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35.96% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 41: No Title

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Chapter 41: No Title

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

That researcher said suspiciously, “Right now, there’s is a huge disruption in the entire Federation! They say there was a special scouts company commander [1] who had saved a group of over 200 prisoners-of-war from the enemy’s rear lines. I’ve also heard that the deduction for the war this time had been done by him.”

The researcher paused for a moment before praising with fascination, “Too formidable. However, that company commander has stressed that his name is not to be revealed. Right now, every person in the Federation is guessing who he is, but to no avail.”

Fatty delightedly thought to himself, ‘Of course, it was done by this father! Other than me, who else could be so capable?’ Fatty replied with a disgusted expression, “That chap must be an idiot. If I were the one who did it, why would I not admit it? By then, I’ll have money and beauties, and everyone will look upon me greatly. How awesome would that feeling be!?”

Although he said that with his mouth, he cursed himself in his heart for scolding himself as an idiot.

The researcher did not want to give up his questioning, “Why did you get transferred back with those prisoners-of-war? I saw this with my own eyes when I went to the airport experimental zone early this morning.”

The first pig that went up would be the first that gets killed with a knife. Fatty did not want himself to be the target of a multitude of arrows. Safety was his primary concern.

“I don’t even know who those people are. The unit I went to wasn’t some special forces; it was just some broken scouts battalion—they are very different.”

A bright idea suddenly came to mind as Fatty pointed to Boswell’s laboratory, saying with a crafty look to the researcher, “This time, it’s entirely because of teacher that allowed me to take the backdoor to enter the combat planning department.”

According to Boswell’s temper, as long as the matter was unrelated to research, nobody would truly ask him about it. Even though he pushed the blame onto his teacher, Fatty felt kind of accomplished after having done so.

The researcher felt disappointed. “It’s really not you?” Seeing how Tian Xing Jian nodded his head firmly, the researcher decided to give up, murmuring to himself while shaking his head as he walked away.

Tian Xing Jian was laughing secretly in his heart. Even if I get beaten to death, I’ll never admit it! Otherwise, this father would definitely be awarded a medal for being a hero, so it’s best if I sail the ship carefully for ten thousand years [2]!

As the ten thousand years ship turned over, he noticed that Milan’s door had been opened some time ago. As she watched him in amusement, she even covered her mouth with her white hands.

Knowing that the consequences would be dire if the matter was exposed, Tian Xing Jian went up shamelessly, ignored her rolling her eyes, and circled around her while begging her to not expose it.

Fatty thought in his heart that since he did not care about his reputation anymore, this father would bring out certain methods to ensure that this lass faints completely. If that did not work, then I’ll force myself upon her. The last resort would be for me to get rid of her body and destroy all evidence.

Milan’s body turned here and there as she avoided facing Fatty directly, acting as if she were busy with work. For a moment, she could not control herself in giggling, causing Fatty to grit his teeth in anger.

Tian Xing Jian did not retreat; instead, he said bitterly, “Darling Sister Milan, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to offer my skills or my body?”

Milan’s face turned red as she glared at him. “Go and die. Who is your darling? Who wants you to offer yourself… You’re just a lewd traitor who went two-timing on others!” Extending her hands, she forced the pestering fatty aside. “Move aside and don’t obstruct me from my research.”

Upon mentioning research, Fatty immediately stuck close to her again, saying, “Disciple Sister, our teacher has asked me to come over to you. He said that there are certain subjects which are related to my Battle Mecha.”

For the sake of getting closer, this wretched man said the two words “disciple sister” in an extremely ambiguous manner.

Entertained by his act, Milan giggled. Placing a hand on her waist, she asked, “Is there even teacher in your eyes? When was I ever sold as your disciple sister, just like how you sold teacher earlier?”

Fatty was an archetypical person who would continue climbing once given a step. He moved closer to her and continued, “Just now, I had no choice. Also, this is the relationship between the two of us, so how could I abandon you and sell you? I’d rather be sold by you!”

