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86.84% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 99: If I Don’t Show My Power, You Would Treat Me As a Sick Cat

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Chapter 99: If I Don’t Show My Power, You Would Treat Me As a Sick Cat

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Amidst the crowd, surprisingly, there were people who were old soldiers from the special forces. They were currently looking with disdain at the maintenance camp cadets who were like a group of big-headed Karls, ugly and lacking nutrition.

Fatty’s heart immediately sank down. This was something which he wasn’t willing to see at all.

These old soldiers were soldiers who had killed their way through the bullet screen and were geniuses chosen amidst tens of thousands in the army. They had the most combat experience and could become fundamental level commanding officers in the future! As long as they acted, these cadets from the maintenance camp would certainly leave the scene with broken legs and hands, and these geniuses’ future would be ruined.

Seeing their instructor came, the maintenance camp’s cadets erupted into cheers as they immediately opened up a path. Fatty squeezed his way towards the side of those fallen cadets and gave them a detailed inspection. He felt a stone drop in his heart.

Even though these chaps were still groaning on the floor in a manner that was akin to having difficult births, in reality, they were merely skin-deep injuries, and there were even two who had been able to stand up immediately, strong and healthy. It was unknown whether they stood up because they saw that their instructor had come and did not feel good or that the ground was too cold and they were afraid of catching rheumatism.

Fatty felt truly disheartened. Why would there be no heroic character amongst his cadets? Why would all of them try their utmost to get beaten to death by others!?

After creating such a big disturbance, all of them were merely some cunning, wretched people who did not have any courage. After just two moves, they were on the floor, feigning death. There was not even a fart of an injury on their body, and one was even acting as if he was dying, groaning while in the embrace of a female cadet that had her emotions unchecked. He did not know if that expression was of agony or comfort and whether that voice was groaning or in bliss.

‘Damn, my reputation has been destroyed by this group of chaps. I had even rushed here with burning anxiety in my heart, afraid that they would suffer!’ Fatty put on a flat face and stood up while shouting, “All of you, get up! If you dare to act again, I’ll beat you till you become a cripple!”

The gangster-like cadets moved even faster than lightning. Previously, they had been rolling and moving unsteadily, but within moments, all of them stood up straight.

Standing in front of the special forces cadets, Katherine coldly snorted, “Whatever instructor there is will be whatever soldiers they will be! Without having any outstanding leader, the rest of the group will be useless. I haven’t even used all my strength, and yet they are already on the ground!”

“You were beaten by a female?” Fatty felt rage. The few male students from the maintenance camp blushed after hearing that.

Fatty turned around over to her. The female speaking was someone whom he did not have much of an impression of; however, with his incisive gaze of reading the sizes of boobs, he immediately recognized her, as that pair of 36D big rabbits was what he had seen that time.

Big rabbits, ah big rabbits, we are truly enemies on a narrow road!

The wretched person set himself with the pair of big white rabbits. Katherine, seeing that fierce look of his staring at her chest, began gritting her teeth. She could not help but blush while angrily shouting, “Smelly rogue! What are you looking at!? So shameless!”

Fatty regained his composure, saying in his heart, ‘You are using your chest to stare at me, so why can’t I stare back at you? Such weird logic!’ Ignoring this spicy female cadet, he turned around to the maintenance camp cadets: “How did you begin fighting?”

The moment this was mentioned, the several cadets that had been beaten began blurting out in succession, “They are truly bullying others, saying how we, from the maintenance camp, are just a group of repulsive people. They said something about using carrots to feed some pig, and the instructor is also a silly fatty.”

“F***!” Fatty felt felt enraged with smoke coming from his seven orifices. This group of special forces camp rookies was truly bullying others! Was this father considered a carrot and also a pig?

Thinking about it a little further, such chicken feather small matters amongst students were hard to avoid. He was, after all, an instructor, and if he did not manage things well and these matters became big, then there would not be any benefits to anyone. Calming himself down, he indifferently said, “These are just several small matters. There is no need to make a fuss out of it. Right now, the international situation is in such an anxious state, so regardless of which camp they are from, there’s a chance of them becoming a comrade to one another. This is especially so since all of you are here to pursue your studies and will be ready to be deployed into the battlefield of Galileo. I want everyone to understand exactly what’s your own purpose for coming to the academy.”

Fatty’s gaze swept through several of those old soldiers from the special forces. These old soldiers knew that this first lieutenant was targeting them and eventually lost their hostile attitude.

