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Chapter 66: Battle Situation Analysis Meeting (2)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Ke Lun retorted, “The current situation in the front lines is merely a diversion done by the enemy after throwing all their military power into the Garo Mountain region. Russell, being a military commanding expert who has experienced countless wars, will certainly not make such a mistake where he would kill 800 at the cost of 1000. This is clearly a trap. Right now, amongst the different defense lines, he can only display such a huge offensive capability at Garo Mountain. If the troops from the other defense lines were to be sent over, they would only need three armored divisions or a Myth Legion regiment to break through the weakened defense lines, achieving a similar outcome in the end!”

A lieutenant colonel staff officer from the 5th Research Unit nodded in agreement: “Lieutenant Colonel Ke Lun’s argument is very logical. It is impossible for the enemy to pay such a huge price in order to break through Garo Mountain. The best bet for them would be for the Federation to move their troops from other defenses away. Since the natural terrain limits the effectiveness of a mass troop dispatchment in these locations, it ensures that it would be currently impossible for the defenses to be broken through. If they treat the Garo Mountain battle as a millstone to deplete our military strength while inadvertently decreasing the surrounding defense troops, then overall, the Gyaca Woods Empire would have an opportunity to get hold of one of the defense lines, enabling them to pierce through and prop their troops there. Most importantly, if those reassigned troops were to be sent to defend Garo Mountain, they would definitely use up their energy. When their military strength is nearly exhausted in defending the region, they would not be able to quickly respond to the enemy troops that have entered our rear lines!”

Ke Lun nodded: “If you absolutely insist that the enemy military strength will increase over time, then regardless of whether the intelligence department is doing their job or not, this increase in their military strength must have an outlet. Amongst the reports coming from the surrounded cities, there is still no signs of the enemy military strength decreasing. The blockade by the outer space fleets also prevented the enemies from sending troops into Miracolo Planet from the other planets. That’s why I am absolutely certain that the enemy’s offense will not last beyond 4 in the afternoon!”

Archibald pointed at the virtual map, marking out the data regarding the Federation’s loss in military strength, and asked, “Then how are you going to explain the casualties in our army? From the deductions, if the enemy had not reinforced their troops, there is no way for such a degree of offense to be maintained until 10 before noon!”

A staff officer from the 7th Research Unit stood up and said, “That’s right. This is already a truth right in front of our eyes. If we turn a blind eye to this and wait until the enemy has truly broken through into Garo Mountain, who will be the one to take responsibility?” Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

That staff officer from the 3rd Research Unit who supported Archibald grabbed hold of this question and continued, “That’s right! If you all could clarify this doubt of ours, then we’ll admit that it is indeed the enemy providing a false bravado!”

Naturally, this question had not been one that was considered comprehensively by Ke Lun. He and the staff officer from the 5th Research Unit looked at each other hesitantly.

At this point, a colonel staff officer from the 1st Research Unit, Wakerly, stood up: “In this smokescreen, the most crucial question is the participation of the Myth Legion in this direct offense against the Garo Mountain. I’m pretty sure everyone knows of the combat prowess of this legion. Their appearance has created a large number of casualties to our soldiers stationed in the front lines. I think that this might be one of the reasons why we deduced the enemy’s military strength has actually increased, when in reality, it’s not an increase in number but strength!”

This explanation seemed to conform with logic, as it immediately got the approval of Ke Lun and the staff officer from the 5th Research Unit.

Archibald did not appear to be convinced as he shook his head: “I’ve seen the combat report on Myth Legion. In the direct offense on Garo Mountain, they have sent not more than a regiment worth of troops, with one of the largest assaults happening while a battalion was sent to wrestle over the control of high ground D1. The other high grounds did not receive the support of more than a company worth of forces from the Myth Legion! With such a small amount of troops, even if they were heavenly soldiers or heavenly commanders, it would not be possible for the casualties of our army to reach such a degree.”

For a moment, both parties stuck to their own versions as they argued endlessly. Regardless of whether it was the side of Ke Lun or the side of Archibald, it seemed that they both had sufficient evidence to support their main arguments.

Bernadotte and the other high-ranking officers smiled bitterly at each other. This expanded battle situation analysis meeting proceeded in the exact same way when it was held only for those from the general headquarters. Fundamentally, these two opinions had been argued by the high-ranking officers countless times, and right now, nobody was willing to concede on their own viewpoints and nobody could convince the other party as well, ensuring that no conclusion would be reached.

Tian Xing Jian finally moved away his gaze that was fixed on An Lei. As those staff officers were arguing, what he thought of was still that strange sign of Russell’s!

Russell—this upper-ranked, famous military expert in human society—had placed this circular trap ever since the start, with the most crucial points pinched in his hands as if he was a magician performing a ring toss magic trick…

Ring toss… Magic trick…

Tian Xing Jian felt that he had somehow thought of something vaguely. A thought had flashed through his mind like a bolt of lightning in the dark screen before disappearing once again…

Seeing the focus of the argument remaining on these two viewpoints, Bernadotte waved his hand with disappointment, asking the various participating staff officers from the research units to leave first. Right now, even if it was a wrong one, he still had to make a strategic decision with the high-ranking officers!

Tian Xing Jian stood up as well. Right as he was about to leave with the group of people, he suddenly heard General Bernadotte shout out, “First Lieutenant Tian Xing Jian, do stay for a while.”

The moment Tian Xing Jian heard his name being called, his first reaction was to look at An Lei.

An Lei was clearly startled for a moment as she looked towards the doorway. Right when her eyes met with Tian Xing Jian’s, a strand of uncontrollable, complex feelings went through her. However, her external expression remained unchanged as if this was someone unrelated to her.

Tian Xing Jian smiled bitterly as he stayed behind; he felt dismayed and dejected.

An Lei nonchalantly picked up the pen that was previously dropped, looking down as she continued writing the records…

The staff officers all left, making the meeting room feel empty all of a sudden, as the several generals and research unit directors were pondering over the question with a frown.

Bernadotte had a laugh: “First Lieutenant Tian, I’ve asked you to stay all because we would like to hear your opinion regarding the current situation in the front lines. Even though the 6th Research Unit is responsible for deductions alone, I think that you might be able to provide us with a new line of thought.”

Fatty’s mind went in a mess as he stood there mechanically and stammering, as he did not how to organize his thoughts. In front of An Lei, everything left his control because this girl was the deepest scar in his heart.

An Lei looked up at Tian Xing Jian without any expression as if she was merely waiting for a report by the first lieutenant.

Pater, seeing Tian Xing Jian not speak for a while, egged him on, “First Lieutenant Tian, the forward command regards your opinion highly. General Bernadotte especially requested for me to let you participate in this joint conference. Whatever thoughts you have, just share it with the rest of us.”

Thoughts? Unless you want me to tell you Russell was somehow finding a way for a certain motive to die? And he had even written a sign to tell us that he did not truly know how he could die? Unless... you want me to tell you all that this chap is performing a ring toss magic trick, and I do not know how he performed it?

No matter if the several high-ranking officers were disappointed or not, Tian Xing Jian remained deep in thoughts. Right when he saw An Lei’s expression revealing a strand of disappointment, Fatty became determined. Since I am a cowardly fool in your eyes, then let me act foolish once more!

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