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Chapter 2: Onwards Glory 15

Translator: Chaos_, Luna Editor: Geoffrey_

This student who underwent special training was assigned to the Bermuda Starfield military district after the completion of his exams.

Tian Xing Jian continued to stay in the special forces for half a year, learning the details of Battle Mechas repair before being recommended to the Logistics Chief of Staff, who was a good friend of the officer and was located in the Atlantis Starfield's military district. Thereafter, Tian Xing Jian arrived at the small team of the Atlantis Starfield, Galileo Galaxy, 5th Armored Division, 3rd Armored Battalion, Logistic Company, becoming a Corporal.

Initially, Tian Xing Jian was quite delighted. After all, he had been a person who had graduated from the special forces. Furthermore, he had experiences from both the scout camp and machinery maintenance camp’s special training. He became a corporal immediately after the recommendation from a colonel, bearing a ranking one rank higher than other newly graduated recruits from the special forces. Arriving at the company, he realized that the logistic company’s section two commander was merely a corporal as well.

But his luck ended at this moment ...

Three days after Tian Xing Jian reported to his section, the Gyaca Woods Empire openly sent its full force to invade the Democratic Federation’s Atlantis Starfield, causing war to break out. Half a year later, Galileo’s Galaxy’s four human-populated planets had fallen to the enemy’s hands. Thereafter, the survivors of the 5th Division started to retreat to Miracolo No. 2 Planet. The Imperial Army then surrounded the armies on both the Newton Galaxy and the Galileo Galaxy, as if wrapping a dumpling. It was not easy for him to retreat on the 9th Division’s vessel, yet a command was given by headquarters for him to participate in the mission to defend Miracolo Planet.

The Imperial Army appeared within a week on the star route towards Miracolo Planet.

After that, this fatty who was seen as someone who wanted to escape with his life had been assigned here to help repair Battle Mechas. Once again, the war with the Imperial army erupted again.

He did not even have the time to gasp and take a breather!

And yet, Tian Xing Jian could only focus on escaping with his life. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Comparing his legs with the Battle Mechas, Tian Xing Jian was angry and at the same time, afraid. Even if he could run faster, his speed was only about 20 km/h. Comparing him with the Battle Mechas was like the race between the tortoise and the hare. The only thing worth celebrating was that due to the huge size of the mechas, they could not easily travel in the forest, and Tian Xing Jian was exceptional within this field of escaping and hiding within the forest. Furthermore, he was merely an engineer, so who would have to time to come chase after him?

Climbing on top of a big tree, Tian Xing Jian carefully observed the situation within the battlefield. If those 12 cockroach-like Federation land Battle Mechas were able to escape successfully, Tian Xing Jian would not mind following behind them in retreat.

Of course, for things to run smoothly was certainly a good matter. Even if he met a small number of enemies, he could depend on those small mechas. If he were to meet with a large amount of enemies, then Tian Xing Jian would just disappear like a small little star standing beside the sun.

The main focus point of the battle was concentrated on the small hill which Tian Xing Jian had left not long ago. Two Federation Glory 15 Battle Mechas had already occupied the small hill. After that, a company of single-operated Divine Mecha 22 Battle Mecha came like a crazy bunch of bees; one team organized themselves loosely before charging at the two Glory 15 while the other team started shooting missiles at the small hill. They did not care about the long period of time where they had to reload their missiles, which turned them into sitting ducks for the Glory 15’s.

There was an imminent crisis approaching the Federation Army. Those ahead could not escape from the enemy’s grip while the high point on the rear was controlled by the enemy. There was no way of winning this war. Only with the control of this small hill could those who depended on this defense line escape from battle.

There was only quietness in his headphone receiver.

"Damn! Let’s bet everything. 2119 will charge forward. Brothers, help us take care of our parents."

The Glory 15 that was closest to the small hill attempted to escape without the cover of his allies as he charged to the peak of the hill. This L9-2119 became an open target for the enemies. Just a few hundreds of meters was enough for him to be bombarded to the point where his defenses turned to a dangerous red.

"2119, damn you. Come back to us."

"Fire, fire!"

"Charge, comrades! We must not let 2119 die in front of us."

"The Leray Federation has no cowards."

"Young lads, are we brave warriors?"

"We are!"


"We will and always be!"

All of the Federation Glory 15 Battle Mecha began emitting a large bellowing sound. They did not coordinate with each other; they simply rushed out from their position, using the revolving energy cannons at the top of their mechas to fire at their enemies. At the same time, the energy shield they had diminished to red levels. This implied that for the sake of protecting 2119, all these Battle Mechas did not hesitate to fully use their energy to increase their offensive power to its limit. They had completely given up their defenses that could protect their lives.

