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Chapter 69: Al-Ghafar

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

“Several days ago, the Leray Federation Military Intelligence Department received an emissary from the largest anti-government resistance organization in the Gyaca Woods Empire, the ‘Freedom Battlefront’. I’m sure everyone has heard of them—they are a military organization in Gyaca Woods Empire formed by the lower class people for the sake of overthrowing the royalty. In the Gyaca Woods Empire, they have already started several rebellions and are truly active.”

An Lei paused for a while before continuing, “Actually, the Federation has always been helping this organization ever since a few years ago. This is a small action taken by the military to delay the expansion of the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army. However, because the members of this organization are solely composed of the citizens who are discriminated against by the Gyaca Woods Empire and have restrictions which prevent them from becoming an officer with the rank of major or higher placed on them, although we do not know who their leader is, the only thing we know is that he has a lot of influence in the upper echelons of the military. The existence of such a person is something that we could not have imagined, as there shouldn’t be a high-ranking officer, especially one whose voice is heard everywhere, that would lead its citizens to revolt against their own race’s rule.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Another uproar happened. As long as one slightly thought ahead logically, he would understand that this leader had to be the number one military expert of the Gyaca Woods Empire—Russell! He was someone from the Weibo race, and his current standing in the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army was unmatched. What exactly is this person thinking about?

An Lei waited for everyone to quiet down before continuing, “Their emissary has sent over information regarding how someone from the Federation had actually seen through the Catosi Canyon tactic devised by Russell. Because of this, they had reasons to believe in our Federation Army, as there should be a certain commander who has enough military analysis skills that could coordinate with their actions. As a result, that mysterious Freedom Battlefront leader decided to give the Federation Army an opportunity in a bout of a huge battle. This opportunity is crafted by him, and whether or not we could grasp it will depend on the Federation Army.”

The 6th Research Unit’s director, Colonel Pater, could not help but ask, “So the battle at Garo Mountain is the so-called opportunity given by them?”

An Lei hesitated for a moment and looked at Tian Xing Jian before replying, “If it’s according to First Lieutenant Tian’s analysis, then I guess we shouldn’t have any reasons to doubt this intention since Russell had taken such a risk. Furthermore, the sign is very clear.”

Colonel Pater continued, “If we could not deduce their intention, then what would happen?”

An Lei replied, “There’s no other path. The emissary said that their leader is their only hope and could never be revealed, so there would definitely not be any evidence left behind in this plan of this. As such, this opportunity can only be grasped by us. If we do not have enough military analysis capabilities, then it will be impossible for us to become a partner who could cooperate with their leader. Under this situation, their leader will come at us from a purely military perspective and will not hesitate to destroy us, leaving no remorse.”

The 4th Research Unit Director Kadur could not control himself and asked, “How exactly does this benefit Russell?”

This question was related to the most crucial point. With a smile, An Lei nodded: “Gyaca Woods Empire is a militaristic nation. Regardless of which nation they clash with, fundamentally, there isn’t any opponent who could threaten them. The only big opponent they have is the Leray Federation, who has an even greater technology and economic power than them. Although the Federation lacks combat experience and its military might cannot compare to the Gyaca Woods Empire’s, this can be solved with time. According to our analysis, this is the only opportunity which Russell or that mysterious leader has. He requires a formidable opponent in order to deplete the Gyaca Wood Empire’s military might, and furthermore, there are many of such Freedom Battlefront soldiers within the army, thus they needed a reason to hide and leave the control of the army. Just now, the analysis by First Lieutenant Tian agrees with all these conditions, so I think that this battle will be the best opportunity given to the Freedom Battlefront.”

Everyone let out a breath of cold air. This Russell... if he was truly the leader of the Freedom Battlefront, it would be a question of how long the Empire’s royal family would be able to hold on for. Russell’s military capabilities need not be elaborated on, and furthermore, despite occupying a high position, he was still lurking in the dark. Such a person was truly too terrifying.

Not only had he planned the entire battle from the start, he had even thought of his retreat route. This plan of sending the emissary was fundamentally something the Federation could not reject, but whether or not this plan succeeds would be something the Federation has to fight for. The other party had merely provided an opportunity for a direct clash on the battlefield. If they could not grasp hold of this opportunity, then even if they died, they could only blame themselves for being incompetent. Russell would then unhesitantly take over the entire Miracolo Planet, seizing it in his embrace before earning another halo on the head as a famous general. If they grasped hold of this opportunity, then the Freedom Battlefront would expand once again. This group of soldiers who was fully equipped and hiding in the dark was truly a remarkable resistance force. Furthermore, the Gyaca Woods Empire’s regular army would suffer a huge loss as well, and thus, it was an arrow killing two birds towards the final stretch of overthrowing the Gyaca Woods Empire royal family!

As the group of the Federation’s high-ranking commanding officers was still engulfed in shock, General Russell was standing in front of a map in a certain hidden commanding department of the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army, observing the current situation on the front lines without releasing a single sound. By his side was a captain who was currently looking at his watch with a face full of anxiety.

Russell did not even turn around. As if he had eyes growing at the back of his head looking at the captain, he said, “The time is still early. If that Federation commander saw this opportunity, then he would absolutely never let it go. Hamid, you are still too impatient. It’s time for you to change this personality of yours.”

Captain Hamid immediately calmed down as he stood there quietly without speaking and helplessly watched the clock “di da di da” as it clocked by constantly. He was trying his best to not look over at the time. To him, Russell was an existence on par with deities in his heart, and his words were like a divine decree.

Russell did not have a tall stature. He had brown hair and an ordinary appearance; placing him within a crowd would not create attention towards him. However, the expression in his eyes was quite different. Ordinarily, they would speak of calmness and depth, and when he was angry, they would be filled with a severity that ordinary people would not be able to look into. He was a true military genius, he was a general who was enveloped in the divine light of a war god, and he was also a rebel who stood in the darkness as he planned to overthrow the Empire’s royal family’s rule.

Seeing Hamid not speak. Russell turned over and laughed: “I got tired of observing. Bring me a cup of coffee. Let’s chat.”

To Hamid, Russell’s words were orders; he immediately turned around to pour a cup of coffee before passing it to him. After that, he sat down prim and proper, with an expression ready to hear his teachings; his conduct was solemn and sincere.

Russell smiled. He was very clear of this person in front of his eyes. If he required Hamid to kneel on the ground and kiss his feet, he would do it unhesitantly!

Russell placed down the cup of coffee in his hand before saying, “Since the Federation could see through my plan in Catosi Canyon, then similarly, they should also be able to see through this plan.”

Hamid felt disdain at the military capabilities of the Federation Army as he shriveled his mouth and said, “Respectable Al-Ghafar, I cannot believe that this group of Federation generals could, once again, see through your plan. Do you think we might have been too discreet this time round?”

Al-Ghafar! That was an archetypical lower class person’s name from the Kentai race.

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