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Chapter 67: Battle Situation Analysis Meeting (3)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The moment Tian Xing Jian set down his resolution, his line of thought seemingly became clear. Even though this type of thinking might be overwhelming and counter-intuitive and saying it out might just cause him to be mocked by the others, he wouldn’t have any more qualms after deciding to just risk it all.

I’m just an idiot originally, isn’t that right?

Tian Xing Jian walked towards the virtual map and picked up an electronic pen by the table before making a few markings on the map which took into consideration the entire Gyaca Woods Imperial Army’s offensive deployment. He then explained it to Bernadotte, “High-ranking officers, I’ve discovered that Russell has given us a sign via the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army’s offensive appearance—it’s a Peirce’s Sign. I’m not sure if this is coincidental or not, but I wish to do my part to help the overall battle situation.”

Several high-ranking officers surrounded the virtual map before looking at each other in dismay; they had not touched the Peirce’s Sign for a long period of time and this complex sign wasn’t something anyone could understand in just a single look.

Fatty closed his eyes, thinking that this was going to be truly embarrassing. Why had his impulse made him speak of this simple and almost impossible way of thinking? Unless… was he behaving just like the past, forever using public sensationalism to attract her attention?

The meeting room suddenly became really quiet as the high-ranking officers looked at this sign in puzzlement. Just then, a clear voice sounded out to explain the meaning behind the sign. It was An Lei. She explained, “This is a double-chain sign and is symmetrical regardless where you look. The meaning behind this pictorial message is: Kill me; otherwise, you die.”

Hearing An Lei’s voice, Fatty could no longer control his own eyes as he widened them towards her. She stood there quietly, as slender and as elegant like a lotus. That perfect face still contained remnants of the pretty little girl ten years ago. Her white skin and soft, silky long hair were forever so clean, so clear, just like a honey peach that was full of sweetness. Wherever she goes, she would always be the center of attention of the men. This is a natural, sweet-tempered beauty, a goddess among women.

Seeing Tian Xing Jian cast his sight on her, An Lei’s heart burst out with some strange feelings as she slightly turned away. She would never have thought that she would meet this person at this place… this fool. In her impression of him, this chap should forever remain in the capital planet, living a life of wealth and peace. Becoming a soldier and participating in battle was something that was totally incompatible with his personality.

Several high-ranking officers looked pensive after hearing that, yet sounds of ridicule could not be avoided. This was the director of the 4th Research Unit, Colonel Kadur. He spoke out impatiently, “Sending this Peirce’s Sign during a war? First Lieutenant Tian, don’t you think that your imagination might just be too excessive? This situation is merely just a coincidence.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The majority of the research unit director had seemingly agreed with this explanation; this sign could be entirely ignored.

Tian Xing Jian shook his head: “Whether it is coincidental or not, what I know is that if this sign is genuine, then all your questions would be solved.”

“Oh?” Bernadotte became interested. Signaling for Tian Xing Jian to sit down, he asked, “You don’t have to worry. Just share with us your opinion behind this.”

Fatty was originally the paragon of gangsterism. Since he decided to stake it all, after hearing the encouragement from Bernadotte, he decided to be blunt, “It’s fine for me to share my opinion, though I still truly do not know what Russell’s intention is. I’ll just assume that this sign is genuine before making my argument from it.”

Bernadotte and the other high-ranking officers exchanged a look before he waved his hand: “You don’t need to care about Russell’s intention. Just tell us your analysis of this battle situation!”

Tian Xing Jian nodded. Using his hand to spin the electronic pen in his hand, he contemplated while calming himself down as much. Using a light tone, he then said, “The current situation is really obvious. According to the deduction from our army’s casualty rate, it is impossible for just a single Myth Legion to be the main driving military force causing this. The Myth Legion might be formidable, but they are ultimately soldiers. I’ve exchanged fights with them before. In terms of direct battles and direct offenses, the more formidable the Battle Mecha pilot, the more wasteful it is to send them. Their strengths can not be displayed in a direct battle. That is also the reason why, to date, they have not deployed more than a single regiment from the Myth Legion at the same time.”

Seeing the several high-ranking officers and especially An Lei, who were listening closely, Fatty’s easily satisfied vanity acted as a huge confidence boost, making his line of thought even clearer. He continued, “And before this, our army’s outer space fleets have obtained absolute dominance over the space region of Miracolo Planet. Under this situation, Gyaca Woods Empire could not have a single opportunity to deploy troops from other areas to reinforce their army at Miracolo Planet. If that’s the case, Russell only has a single method to solve this—they must utilize all of their military strength on Miracolo Planet for their offense.”

“He created magic trick…” Fatty said as he stood up, pointing to the virtual combat map. At this moment, everyone in the meeting room had been absorbed into his analysis. After all, this first lieutenant was not spouting some nonsense; his analysis was very clear and logical, and there were no holes in his logic.

“This magic trick is something which I only saw through moments ago. This is a type of ring toss magic [1]. There is only a single trick behind using this magic, and that is the wheel with an opening held by the magician. The other wheels and chain rings are merely stage props, and in the current battle situation, that opening is the sudden explosion of military strength!”

Tian Xing Jian pointed to the Garo Mountain region on the virtual map: “Without this opening, the magic trick could not be performed. Similarly, once the magician revealed this wheel that has an opening, then the magic performance will be broken through! This opening in Russell’s hand will form right over here!”

Everyone looked towards the location pointed by Fatty’s electronic pen; this was the Imperial Army’s counterattack line, and at the same time, it was also the line of retreat for all the Federation troops to leave the region of many hundreds of kilometers in range.

Tian Xing Jian used a tone of absolute certainty: “Firstly, the Imperial troops that retreated from the various cities did not completely return. Instead, they are assembling in the line opposite from Cato. The reason behind this deceit is because Russell wants to maintain the offensive pressure on all the surrounded cities. From the intelligence reports, several days before the battle at Garo Mountain, the assaults suffered by all the cities were not heavy at all. This sort of assault ensures that the soldiers defending in the cities would be too tired from running all around, much less to have the energy to make any sort of judgment regarding the decrease in enemy forces. However, what we analyzed from the data collected is how the enemies have utilized this situation as they assaulted cities without any loss in their military strength!”

There were some disturbances happening in the meeting room. Everyone was discussing the reliability of this analysis. Several less patient high-ranking officers had immediately started reading through the battle situation intelligence report from the various cities and their casualty rates.

Without caring about their discussions, Tian Xing Jian continued, “Right now, we have been confused by Russell’s performance and have turned all our attention to Garo Mountain while calculating if we should redeploy our troops or not. In reality, we have already fallen into a passive situation. Whether we move the troops or not, the enemy has enough strength to ensure the same outcome arising from them!”


[1] This kind of magic:

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