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Chapter 94: Cadet Training

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The international scene was turning more tense; the friction between the several big nations increased, and the confrontation between two ultra-big nations had become more serious as well. Every single nation was preparing themselves for war! When did this happen was a question nobody truly knew the answer to; the only thing they knew was that the entire human race was moving towards an unspoken panic as everyone was none the wiser as to when that single sound of gunshot would start the cosmic war.

Miracolo Planet’s military power was assembled, and various preparations before the battle were proceeding as planned. The Leray Federation’s economy was currently showing its strength, as more than 70% of their corporations were placing additional effort into manufacturing more military goods. Many orders were made by the military and were transformed into actual weaponry and equipment that would be placed in the hands of the soldiers.

Jialipalan Military Academy was also right smack in this huge era as it shouldered on its mission.

The Leray Federation’s military academies were administered by the military themselves. Every single cadet, regardless of what their background, was previously either a soldier who had been on hundreds of battlefields or a brat who still smelled of milk from their mother that had yet to dry. As long as they could pass the admission into the military academy, they would be trained as officers, and once they passed their graduation tests, then that would be when they would truly become a fundamental level commanding officer of the military.

The instructors teaching in the academy were even more varied; there were ordinary professors teaching culture, there were military-established researchers, there were also fundamental level officers acting as instructors, and as well as generals with sky-high statuses.

The reconstructed Jialipalan Military Academy let out a heavyweight bomb as they announced the release of modules like 《Military Commander Study》 and 《Theory of Strategic Deployment》. These two modules would be taught by the famous General Russell, and this single piece of news had made every single cadet wild with joy.

Borrowing this opportunity, the military had not only requested for all previous instructors back, but they had even assigned several instructors from other academies over so as to increase the number of instructors. They were indeed placing all their efforts into establishing a cradle of military experts that were dazzling with a great wealth of experience!

When the war had started previously, many outstanding military experts who were teaching had actually been assigned to commanding officers of various levels in the actual military units; there were many officers of various ranks and ones who even ranked as high as Colonel. Currently, as they were requested to return and continue teaching, these people, who had a wealth in actual combat experience and an established military identity, had qualifications which instructors from other academies could not compare with.

Taking the words of a few cadets, when these instructors taught, even if they took a side role in the battlefield as materials to boast, it would still let students feel enchanted from their stories.

Those registering for the examination into Jialipalan Military Academy were like carps trying to cross the river; there was a batch of the most outstanding young teenagers or fundamental level officers who would be re-starting their entire education, while another batch were those outstanding cadets or fundamental officers transferring here from other academies. These cadets were actually students who were almost finished with their studies, and several of them had even obtained the required credits for graduation. As for the fundamental level officers, no explanations were needed. Most of them were graduates of other military academies from the last few years, though they were specially chosen by the military to be brought over to be moulded in Jialipalan so as to form the backbone of fundamental commanders in the upcoming war in Galileo Galaxy.

Tian Xing Jian’s responsibility in the cadet training had not only included the new students but also the old soldiers. This batch of cadets would in turn become Jialipalan’s most complex but also one of the highest quality in its entire history.

Standing in 9th training ground where the machinery maintenance training camp would be taking place, Fatty could not help but rejoice inwardly that he was only responsible for teaching an area of machinery maintenance, while other fundamental trainings would be conducted by a major by the name Hanks.

The difference in military rank had clearly demarcated their responsibility in this training camp. Fatty was extremely delighted to withdraw back to the second line of duty. When the cadets were carrying out their routine drills, he would just sit by the side, watching those from the special forces conduct drills in the same training ground.

Jialipalan had a total of more than 10 training grounds and over 20 fields—both big and small—and gyms, yet they could not satisfy the requirements of training these cadets. The 9th training ground was huge and was stipulated to the regulations of being split up for different purposes. The special forces training camp and the machinery maintenance training camp had been arranged to be together on the same ground.

These training camps in the academies were different from those in the military. Primarily, they were not meant to choose talents in these areas and were instead meant to match with the curriculum of the various modules. Thus, the maintenance training camp did not consist of all who would be suitable for machinery maintenance, and in the special forces camp, not all would be suited to be part of the special forces.

Fatty was currently laughing.

Amongst those cadets currently training, there were clearly a few who were from the special forces. When they trained, it was light and relaxing for them; instead, it was those newcomer cadets who were suffering the most. Unlike the cadets who were from the special forces, they were just like a group of ducks being chased up the rack.

This group of special forces cadet ran past Fatty askew, with each individual holding onto a weapon and their field packs loosely slacking behind their butt, slapping it again and again as they ran. All of their faces were pale and their lips cracking. A majority had even fallen down into a paralyzed position.

The pants of several chaps had almost dropped as they slipped down whilst running. There were even a few cadets that had their shirts turn one round as the equipment belt on their body became a mess. There were even a few who tied their weapon sling akin to a queen’s ribbon, bundling up with a method that was entirely to the standards of SM; however they strangled themselves would be however they tied.

Fatty agonizingly wiped those tears in his eyes. He had totally forgotten those days when he had been training in the special scouts camp. Right now when he thought back, he still felt a kind of reminiscing over those days as a trainee.

These cadets who did not know how high the skies were and how thick the grounds were brought forth the feeling of romanticism with a mentality of wanting to become heroes. Special forces—that was such a proud group of soldiers. For them to complete the training in this training camp would give them the qualifications to put on the emblem of the special forces. That was enough to turn these green young boys into heroes in front of those similarly green young girls.

However, the expressions on this group of heroes were truly enough to make others cry. Most likely, they did not finish making their preparation for being an excellent soldier. There was nobody who would be able to attain the glory and admiration without placing in efforts. Behind the emblem of special forces was tens of thousands of harsh training.

What made Fatty overjoyed the most was actually a group of female cadets. It was not the fact that there had been no female special forces, just that their training methods were quite different from those of the male special forces. This academy had only opened the course for male special forces camp, yet these female cadets, for some unfathomable reasons, had actually participated in this camp. In reality, it did not bring them any benefits and would only be wasting their motor and electricity.

The instructors did not care if you were a male or female; they would just follow a set of prepared procedures and train them to their deaths.

These females clearly did not know that the training would be so cruel. They would cry as they ran, making a scene in the entire group as their melodious sounds of weeping rose up and down. Those special forces instructors by the sides had their heads covered in sweat after seeing this group of female cadets crying, but they hardened their hearts and chose to train them until they fainted. That way, they would not cry anymore. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fatty was just on the floor, holding his stomach in cramps; he was struggling so hard not to die in laughter.

The hatred of mankind was easily directed. The special forces instructors were originally feeling unease, and seeing a first lieutenant from the maintenance training camp laughing so much until he began thrashing on the ground, they did not know whether to laugh or cry. Gritting their teeth, they decided to betray their comrades instead and shouted out to the cadets, “See that!? Others are just laughing at you all! We, as humans, only have a single face to live with [1]! Buck up!”

Having successfully redirected the hatred, countless eyes angrily stared at this fatty who was just like a fish, rolling here and there on the floor.

The male and females were all cursing in their heart, ‘Damned fatty! We’ll show you!’

[1] Referring to their reputation. Once they lost their face, then their reputation is gone.

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