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7.01% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 8: Paddling Like a Dog in the Sea of Knowledge

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Chapter 8: Paddling Like a Dog in the Sea of Knowledge

Translator: Chaos_, Luna Editor: Geoffrey_

“Will they succeed?” The population looked on the scene in the television as the Newton regional fleet disappeared from space as they warped away.

Tears flowed endlessly as Milan sobbed.

The fatty behind her did not say anything. He was currently kneeling and praying wholeheartedly as chants came out from his mouth.

Milan stealthily walked to his side before listening attentively for a long period of time. The longer she heard, the weirder her expression became before finally, she could not help but kick Fatty and scolded him, “This idiot who is afraid of dying, hurry up and come look at the blueprint!”

Understanding the blueprint was a mission given by Professor Boswell. Since there were not many repair jobs currently available, the old man felt that letting Fatty idle away his time would be such a waste. Furthermore, there would be several newer and more complex weapons and Battle Mecha documents which Fatty would never have interacted with before in the past. For the sake of allowing this aide of his to become even better in terms of practical work and to fully utilize the chap with quite a good comprehension ability, Boswell specifically planned for the fatty to read through all the technological documents and blueprints within his access of authority.

This sort of access was extremely hard to acquire during ordinary periods; however, time and tide waited for no man. Nobody would truly know when Jialipalan would fall into the enemy’s hands. For the sake of finishing their experiments as fast as possible, it was vital to groom such a helper who could understand the entire intent, become familiar with the technological skills and blueprints, and had extremely good hands-on ability.

Yet Fatty, who had been regarded highly by the old man, had fallen into the demonic palms of Milan.

The initial excitement over interacting with the secret blueprints and technological documents had soon turned into a nightmare for the fatty.

Milan said, “A strict teacher trains a fine student.”

Milan also said, “Fatty, I must be responsible for you.”

Thus, under this woman who held a chicken feather in her hands and acted as if it was the arrow banner of command, reading through the documents and blueprints became torturous. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Regardless of who it was, if there had been a person forcing you to read up to hundreds of blueprints and dozens of documents before testing you every day on its contents, then you would immediately turn crazy, especially if they added the punishment of not letting you to sleep or to eat should you forget a certain number.

Fatty, who had not had a good sleep for a few days, took any opportunity to just lie on the floor. His face was filled with an expression of agony as if Milan had given him a fatal kick.

Still, Milan had long gotten used to the fatty’s tricks. She was not moved by his actions. Instead, she valiantly taken out an energy rifle.

Seeing the rifle, Fatty knew that he was truly at his wit’s end. Thus, as quick as a panicking rabbit, he climbed up from his position and ran towards the central computer screen before acting as if he was seriously looking at the blueprints.

Somehow, it seemed as if Fatty’s prayers had been heard. After a week, the Federation government released an official news: The Federation’s united space force that comprised of the 4th, 6th, and 7th space fleet had successfully broken through the blockade on the warp gates of the Gyaca Woods Empire. Acting as the vanguard, the Newton regional fleet had truly suffered a huge loss, but they still continued to allow the reinforcement to enter and open up a path. The result of this strategic battle was truly prominent. The 1st, 2nd, and 8th fleets that formed the 2nd United Space Force had also been fully assembled. They were currently on their way to use the warp gates to reinforce the Newton Starfield. As for the 3rd and 9th space fleets, they had suddenly and miraculously appeared within the Galileo Starfield, restricting the movement of the Empire’s space fleets stationed there.

The good news foretold the fact that both warring factions had truly reached an equilibrium in the Newton Starfield. The Gyaca Woods Empire’s absolute control over the airfield had been lost, and Miracolo Planet’s ground resistance forces were being supported by the Federation space fleets’ support. Other than air bombardments and suppressions, the supply and military manpower would also continuously be replenished via the middle starfield. The movements between cities would definitely improve by then.

These news had indeed let Fatty understand that Jialipalan had become even safer, and better yet, it had allowed him to sleep well.

Other than working, Milan, who had always been up-to-date with the television news, was cheering for the Federation space fleets and was captivated by all the introduced young and handsome commanders or pilots who had extraordinary achievements. Thus, she had practically no time to torment the fatty any longer.

Furthermore, Tian Xing Jian had some talents regarding machinery, and his ability to recollect was quite good as well. After a week of getting familiar with the theories, the data and blueprints were practically spilling out from his mouth. As long as it was a construct built with an identical theoretical foundation, whether it was a weapon or Battle Mecha, Fatty could deduce many things from it. Thus, very few questions could truly stumble him after that.

As a result, the fatty started to idle once again. However, this wretched person had already suffered from too much labor and would naturally not give Boswell or Milan a chance to give him anymore troubles. On the surface, Fatty was practically reading the central computer’s database every single day. He would put on a sour expression and frown as if he was currently suffering even more than before.

