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Chapter 14: Getting through Three Tests

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

“This sort of might-beating stick is truly ruthless,” the fatty muttered in his heart as he walked out of the camp.

He had been scolded so violently just moments after arriving at the barracks. Fatty did not feel happy at all in his heart, “Was this idiotic battalion commander’s face a curtain? The moment he wanted to keep it, he would keep it. The moment he wanted to let it down, he would let it down. Truly, this was just wanting his dear life. Special Scouts Battalion? Did that chap mean that I would also have to partake in the work done by the special forces? This is truly not an easy task.”

After walking to his seemingly broken Battle Mecha, he raised his head and saw someone standing beside it. There was a courageous and strong-looking first lieutenant that had a short stature walking towards him with a face brimming with a smile.

“Are you the new succeeding second-in-command first lieutenant Tian? Welcome! I am the first company, company commander, Rashid,” the valiant-looking short stature man extended his muscular arm, shaking Fatty’s hand firmly.

If not for his several months of training in the gravity room, Fatty would surely have been shaken by this chap and his strength.

After extending his hands out for a respectful greeting, Fatty was full of smiles as he said, “Thank you. I am new here, so I do hope that company commander will provide me with pointers in the future. I’ll certainly follow your orders.”

Seeing how the fatty’s expression did not change as it painted a picture of indifference, Rashid praised him in his heart. He laughed boisterously, giving Fatty a pat on the back before saying, “Now that you are here, you will be one of our brother who share our woes together. What orders? You were just reprimanded by the battalion commander, right? Haha.”

Rashid was a naturally happy-go-lucky person. He did not wait for the fatty to reply before dragging him off. He added, “Don’t let it affect your heart. The battalion commander is a tactless person. All he has is this single technique of using the might-beating stick. Whoever enters the battalion will definitely have to suffer being scolded by him. Let’s go, brother. I’ll bring you around the company quarters and let you familiarize yourself with it.”

Fatty could find no excuse to decline his invitation, thus he had to put aside his Battle Mecha before following Rashid as he heard him animatedly say, “I’ve long heard that we will have a vice company commander coming to join us and that he had performed a first-class meritorious service. We were all looking forward to it, and now you have been finally sent over to us. A few days from now, the battle here is going to start. Damn, nowadays, those grandsons from the Imperial Army’s special forces have not really been honest. They have destroyed one of our forward logistic post. Even when the civilians had soldiers protecting them, over 200 had died from the battle. Truly unbridled! Right now, the enemies suppressing us from two different directions are heading towards that post to regroup. If the western passage of Cato City is opened, then I’m certain that we can cut the Imperial Army into two groups. That’s why the higher-ups have sent down an order to our battalion commander for us to completely and thoroughly understand the actions of the enemies while, at the same time, getting rid of two or three of their commanding centers so as to lower their morale.”

“Destroying one command center is hard enough, yet they want us to down two or three of them... These centers filled with commanders are definitely heavily guarded by their soldiers. The region about a dozen kilometers away from the frontline is surrounded by our own people. Even though it might sound easy to kill them, executing it is truly hard.” Fatty was making calculations in his heart while listening to him.

“Our battalion is the only special scouts battalion in the entire Federation. For the sake of building our reputation, the successive division commanders of the 16th Division have spent huge efforts on this. The army has considered getting rid of this structure, but our battalion has been the most heroic battalion since our battle for independence. Several scouts companies under the Battle Mecha battalions have long seen us, the special scouts battalion directly subordinate to the division, unfavourably. These scouts companies feel that what we do is exactly the same as them, yet our equipment and treatment is much better. As for the special forces battalion, those old grannies have always hated us for blocking their path. Usually, other Armored Divisions would have commandos being part of their cornerstones. Because our 16th Division has this special scout battalion, the total number of commando battalions in our division remains as just one. Should they successfully bring us down and our special scout battalion’s establishment is repealed, then their commando battalion would be promoted into a commando regiment. Sigh... and our battalion commander has even plotted to bring them over so as to merge them into our scouts battalion instead… That idiot truly doesn’t know how high the heavens are.”

This Rashid did not speak as if he was speaking to a new officer. He spoke very urgently and fast. Just after a few minutes of meeting, the entire situation of the special scouts battalion had been poured abreast onto Fatty, causing the fatty to feel like his entire head had enlarged from the information flood.

As they spoke, the two of them reached the first company’s company quarters. The company quarters did not occupy a huge area in the camp. There were only a few rows of temporary barracks and two training grounds. The rest of the space in the camp was filled with various types of Battle Mechas, vehicles, and even several fighter planes. At the entrance of the barracks, there were three platoons standing in formation with their platoon commanders currently assembling them in wait for their company orders. Fatty was just about to enter the door but was blocked by Rashid.

Rashid gave a peculiar smile as he said, “We are the special scouts, so there are some rules that you, brother, ought to know. You have been assigned by the higher-ups to our company as the second-in-command company commander. When we enter battle, our brothers’ lives will be passed into your two hands. As the saying goes, if the commander is useless, then his entire army will be doomed. Thus, there will be three tests that you cannot avoid. Without having this qualification, you can’t enter this door. So brother, please forgive me,” saying that, he simply left Tian Xing Jian at the entrance before he entered the door and stood by the three platoon commanders, waiting for some joke to happen.

“Damn, this rotten scouts battalion is filled with the same people. From the battalion commander to the company commander, they are all bastards who become hostile even faster than flipping a page on the book,” the fatty felt some headache. Staying together with this group of people who only recognized strength, his glib and smooth-talking skills were completely useless. Only after getting their recognition would he be able to attain their respect.

