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73.68% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 84: Enemies Who Cannot Live under the Same Sky

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Chapter 84: Enemies Who Cannot Live under the Same Sky

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Jialipalan was also a sea of joy—it was as if those people were celebrating some special occasion as they wore the most beautiful clothing before stepping onto the streets. The public square was filled with cheerful groups of people, and there was a myriad of red and blue flags of the Leray Federation hanging along the roadsides and on the shops. Several people had taken the initiative to hold some parade, with people laughing and dancing along the music as they proceeded along.

They had reasons to be more cheerful than any other citizens of the Federation, as, after all, this was their hometown. On Miracolo Planet, living along the exchanging fires of war had made all these people have a stronger desire for peace, and their feelings toward victory were even more direct.

Furthermore, the Federation government had planned the budget for a major reconstruction over at Miracolo Planet, ensuring that in the future, Newton Galaxy’s two planets would become an enormous forward base for countering against the invasions from the Galileo Galaxy; more goods, funds, troops, gigantic corporations, businessmen, investors, returnees, and workers would flock here by the numbers, making Miracolo an even more prosperous place.

Even though there were two cities which they had yet to reoccupy, it was merely a problem of when. Even if they did not attack those two cities, the remnant Imperial soldiers had long been abandoned by their own nation; there would not be any more transport ships coming over for them to assist in their retreat, and even the Myth Legion, which had the priority when retreating, had a battalion left behind.

This beast spoken in legends had half of its power annihilated at Miracolo Planet. Everyone was really enthusiastic as they discussed such topics with a certain mystery behind it, and even the entire city was filled with discussions over the inside story. These discussions were all about the same topic—about some hero of the Federation who was so gallant, so unparalleled, such a good soldier, or an even more formidable commanding officer who was not only good with military strategies but also very handsome, elegant, and also the dream prince for most girls.

The propagation of these topics led to the overall mood surging up as everyone could not help but laugh with amazement.

The ceremony for receiving Russell was quite grand, and thus, being the person who saved him, Tian Xing Jian had similarly received good treatment and had stayed in Restaurant Si Mai for a full two days.

After throwing Russell into a room, Tian Xing Jian had gone on to celebrate with Nadal, Rashid, and the others as they drank till the sky turned dark.

This time, it was the second time the waitresses of Restaurant Si Mai saw that Federation hero. After leaving aside the other drunkards in the dining hall, these people flocked over to the unconscious Fatty, bringing him back into his room before becoming like swallows as they took care of him—taking off his shoes, washing his face, putting him in their embrace while feeding him some hangover medicines. This service was practically so meticulous that it had been even more gentle and delicate than when they served their husbands.

That night, the completely drunk Fatty could not avoid from having a wet dream and a very shameful one at that...

Thereafter, the other waitresses of the Restaurant Si Mai had heard of how Russell had been brought back by this fatty first lieutenant, causing these young girls to practically change their opinions of aesthetic beauty; this fatty became really cute and formidable, and one would feel safe the moment they saw him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Even though they could not spread his deeds, during their discussions with their friends, these females of the Restaurant Si Mai would practically safeguard the dignity of this fatty with a firm attitude like a female hen protecting her nest.

The fatties in the entire world had, as a result, benefitted from this.

Their friends were really puzzled. These women from the Restaurant Si Mai had been chosen from many; they were all young and beautiful, had high wages, and would always be walking at the forefront of social trends. Unless, the trend was heading towards fatties now?

After Tian Xing Jian woke up, only the two of them—Russell and him—were left in the restaurant. The military had booked the entire restaurant, though those from the special forces had to report for duty after enjoying a night here.

Because they were afraid of someone coming to assassinate Russell, the entire restaurant had been strictly protected. Fatty, who woke up after being drunk, had suddenly remembered that tomorrow was the day when the researchers would return to the Central Starfield, and it seemed that Milan had booked a dinner over here in Restaurant Si Mai for tonight.

He hurriedly ran down to find the restaurant manager and asked, “Manager, I have a friend who reserved a table here tonight. I’m wondering if she could still come over?”

The middle-aged manager naturally recognized this chap who had almost caused him to lose his job. Learning from his lesson, he became much more obedient this time: “May I know who your friend is…?”


The manager checked the electronic registrar before finding her name: “That’s right, Miss Milan had originally reserved a candle-lit dinner for two and a President Suite here. However, because of you and another important guest, the entire restaurant was ordered to not receive any other guests. We have already called Miss Milan about this…”

Hearing about the President Suite and thinking back to Milan’s behavior back then, Fatty was overwhelmed with lust, but after hearing that because of Russell, this dream of finally losing his virginity had been extinguished, he was angered to the point that smoke was being released from his seven orifices!

The biggest cockblocker Russell! I hadn’t spoken two sentences with An Lei before being forced to come and save you, and now, you actually made me lose my first night? This vengeance as deep as the sea of blood is something which this father must take! From this point onwards, the two of us cannot exist together!

Returning back to his room, the outer space era’s very last 22 years old virgin male could not help but feel broken-hearted and wept bitterly.

Thinking about it, Fatty still decided to give Milan a call. Since Restaurant Si Mai could not be used, then there were so many other restaurants in Jialipalan and finding one must certainly be easier than finding a battlefield.

Just that our first time could not be spent at the best place—quite regrettable.

Very soon, the call got through. The moment Milan heard Tian Xing Jian’s voice, she excitedly shouted out, “Damned Fatty, where did you run off to? I wanted to tell you that I’ll not be leaving anymore. Since Miracolo Planet is already safe, Professor Boswell had even prepared to reopen the academy, so is there any logic in leaving still…”

‘F***! Why are you not leaving anymore? How fast can this person change? Damned old man, if you don’t leave, then how can I nurture this relationship where we part in life and death, huh?’ Fatty cursed out loud in his stomach.

“Then… then where will we go to celebrate?” Fatty wretchedly probed.

The voice of Milan on the phone became bashful: “Alright… you tell me!”

Fatty’s joy could be seen on his brows as he impatiently replied, “Originally, Restaurant Si Mai is the best, but this place has become kind of strict since martial laws are imposed. The table for dinner and the room you reserved were canceled, but I still know there are many good places where the meals are good and the rooms are good too…”

Without even being able to finish his words, through the phone, Milan cut in with embarrassment and anger, “Damned fatty, you… you can go and celebrate by yourself! Who wants you to reserve a room!?”

“Pa!” The phone was disconnected. Fatty thrashed himself in tears. I’m going to beat you to death. There are so many things you could mention, yet you mentioned a room…

Resentfully hanging up the phone, Fatty turned around only to discover that the door to his room was not closed. Russell had an expression of awkwardness as he stood by the door, feeling hard to move forward or backward.

Seeing this famous general of the Empire, Tian Xing Jian immediately blew his anger on him, “If you want to come in, just come in! Why do you need me to invite you? Do you not know that listening to others speaking on the phone is not polite?”

Russell had long gotten used to being tortured by this first lieutenant. As the saying goes, the tiger that goes onto a flat land will be bullied. This fatty was like salt that cannot permeate through oil [1], as if he had some deep animosity with him. This famous general of the Empire, who was used to being in a high position, had never thought that he would ever suffer from such treatment. Bitterly laughing, he said, “First Lieutenant, I did not deliberately come over to listen to you talk on the phone. It’s merely a coincidence. I’m here to ask you…” Saying that, he came into the room before sitting by the sofa and asked, “Which general was it that saw through my plans…?”

[1] Very obstinate person.

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