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Chapter 23: Deduction of the Battle

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Walking out of the [Antenna], Tian Xing Jian went to find Thoriko.

He passed the document in his hand to him before asking, “Look at this piece of information. What do you know of the Myth Legion?”

Thoriko read through the electronic document seriously and was shocked at its contents. “20 battalion of commandos died in battle?!” He frowned before continuing, “Myth Legion. I’ve heard of it frequently in the past, though they were all rumors. After the war had started, he found that the enemy’s special forces weren’t particularly formidable like the rumors had reputed them to be, so we thought that this Myth Legion was just an unfounded rumor. But who would have thought that they are so formidable! If they are truly as what the rumors claim, then I think we’re in big trouble this time.”

Tian Xing Jian said, “Tell me some of these rumors. According to the intelligence report, this Legion is more than meets the eyes.”

Thoriko laughed bitterly. “Actually, the precursor to this supposed Myth Legion was merely a Logistic Armored Transport Battalion. Several hundred years ago, under the command of a war-maniac battalion commander, this battalion of soldiers underwent a training even tougher than what the commandos went through. Without having any state-of-the-art equipment, they would have to think of a way to steal them from the enemies. After stealing it, they would modify it in accordance to their own needs, thus they will always be present in most of the occurring battles. After the completion of this activity, the Logistic Transport becomes some sort of vanguard in battles. We don’t really see this often, but under the command of that monster battalion commander, all the soldiers have finally battled and obtained this reputation they have today. They won all 100 battles they participated in. Other than annihilating their enemies, they also performed assassinations, ambushes, destruction, poison, public relations, and espionage. There is practically nothing they could not do. In the past, there were several commandos that were trapped within an enemy camp, and without the assistance of their air forces, they had saved them and brought them out of the camp. The moment these commandos were saved, the very first thing they would do was to apply to join this Logistic Transport Battalion. After joining, as their achievements grew, their reputations also became renowned. Compared with the other commando battalions, this Logistic Transport battalion is just like a plaything to them. The Gyaca Woods Army decided to turn this Logistic Transport battalion into their backbone, forming a unique group of soldiers. Because their emergence and development were similar to some fairy tales, they were termed as the Myth special forces. They only answer to the Empire’s royal family. Several hundred years later, this unique group actually developed into a commando division and called themselves Myth Legion. In reality, for such a huge investment to be placed in a commando division, it was a huge waste; however, their use in battle was quite different and not restricted like the commandos that usually battled as platoons. This division can annihilate an enemy that outnumbered them during battle, and they are excellent in both offense and defense. Even though it has always puzzled many, there are rumors about how energy cannons and missiles are ineffective against their Battle Mechas. All their battling techniques are similar to how private mechas fight in close combat.”

The more Tian Xing Jian listened, the more he was startled. This Empire’s special forces had already transcended his imaginations — a Logistic Armored Transport battalion could turn themselves into a legion that answered only to the Gyaca Woods Empire royal family, and the several hundred years of battle had not reduced their reputation but instead allowed it to grow stronger before finally becoming a division. Not only were they proficient in all types of war tactics, they were also good in both offense and defense. Most importantly, their Battle Mecha fighting techniques had overturned the entire history of Battle Mecha battles. So that’s the reason behind the prototype mecha in Milan’s lab and the computers in the research lab that kept all sorts of information pertaining to the advanced Battle Mechas that were moving towards close combat — absolute defense and control-type mechas.

Thoriko felt his heart becoming heavy. “In the hundred years of war, there has never been a force which could annihilate the enemies so thoroughly. I’m afraid that in the entire human history, there would only be a single group that could do it even amongst those highly developed nations. This group of soldiers have been established over and over again in those highly difficult wars, thus it could be said that this division that is entirely loyal to the Gyaca Woods Empire’s royal family and ensures that the royal family continues to maintain and rule the entire Empire. Over the several hundred years, all of the countless rebellions have ultimately been resolved by this division of soldiers. They are cruel to both their enemies and their own comrades. They are an innate group of battle machines.”

If that was the case, then what was the purpose for them to appear here? Tian Xing Jian entered his own Battle Mecha as he began flipping through the map of Miracolo Planet that showed the regions of intertwining battles between the two nations before starting to think. This group had definitely been dispatched out here; however, it was not just for the sake of surrounding the assaulting Federation commandos who went behind the enemy lines. Furthermore, they did not know beforehand that the Federation had decided to conduct this mission suddenly. Since that was the case, they must have some other reasons.

But what was it? Right now, all those cities that had been surrounded had a chance of possibly being this group’s target. Their addition could rapidly resolve the battle; however, there were no signs of where they might attack. So where exactly would their next target be? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This question was similarly causing huge headaches in the Federation forward command center. Right now, Operation Lightning had started and could not be stopped. For the sake of evading the assault of the Empire’s special forces, the Federation had dispatched even more manpower to support the defense of the capital, Jialipalan. This might possibly be one of the targets to be assaulted by the enemies.

