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Chapter 103: Female Dormitories

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

In the office, several generals were currently standing with ashen faces. It seemed there wasn’t any huge problems with Russell; his injured shoulder was already treated, and his mental state did not seem to be affected. Instead, he was ironically the most ordinary person within the entire room.

Since Russell was fine, Fatty could feel reassured. During this period of time of interacting with Russell, he began to feel some sort of friendship or relative-like feeling. Russell was giving it all to teach him; he did not mind taking all the trouble to explain the past battles to him. The wise and farsighted analysis had already completely eliminated the gap in between the two of them and had even brought them closer through the countless heated arguments between these two military experts which resulted from conflicting opinions.

Fatty could not help but admire this general! Maybe in his subconscious, he had already treated this elder who taught him as his father and Father An’s replacement. On their bodies, there was a broad and deep feeling coming from a male figure.

Russell laughed as he recounted what had happened to Tian Xing Jian.

So, when Russell was discussing with the other generals about the one-week plan of using the Federation ground-based army to attack the Galileo Galaxy’s Lucerne Planet, right when Russell thought of a question and was prepared to stand up after shifting his chair, a bullet had brushed past his shoulder. This was an armor-piercing round and had directly penetrated the bulletproof windows of the meeting room. Russell’s reaction was really quick; he immediately laid down and that was when the second bullet came piercing through the spot where he was originally standing and pierced through the walls.

Fortune and Russell’s well-trained, quick reaction had saved his life. Regardless of which vital points were hit, two bullets would have been enough to take his life.

The academy’s security guards immediately sealed several of the main buildings that could possibly contain a direction facing where the bullets were shot so as to ensure the assassins could not escape. And the backup guards that were stationed beside the academy immediately strengthened the security in the entire perimeter of the academy.

After analyzing the direction where the bullets came from, they found out that the two bullets had come from different directions; one came from the opposite female dormitory rooftop, while the other came from the forest on the hill behind the school.

This main building belonging to the forward command could be said to have an extremely strict security; there were even patrols outside the academy, and within the academy itself, there were also a biological radar and an energy burst unit sensor, with the surrounding few kilometers of area around the academy being situated within the radar’s area of influence!

Those two bullets had come from an energy burst propelled sniper rifle. Amongst the two rifles, the one from the female dormitories had been found very quickly, as the assassin did not have the means to bring it away, thus abandoning it on the rooftop. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

There were no thumbprints on the rifle. During the period when the incident happened, there were several hundred people in the female dormitories and none of them had seen anyone on the rooftop.

How did the assassin get in? Such a heavy sniper rifle could not easily bypass any of the security checks, and the energy burst unit could not escape the scans by the sensors as well! And also, where did he obtain the knowledge of Russell participating in a meeting?

Amidst the dry recount told by Russell, the entire academy was enveloped in a layer of fog.

Let’s first ignore the rear hill! Fatty immediately set down his resolve of where to go—the female dormitories! That was the location which he wanted to visit the most!

Fatty made a request to General Bernadotte for him to be included in the investigation and received the approval immediately. Firstly, it was because he was the student of Russell. Secondly, the generals knew how capable this fatty was. Who knew that this incident, which created such an uproar, could be perfectly resolved under his assistance?

The female dormitory had already turned chaotic. This building, where the bullet presumably came from, had been opposite to the building Fatty had lived in previously, and it was also the residence of Katherine and the rest. The female cadets were relatively calm, but it was just that they were quite pale. Such a serious matter had happened, and the assassin might very well still be hiding amongst them. These female cadets, who had yet to truly experience the fires of war, were ultimately quite afraid of what had happened.

The dormitory building had a total of six floors. Every single floor would have a faculty-in-residence and a chosen cadet responsible for the other cadets. Under the request by the guards, the girls were to all remain within their own room and write out what they were doing during the incident. They had to clearly state what they were currently doing at that point in time along with the time, location, and any alibis.

Fatty was engrossed in moving around the female dormitories. To him, this was a holy ground which he had always wanted to come. Using concealing techniques to move stealthily in the female dormitories was the greatest motivation he had when learning concealment and stealth. Right now, he could actually strut into the building without care, making him feel really excited. However, this excitement had merely continued for a short while since there were still many other guards remaining within. The entire dormitory did not have that feeling of being filled with breasts and butts crowding around like a flock of swallows. There were only those undergarments left on top of the dryers which spoke of erotic stories to him.

Tian Xing Jian first went on to look at that sniper rifle. This was the sniper rifle used by the Leray Federation commandos and was operated using energy bursts. With a weight of 10 kilograms, it had immense power that could penetrate through 20 centimeters thick composite armor. There would not be any issues with using it against bulletproof glass. This rifle was entirely made of steel and should be able to pass through the special alloy scans easily; however, it was just that energy burst unit within that would never be able to bypass the detectors! So how did this assassin bring the rifle in?

Fatty held onto the rifle and walked past the rooms slowly as he attentively observed the body language and facial expressions of every single female cadet for any slight movements.

Even if an assassin had a stellar psychological control, when she saw her own weapon, she would still have a slight movement—this was an uncontrollable and conditioned reflex! Those that one could control were merely their mood and expressions. At the same time, they would train themselves to suppress this conditioned reflex movement to a minimum. However, Fatty was confident he could discover the true face of this assassin!

After walking through all the dormitories, Fatty did not obtain any clues at all. Instead, he discovered that those special forces camp female cadets who had set themselves against him brightened up when they saw him, seemingly as if he was their friend and not an enemy. Fatty shook his head while walking away. Women were truly weird.

And that white rabbit cadet had cried the moment she saw him. Hearing what the other cadets in the dormitory were saying, this white rabbit student had been frightened so much by the guards that she had cried for a long time. Fatty gave her chest a look; he was truly afraid that she might cry out all the water particles in her chest.

Time passed slowly and the rear hill had been completely surrounded. The search was currently ongoing, though they were not truly hopeful. After all, the assassin had merely left behind a rifle, giving up the mission immediately when they saw that they had lost their opportunity to snipe their target. When the guards reacted, they could have very possibly left the area already.

The explanations of what had happened in the female dormitories had been collected. After meticulous analysis, there was a total of 13 cadets who could not clearly speak out what they had been doing during the incident. As the space in the dormitories was huge and finding an alibi should be relatively easy, if there were people who were mutually shielding each other, calling into question their alibis would be the next step. Right now, the most important thing they had to do was to find out clearly what issues these 13 females had.

The questioning would be done in a temporary dorm room that was vacated. It was that special forces camp cadet’s room, and she was also amongst the 13 of them. Fatty, along with another Jialipalan Central Police Force’s officer and a colonel military police, would be holding the interrogation. As Fatty sat on Katherine’s bed, he suddenly saw an extremely enticing lingerie. He gave out a moan comfortably, displaying a paralyzed posture. Thinking along those lines, if they had to suddenly use torture for the questioning, wouldn’t the scene be truly erotic?

Candle… Or a whip?

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