“Alright, today, I’ll risk my life to play with all of you. Bring out the tests!” Since everyone did not show him any mercy, he similarly had no need to hide himself. How good he was would be revealed entirely today. Otherwise, he would not be able to enter this door proudly. By then, during crucial moments, the person who they would abandon would definitely be himself.

Standing right at the front, there was a black platoon commander who was laughing. Revealing a row of white teeth, he said, “Us brothers want to first experience the vice commander’s unarmed combat techniques.” Finishing that sentence, this platoon commander walked out and took off his clothes. He revealed a muscular body, and the black skin on it made his entire figure looked as strong as steel.

Tian Xing Jian walked towards the platoon commander before pinching his muscular arm. Being startled, he said, “Your explosive power is definitely very formidable.” That black platoon commander gave a laugh, “Vice commander, you must be careful of my right fist. This single fist of mine can produce a striking force of 500 kg. With such a force hitting your body, it isn’t something to laugh about at all.”

Fatty gasped in surprise once again after hearing that. He then asked, “Then your resistances must be similarly as powerful as well, right?” The black platoon commander laughed before nodding.

“Pa!” Fatty jumped upwards ferociously before giving a high whip kick right on that black man’s head. One could only see him fly across the sky before turning 360 degrees like a windmill and fainting on the ground as if he was a broken sandbag.

Fatty gave a pat on his pants before revealing a silly smile, saying, “It’s just that your reaction is slow.”

Even though he was more despicable than others, this was primarily a battling technique which Fatty employed and did not represent a foul. Furthermore, this black platoon commander, Ballack, was the number one freestyle fighter in the entire special scouts battalion, and nobody had ever downed him in one move, even if it was through a sneak attack.

Furthermore, everyone knew that the reaction speed of Ballack was actually not slow at all.

However, it was Fatty who had been too fast. Furthermore, his expression was just full of trickery.

It seemed that this wretched fatty was not such an easy person to bully. There were even some people thinking that this fatty, who had daggers hidden in his smile, would become their commanding officer soon enough, causing fear to sprout in their hearts.

Two soldiers immediately came running up as they brought back the fainted black platoon commander. Rashid and the other two platoon commanders looked at each other in dismay. It seemed that this new vice commander was not as useless as depicted by his external fat appearance.

“Haha, brother is truly strong and fast! This whip kick of yours is just like a meteor — fast, accurate, and fierce! With this technique alone, you can certainly consider yourself as being qualified to just enter the door of our special scouts battalion!” After a moment of quiet, it was Rashid who started laughing out. This chap’s temperament changed so fast that nobody could ever compare to him.

“Go go go, let’s go to the shooting range. Let these little brats who do not know how high the heavens are see how good of a shooter you are. Let them experience how we play with rifles,” Rashid used words to bring up the grandeur of the fatty, seemingly implying that their first test had ignited the fury within him.

Initially, he wanted to show the fatty their prowess, yet in the end, Fatty downed his opponent with a single kick. Even though it was not deep hatred or vengeance, this showing had make Rashid feel kind of embarrassed. He restrained himself into thinking that he must win at least one round in the following two segments. He can’t allow this fatty to have such a low opinion of the special scouts battalion the moment he entered.

In the outdoor training grounds, two tables were placed there. On the tables, many different types of firearms and their components were placed. At a distance of 200 meters away, there were two targets with diameters not exceeding 30 centimeters. Looking at the bull's-eye from this location, it was as small as a sesame seed.

This time, it was a small and slim corporal and a section commander. The rules were very simple. There were five different firearms that could be assembled with the parts on the table. After assembling them, one would have to use the five firearms to shoot the target. Whoever completed it the fastest and most accurately would win.

The person who was sent out to compete against Fatty was the champion in this tournament within the entire 16th Armored Division, 2nd platoon, 1st section, section commander, Thoriko. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A whistle sounded out. At the moment the competition started, Thoriko used his fastest speed. In this domain, he was confident that nobody would be faster and more accurate than he was. At the moment he had just finished assembling the third rifle, the sound of five consecutive shots sounded from beside him “Impossible!” Thoriko suddenly looked up, only to see that the fatty had just finished firing the last rifle as he placed it back onto the table with a smile.

The announcer shouted out with an incomparably amazed tone, “5 shots on the bull’s eyes. 50 rings!”

Everyone from the special scouts battalion gasped a breath of air. Was this fatty a human or not?

Rashid felt dismayed. The category which he was most confident in had lost. So embarrassing. However, the moment he thought of this monster-like fatty, who would become his partner in the future, he was truly excited. Who would have thought that this silly-looking fatty was so capable.

He glared at all the soldiers before shouting furiously, “Damn this. Everyone’s dismissed. This is truly embarrassing.” Turning around, the face with a bright and resplendent smile as if it were a lotus flower looked towards Fatty before saying, “We aren’t going to compete anymore. Brother, you are truly capable. This big brother admits defeat!”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind, “Don’t disgrace yourself with that ability of yours. The final segment, battle between Battle Mechas, will be conducted by us, the commandos.”

Rashid and Tian Xing Jian’s expressions changed. They turned their heads, only to see a tall and valiant lieutenant colonel, bringing with him a group of people. Following the lieutenant colonel, the person behind the lieutenant colonel was someone whom the fatty was truly familiar with.

It was none other than the furious-looking Alice who he had previously taken liberties with.

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