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Chapter 35: Don’t Anger the Fatty

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

As the imperial soldiers were anxiously regrouping due to the sudden explosions, someone suddenly shouted amidst the chaos, “Enemy attack! Enemy attack!” Before he was able to finish what he was saying, the shots from the energy cannons and the missiles from Battle Mechas had arrived at this group of people. These Imperial soldiers who were not under the protection of Battle Mechas were just like rice crop being reaped—they began falling onto the ground from the fierce cannon barrage as their limbs and their fresh blood flew in all directions as the shockwaves from the explosions reached an extremely high level, causing the place to rain blood.

Within seconds of losing their spirit, the group of people began running in all directions. Facing such assault of cannon barrages, the human body was truly weak. The scene of a bloodbath had caused many people to decide to escape immediately, savoring every single second they had in running away from the hell that was reaping everyone’s lives. There had even been a few who were so shocked that they stood rooted on the spot in a daze, looking around at the others who fled in all directions. They were not even aware of the bloody rain that fell on their faces. In this group, there had been a soldier younger than the age of 20 standing there as thin blood flowed down from his young and tender face that had an expression full of terror; he stood there trembling. Amongst those escaping soldiers, there had been some who called his name, yet this young soldier stood there in a daze as if he did not recognize any single one of them. As the one who was calling his name went over to pull him away, a missile fell directly on this young soldier. After a resounding boom, what was left behind within the smoke was just flesh and blood falling like hail.

The several Imperial Battle Mechas amidst the group had turned into the primary target of the Federation’s firepower. Since the start of the battle, not a minute had passed and three [Cerberus] and two [Divine Mecha 22s] had already been destroyed from the concentrated fire from the energy cannons. What was left was only a [Cerberus] and three [Divine Mecha 22s], which went to look for cover from the barrage of missiles. They could only depend on the mecha’s manoeuvrability to dodge the incoming missiles, thus it was only a matter of time before they were destroyed.

Tian Xing Jian brought with him five disguised [Devil Tigers]. They had almost stopped for a moment to watch the show. At the moment when Fatty was about to relax, his sixth sense sent him a warning. Looking over with rapt attention, he saw two human-style Battle Mechas emitting signs of danger walking out slowly amongst the wildfire that rushed to the sky.

This was the first time Tian Xing Jian saw such an Imperial Battle Mecha within his enriching experiences of 22 escapes. There were two continuous tracks underneath its two thick mechanical legs. It was eight meters tall and had a very thick external armor, which put on display its strong defensive capabilities. Beside its head, there were two enormous energy cannons that were malevolently striking, and above its broad shoulders were several small hole. It had two extraordinary long mechanical arms placed in line with its mechanical legs. This Battle Mecha seemed to be just like a big gorilla. There was even a three meters long alloy-made blade wielded in its mechanical hand. The glowing blue light on this blade showed that it was an expensive ion-blade.

The alloy-made ion-blade was a weapon that was the embodiment of the idea of sharpness. As long as the ion-blade was able to make contact with the enemy, unless the Battle Mecha used an extremely hard alloy for its thick outer armor along with an additional layer of thick armor, then the ion-blade would easily be able to cut them apart just like a beancurd. Energy shields were completely useless against such energy weapons.

Tian Xing Jian activated the scanning ability of his [Logic], trying his best to do something to increase the success rate of their operation. He had already seen signs of the Myth Legion symbol on those mecha. They were the Fiend Gods of the Myth Legion. Cold sweat started forming on his forehead. If he could not analyze the structure of these two Battle Mechas in the shortest period of time, the consequences would be dire. He would not have thought that such monsters would appear from within the base. Tian Xing Jian regretted not placing more bombs within to get rid of these two Battle Mechas at the same time. He knew what these two Battle Mechas represented, as Rashid had sent some information regarding the Myth Legion to him. Within the information, there was a small passage introducing him to this sort of mecha:

[King Kong], the human model single-operated Battle Mecha was exclusively used by the Myth Legion. Its model and weight were classified to be between that of a medium-sized Battle Mecha and a heavy-sized Battle Mecha. The newest model was manufactured using an extraordinary hard alloy, and it had tremendous speed, powerful strength, and tyrannical offensive ability. No other Federation Battle Mecha was as tyrannical as this mecha in terms of close-combat abilities, and its long-range attacks were comparable to heavy-sized Battle Mechas.

