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Chapter 77: Lower Ridge Forest Mission (2)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Under the pouring rain in the forest, without even the slightest bit of light, over a hundred / hundreds of Battle Mechas moved with rustling sounds. From the mecha’s night vision equipment, the environment in front of them became distorted with green and red colors blurring their vision.

The mountain ridges started leading downwards. [Logic] was current in between several mechas; there were six mecha behind him, and there were three mechas, which were equipped with slip-resistant mecha equipment ahead of him. Every step they took would raise an innumerable quantity of mud and would leave deep prints behind in the muddy soil.

Seeing this broken-looking Battle Mecha suddenly move without sound in a manner where the steps were even lighter and quieter than a cat’s, the Fierce Tiger commandos behind Fatty clicked their tongues in wonder.

Half an hour later, the team finally reached a location between several high towering mountains. They tightened their formation as several [Antennas] activated their signal shields at the same time.

In the distant where cannon fires were being set off, Fatty felt that this mountain basin had a different sort of silence. What he did not know was that at this time, the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army was entirely in a mess, and the Myth Legion had long entered the mountain basin one step earlier!

The movements of the vicious dogs were much faster than expected. After receiving the orders given down by the Imperial Army royal family, they had maintained the offense on Garo Mountain Region partially so as to not let the forward command department feel any abnormalities. At the same time, they dispatched two companies worth of [Devil Tigers] and a platoon worth of [King Kongs] to carry out the mission of capturing Russell.

Even if they were being cautious, the movements of the Myth Legion had alerted Russell. The initial plan of this Empire general had been to use the form of adding oil bit by bit in order to consume the strength of the loyal dogs of the royal family, thus he had told Hamid to keep a lookout on the Myth Legion.

After the strange circumstances regarding the Myth Legion had happened half an hour later, Hamid discovered that the Myth Legion’s offense on the front line had started to become weak and feeble and had also discovered that a small section of the Myth Legion was currently moving towards the Lower Ridge Forest.

Almost at the same time when Hamid reported this matter to Russell, Russell received an emergency report regarding the fact that there was a part of the Freedom Battlefront infiltrating the Empire’s internal political government.

Even after a full ten minutes later, Russell had not regained his mind. He had not thought that he would be betrayed by the Leray Federation, not to mention they had not even hidden anything—it was especially clear-cut!

Just a spy who revealed his identity, and several words later, his entire plan had been ruined the next instance without there being a chance to criticize what was wrong with it!

Only after a long period of time did he finally understand that the two of them did not only have an ally-enemy relationship! During certain circumstances, an ally could become an enemy, and an enemy could also become an ally!

On the matters regarding military affairs, he himself had the capabilities of playing the two nations on his palm, and what he was good at was a roundabout route of interweaving plots—that was an eight-directional sweep on the map amidst the cannon fires.

But on issues related to politics, he himself was not a match for these veterans. Making a deer out to be a horse and hiding daggers in one’s smile were the prowess of others, allowing them to use the misrepresentation of words to move the will of the people’s hearts!

Since he was making use of the Leray Federation, then why wouldn’t the Federation make use of him as well? Saying such good things to each other or even making a louder move on the chessboard, without having a true gain, the other party, the Federation, was not a fool and would not just accept his words at face value. But between him and the politicians that mired in the maelstrom of politics, who would be the bigger fool? When there’s true gain, regardless of whether it had been with a friend or not, they would still betray him! That’s the essence of politics!

The Leray Federation’s method of governance was very simple—everything must be done for the benefits of the nation!

Just a small resistance organization could not give him much political experience. If he could hide all these political schemes even deeper, if not for him rushing to grab hold of an opponent to consume the combat power of the Imperial Army, if he started cooperating with the Federation honestly from the start... these things might not have happened in the end,

After his mind became clear, Russell laughed out loud. He really admired those politicians from the Leray Federation. These people might not be able to see the map, but all their minds were extremely sharp when calculating the next move to be made on the chessboard!

Russell was someone who could let go of things. Once the report was burned in the flames and turned into ashes, he had already let go of this load. He was not the leader of the Freedom Battlefront who thirsted for a new society and neither was he a respectable general of the Empire. As long as he could escape to the Federation, there was still hopes of having a new beginning; however, this would be without his general title, and his starting point would be much lower.

Without hesitating, he set down several orders. He had asked his trusted aides to first detain all the members of the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army forward command, including the two lieutenant generals, before immediately executing them by fire! At the same time, he deployed all the soldiers from the Imperial Army, who were still in dark, to the front lines. As for those soldiers from the Freedom Battlefront hiding in the army, they would begin a secret assembly, preparing themselves to move towards the Leray Federation’s controlled regions.

The royal family’s order had, at the same time, reached Miracolo General Headquarters that was 500 kilometers away. Several staff officers who were usually responsible only for deduction and planning became truly astonished, as they did not know what to do. There was also a set of notices given out by Russell placed in front of them.

This notice announced that the Myth Legion could no longer suppress the allure given by the Leray Federation and had already turned away from the front lines. As for the traitors, they included the two lieutenant generals under Russell. The notice ordered the entire army to kill any of the following members should they discover them.

The staff officers department were acting in a flurry as they released another notice that was entirely contradictory, announcing that under the orders given by the royal family, the Empire’s General, Russell, had already betrayed the Empire, and his current position would be terminated as of now. Furthermore, to all Imperial soldiers, should they discover traces of Russell, they would have to immediately capture him.

The Empire was completely in a chaos. The staff officer department that did not have the authority had actually given the orders to capture a general. Furthermore, the General Headquarters actually said the Myth Legion had become traitors. In addition to Russell’s extremely high prestige in the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army, these soldiers in the front lines were akin to having been enveloped by a dense fog, as they did not know who to trust. Thus, the defense lines that were under a full-on attack by the Federation had crumbled apart within the blink of an eye.

The situation of the defeated Imperial Army was forced to become a situation where it was “every man for himself”. The Federation, which had cut the Imperial Army into pieces, started cutting them further into even more pieces all the way until the battle situation of the entire Miracolo Planet turned into a chaotic mess! Those pursuing, those defeated, they were everywhere! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Once the Myth Legion’s Battle Mechas entered the mountain basin, Russell began his escape under the protection of a guard company.

On the rear of the Myth Legion, the Federation’s rescue battalion went on ahead under the lead of Tian Xing Jian iand entered this low-lying basin surrounded by mountains. This basin was seriously too large, and the vegetation was dense; this was essentially a primitive forest. After several Battle Mechas entered the dense vegetation, even their shadows could no longer be seen.

After Tian Xing Jian asked for the commanding rights, he went ahead to the forefront of the team. [Logic]’s All-Round Radar had been turned on to its maximum power. If they were to meet any enemies here, then they would have to fight on this narrow road. Whoever was crushed first would be doomed, as there would not be a second chance for a new team to provide reinforcements.

As to the request for the commanding rights by a staff officer, Stewart did not feel happy. If not for the fact that those above him had reminded him before leaving for the mission that he had to listen to the commands from this Fatty, he would surely let this white and clamoring fatty know that what a commando from the special forces could do wasn’t necessarily something anyone could do!

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