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Chapter 92: Deduction Test

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Feeling reluctant to part with the group of female students, Fatty realized that several of the more beautiful female students had look of disgust in their eyes, making him decisively forget the idea of coming back and forth as he squeezed his way through. In the end, he slipped away to his dormitory to collect his stuff.

A single person living by himself did not have many things; just a single leather suitcase was enough to fit all his things. It was only the virtual cabin that gave him a headache, but in the end, he decided to move it to Milan’s laboratory, as he wanted to use the gravity room over there to continue his training.

The virtual cabin was collapsible and was manufactured with an ultra-light material, enabling him to carry it with just one hand. Fatty carried the suitcase with one hand, and the virtual cabin with the other. Just as he went down the dormitory building, he saw groups of female students pulling their luggage into the opposite dormitory entrance.

Seeing those waves of surging white rabbits jumping ahead of him and those waves swaying gently behind him…

Fatty beat his chest as he felt truly regretful. For the sake of peeping on one person bathe, he gave up on the chance of peeping on a whole group of them bathing together. This was such a loss on his end of the transaction.

Group after group of female students, with a look of grievance, watched this wretched fatty gazing at them, causing them to be so frightened that they jumped. Some of them glared back at him, some were discussing amongst themselves, some were pulling their friends to run away, and some were sniggering. Although Fatty was totally unaware of it, but with his mouth, he was continuously mumbling:

“33, 36, 35, this is quite a formidable 39. Wah, 42. Truly unbelievable…”

Once a female student strenuously supported her chest while carrying a heavy luggage walk past this wretched person, “ka chi”, he immediately started bleeding from not just his nose but all seven orifices.

“Friend, your ‘this’ should be a 50, right?”

“...I’ve never measured it before, but this luggage is quite heavy indeed.”

Fatty was glad that he did not ask the wrong question and had avoided everything. Otherwise, he would be beaten to his death by everyone present on the scene.

Katherine was currently chatting and laughing with her friends while walking along to her dormitory. This was the first time this beautiful and clever miss left her home. To her, the outside world was truly too novel and free; she felt like a bird that had just been let out of the cage. Thinking back to the reactions of her parents after hearing that she had passed the admission test into a military academy, Katherine wanted to laugh.

Living a life of wealth and pamper did not provide a good frame of mind for Katherine. Various dances and other supposed high-class sons of nobility and misses made her feel truly tired. Only now on this planet, where the ashes left behind by the conflagration of war was still warm, would this future female officer of a fleet in her imagination feel truly happy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Just as she passed by Tian Xing Jian, who was staring at the chests of everyone, she did not really care about that so much. It was only now when he had walked to her did she finally see this person’s wretched eyes that was not even raised past that of her neck and was below that of her bosom. She finally realized that this deceitful fatty had been squeezing himself within the group of female students for 20 over rounds just now during registration!

She felt truly angry—how could there be such a shameless person in this world!? Katherine decided to give this wretched fatty a good beating.

In the end, this girl, who was crowned champion as a modern female fighter, went towards Fatty, but she had yet to even do anything when Fatty just slipped away.

This was still the first time Katherine had seen such a cowardly person. Looking at her female acquaintances in dismay, all of them could not help but laugh.

Fatty only felt that a pair of 36D big white rabbits had suddenly gathered in front of his eyes, staring at him resolutely. Realizing that he was discovered, he did not even dare to look up at her face and could only run off.

Hanging his head dispiritedly as he went back to the newly rented apartment, after unpacking his things, Fatty suddenly had felt the feeling of having a home.

An Lei was a staff officer over at the civilian side of the Intelligence Department and did not have to work elsewhere for long periods of time. Usually, she would always stay at home to accompany her mother and would make meals by hand.

This represented that not only would he have a chance for his mouth to enjoy living in ease and comfort in the future, but also, whenever An Lei bathed, there would be a pleasant sight for his eyes too. Living such a life made Fatty’s body tremble the moment he thought of it, causing his mood to be good again.