The information related to this Battle Mecha was so simple, yet just these few words of information were collated from the sacrifice of dozens of warrior-class pioneers and two [Fury Fires]. Even though these Battle Mechas were not all destroyed by the [King Kong], during that battle, the [King Kong] was one of the prime reasons for their defeat. A Myth Legion company that did not have all of its manpower could completely thrash a full battalion of Federation special forces as long as they had a [King Kong] with them.

[King Kong] was actually not indestructible. The reason why it was frightening had been solely due to the operators controlling it—they were handpicked out of the Myth Legion. Only those with the best Battle Mecha controlling techniques and the most battle experience would be chosen. A section that was riding on solely [Devil Tiger] had been enough to shock Tian Xing Jian through their controlling techniques. If that’s the case, the degree of the operators controlling the [King Kong] would be truly unimaginable.

[Devil Tiger] was a beast and [King Kong] was a demon.

Tian Xing Jian truly wanted to shout out “retreat”, yet if they lost their current advantage and waited until the enemies regrouped before using the ruined base to proceed in their defense, then Tian Xing Jian and the rest would be doomed. This group of escapees, who would be escaping from this location at 10 am, would not be able to smoothly board the transport ships. Furthermore, even if they escaped now, the question of whether they could escape from those two [King Kongs] remained unknown. Retreating in an unsafe situation would lead to them dying one by one from the pursuing soldiers. During his time in the special forces training, committing such a mistake that would lead to dire consequences was something that was taught again and again.

“I can’t escape even if I want to. I can’t defeat them even if I try. What should I do now?” Fatty wanted to hug someone and cry out his heart. He put in so much effort, and at the point of success, these two gorillas appeared.

Right now, the only team that he could make use of was [Logic] and the five [Devil Tigers] that were still in stealth mode and had yet to enter battle.

“Damn! Let fate decide whether I live or die. With the electromagnetic attack by the [Antenna], the sneak attacks by the [Devil Tigers], and the firepower of [Fury Fire], this father will take on one of them and hold on for a few minutes. By then, we should be able to get rid of the other! Let’s take this gamble!” His heart gave himself a boost of confidence as the gangster temperament of Tian Xing Jian arose once he was frightened to its limit; Maybe it was because he had not seen the power of [King Kong] with his own eyes or maybe the desire he had towards success was huge since they were so close to it, but his mentality started splitting into two again. In his mouth, Fatty was just chanting about how he would be risking everything, and that life or death would be determined by the heavens. He immediately crafted a new battle plan. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The remaining [Cerberus] had been destroyed by the sudden concentrated fire. Thus, other than the [King Kongs], the only other possible factor that could change the outcome of the battle was the other three [Divine mecha 22s], which had to be exterminated before anything else. One was damaged and one lost its movement capability, leaving only one left struggling amidst the fierce barrage of cannon fire.

Myth Legion’s [King Kongs], No. 079 and No. 051, moved calmly at a relaxed pace. One of the reasons why they were not anxious was solely because these soldiers from the Myth Legion did not care much about their own lives and neither did they care about the lives of their comrades from the Myth Legion. As for the second reason, it was because the distance between them and the Federation Battle Mechas was quite far. They could not prematurely reveal the advantage of speed the [King Kong] had. Only when they were closer would they proceed with a sudden assault — this was a tactic which had been well-tested in previous battles.

What made the [King Kongs] resentful was that those cunning Federation Battle Mechas had known what they had planned to do. They suddenly moved backwards as a group, seemingly showing that they were some rabbits being preyed on. While they were retreating, they were still firing at them; however, their aim while moving had been so poor that only when the targets — the [King Kongs] — became ten times bigger would they be able to suppress them.

Right before the two [King Kongs] ended their act and were about to charge forward, a broken-looking Federation [Beast Mk.III] Battle Mecha had seemingly taken the wrong path and came out from the forest on the right. Behind it was five Myth Legion [Devil Tigers] chasing after him, causing the two [King Kongs] to be excited for a moment. Hey, such a broken-looking Battle Mecha actually dropped from the air into the enemy rear lines! It seemed that the Federation was a spent force.

Maybe it was the sight of the two [King Kongs] on the other side that caused the escaping, broken-looking Battle Mecha’s movement to become sluggish as it hesitated, but behind him, the five [Devil Tigers] were increasing their speed as they got closer to him. While panicking, this Battle Mecha decided to take a detour around the [King Kongs] outside the region 50 meters away from it.