“You cadets are all specifically chosen by the military, and all of you are outstanding. You are all first grade in your own areas, and for you all to come here, it isn’t to stir up trouble. You have your own ambitions, so just go ahead and chase after them. Being a general is good, being a marshal is fine too, but there’s certainly no point in wasting your energy on such small matters.” Even though these words spoken by Fatty were sincere and earnest, he wasn’t old enough. Although several of the cadets from the special forces camp felt enlightened, the majority treated his words with contempt.

“Let’s just forget this matter. It isn’t any huge matter; it was merely some tongue battle, so let’s all not be so immature!” Fatty waved his hand.

Katherine had always felt Fatty was unpleasant in her eyes. After hearing this, she said in a low voice to several female cadets beside her, “See this? I said this Fatty is truly useless, right? Whatever instructor there is will lead to whatever students there are. Fortunately, our instructor isn’t like him, who is just like a bear.” Even though she had tried her best to lower her voice on the surface, she was deliberately letting everyone else within the circle hear her words.

The special forces camp cadets broke out into laughter. The sight of Fatty and the maintenance camp cadets made them feel even more disdain, as if they, the entire maintenance training camp who was standing on the other side, were all just fools and trash.

The expressions on those maintenance training camp cadets immediately turned ashen. Fatty knew that things were turning for the worse. If he did not give an explanation to these cadets, then in the future, these cadets would not want to be taken care by him anymore. After all, they were here to support him. Being bullied was fine, but the most important point was that they could not withstand this grievance.

Fatty’s temper of obtaining advantages without forgiving others had started acting up again. Glancing at those cadets from the special forces camp, he coldly said, “Very good. It seems that all those years of education you guys had were thrown into the stomach of a dog. For you all to not know the meaning of unity, the meaning of respecting the master and his teachings!”

He was, after all, an instructor. The cadets from the special forces camp did not dare to say anything. Only Katherine, with her implacable hatred, did not hesitate to shout out, “Who are you to be considered a teacher!?”

Fatty took out a nameplate that hung around his neck, pointing towards those words written on it: “Design and Manufacturing of Battle Mecha and Weapon Equipment Assistant Instructor, Tian Xing Jian. Do you recognize these words?”

Katherine did not know what to say momentarily. She had never thought this despicable and shameless damned Fatty was actually an assistant instructor of the academy. Thinking for a moment, she suddenly jumped out and shouted, “A fake! It must be fake! You are pretending to be an instructor. Judging from your personality, how could you ever be an instructor of this academy!?”

What Fatty hated the most was this conduct of making a deer out of a horse, an attitude of not willing to admit fault. Scoffing, he said, “Little girl, look at my body from top to bottom. Which part is fake?”

Without even waiting for Katherine, who started turning red in her face, Fatty suddenly angrily shouted, “If you say it is fake, then it is fake? Do you think this academy is opened by your family?”

“How old are you this year? Even if you aren’t dozens of years old, you should at least weigh a few kilograms, right!?”

“Speaking with that mouth of yours, pointing at a deer only to say it is a horse, don’t you know that that is known as being lame?”

“Letting your hair down while acting so unreasonable, don’t you know the meaning of losing your face? [1]”

When comparing the ability to argue, Katherine would never be the match of Fatty. For a moment, she felt anxious and angry, and the next, a leg went flying towards Fatty.

Fatty did not ever have the habit of fighting with women; arguing was gratifying to his mouth, but fighting would be unreasonable. He could not let his fleshy body feel gratified, right? Immediately, he evaded the attack.

Seeing Katherine kicking empty space, right as she was about to punch out, a loud voice was suddenly heard: “Hold!”

The person who shouted was naturally the instructor from the special forces camp. This person who had betrayed Fatty, a special forces captain, came into the scene and stared at them with his eyes. The entire special forces camp cadets immediately kept quiet out of fear. Even the spicy Katherine had resentfully stood by the side without moving.

Seems like this group of cadets was frightened after being handled by the special forces captain. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The moment Fatty saw this chap, he could not help but let out the repressed air in him. In the past, he was frequently laughed at by the old soldiers when he was training as a rookie, but never had he seen such a matter of having their own instructors being redirected as the target of vengeance. This captain was truly unsophisticated. ‘Damn, you are really teaching your cadets well for you to redirect all their resentment towards me.’ Fatty felt extremely angry inside his heart.