Milan was annoyed. “Who is in a relationship with you? Is there anything you are not willing to do? Not talking about how you framed teacher earlier on… you are even willing to hit me.” Perhaps it was because she started to remember the previous scene, or perhaps it was because of the ambiguous feeling she had when she spoke of her feelings, but she began to feel flustered as her white face gradually became flushed in red once again.

Even if it were a more beautiful and rational woman, there would be times when love started blossoming.

In this dull and dry research lab where she had her first contact with the opposite sex, spending half a year together with a male of similar age as they argued and played together would cause ambiguous feelings to erupt. How could Fatty, the self-proclaimed psychology master, not know about this?

But in his heart, he was still haunted by a period of what should be called—unrequited love. Every time something related to love occurred to him, a figure would somehow appear within his mind.

Was he truly this person who joined the army for such a foolish reason like slimming down? Deep in his heart, the main reason might be for her sake instead.

The moment this love was spoken out to the public, it would be the greatest joke in the entire universe. He would be termed as the most pure and innocent virgin in the entire universe and would be placed in a museum for others to view.

Tian Xing Jian stared blankly at the blushing Milan as if he did not dare to face her; instead, he looked down.

Seeing Tian Xing Jian’s drooping head and the lonely silence that loomed around him, Milan realized that she could not bear to make fun of him at that point. Instead, she took out several documents from the central computer and snorted at him, “Damn Fatty, take a look yourself. I think I’ve let you go easy this time!”

Saying that, she turned around and left the lab, closing the door behind her lightly.

The moment the door closed, Fatty immediately smiled. That was merely an act!

This was a classical example of acting and tricking the feelings of others from the book 《The Art of Lifelike Modelling》: Bringing a look of melancholy with clear and gentle eyes while recollecting memories that were painful and lonely.

These expressions had been trained by Fatty for quite a period of time in front of the mirror.

As he began humming a song simple-mindedly, he sat down and began looking through the research information left behind by Milan. Tian Xing Jian was immediately attracted by one of the research project; this was a project related to the biological double attribute metal’s transformation property. The proposal clearly stated that it was about having an instantaneous physical defense after a transformation of the Battle Mecha!

Thinking about it, once the enemy’s blade cut down towards the mecha, the point of attack could have a sudden increase in 10 centimeters of thickness. Even if the mecha was damaged, it could still quickly transform between different states, effectively recovering from it. What would this mean for close-combat then?

The second information was similarly turning Tian Xing Jian mad. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This research was based on a proof of concept that originally targeted the application of electromagnetic attacks from extra-heavy-sized Battle Mechas and space fleets on ordinary Battle Mechas. These functions were even more advanced than the electromagnetic interference done by the [Antenna], which allowed for several exquisite applications like signal deceit, imitation, control, and many other attacks that were truly fierce.

However, the biggest drawback of this system was that it would consume a huge amount of energy within a short period of time. Furthermore, according to the data, this was merely a theory that was still in discussion, causing Fatty to be discouraged.

Then, there were several subjects that were targeted at modifying several minor parts of the [Logic]. Even though the end result did not have a huge influence like the previous two projects, the discussion behind them was very robust and would increase [Logic]’s combat power by quite a bit if all of them were used.

Looking at the research proposed, he could tell that the head researcher who had approved and signed them all was Milan. Fatty was stunned momentarily. He was very clear with the procedure of research within the lab. Whoever suggested the project approved would become the head research for the project. This person would have to fork out the greatest amount of effort, while the other researches were mainly there to help.

In other words, in just over 20 days, Milan had singlehandedly proposed a year’s worth of work plans for [Logic]. From this, he could see that in her heart, other than [Logic], there were no other research topics.

It seemed that he owed this disciple sister who he had stayed with for half a year. Tian Xing Jian planned to truly pay his appreciation to Milan when he had the chance.

Facing a beautiful woman who had just had her first love, Fatty, with his principle of saving the injured and helping the dying, could simply repay her with XX, right?

This wretched person continued his unscrupulous imaginations.

[1] Commander being a vague term here as representative of an officer.

[2] Being careful at every step so that one could develop with a stable manner.

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