"Haha, that was so damn thrilling. Receive our beatings, whores from the Gyaca Woods!"

"Fleas of the Empire, let me teach all of you."

"This guided missile is going to ask your mother, and this one is going to ask your father."

The Imperial Army was bombarded by the Federation until they were dumbfounded. The 12 furiously charging red Battle Mechas were just like 12 death gods who escaped from hell; they were glowing red, dancing with sickles, and releasing missiles like rain.

"L9-2108, 1 o’clock direction, concentrated region of enemy, fire!"

"L9-2117, proceed!"

"L9-2121, proceed!"

"L9-2119, continue ahead! Lads, we’re almost there."

"L9-2110, proceed!"

"L9-2111, damn you 2119, that is my area."

"L9-2106, let me charge out, don’t fall behind that brat."

"L9-2133, proceed."

"L9-2129, brothers, let’s charge."

"L9-2101, proceed."

Tian Xing Jian, who had climbed up the tree, could not help but tremble as he saw the scene. Goosebumps started to form on his skin. Whether the display in front of him was making him excited or frightened, this was something Tian Xing Jian himself didn’t know. The only thing he knew was that he would never be able to forget the scene in front of his eyes. A Glory 15 with its defenses reaching red levels continued to charge forward towards the hill. The other two Battle Mechas who had given up their defenses continued to obstruct the Empire’s Battle Mechas. Aside from those two, there were still 9 other mechas who had given up on defending. Some of them were just continuously firing, while others were charging towards the hill so that they would attract the attention of the enemies.

"Charge! Glory 15"

Resonating their charge onwards, the twelve Glory 15 land Battle Mechas used a high volume of reverberating cannon fire and their burning blood to play a piece of music.

The Glory 15 land-based Battle Mecha’s sudden counterattack caught the Imperial Army off-guard. Even though the Imperial Army might have had an advantage in terms of number, they were ultimately Battle Mechas that were operated by a single operator each. This sort of Battle Mecha did not have any advantages other than their flexibility when facing against a medium-sized mecha. A direct hit by any guided missile or two shots from an energy cannon would be enough to destroy the Divine Mecha 22.

Seemingly under the frenzied firepower released by the Federation, Divine mecha 22 after Divine mecha 22 exploded, turning into fireballs. The Imperial Army had originally depended on their superior numbers to gain an advantage in terms of firepower, though that was diminishing quickly. Right now, the ratio of their numbers had reached 5:1, representing 60 mechas from the Imperial Army versus the 12 mechas from their side. Furthermore, the 5 light guided-missiles that each Divine Mecha 22 carried were more or less depleted after such a long period of fighting. Their reserves had reached a dangerous stage. Without any missiles, the machine guns they were equipped with would only tickle the Federation’s Glory 15.

After witnessing how the Glory 15s gambled with their lives, the Imperial Army started to feel fear. Their losses continued to become greater and greater as all those Imperial mecha operators started to panic. This state of panic was uncontrollable as it spread throughout the Imperial Army. Under the suppression of the Federation’s firepower, the Imperial Army did not dare to raise their head at all. Instead, they looked for bomb craters or any obstacles to hide from the incoming attacks.

War was an extremely mythical subject.

Perhaps your men might be valiant, you were brilliant in terms of battle tactics, you had advanced weaponry, or you were so lucky that the timing, geographical, and social conditions were all favorable. To you, it might seem that the war was really hard to lose even if you did so deliberately. But ultimately, you still lost, and what you lost to was something that nobody could ever control.


Once something was able to reach a destined position at a destined time, the final result might be really different from what you predicted it to be.

Indubitably, at this juncture, the Federation had really good luck. Even when they charged forward without any defenses, none of their mecha had been destroyed by the enemy. Instead, they attained an advantage in this battle.

During the ancient era of war, there were frequently battle situations where a single soldier would chase after a group of soldier.

That depended on morale and luck.

Without the morale of having to put your life at stakes, such a crazy action would not be done. Without any luck, that single soldier chasing after the group of soldiers would have been killed easily by a single spear from the group.

There was a saying by a wise man from Ancient China: "When the will of the people is lost, leading the team will not be an easy task." Currently, the underlying meaning of this saying was enough to make the commander of the Imperial Army feel bitter. His soldiers had lost themselves mentally, as large groups of people had collapsed into the situation of ‘"every man for himself".

Under the pressure of the scene where mecha after mecha were destroyed by the Federation, the heart of the Imperial Army started to be shaken. That continually worsened to the stage of being defeated in their mind before finally, this defeat led to a panic-induced escape. It was as if those Battle Mechas were sheep being chased by hungry wolves.