[King Kong] No. 079 did not hesitate. With a few steps, it immediately went to obstruct the path of that broken-looking Battle Mecha. It seemed as if the operator was in despair as he maniacally moved its mechanical arms as it howled in agony before jumping onto the [King Kong] as if he was a small child using the tortoise fist, causing [King Kong] No. 079 to laugh until his stomach started to cramp.

With the ion-blade in hand, No. 079 was prepared to use the Mountain Cleaving Slash on the sugarcane-like broken Battle Mecha to cut it into two; this was the [King Kong]’s favourite way of killing people. That destructive and violent force that could seemingly consume everything could make anyone afraid.

But, when the broken-looking Battle Mecha was about 10 meters away from the [King Kong], it finally fell down from the assault of the quickly pursuing [Devil Tigers]. They were just like hungry wolves as they clawed on the back of this [Beast Mk.III], gouging out a few holes. The electronic circuit within the mecha had become distorted with sparks, and fires began to form; it was truly a pitiful sight. After twitching a few times, it became totally paralyzed on the floor, unmoving.

Seeing his plaything get stolen away, [King Kong] No. 079 felt resentful as he cursed in his heart, “This group of wolf cubs!” However, since their communication had been interfered with, he could not greet these [Devil Tigers]. Thinking about it, it did not matter much. After all, there were still a group of Federation Battle Mechas firing at them as if they did not know that doomsday had already arrived.

The two [King Kongs] signalled for the [Devil Tigers] to join them as they prepared to use the specialty of Myth Legion—speed—to charge into the formation of Federation Battle Mechas. With the addition of the five [Devil Tigers], those two [King Kongs] had confidence to ensure that not a single Federation Battle Mecha would be able to escape.

The Federation Battle Mechas, who thought they had reached a safe distance, formed themselves in a defensive formation as their firepower became more accurate and concentrated. With a wave of hands, [King Kong] No. 051 released the signal for them to start their assault. His [King Kong] started speeding up as the two continuous tracks underneath the thick mechanical legs turned at full speed, a speed that did not match its external appearances. This was the newest fusion done by the Empire, which merged the continuous tracks into the human model Battle Mecha’s mechanical legs; it was stable and fast. Within the blink of an eye, [King Kong] No. 051 had covered a distance of more than 100 meters. In his eyes, the group of Federation Battle Mechas had panicked so much that the threat of firepower on him could be ignored completely.

What No. 051 did not notice was that this group of Federation Battle Mechas had enacted their plan and simultaneously transferred all the firepower onto No. 079, causing it to not move for a few seconds.

And those following the No. 051, whom he subconsciously thought were all the Myth Legion Battle Mechas, were only the five [Devil Tigers].

[King Kong] No. 079 was extremely angry. That group of Federation house flies had unexpectedly intercepted his movement. Even the strongest of defenses could not withstand this concentrated firepower for too long. Looking at the five [Devil Tigers] and No. 051 rushing forward, he had to instead evade the incoming cannon fire.

The god of faking death, Tian Xing Jian, suddenly moved. Even though the scan done by his Battle Mecha was only 85% completed, this was the only chance he had. The Federation Battle Mecha’s firepower could only give him this very short window of opportunity. Lying down on the ground like a dead dog, the broken-looking Battle Mecha that was full of sparks stealthily came from 10 meters southeast of [King Kong] and suddenly charged forward with the Assistance Propulsion System. Just like a missile that flew close to the ground, the slightly more than ten meters distance from the Battle Mecha was just like something in front of its eyes. [King Kong] No. 079 only felt something flashing by his body before a broken mechanical arm tightly gripped the mechanical arm that was wielding the blade.

[King Kong] No. 079 was startled, but it immediately reacted from that broken [Beast] mecha’s sneak attack. The Myth soldier within the cabin snorted as he used his fastest speed to turn around and leap up from the ground before giving a series of kicks to the chest of that mecha with its two thick and short legs.

“Damn, such a fast reaction!” Tian Xing Jian cursed. Lifting the control stick, his right hand immediately inputted commands. [Logic] followed along the movements of [King Kong]’s arms. Borrowing its force, he dodged the two incoming mechanical legs as if he was a monkey holding onto the tree branch as he swung here and there. No matter what, he would not let go of his hold on the [King Kong]’s mechanical arms.

No. 079 had never before seen such a scoundrel move. That broken-looking mecha was truly just like a dogskin plaster [1], truly making him angry! Seemingly as if he had no time to reach the battle on the other side, No. 079 flipped its wrist, causing the ion-blade to move in an unpredictable arc towards the [Logic] below him.

