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61.4% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 70: Military and Politics (1)

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Chapter 70: Military and Politics (1)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Russell shook his head and said, “War isn’t something which can be solved with just words. There are too many things which we can’t predict. The Federation’s resistance on Miracolo Planet is much more resolute compared to the past, and their tactics have become even more flexible. I believe that these Federation commanding officers, who had lacked experiences in the past, have begun to improve over time. Furthermore, I did not only send Purtscher Leafo over to remind them. I’ve even given them such a clear signal on the battle. As long as they slightly think about it, then they’ll be able to see the entire plan. That’s the most we could do. If it is too obvious, then we are just revealing ourselves.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hamid was worried. “If the Federation truly sees this plan, then to the Freedom Battlefront, which fights for justice, this would certainly be a huge victory, and it would be all due to you, respectable Al-Ghafar. However, with such a huge loss, even if it’s you, I’m afraid you’ll have a hard time trying to account to that damnable Gyaca Woods Empire royal family. Your reputation being affected would also not be good for the future development of the Freedom Battlefront. Thinking to this point, I’m feeling worried.”

Russell smiled as he waved his hand casually. “Hamid, you have only seen the surface battle, but not the one in outer space—that’ll be my explanation to the royal family!”

Hamid hesitated for a moment before asking carefully, “You are saying…”

Russell swept his gaze over him as if his vision had pierced through the entire room and into the cosmos. It seemed as if he was watching the current desperate battle, where the two outer space fleets were crazily sending photon energy shots at each other, where the fighter aircraft were like a cluster of bees, where the shields on the battleships used their lives to defend against the enemy cannon fire, where the soldiers used their dignity as spears to pierce through the enemy’s cruiser battle group formations, and where they used their voices to annotate the battle. “Ever since I understood my identity, I’ve set down my resolution to put an end to this class system. God has protected me. Even though I have mixed blood, there were no signs of the Kentai race left in my appearance, giving me an appearance of that from the Weibo race.”

“Al-Ghafar—this is the name which my parents left behind for me and is also the only thing which they had left behind. Regardless of whether I’m from the Kentai race or the Weibo race, I only understand one thing, and that is that my parents loved each other even till their deaths! And they died in order to protect me! The Gyaca Woods Empire royal family will be my lifelong enemy!”

“But this enemy is truly too powerful, so powerful that even till now, with my identity and status, I can’t overthrow them in a single move!”

“As a result, I’ve found a new opponent for them, an opponent who has the capability to kill them. Before the Freedom Battlefront becomes strong, we’ll just be like crickets, teasing them and letting them kill each other. As for me, I’ll be in the center, obtaining the money which both sides used to gamble.”

“Will I let this war end so soon? Never! Gyaca Woods Empire’s losses on the surface will be compensated from the outer space battle. The Federation’s 2nd United Fleet will not be able to defend against such a powerful offense from a fleet formed by six Empire fleets. Their only route would be to retreat to the Leray Central Starfield. At this point, I can invest even more of the military into the battle happening on the surface, gathering these Imperial soldiers endlessly at this location before using a single move to conquer the entire Newton Galaxy!”

“After the reinforcements of the Empire are taken care of, by then, the Leray Federation’s outer space fleets should be well-prepared. Regardless of whether they had traveled via the public starfields to attack the Galileo Galaxy or the Newton Galaxy, both sides would begin a new clash under my conduct, and neither of them will win the war—they’ll always be biting at each other until the day I build the new order!”

Hamid looked at Russell in admiration. Seeing this ordinary-looking male sitting quietly over there, he felt truly fortunate for he had endured for over 30 years. The next ten years from now would be the most glorified period of his life. He would follow this person and lead the Kentai race and several other lower class races to build a new world!

Hamid lowered his head sincerely.


In the forward command meeting room within Jialipalan Military Institute, there was an absolute silence. After a long period of contemplation, Bernadotte and the other high-ranking officers reached an unanimous decision. The first order they sent was for the troops in the cities at the Lower Ridge Forest that fanned out from the rear enemy lines to start a full counter-attack.

The counterattacks from these cities would be a signal as well as a probe. If it was an accurate one, then there would be at least two cities’ worth of military power used to break through the surrounding enemy army.

Three hours after they sent the order, everyone in the meeting room, including Tian Xing Jian, felt anxious and jittery. In a war where schemes were everywhere, they began feeling the terror of having their neck grabbed by someone. Russell, this military genius of the Gyaca Woods Empire, was truly too frightening.

Thinking back to the military experts atlas, Tian Xing Jian knew that Russell’s current ranking was not even top ten. What kind of terrifying existences were those who surpassed him, especially those on the first page?

That premonition wasn’t wrong. These people were ambitious and ruthless people born from troubled times and were people that did not care about the lives of others; the meaning behind their existences was to change killing into an art before performing the art using the blood of others and presenting them to the audience—these were the people who had torn the world into pieces!

Outside the door, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard. General Bernadotte’s confidential secretary, You Na, brought along a document and entered the quiet meeting room. Her joyous expression announced the results. Bernadotte had almost snatched over the combat report, and after sweeping through it, he could not help but laugh out loud. “Gentlemen! We’ve succeeded!”

The entire meeting room burst out into cheers. A high-ranking officer rushed over to grab the combat report to read through it thoroughly. Several others had walked towards Tian Xing Jian before patting him on his shoulder, saying, “Good fatty! You’ve done another meritorious contribution. After this war has ended, we must definitely treat you to a drink!”

Good fatty? Tian Xing Jian did not know whether to laugh or cry as he nodded his head in acknowledgment.

An Lei sat there quietly, looking as several officers surrounded that person. In her heart, other than astonishment, there was also a strand of sweetness. Other than her own father, there was no one else who knew that this fool had actually occupied a very important position in her life.

After that incident, her father told her that Tian Xing Jian could never be under her protection forever. He had to experience hardship, and in order to become a true man, he had to do it himself and not under the protection of a woman; otherwise, he would only end up as trash in the end!

Everytime she saw how this person would have some intention to do something silly to attract her attention, she would feel even more unbearable and unwell than he did and would feel even more disappointed. Why? Why did he not understand what she wanted? Why was he forever so foolish?

After receiving the admission notice from the military academy, she had cried painfully because she knew that with her personality, she would be more willing to become a dancer or a teacher, and yet, she went on to take the examination for a military academy; that itself was something which even she did not understand why she had done such a thing. Maybe it had been because she wanted to improve the life of that boy during her adolescence, or maybe it was a soundless criticism and a farewell.

Ever since she entered the army, An Lei had almost started to forget about this person. That memory of her first love when she was a teenager had slowly been thrown further and further away. With his personality, he would never ever cross her path of life. But, who would have thought that he would somehow appear on Miracolo Planet and became a military staff officer, an extraordinary one at that?

Why did he become a staff officer? What exactly has he done? Without going through the military academy, how could he become such an outstanding military staff officer? There was a huge pile of questions in An Lei’s heart. She could barely wait to bring that person out from amidst that group of high-ranking officers in order to understand everything!

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