That special forces captain did not give this fatty any pleasant expression. In the military, it was customary to protect one’s shortcoming. When one’s own child wrought trouble, the military commander would usually not offer an apology; instead, it was with a red neck that they haggled to either a win or a loss in order to determine who was right. Even if the winner was unreasonable, he would just be scolded as a little bastard when they returned to their superiors. As for the losing party, even if he was being reasonable, he would still be scolded harshly before having a sudden drill until this group of brats would not dare to lose their reputation anymore.

To each, they would protect their own cadets. Fatty and that captain squinted at each other as if they were two fighting chickens. The captain coldly said, “I thank you, First Lieutenant Tian. Our special forces camp cadets have created a lot of trouble for you. It’s just that in the future, let me be the one to reprimand them. I’m afraid they are not worth your efforts!”

Seeing that this chap was still ignorant, Fatty did not care about giving him any face anymore and angrily said, “To be honest, however scoundrel-like your special forces camp cadets are isn’t my problem. However, if they come stirring up trouble in my maintenance camp, then I’ll have to handle things my way. Whatever the case, fists comes before words. It is fine for me to beat up a few commandos. After all, it’s like beating up some bastards and I can guarantee that they will not be able to return the attacks.”

The captain did not think this fatty would be so fierce that everything bad would be fixed upon the special forces when he opened his mouth. A sentence on the left and a sentence to the right were all about beating up the special forces. There was even the sentence of saying how this was similar to beating up some bastards… For a moment, the fury was let out in his heart, but right as he was about to give a sarcastic response, Katherine, who was by the side, suddenly rushed towards Fatty, mocking him, “Just with you alone, you still want to beat up the special forces? Don’t make me laugh. But beating you up is still something I have the means to do.”

The captain heard this, and with a “heh”, he knew this lass understood things better than he did. The fatty was merely an instructor from the maintenance camp. When they started fighting, he would truly be just like an infant. Other things need not be said, but those old soldiers that had been on the battlefield a few times would be enough to let him drink a pot [2].

The female cadets from the maintenance camp felt dissatisfied. They began retorting, “For our instructor to beat you all up, all he needs is just one hand to beat ten of you!”

“That’s right, they are just a bunch of hulks. Other than having a fierce-looking body, from what I see, there’s nothing else.”

Fatty immediately rushed to stop these female students from blabbering out that nonsense. If they continued, then even when the sky turned dark, they would not be finished. He turned to Katherine and sneered back, “Don’t think that just because you know a move or two of kung fu that you could strut around. You are still entirely lacking!”

Katherine angrily answered, “Just these few moves of kung fu will be enough to send you packing on your way back! If not, how about you try it? See if I beat you to the point of finding your teeth on the ground! Furthermore…” This lass turned around before pulling the focus onto the special forces captain: “If I can’t do it, with the kung fu our instructor has, even ten of you would not be enough!” Katherine was, after all, quite intelligent. She knew that regardless of whether she won or not, going against an instructor would not bring her any advantages, thus she pulled in an instructor.

The maintenance camp cadets fell ashen. If comparing their combat abilities, they would only lose. Even though the fatty instructor had formidable skill in terms of his maintenance ability, the other party was not a Battle Mecha nor a weapon. For a moment, all of them fell into silence as they felt relatively sullen.

The special forces cadets, seeing their own instructor not speak, felt that it was an encouragement and began cheering up. All sorts of unkind words were spouted out.

Fatty turned a blind eye to this and laughed at Katherine, “I don’t fight with women!”

Hearing that, the special forces cadets all hissed.

Fatty smiled before walking to the side of the training ground and said to those cadets, “How about this. Whatever I do, you all can follow. Regardless of whether you are a cadet or an instructor, if you can do what I do, then It’ll be considered my loss!”

Under the looks of the audience, Fatty lashed out with his leg, causing a bowl-thick tree to be kicked into two. Pulling back his leg casually, he then kicked the treetop over ten meters away before somersaulting as fast as lightning, letting out another fierce kick at the steel railings beside the tree. This railing that was as thick as an arm was akin to having been beat by someone with all his force using a metal rod; it bent into the shape of “凹”. That resounding sound that came from the clash had caused the others to feel numb. For a moment, the railing continued to shake as it hummed from the kick!

All of them were dumbstruck. The entire training ground was in silence, with merely that bent railing still humming from its shaking.

Chaos_ Chaos_

[1] Losing her reputation.

[2] To suffer and lose.

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