During the next few days, the group traveling underground continued without stop. But as they got closer to the mountainous region in the east, the ground conditions became more complex before Tian Xing Jian finally ordered for the digging to be stopped when they dug close into a public tunnel. There was no purpose for them to continue digging onwards. Using Tian Xing Jian’s Logic, he tried to understand the ground conditions of their location before deciding that they would wait here. This area should be relatively safer than others. If given a choice, he would like to get a reply from the air force’s transport fleet.

[Antenna] could still receive the information sent by Rashid. The enemy had reorganized their positions, causing Operation Lightning to enter a state of stalemate. After that, under the combination from the assaults from the air and the rapid penetration of the group troops, the enemy’s defense lines were broken in several places, forming a few huge open holes. The army composed of six united groups scattered towards the west and continued their pursuit one after another, giving no time for the Imperial Army to reorganize their defense lines. The war situation finally started to move. Their attacks had opened a path towards the two to three cities under the enemy’s control. The Federation Army continued in their unsteady offense towards the perimeters of three cities. The Imperial soldiers within these surrounded cities had long retreated. Otherwise, they would enter a situation of being surrounded entirely by the Federation Army.

Seeing this “fallen-tree” kind of military situation, Tian Xing Jian had an ominous feeling. Their actions were too smooth this time around. Nobody would truly believe this. When had the enemy become so weak? Unless after losing their control of air, the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army could not be compared to the Federation’s defense team in the previous battles? Even though they had reorganized their defense a few times, from Tian Xing Jian’s perspective, why did this seem like a tactic where they were just luring the Federation deeper into their lines?

Tian Xing Jian skipped sleep and meals so as to continue analyzing the possibilities on his Battle Mecha’s computer. Seeing how engrossed he was, Mei Duo and Ni Ya had decided not to come and disturb him. The countless deductions continued on as Tian Xing Jian could only arrive at the conclusion that the Imperial Army’s manpower was not enough and had no way of obstructing the progress of the Federation. He, who should let out a heave of relief, could only feel an ominous feeling towards the ever-strengthening Federation Army’s continued offense.

Six days later when he received information regarding the statistics from the war from Rashid, who had reached a region controlled by the Federation, he finally understood the reason. The main reason had appeared on the losses of the Imperial Army. Even though the Federation was winning most battles and the enemy’s losses seemed huge, they had not yet reached the sort of situation where they could no longer obstruct the Federation and had to retreat. Thinking back to the battle of the space fleets, the Empire’s space fleets had also similarly not been annihilated by the Federation fleets; instead, they “retreated in defeat” after the battles. There was also no supposed annihilation within the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army in the battle over the control within the atmosphere, resulting in the biggest losses of the war to be the commandos who entered the enemy's’ backline.

Tian Xing Jian recalibrated his analysis regarding the enemy’s space fleets, atmospheric fighter aircrafts, ground troops, and the Myth Legion into the calculator before continuing with his deduction about the battle. During the calculation, it seemed as if this military power, which was unable to obtain a huge advantage over the Federation, did not have a chance of turning the game around, especially since they have been continuously losing battles. For them to deploy their military strength and recover from this condition was truly very difficult. On the map, the scattered military troops did not show possible signs of being able to ambush the Federation as well. However, when Tian Xing Jian started deducing what might happen after the enemy troops in the surrounding cities began to retreat, he suddenly discovered that as the Federation continued saving those fragmented soldiers in the cities, the enemies that initially held the territory west of Cato City, continued in its transformation of combat power. This qualitative change was slow and delayed and was small and hard to see as well, but in reality, their plans and procedures were clearly planned. When the Federation’s main forces underwent a situation of getting suppressed by the powerful retaliation of the enemy, Tian Xing Jian placed the Myth Legion in a certain location as cold sweat immediately formed on his back — at about 200 km west of Cato City at the Cato canyon, there was a natural and outstanding defensive position.

As long as they were able to destroy the airport on the peak of the cannon before barricading themselves into a missile silo, the air passage that was supposedly opened by the Federation air force would be broken into two. The enemy air force would be able to use this canyon as their main headquarters, obtaining an advantage of being able to destroy any transport ships within a region 300 km in radius around it. The logistic department would also be forced to take a roundabout road out of this 300 km region towards the deep mountains with a narrow and winding passage. Finally, the 31 divisions of Federation military power would just become a dog that tried its utmost to bite the tail of a rabbit. He realized this objective did not require the combat power of space fleets and the atmospheric fighter aircraft to be stronger than that of the Federation Army. In a situation of stalemate, as long as they concentrate their forces, they would be able to achieve this within 24 hours. Adding on an exquisite assault from the air, the Federation would once again enter a situation of destruction.

Almost instantaneously, Tian Xing Jian jumped out and rushed towards the [Antenna]. He ordered for this message to be passed onto Rashid before asking him to pass on this deduction to the forward command. As the seconds ticked by, other than the correspondence who was sweating from the news, the entire underground passage was totally silent.


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