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Chapter 10: Hero?

Translator: Chaos_, Luna Editor: Geoffrey_

“Ni Ya?” Fatty shouted out in astonishment.

“No kidding! Who else could I be?” Ni Ya pounced onto the fatty and used her slim, white tender hands to pinch Fatty’s ear with a speed as quick as lightning. She hollered, “Damned fatty! Mei Duo and I have been searching for you for so long... only for me to find that you are hiding here!”

“Ai yo ai yo, lighter, lighter! Why are you girls searching for me for?” Even though Fatty was shouting that, he euphorically thought, “These two little misses are looking for me? Could they have… fallen in love with me? Good things... come in pairs!”

“Pa!” Ni Ya threw a flying kick, kicking the fantasizing fatty away a few meters before fiercely saying, “This is the reason why we are looking for you! This vulgar and shameless damned fatty!”

Somehow, the words “vulgar” and “shameless” had caused Ni Ya to recall back to a certain scene in the forest during their escape, causing her face to blush red. Feeling ashamed and angry, she saw Fatty lying on the ground with a silly-minded expression of recalling the past as he did not even try to get up. Ni Ya was so angry that smoke had come out from her seven orifices. Furiously, she gave him a kick before running out.

Fatty climbed up from his position and slapped his body a few times before seeing Milan right there with her arms on her waist, staring at him. Fatty put on an innocent expression. “I am truly wrongly accused by the heavens. What have I done to offend this woman?”

Milan did not hesitate to use her well-practiced and valiant movements to bring out a Mauser pistol before coldly laughing, “Fatty, continue acting. Ni Ya is one of my best friends, so who do you think I should trust?”

As the fatty was crying piteously, the lab research became chaotic.

Without waiting for the fatty to escape Milan’s demonic palms, Ni Ya brought with her a team of military policemen into the research lab. At this point, Fatty was stunned. Those policemen were currently walking in his direction. Fatty immediately hugged onto Milan’s thigh before crying out, “Save me, I don’t want to die! I’ve bled for the Federation. I’ve been injured before in the Galileo Galaxy and am not a deserter at all!”

Thinking that the death penalty had been issued to him, the fatty continued wailing. That sound was truly miserable, even the audience hearing it wanted to cry.

Milan did not know whether she should laugh or cry. She gave this fatty, who was currently in an extremely disgraceful situation, a kick before rushing over to Ni Ya, asking her, “You're saying that those who were killed by this person included a lieutenant general, who was also the division commander, and a major general that was the chief of staff for the Gyaca Woods Aviation Squadron's 3rd Battle Mecha Division? And he killed a total of seven high-ranking officers including those two? And that he is the Federation hero who did that?”

Ni Ya awkwardly nodded her head, stifling herself from laughing out.

“Hero?” Fatty looked towards the east before turning towards the west... and finally, pointed at himself with an unfathomable look as he asked, “You’re saying that I’m a hero?”

A military police captain walked towards Fatty before asking, “Are you the Federation Aviation Squadron, 5th Armored Division, 3rd Armored Battalion, Logistics Company, 1st Platoon, Corporal Tian Xing Jian?”

Fatty nodded in a daze.

The captain reached out with his hand as if inviting him. “Please follow us for a moment, Corporal Tian Xing Jian.”

Actually, Mei Duo and Ni Ya had been sent to the hospital after reaching the forward command center to undergo a full-body check-up and quarantine. When they had come out, the Federation officer responsible for searching for the fatty had told them that he was missing. Hence, they could temporarily not return to their original department and had to wait until the fatty was found in order to affirm the actual situation before anything could proceed.

Thus, the two innocent female soldiers had stayed in the institute, doing nothing other than searching for traces of the fatty.

Their Battle Record Devices had been taken away by the Imperial Army when they were captured. Thus, when the two of them, who did not have any ground battle or survival experiences, escaped from the region where the enemy strictly patrolled and had even miraculously walked through a few thousand kilometers of intersecting battlefields from New Rome to Jialipalan, nobody believed them. The most crucial person, Tian Xing Jian, had somehow mysteriously disappeared. It was quite good for them already when the forward command center did not declare them as spies who betrayed the Empire.

Thus, they only had a single thought in mind — find Fatty! Only with the Battle Record Devices on his arm could they explain everything.

Three months ago, Milan, who had immersed herself on the online war simulation, met her friend who studied at the same senior high school as her, Ni Ya, when she went out to buy some personal goods. The two good friends were extremely happy. For them to meet again during this period of war was quite difficult. However, they did not talk to each other about their current situation. One rushed back to the research lab, while the other continued their search for someone. The two of them had only agreed to meet again sometime in the future before separating.

It was not until a month later when Milan, who had found some time to go out, found Ni Ya once again. They had played for an entire day, chatting about even more things in their lives before Ni Ya finally told Milan about her recent experiences.

Hearing Ni Ya talk about her experiences, Milan immediately knew that the fatty in her research lab was the same person Ni Ya was looking for. Their names had matched as well. However, because the construction of the online war simulation had reached a critical moment, and Fatty’s role in the project was extremely important, he could not be called away from it at the moment. Not only was he in charge of building the simulation cabin, he was also in charge of the analysis and calculation of certain data. With his experiences and familiarity towards not only the Federation’s but also the Gyaca Woods Empire’s Battle Mecha and all the various weapons, many simulated data needed to be audited by him since ultimately, he was the only one in the research lab who had truly experienced live combat.

With his abilities, even if the forward command center or the President’s office came and asked for him, Professor Boswell would never send him away.

Being extremely close friends, Milan did not hesitate to tell Ni Ya the entire situation. This sudden news made Ni Ya wild with joy. She immediately went to bring Mei Duo over. The three of them continued to discuss before deciding to talk to Professor Boswell. Even though the fatty could not temporarily exit the place, they could still take his Battle Record Device.

The matters proceeded extremely smoothly. Boswell, who was so busy with his work, did not think too much before agreeing to their requests. However, they would have to wait until the work on the online war simulation was finished. Furthermore, for Milan, who had been threatening Fatty for long periods of time, taking a little Battle Record Device was an extremely easy task.

Very quickly, the forward command center’s computer read the data from Fatty’s Battle Record Device. As the Federation’s army retreat had been extended to half a year, no department had been carrying out the job of reading the soldiers’ Battle Record Devices. But when this job of reading the data started, due to Fatty’s team having been entirely wiped out, he was assigned as a temporary member into another team until now.

Thus, the moment information on the records appeared on the screen, the high escape record of 21 created black lines on the faces of all of the officers seeing it. This was one of the most excessive information they had ever seen about a soldier.

At the same time, the information accumulated from this escape record had truly shocked the officers. This chap had actually found an escape road from such a closely surrounded region. It was fine if his escape method was weird, but what was unique had been his usage of various different complex transport vehicles. All the thrilling scenes of him escaping could totally be made into a thriller called 《Fatty, quickly run!》. All the antics of Fatty when he had to escape during crucial moments would certainly make the audience feel thrilled.

But, what was more embarrassing was that they had just gained large amounts of intelligence regarding actual data of the Imperial Army’s weaponry and Battle Mechas. Solely based on this, everyone had felt that they had picked up a treasure.

Finally, when they saw the fatty placing that energy machine cannon that faced southwest towards the direction of the Imperial Army’s forward base, all those officers jumped upwards.

They excitedly waved their hands and cried for joy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

“We’ve found it!”

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