Overjoyed, he went back to the 6th Research Unit to end his leave and also to place the virtual cabin in the research lab. The moment Boswell saw Fatty, he immediately threw a class timetable over at him, saying, “In a few days time, the academy will be starting its military training. The entire semester is three months long. The academy arranged for you to be a machinery engineer instructor at the rookie training camp. These rookies are all new students in the academy and are students undertaking the course for Battle Mecha design and manufacturing. Don’t cause me to lose my reputation.”

Fatty cursed in his heart, ‘Damn old man, isn’t this driving a duck up the perch?’ Thinking carefully, if it was any other subject, then he could not do it, but since machinery maintenance was his old profession, fooling with several new rookies should be fine for him.

Afraid that this old man would assign more work for him, Fatty immediately slipped away.

He tunnelled into Milan’s research lab. Milan had not seen him for a month and was naturally delighted beyond words. She buried her head in the embrace of Fatty and said some words of love to him, but not a single word had entered the mind of Fatty, as he was just enjoying the softness of that chest pressing on him. He felt his soul flying to the heaven.

The fiery lust of a virgin was the easiest to be started. Fatty had merely started being affectionate with MIlan, and yet, this burning fire had long started pouring through his body and mind. Finally, he bit his tongue and gave an excuse to lay down the flags and still the drums [1] before running out crestfallen. He bawled in his heart. This was totally wanting his life! The entire Miracolo Planet is filled with big rabbits!

Seeing the bustling campus, it seemed as if everyone were busy with their own things. Now that he had nothing to do, Tian Xing Jian decided to go and find Russell.

Ever since he read that letter from Russell, Fatty had given another look at this future teacher of his. He could not help but agree that when it came to anything related to war—any logic or whatsoever—Russell would certainly understand them clearer than he did.

Tian Xing Jian was never a person who wasted time on an insignificant problem, and his personality was not one of a bigot. What Russell said was right; he had his own responsibility. Ever since he had straightened his thinking, Fatty felt that he ought to find Russell and give him an apology for his childishness.

When Tian Xing Jian saw Russell, Russell’s back was currently facing him, as Russell was looking at a virtual map.

Seeing Fatty, Russell waved his hand and blocked Fatty from speaking those words he wanted to say, “Let’s not speak about any other matters. Come and look at this deduction.”

Tian Xing Jian gave the map a look. This was a deduced map which he had never seen before. The disparity in the numbers between the two sides were huge, with the red side having the offensive initiative and the blue side having the defensive initiative. In the end, it was the defense of the blue side that was flourishing more than the attacking red side in view of their huge numbers.

This was a surface battle. Watching the map, there did not seem to be any location which the red side could attack from. The defense of the blue side was extremely strict with their defensive positions, which spread out through the entire shore. Regardless of whether it was their weapons or their equipment, both sides were fundamentally similar.

Russell gave Tian Xing Jian a look: “Can you find the gap in the blue side? If you are currently the commander of the red side, how would you prepare to attack this base?”

Tian Xing Jian looked at the base of the blue side. There seemed to be a small gap faintly in his mind. Within the space of two of the high grounds, there was a location that was quite high up and was not defended. If they could occupy this location and get rid of the two blue bases by the sides of this location, then they would be able to cut the defense of the blue side into two. As long as they continued maintaining this location for two hours, the red side would be able to bring large amounts of their troops to occupy the entire front part of the shore, gaining a firm footing in this place.

However, Tian Xing Jian soon gave up on this idea. This was a battle where there were no Battle Mecha forces shown on both the data and on the map. If both sides of that location had some hidden artillery, then the infantry would just be sending themselves to their death. This was a specially crafted trap that could allow several commanding officers to feel that there was enough benefits for them to take the risk.

Scrutinizing it seriously for quite some time, Fatty finally shook his head: “There is no way!” Russell’s expression was truly complex. He felt gratified and disappointed at the same time.

“However!” Tian Xing Jian looked at Russell: “If you tell me that this battle will concern the entire outcome of the war and that the red army would be annihilated if we don’t bring down this shore, I think I’ll forcibly attack this location.”

The location Tian Xing Jian was pointing to was still that same location which could soon lead one to be unable to predict the future.

Russell laughed, “Let’s start your lessons tomorrow.”

[1] To give up.

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