperament and did not need to be trained at all, even from the start. It was just that he did not know how Milan would react after that life-changing arm was installed in that location on [Logic]—would it cause her to lose all colors from her face and instantly faint, or would she sweep a rifle on him till he died?

Since he wanted to merge his human body fighting training into his Battle Mecha combat techniques, Fatty had started reading the ancient Earth’s information on various schools of combat techniques.

These techniques that had survived and passed down were too few. After Milan helped him search for half a day, she had only found a set of research information regarding the ancient Earth military experiment done on human training from an ancient computer in Professor Boswell’s lab.

Seeing this information, Fatty felt as if he found a treasure. Hugging Milan and giving her a fierce kiss, he pouted out those lips of his, squirming them just like the nose of an elephant, but unknown whether it had been the sniffing or the kissing of that delicate face of Milan', Milan had reacted almost instantaneously with a kick and a beating in order to fend off against that demonic kiss of Fatty. In the end, she ran out while blushing.

It’s not surprising that Fatty was so excited. This set of information was research data obtained from the humans living on ancient Earth and dated back before the Federation had even been founded. Included in the information were grappling techniques, wrestling techniques, Hard Qigong, as well as other schools of martial arts that Fatty had not even seen or heard of before.

This information should have been slowly faded out as the human race had entered the era of Outer Space Age, in which there was a period of more than a thousand years where humans had no infantries at all. Concerning the matter of close combat, during that era, it was most likely treated as a joke. The extravagant humans had thrown in all their resources for war, and the majority of their battling techniques were of long-ranged attacks and happened in the skies.

Other than the transformation of battling techniques, the gradual loss of wrestling techniques were largely a result during the period between the Earth Age and the Outer Space Age. During the migration of the human race, many schools and clans had spread out, with the migration of the population heading out into space towards the vast cosmos. Without any form of interaction in addition to the pressure of survival, many schools of combat techniques were gradually lost.

Those that had barely been passed down to this era were merely some flowery techniques.

And there was another important reason, which was also the most important one for all these losses—racial discrimination. The difference in status between the upper class and lower class created a gulf in communication.

Thus, during that thousand years of period where wars had been waged mainly in outer space, the military wrestling techniques were completely given up. Those schools amidst the population had all been disbanded and died out in the end.

Thereafter, during the appearances of Battle Mechas and when tyrannical fighter aircrafts which could wrestle control over the surface battle, the way wars were fought once again returned to that of the past. Through the cooperation between the fully-mechanized infantries and the Battle Mecha troops, that eventually became the final foundation of determining the entire victory or defeat for surface battles. Even though it was still important for one to obtain an advantage in the battle of the skies, it could not be the sole factor of conquering everything under the heavens.

As for combat and training of soldiers, they were gradually becoming emphasized in the various armies of different nations. However, due to the abandonment of such training techniques for more than a thousand years, when they started piecing them together, there would certainly be changes. After many years of perfecting these techniques, the current military wrestling techniques were largely different from that of the ancient Earth Age; the current wrestling techniques were more direct and completely depended on strength and speed.

If one was to truly compare them, then the soldiers of ancient Earth would certainly not defeat the soldiers of today, and the reason for that was because of the great difference in technological standards. The soldiers of today could employ the use of specialized training rooms to begin a very targeted training, and when they were injured, they could also recover in the treatment cabin. After over-drafting their physique during training, all they needed to do was have a night’s sleep on a physiotherapy bed and their vitality would be fully recovered the next day. The soldiers of ancient Earth would not have such treatments, thus other than being talented, the current soldiers would hold an absolute advantage in terms of speed and strength.

But this did not mean that the wealth of combat techniques during the ancient Earth Age was useless! On the contrary, in the eyes of Fatty, these were treasures that money could not buy!

Reading those mystical grappling techniques, one move conquering techniques, Hard Qigong that enabled one to break bricks and shatter rocks, using soft to counter the hard Taiji, the fierce Muay Thai, the nimble Taekwondo, and many other schools of combat that were within the information, Fatty realized that other than these techniques being able to complement the weaknesses of today’s combat techniques, these ancient physical training methods were extremely useful too.

Tian Xing Jian could entirely imagine how these things could affect his Battle Mecha combat after turning them into commands and the benefits they would bring him in breaking through his bottleneck after training in the gravity room.

He quickly decided the main subject of his training—yoga and taiji!

With Tian Xing Jian’s current body, regardless of speed, strength, or explosive power, he far exceeded that of ordinary people. Thus, grappling and using one move to conquer the enemy were merely techniques which he was really familiar with. Muay Thai would be a huge help in boosting the hardness of his body after training, but it was useless when breaking through his hand speed bottleneck. Other things like Taekwondo were all dependent on explosiveness and speed and were also not any different from today’s combat techniques. Although there might be areas which he could learn from, he could entirely learn these techniques from other people’s experiences. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Tian Xing Jian felt that what he truly lacked was the softness of his physique.

The current training methods had reached an extremity, and only with the mixture of soft with hard would it enable him to breakthrough. Just solely depending on strength would instead lead him astray.

Taiji’s uniting as one and yoga’s soft harmonization could help him dig out the potential in him which he could not release.

After familiarizing himself with the training methods of these two techniques, Fatty enclosed himself in the gravity cabin once again. He would continuously move in circles in the gravity room or fold himself into various shapes. Whilst folding himself, he would also have the thought: if this posture could be added into the “72 Methods of Love”, it should be considered a new move, right?

The idea of seeking death would be to ask Milan and An Lei to come here when he was free. Then everyone would strip naked before folding themselves into different figures—seems fun to him.

Tian Xing Jian was unquestionably someone with a quick comprehension ability. In the countless taiji and yoga training, he discovered many combat techniques which did not require that much strength, allowing his hand speed to show signs of breaking through.

Ultimately, the wrestling techniques in these research notes were merely a minor part. There was another part within it that relates to the exposition of using the scientific method as an assistance for development and had many similarities with the training methods of the current era! This led to shock, as one had to know that this was research done several thousand years ago during the Earth Age.

Other than this, the research contained many other unfathomable methods that could develop one’s hidden capabilities, and amongst them, the one that was the most perfected and most successful was a set training methods which merged martial arts from different schools all over the world with military training, highlighting the positive aspects from all areas and merging them together after research. The data obtained from the soldiers that were trained using these methods were truly exaggerated, and from Fatty’s perspective, it did not differ that much from soldiers of the current era.

Thus, Fatty once again started a new round of torture. When he had nothing to do, he would run in the gravity cabin, do weights, kick a wooden pile, practice taiji, move along the eight divinatory trigrams, hold back his breath and get beaten, and many other strange training methods.

Milan had seen too much and decided to just ignore him. Since this Fatty was so afraid of death, once there was something amiss, she did not need to remind him before he would stop the training himself.

It’s just that Milan felt that this Fatty had a sickness. As long as he underwent that training of folding himself into different figures for training, he would always give her a wink with a lewd expression that made her heartbeat speed up.

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