This sudden incoming blade frightened Tian Xing Jing so much that he started sweating. Within about 0.1 seconds, he immediately gave up the control over the arms of the [King Kong]. Borrowing the force of the swinging arm, it entered the embrace of the [King Kong] Battle Mecha. [Logic] was just like a broken sack, sticking powerlessly to the body of [King Kong]; its two legs circling in a wretched and ambiguous manner around King Kong’s waist.

Fatty was going to become a dogskin plaster that stuck onto [King Kong] till the end.

[King Kong] No. 079 was angered to the point of seeing stars. Bringing the two arms together, the ion-blade that was held away from the body came swinging in an arc towards his own abdomen. His movement was fast, decisive, and resolute as he seemingly wanted to pierce through both the broken mecha and himself.

“You want to take my precious life!?” Fatty was unable to breathe while his hands and legs started getting cramps. The control stick was moving randomly and the hands in spasm were just banging here and there. [Logic] was just like a monkey sliding down the tree, slipping away by just a thread as he sat on his butt on the floor. The back of [Logic] had been pierced by the ion-blade, creating some sparks from the collision as a deep scar appeared, showing that his external armor had seemingly been cut into two. He had barely evaded from a fatal strike.

The ion-blade stopped just a few centimeters in front of [King Kong]’s own chest. The fine control of the Myth soldier rendered Fatty speechless, as his extravagant hope of seeing him stab himself was gone.

Without any delay, the [King Kong]’s wrist flipped once again, turning the blade over before piercing down on [Logic]’s head.

Seeing the [Logic] sitting in front of him, the Myth soldier within the cabin laughed sinisterly. Let’s see how you dodge this!

“Damn your mother for not wanting this father to live. This father isn’t someone who can be bullied so easily!” Fatty, who had been pushed to the brink of death, completely broke down. Only a dozen seconds had passed since the start of the sneak attack, yet he had already entered the boundary between life and death a few times. Fatty, who was pushed to a dead end, gritted his teeth as a fierce light appeared in his eyes. The two arms of [Logic] contracted, strapping tightly as if it were a sloth onto the legs of [King Kong]. Banging his head, he forced [King Kong] down onto the ground. Following that, [Logic]’s mechanical arms suddenly and explosively reached out, grabbing onto the legs of [King Kong]. Using its full strength, it lifted the entire Battle Mecha up.

“Let me tell you this! This father is the 8th Generation Battle Mecha—an ultimate beast that specializes in disassembling and assembling!” Fatty jumped up and down, shouting out within his cabin as his neck turned red. [Logic] fiercely swung [King Kong], which was about several dozen tons in weight, on the ground. With a “Hong!”, dust flew up all over the place. Under the enormous force of an alloy that weighed a dozen tons, it had created a huge hole in the ground.

“Comparing strength!? This father’s [Logic] is much stronger than your mother’s gorilla!” Fatty was so angry that he did not care about anything else. As he continued swinging it, he smashed [King Kong] onto the ground to the extent that tremors could be felt from a distance. The ion-blade within [King Kong]’s hands had long flown away, and that Myth soldier within the cabin had fainted from the very first smash! How could he find a margin to retaliate?

Fatty did not care!

Today, this father wanted to be satisfied! Bullying this father and almost killing this father until he had almost peed in his pants—this father is going to smash you, you f***ing dog!

In the cloud of dust, a broken-looking Battle Mecha was swinging the poor [King Kong] frenziedly, giving off an image of a windmill that turned here and there. As if it were a piece of iron in a forge, [King Kong] was continuously being smashed hysterically!

Finally, [King Kong], which was damaged beyond recognition and was heavily damaged from the dozens of fierce smashes onto the ground, broke into two. Fatty was stunned for a moment as he looked in a daze at the two mechanical legs within [Logic]’s hand before finally waking up.

In the distant, the group of Federation Battle Mechas was driven mad at the sight of the destroyed [King Kong]. Resorting to sneak attacks, this group had spent half a day while teaming up before being able to get rid of a single one. The difficulty of defeating such a Battle Mecha was only known to those who had experienced it first hand. So many people surrounded them, and yet they could only damage two of them. Who would have thought that when the Vice Company Commander Fatty became crazy, the broken-looking Battle Mecha would tear apart the [King Kong] through brute force? What kind of monster was this vice company commander exactly?

[King Kong] No. 051 felt wronged even more than No. 079. When Fatty grabbed hold of No. 079, he had already rushed to a distance of 100 over meters. [King Kong]’s speed allowed him to run faster the more he ran. He had felt that he was a fierce tiger, and the group of Federation Battle Mechas was a group of sheep. The secretion of adrenaline caused him to feel even more excited. Killing was, after all, the natural profession of all soldiers in the Myth Legion special forces. They were warriors who lived for killing in battles!