Tian Xing Jian felt bitterness in his mouth; he truly wanted to cry bitterly as he thought of his future days. There were vague signs of the platoon belonging to the Imperial Army taking a roundabout road to reach their position. At the very most, 10 minutes was enough for that platoon of Battle Mechas to exit from the forest and reach this battlefield.

In the turmoil and chaos of war, Tian Xing Jian thought, "Once I successfully return, I’ll definitely request to be discharged from the military service!"

The unfortunate fatty Tian Xing Jian continued running with his back full of sweat.

The one year of scout’s training did not reduce his weight at all. The experience of half a year of war had instead caused this fatty to gain weight.

"Why would I even partake in this suffering If I had known that I could not slim down?"

Tian Xing Jian felt that his entire life was a tragedy.

If only he could live life taking good care of the villa and flying car left behind by his parents, finding an easy job, getting wedded to a beautiful wife, and drinking wine after work with his good friends, that would be the life he dreamed of having.

"This is Machinery Engineer Corporal Tian Xing Jian from the temporary logistic corps."

Tian Xing Jian exhaled as he continued escaping in the battlefield while shouting into the receiver.

"Are you the fatty Machinery Engineer from a few days ago? Why are you still here?"

This is the frequency channel of that Battle Mecha platoon. For him to be able to access this secret channel showed that this person was somewhere nearby. The land-based Battle Mechas felt it was strange. After fighting in war for two days and one night, this fatty Machinery Engineer, who came a few days ago, was still here.

Tian Xing Jian did not know whether to laugh or cry as he thought, "I truly wanted to run, but do you think the Battle Record Device on my arm allows me to do so?"

Actually, the fatty did not know this.

The Battle Record Device usually did not limit the logistics team from leaving the battlefield. The main function it had was recording the results and restricting the combat soldiers from leaving a certain radius; however, for soldiers encountering exceptional cases, the Battle Record Device would change the orders given such as when one had not even fired once at all and left the battlefield twenty times, not killing a single enemy, hiding oneself outside the combat radius, or even not being discovered by a single enemy at all during battle.

If these were not exceptional cases, then what were they?

Tian Xing Jian’s abnormal battle records had long been stored within the Federation Command Center’s computer, and his name appeared on the red alert list.

"Fatty, escape on your own." L9-2101, the platoon commander, replied.

"How can I escape!?" Tian Xing Jian cried out in anguish.

"Other than this piece of small jungle, the other areas are just plain level grounds. The heavy Battle Mechas of Imperial Army have also arrived."

The Imperial Army’s heavy Battle Mecha, "Beast" No. 2, was 12 meters tall and weighed 80 tonnes; it was built entirely from metal. Furthermore, it had features like an omni-directional radar and an energy shield. When using reverse articulated legs that had eight different joints, it could reach a speed of up to 120 km/h. If it was to travel in a prone position with 16 wheels, it could even exceed speeds of 280 km/h. It could bring with it up to 28 medium-sized missiles, four anti-aircraft missiles, two energy cannons, and a 360 degrees revolving "Fire Serpent" heavy machine gun.

Should this mecha discover a fatty outside the jungle running at 20 km/h wearing an engineering vest while carrying a remodeled broken rifle, killing him could be achieved casually.

"There’s no time. Everyone, let’s follow after the single-operated mecha ahead. First, we’ll move northwards, then turn west before heading south again. We’ll follow along the River Su Peng Mang. The center defense line towards the east has already been broken through, and to our rear, there’s other people blocking it."

Tian Xing Jian gasped a few large mouthful of air as he sprinted at top speed. He could feel blood surging into his lungs. Every single breath of air felt warm. Saying these few sentences required him to swallow five mouthfuls of saliva before he could finish saying it.

"Fatty, are you for real?"

The soldiers operating the mechas were in doubt.

"F*** you! Your father here had been scout trained under the special forces!"

The soldiers turned solemn for a moment before they immediately started acting under Tian Xing Jian’s plan.

In war, the scouts were people whom all combat personnels believed the most. Even during the planning sessions, they would also require the scouts to affirm their plans before continuing with it. Nothing stayed the same during war, and thus, scouts were the people who the combat personnels relied on frequently. Knowing how to read the current terrain and situations before making the most accurate decision in retreating was something all scouts had to be trained in. As such, these mecha soldiers who had no time to discuss immediately trusted Tian Xing Jian and followed his plan of moving northward.

When Fatty reached the boundary of the jungle, he saw those Federation Battle Mechas moving away at 150 km/h of speed.

"I’m doomed!" Tian Xing Jian cursed out as he held onto the rifle in his hand, "Damn your mother! Can’t you bring me with you as well?"

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