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Chapter 80: Lower Ridge Forest Mission (5)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

“2nd Company, hold your ground. Everyone else, follow me in retreat.” Stewart immediately complied with Fatty’s opinion. Right now, it was not time for them to fight using a hard tactic against the Myth Legion, as the mission target was Russell!

[Fury Fire]’s firepower maintained its suppression against the [King Kongs], and the 2nd Commando Company took the front, allowing the 3rd Company to retreat and quickly leave the battle. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Warriors know when to break their own wrists in times of need [1]! They had to sacrifice themselves in exchange for time and space! This was the only way for this battle to proceed. Regardless of whether it was the ones that would be breaking their wrists or the ones that were retreating, neither had immediately complied with the orders.

The 3rd Company retreated, and with the [Fury Fires] leaving the battlefield, the pressure felt by the 2nd Company sharply increased! Holding their ground to fend off the enemies, their formation had already been breached, forcing them to sacrifice over ten warrior-class leader mechas in exchange for obstructing the enemies a little longer.

Fortunately, there was a sniper mecha accurately hitting the enemies, allowing the troops to hold on a little longer; otherwise, the 2nd Company would not be able to stop the sudden assault of the enemies!

“Hong!” Another [Devil Tiger] with a deep red energy shield was destroyed.

Due to the [Antennas]’ electronic attack, the communication between the Myth Battle Mechas had been cut, and facing a madly killing sniper, the [Devil Tigers] were helpless. They had even tried to find out where the attacks had come from, but that Federation Battle Mecha sniper was absolutely an expert in concealment and sniping—the first energy shot came from the 2 o’clock direction, while the second energy shot came from the 11 o’clock direction.

9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 3 o’clock. F***! 6 o’clock! When did this chap run off behind their ass?!

The [Devil Tigers] on the two flanks had been suppressed by a single Battle Mecha sniper and thus could not coordinate with the [King Kongs]’ powerful assault, leading to [King Kong] No. 011, the platoon commander’s, Wallace’s, indignation. Even though he was merely a platoon commander, in the Myth Legion, everyone knew the difference between those who drove a [King Kong] and those who drove a [Devil Tiger], thus Wallace had always been the actual commander above the two company commanders.

Without communication, Wallace could only weave hand signs using his mecha. Close to 40 [King Kongs] left their formation, forming four different sections before expanding out towards the left and the right. The [Devil Tigers], however, drew close to the center line according to his command, and at the same time, used a piercing tactic to penetrate through the defensive formation of the Federation Battle Mechas.

Just this single hand sign had immediately caused that Federation Battle Mecha sniper to turn him into his main target.

“Focus your firepower on that commanding Battle Mecha! Help me lower his energy shield levels!” All the commandos heard the wretched fatty’s voice in the regional communication channel.

The one relying on a single sniper rifle to help the commandos delay the advance of the enemy for more than five minutes had been this fat and ghost-like white fatty?!

Seeing the formidability of this sniper, the Fierce Tiger Commandos immediately directed their firepower towards the direction of Wallace; however, it was too late. The two companies of [Devil Tigers] and a platoon of [King Kongs] had completely breached the Federation’s defensive formation. This time, even Fatty, who wasn’t afraid of revealing who their target was, had been doing his utmost to shoot him, yet it was too late.

Slaughter! Like a cavalry of knights entering a formation of archers, the tyrannical charging force and the lack of resistance in close-combat coupled with the lightning-fast speed and the seamless coordination of the Myth Legion had allowed these Myth Battle Mechas to make the Fierce Tiger Commandos understand the impeccable techniques and combat prowess that resulted from having been embroiled in battles for a long time!

“Quickly retreat! Disperse, disperse!” Fatty, seeing that these Fierce Tiger Commandos were still trying their best to gather, had almost fainted. The target of the enemies was not amongst them, so as long as they dispersed, they would merely lose a part of their forces, but now, these chaps were entirely exasperating the pack of hungry wolves!

Too late! These Myth Battle Mechas, who were very experienced, had completely cut apart the formation of the Fierce Tiger Commandos. A part of them immediately went around this group of Battle Mechas, blocking off their path of retreat. Just like hot water evaporating ice rapidly, those from the 2nd Company, who had ultimately escaped, were just a dozen of Battle Mecha outside the encirclement of Myth Battle Mechas.

Fatty, who had always been focusing on Wallace, was continuously shooting in an attempt to aggravate this fast [King Kong], yet the speed of this [King Kong] was too fast, and his sudden stops and changing of directions enabled him to escape from the attack of his energy snipes.

A wise man submits to the circumstances! Fatty sighed before he kept the sniper cannon on his mecha and prepared run. There were already several [Devil Tigers] who had left the Myth Legion formation and came charging in his direction. If he was to be surrounded, then he would be in hot soup.

The regional communication channel had turned into a mess. Fatty immediately transmitted to Stewart, saying, “Immediately bring the target and retreat from the original road we came from. After exiting the mountain basin, head in the direction of northeast. There will be a special forces regiment from the 16th Armored Division receiving you! Don’t wait for those who are left behind. Immediately run!”

Towards the words by this staff officer, Stewart no longer called him into question. The other party’s professional standards were not any lower than his. Thinking about how he had been patting his shoulder and had been bragging to him on the transport ship, he felt his face burning with embarrassment, but of course, he did not hesitate to affirm the words and led the remaining Fierce Tiger Commandos and Russell’s guard company to retreat along their original path.

Because of the electronic attack, the several [Devil Tigers] who were looking for Fatty could not use their radar and could only use the ordinary optical method in their search. The main force of the Myth Legion had long chased after their main objective. Those left behind had been ordered to find and kill this Battle Mecha sniper who had made Wallace battered and exhausted.

‘Go f*** your mother! This father has been standing so far away and just shot a few cannons without hitting the target, and yet, you have sent so many people here! Where is your professional moral? Do you have the mindset of fair battles?’ Fatty was complaining in his heart. [Logic] had already turned into a [Devil Tiger]. This disguised [Devil Tiger] lowered his body, protruding out his butt, and crept slowly within the murky shrubs.

The five [Devil Tigers] responsible for searching had started fanning out while maintaining the same distance between each other—they were all within viewing vision and were at a distance where they could provide aid to each other.

[Logic]’s immediate camouflage had played its part. This was an assistance system that could camouflage his mecha to suit the surrounding environment after scanning it and was something which Fatty had made himself. Speaking of camouflage and stealth in the rear enemy lines, he was an expert in this area. If he did not implement these life-saving playthings on [Logic], then he would be irresponsible when it came to taking care of his life!

The closest [Devil Tiger] was practically so close that he touched the body of Fatty’s mecha as it entered the murky shrubs. Fatty lewdly extended his claws, and with a “pa ta”, the unlucky [Devil Tiger]’s movement system at its abdomen fell down gently on the soft ground. This single move had long been a walk in the park to this wretched person, so much more familiar than Senior Tian’s skills in stripping the undergarments of women, reaching the standards of a chef dissecting the cow in the kitchen.

When that authentic [Devil Tiger] fell down, the fake [Devil Tiger] that changed its colors immediately stood up. That soft sound led to the [Devil Tiger] on the right to turn over to his direction, only to see his comrade currently sticking his head out and looking around within the shrubs.

[1] Referring to warrior knowing that they need to sacrifice in times of need for the greater good.

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