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Chapter 98: Conflict between Cadets

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Tian Xing Jian felt that war was something truly loathsome. Before noon, he had to visit the maintenance training camp to instruct those rookies; in the afternoon, he had to suffer from the torture under Russell; and whenever he had free time, he would bind around with silk before it rains [1] via various self-harm.

If not for war, who would be so free to do all these damaging tasks? Even he did not have the mentality to go and peep at An Lei bathing for a few days, as he was afraid that he would die from the lack of Qi and blood if he was not careful enough.

Overturning his legs and placing them on his shoulders and with his buttocks placed on his head in the shape of a flesh ball, he rolled here and there while sighing. Every time he was training in yoga, he would see his healthy and beautiful figure squeeze into various shapes, causing him to have exceptional heartaches!

The training for the cadets had lasted a week. Tian Xing Jian and Major Hanks had a harmonious time working together. Hanks was an old soldier who interacted with machinery maintenance for ten years and had been promoted step by step to his current rank of major by relying on his skills, proving that he was truly someone knowledgeable. But after seeing Fatty’s maintenance techniques, he could not help but feel startled and hold respect for him, as he publicly acknowledged that Fatty was the most formidable engineer expert that he had seen during his ten years of service. This single acknowledgement was just like pouring oil into flames, as all the cadets in the maintenance training camp started offering themselves to Fatty in worship.

One had to know that through Fatty’s way of instructing using words and examples, other things did not need to be described. When it solely came to the assembly and disassembly of the BG-17 model energy rifle, as long as the cadets were not lacking in terms of body coordination, then they would all fundamentally attain the standard of seven seconds disassembly and ten seconds assembly. Even those soldiers in the front line would see them as outstanding.

Several males who had a better personality would love to boast and chat idly with Fatty. Fatty was, after all, someone who had been on the battlefield for such a long period of time. When mentioning those matters over war, he could casually flip his hand and bring something out, causing the eyes of this group of chaps to glow as they listened.

The female cadets would also gather towards Fatty when they had nothing to do, especially so when they were currently at that age of having idols. Hearing how Fatty had boasted himself so formidably, all of them were trying their best to flutter their eyes at him while posturing a naive look as they gasped and cheered for him from time after time.

To Fatty, this was the most challenging titillation. It felt as if they were telling him to chase after them and that they would be his as long as he chased after them! It was like the females were allowing the lord to collect any one of them to his liking.

But how could such a happy occasion be dependent on Fatty? After An Lei came to the training camp in search of Fatty twice, he was regarded as a deity by all the males in the entire training camp, and they began worshipping him even more. Such a fairy-like, fresh, and beautiful woman had actually become his—this silly fatty instructor was damningly too formidable!

The female cadets all felt entirely inferior, and from then on, they got rid of any thoughts of getting closer to Fatty, leading to Fatty lamenting over the loss.

Fatty was actually of similar age with these cadets, and people of a similar age had much things to speak about. Hanks was also a good person; as long as they followed up with the pace of the training, then he would also be fine if they joked around with him during ordinary days. Thus, within the academy’s dozens of ordinary training camps and ten special training camps, the maintenance training camp had the best relationship between the cadets and instructors.

This was originally a good thing, but because the cadets of the maintenance training camp had defended Fatty too much, this culminated into an incident.

Jialipalan academy’s newly-recruited, week-old cadets had a very complicated composition. Amongst the few tens of thousands cadets, there were all sorts of people, ranging from some who had exceptionally good family background to some who were regarded as geniuses, some who were famous commanding officers that had been on the news, and some who were old soldiers that had charged through the bullet screen alive. It was hard for the young to avoid being hot-blooded, and it was common practice in the academy to compare. All sorts of rankings had been started formulating under the actions of bored people. There were beauty rankings, combat rankings, physical training rankings, Battle Mecha combat rankings, and even wealth rankings.

These were matters that everyone had experienced before. After passing through that age, these people would just treat them with a smile after reminiscing of those times. Nobody would truly treat these as authentic since they were merely the products of the time when they were just hot-blooded youngsters.

But at this moment, they could not possibly see through the reasoning. Those who entered the rankings felt either delighted or did not care. Coincidentally, those who did not enter the rankings would either grit their teeth or not care, acting as if they were above these rankings.

Amongst these influential figures, the person who was the most vain and perhaps had the greatest combat power would be those from the special training camp! The special forces camp was truly Jialipalan academy’s essence, as it converged the outstanding talents together. There were many who were standing on the apex of different areas, and to these outstanding cadets, the matter that made them lose their face the most would be the training when they had just entered the academy.

Whenever they thought of themselves, they would blush. Those who had strangled themselves as if they were SM princesses would feel like strangling themselves to death.

It was fine if they lost their face, but the problem was that the fatty from the maintenance training camp had been more evil. If not for the end of the formation drill for the cadets in the maintenance training camp, then Fatty would really have died there from laughter. This had become the hottest news in the entire academy.

Katherine was also in the special forces training camp. She felt that her decision to show off by joining the male special forces camp’s training was fundamentally the most foolish one she had ever made, and worse off, she had even met that damned fatty!

Previously, this damned fatty had leaned unsteadily from side to side, squeezing himself amidst the crowd of female students. The debt he owed from using those two elbows to eat their beancurd [2] had not been paid. Who would have thought that he had even become her arch-enemy after that incident of laughing at them? Some things could be tolerated, and the current matter was something which could not. This wretched and lewd fatty was someone who should be destroyed.

This thinking had surged up within the special forces training camp, and everyone cooperated. There were many heroes amidst them, and they felt as if they had finally met someone who understood their own feelings.

Thus, whenever they had free time in between their trainings, there would be people standing close to the area where Fatty stood, speaking loudly. These words were merely there to incite and destroy his reputation. As for Fatty, he could not care less about these brats who had not seen the world and would turn a deaf ear and treat them as farts.

Even though he was fine with that, once those cadets heard those words, they felt they were truly piercing to them. Several cadets who were exceptionally close to Fatty had started feeling indignant at the injustice.

This day, Fatty was currently resting on his chair in paralysis when suddenly, the white rabbit cadet came running over, grabbing him and shaking him fiercely. She had almost shaken the milk inside Fatty out. Fatty was afraid that he would be shaken by the white rabbit cadet to death and immediately stood up and asked, “What’s the matter? Did something happen?”

The white rabbit cadet had a habit ingrained in her since she was young of taking a deep breath before speaking. Placing her hands by her waist and raising her chest to take a deep breath, after she finally caught her breath, Fatty was the one who began gasping without breath instead.

Before dying, Fatty finally understood those words told to him by the white rabbit. The maintenance camp and special forces camp had started fighting!

That was still fine! When Fatty rushed over to the barracks, after reaching the training ground, the maintenance camp and special forces camp were facing each other in a confrontation with their daggers drawn [3].

There were even a few maintenance camp cadets lying on the ground, and he did not know whether they were dead or alive!

The males from the maintenance camp did not have much strength and were fundamentally considered as characters who were well-developed in their brains but lacking strength in their four limbs. Still, they were not people of such good character, as the instructors and cadets had long been turned into colluding villains by them.

But what Fatty had not thought of was this group of harmless brats had fought with the special forces cadet for his sake! For a moment, he felt moved and resentful at the same time. The special forces camp was truly bullying others!

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Chaos_ Chaos_

[1] Make ample preparation before the event comes.

[2] Touching their breasts.

[3] Figurative meaning.

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