With a mind full of killing intent and hot-bloodedness, when he was so impassioned with the battle, the originally decreasing firepower suddenly came flooding on him. Even though the defensive power of [King Kong] was strong, against [Fury Fire], which specialized in long-range firepower support, and the several other warrior-class pioneers with weaker firepower that was still comparable to a medium-sized Battle Mecha, No. 051 decided to change his direction of movement. He was sneering. As long as he brought the five [Devil Tigers] close to them, those Federation Battle Mechas would become trash, as close-combat battles were the specialty of the Myth Legion. Even though many nations had started equipping their military with close-combat Battle Mechas, the true professionals were still this group who had battled for several hundreds of years—the Myth Legion! Others had thought that [Devil Tiger] was the unique Battle Mechas being used by the Myth Legion, but in reality, the [Devil Tiger] was just a product that was being replaced. The more advanced close-combat Battle Mecha was the [King Kong].

A missile whistled over. As the firepower was too concentrated, [King Kong] had no time to change its direction of movement. No. 051 sneered before releasing a decoy shot from the small hole on its shoulder. As the decoy shot revolved in the air, the incoming missiles were attracted to it as if it were a magnet, fiercely shooting into the revolving maelstrom created by the decoy shot before exploding in mid-air. Such a far-distance explosion with its shrapnel and shockwave were extremely mild to the [King Kong].

No. 051’s sneer became even more exuberant. He was thinking how those Federation operators must be dumbfounded within their cabins as they saw this. Even though [King Kong] was not the best Battle Mecha Myth Legion had, it was still the standard Battle Mecha used by them! Not to mention that this mecha was slowly replacing the [Devil Tiger]. Not only did it have a speed faster than [Devil Tiger], it also had better defenses and stronger combat capabilities! It was even equipped with even stronger and more formidable long-range weaponry.

His left thumb pressed down resolutely on the top of the control stick that controlled the energy cannons, causing the two cannons on its head to suddenly emit a fierce howl! They were even bigger than ordinary energy cannons and had a higher speed and more ferocious might! The two warrior-class pioneers were trying their best to evade the incoming missiles, but the incoming energy shells had shaved off half of their shoulders.

“Hahahaha! Foolish Federation soldiers, I bet you must be dumbfounded!” [King Kong]’s operator, No. 051, was laughing maniacally within his cabin. The Federation Battle Mecha’s panic performance made him giddy with joy. He wanted all those Federation Battle Mechas to remember the terror of [King Kong] even after they became spirits.

That delightful laughter only lasted for two seconds before it stopped. The five [Devil Tigers] suddenly leapt onto him, pushing [King Kong] onto the ground. Their sharp front claws attacked the mechanical legs of the mecha, which was the only place in which the Federation soldiers could attack without knowing the composition of the opponent’s Battle Mecha due to the thick armor on the other parts of [King Kong]. When No. 051 roared wildly and controlled [King Kong]’s dancing ion-blade against the hyena-like [Devil Tigers], he discovered that even if they were the Battle Mechas that were becoming obsolete, the [Devil Tiger]’s specialty—its front claws—had proven its sharpness. A mechanical leg had been damaged to the extent that its hydraulic system was broken, preventing it from being able to support [King Kong]’s huge figure.

Thereafter, the [Devil Tigers] retreated as the flashing glow of energy cannons symbolizing death covered this half-squatting [King Kong].

As the battle ended, there were sounds of transport ships coming from the skies. The Federation Battle Mechas gathered beside Tian Xing Jian, as there were seemingly no more enemies by their sides.

Right when everyone looked up towards the horizon, an energy shell came flying onto one of the [Devil Tiger], emitting a sound of “Ding!” Following that shot, another shell soon came after and landed upon the energy shield, causing ripples of blue to appear. The Federation Battle Mechas immediately formed a defensive perimeter around it; however, they realized the scale of the incoming firepower was not that large.

It was merely bullets after bullets that came flying over stubbornly from the forest. Finally, an Imperial soldier came walking out with an energy rifle in his hand. As he edged closer, he continued shooting at that [Devil Tiger]. Even knowing that this rifle could not damage the [Devil Tiger] and that any of the Battle Mechas here could send him to heavens, he still continued edging closer to the affirmed enemies, shooting them resolutely and firmly.

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