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Chapter 78: Lower Ridge Forest Mission (3)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Following the broken-looking Battle Mecha for ten minutes, Stewart was unable to believe his own eyes. Damn, am I someone from the special forces or is he? Is he the staff officer or am I the staff officer? If this fatty had truly not undergone training before, then he must surely have been a weasel in his previous life that stole chickens for a long period of time!

The dagger team members that followed behind Stewart were even more flustered, as they did not have the mind to care about anything else other than using all their hand speed to accommodate the mecha movement. When the broken-looking Battle Mecha moved, there was not even a single sound coming from him; his movements were soft like water and were stealthier than even a leopard, and he was moving fast and light. If they were to lose him, then the reputation of the Fierce Tiger Commandos would be gone!

Which soldier from the special forces did not know of camouflage and stealth? To the Fierce Tiger Commandos, these fundamental subjects were things which they were much more familiar with than even their second brother [1]. But, they had never thought that this wretched-looking fatty could even make the stealthy movements of his mecha be so elegant that it was like a willow tree swaying with the wind. Damn, he was just like a ghost—if they lost concentration for just a moment, he would disappear from their sights. If he was not part of them and if there was no radars following him, then he would have long disappeared. As an example, there was previously a slight sound coming from the front, making that chap wave his hand to stop everyone. With just this simple move, he suddenly disappeared. It was only after their radars had scanned for a long time did they discover that his mecha was standing behind several trees in a strange posture. The camouflage on his body was entirely the same with the environment, and their naked eyes could not spot him at all. They had seen some who were good at stealth before, but never had they seen someone who was that good at stealth—such stealthy camouflage techniques were rarely seen!

Stewart had completely shut his mouth. This fatty was not only wretched, but he was really professional as well. Those hand signs he had made earlier were done with much more familiarity than he could do. Under his lead, the team moved stealthily and quickly, and the routes chosen were extremely accurate; there were no roundabout routes taken, seemingly as if this forest was his home.

Their movement speed became faster and faster. Under the powerful scan of [Logic], several fake command posts had been eliminated by Fatty. These areas did not have any sentinels at all, making him feel suspicious about those places.

Russell, where exactly is this fox? For them to find a single person in such a large area… saying it was easy, but the entire radar was so clean that it was even cleaner than an arse after it had been washed—how were they supposed to proceed to find him!?

Suddenly, a spot appeared on the [Logic]’s radar. Fatty immediately raised his hand while releasing the orders in the local communication channel for everyone to fold up the formation and move into a defensive formation.

The moment he gave out his orders, the sounds of a violent explosion and dense energy cannons firing came from the front. The sound had come so sudden in this quiet forest that it felt truly intense.

All the commandos immediately took a favourable terrain spot for themselves. Several [Antennas] retreated under the protection of others, and a dozen [Fury Fires] took the vanguard of the formation, scattering out in the shape of a fan.

Tian Xing Jian’s broken-looking Battle Mecha leapt forward fiercely and disappeared in the forest within a few flashes.

Without receiving any orders, the Fierce Tiger Commando Battalion could only maintain their alertness at their positions. The cannon fire coming from ahead became more and more concentrated, and the sounds of explosions were even becoming louder. As for that broken-looking Battle Mecha, he had run over this forest section soundlessly, with none being the wiser of what this stealthy fatty was going to do. A minute had not even passed, yet the commandos felt as if more than a year had elapsed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Right when they did not know what to do, the communication channel transmitted the voice of Fatty: "The target has appeared. He is currently exchanging fire with the Myth Legion. Everyone, scatter yourselves and surround the area two kilometers ahead in a semicircle formation with a radius of 500 m. At the same time, prepare to retreat. The first company is to remain at your current position to build a security post! We must bring the target out, or if necessary, we’ll kill him on the spot!"

After this order was sent by Fatty, he immediately returned the commanding signal back to Stewart. The circumstances had already been explained to them, and this battalion commander should know what he had to do now.

Even though the Fierce Tiger Commandos had not truly entered a battlefield before, their usual practical combat training could be considered as the one of the top two amongst the Federation Army. Stewart gave out a hand sign, letting the three company commanders know what they had to do as they brought each of their companies to the stipulated locations.

A two kilometer long road could not be considered a long distance for Battle Mechas. Stewart brought along the team to the location that was filled with battles. In front of his eyes, the trees had been destroyed, turning the area into a piece of empty land. A group of Battle Mechas from the Gyaca Woods Empire military were currently forming a defensive formation and were trying their utmost to defend. At the center of their formation, the mecha that was being protected was a [Dufuai] private Battle Mecha. From the military unit sign printed on these mechas, he knew that they were precisely the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army’s front line forward command guard company.

And those who started the offense was naturally the rumored Myth Legion, which was composed of two companies of Beast-Model Battle Mecha [Devil Tigers] and a platoon of [King Kongs].

Stewart felt quite excited. The Fierce Tiger Commandos had always wanted to fight with the Myth Legion, but not a single chance was given to them. Right now, he wanted to see how fierce these beasts spoken in the rumors were.

All of the battles were close combats!

The Imperial guard company’s six [Cerberuses] medium-sized Battle Mechas, two [Beast Mk.IIs] heavy-sized Battle Mechas, several dozens of [Divine Mecha 22s], and several dozens of spider-model [Venom Insects] had combined their firepower to actually cause the opponent to retreat step by step!

Those [Devil Tigers] and [King Kongs] had only switched on their cannons during the most crucial of times. Nevertheless, as they evaded the incoming attacks, they could still move step by step towards the guard company. The cannon fire landed on their body, but all it did was reduce part of the energy shield attached to it. These Battle Mechas would immediately use their high-speed movements to avoid any fatal attacks. Their coordination with each other reached a perfection. They were like hungry wolves; whenever one was injured, they would come under the protection of their comrades and retreat out of the circle, licking their wounds before restarting their battle.

What was this damn battle technique?

Stewart felt as if his brain almost stopped working. With such a short distance, under such concentrated cannon fire, these Myth Battle Mechas could still dodge the attacks so calmly! All their energy had seemingly been used on the energy shields, as they did not fire at all and instead relentlessly used a high-speed manoeuvrability to dish out a fatal attack. As long as there was a Battle Mecha that they had gotten close to, every one of them would be left in a damaged state!

The guard company had already lost dozens of [Divine Mecha 22s] and several [Venom Insects]. There was even a damaged [Cerberus] that did not have enough time to retreat back to their formation.

As for the Myth Legion, there were merely five [Devil Tigers] that were destroyed under the heavy firepower from the [Beast No. II] heavy-sized Battle Mecha.

If this persisted, without a doubt, the guard company would be wiped out within moments. They could not wait any longer. Seeing that several companies had already moved to their stipulated positions, Stewart signaled for the several [Antennas] to start operating the electronic attack. First, they had to destroy the several [Element] electronic Battle Mechas from both factions so that they could obtain the initiative of the electronic war!

After sending out his orders, Stewart suddenly felt something amiss. Where did that stealthy fatty, who ran at the forefront, go? Did he posture himself as a tree transformed by a fairy again?

Glancing to the left and right for a long time, he could still not find out where that broken-looking Battle Mecha had gone to! Where did he run off?

[1] Penis

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