In reality, Fatty felt truly content and quite free at this moment. He was currently following a psychology course on the computer. As the top trainee coming from the special forces during the scout training camp, Fatty always held a deep interest towards psychology. That’s because psychology was the fundamental of self-perceptions. Controlling a person’s self-perception would naturally affect his analytical abilities and heart. During his training on disguises, Fatty had gained some preliminary knowledge about it. The central computer of the research lab stored all sorts of scientific advancements ever since the development of humankind, thus the information regarding psychology was extremely detailed. Since he had the chance, this person who was passionate in disguise and setting traps could no longer resist the temptations.

As such, Milan had unknowingly become a guinea pig for the fatty’s experiments. During normal occasions, Fatty would scrutinize the actions of Milan in detail, analyzing and determining what made her happy and what not. He would then influence her through the placements of certain instruments or materials, certain words that had an underlying meaning, or maybe some sort of music.

Milan could feel her own mood and reactions becoming more and more odd. She started taking into account several matters which she would usually ignore, causing the swing in her mood to become even bigger. Some days when she first entered the laboratory, she would feel depressed, yet by noon, her mood would be back to normal.

Whenever she chatted with the fatty, she would ask him in bewilderment if he had experienced the same problems. That wretched person replied that he was a guy and would not have such issues, and women would usually have a few days of mood swings every month.

Flushed with shyness, Milan decided to ignore this damned atty after that incident.

“It’s a success! She did not point a rifle at me!” Fatty was celebrating in his heart.

Ultimately, the fatty had even tried hypnotizing Milan.

But it was a pity that coincidentally, Professor Boswell came over to discuss some issues with Milan, causing a stop to Fatty’s experiments.

The deeper he studied, the more the fatty felt that he should become a master of psychology. He felt that this subject was truly meant for him. Using words, actions, temperature, color, materials, touch, smell, sound, and many other combinations of aspects, he could cause a person to feel in a pre-determined way, which would affect his or her thinking. After seeing how Milan’s reactions were exactly the same as what he predicted, the fatty felt as if he had become the emperor.

“Hei hei, if I can discover a way to let woman be unable to extricate from loving themselves… I’ll definitely be rich…” Fatty thought vilely.

The period after that, he had turned everyone in the laboratory into Fatty’s research participants. Not only did he determine the psychological state of everyone through their small reactions, he could even bring the subconscious mind out and even cause them to have misconceptions.

The laboratory soon turned chaotic as everyone became confused.

By the time Boswell had discovered something was wrong, the laboratory had already reverted back to normal. This was because the fatty’s interests changed very fast He soon discovered a book 《The Way of Concealment Like An Assassin 》.

This was not a fantasy novel, but instead it was a monumental work that amalgamated fantasy techniques, optical illusions, magic theories, circumstantial studies, and psychology. This book was enough to cause Fatty to be engrossed in it within moments.

As such, the people in laboratory started to take medicines — in order to prevent or cure their heart problems.

If you were to be frightened a few times each day by a fatty suddenly appearing beside you, or perhaps seeing a plant or the fridge walking away, or maybe a fatty flying around your head, or even things going missing around you, you would certainly take some medication to reduce the pressure that your heart had suffered from.

The only person who felt happy over this was Milan. Magical techniques and illusion techniques were extremely interesting to her. After all, she was just a 20-year-old young teenage girl. Thus, the laboratory would frequently have a girl brandishing out a rifle to force a fatty to do some magic.

After he had enough of the hiding games, Fatty went on to find another fun thing —《The Art of Lifelike Modelling》. What this bullsh*t title covered up was training on how to swindle others.

To this wretched person, that book was absolutely a treasure. There were techniques related to vocal mimicry, etiquette, flowery speech, the psychology of females, appreciation of famous paintings, forgery, imitation of someone’s actions, and many other techniques a swindler needed. There was even a step-by-step procedure for how to swindle someone else.

As such, the fatty truly started his life of swindling others.

This wretched person imitated Boswell’s voice and called the institute’s kitchen, indignantly berating the poor chefs before asking the kitchen to send some sumptuous dishes to the laboratory. Before the call had even ended, he eccentrically asked the kitchen not to use such minor matter to make him angry, as he was really busy.

Once again, the fatty succeeded with no one being the wiser of his traps.

After improving the meals, Fatty, who had nowhere to go, decided to change targets onto ‘all the grass beside his nest’. He had practically swindled almost everyone. How could these unsophisticated researchers be his match? Many personal treasures had fallen into the fatty’s personal storage.

Until the moment a researcher brought the fatty’s collection of imitated antique pistol to boast to his professional friends, that was when his scam was seen through.

Even under the presiding of Milan interrogating him, which caused this fatty to be beaten, he still felt very happy. That’s because everyone acknowledged that his deceit was truly able to deceive many others. That fake antique pistol was only revealed because of a small minor mistake he made during manufacturing.

Fatty continued paddling in the sea of knowledge like a drunken dog... This 21-times escapee from battle had discovered that there were many points about himself that were lacking. The experiences he had from begging for a fortunate encounter during desperate times let Fatty understood this: For him to survive through the war, he had to branch out and learn more things so as to survive during crucial moments.

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