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Chapter 89: Returning to the Capital

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The Federation government was truly efficient. Large amounts of goods and funds had already started pouring into Miracolo Planet, and several hundred ground-based army divisions had begun assembling in Miracolo Planet too, causing it to turn into a huge, busy army camp.

As for the outer space and surface battleship docks, they were currently being constructed under the collaboration of many professions. Due to Miracolo Planet’s preferential policies, many big corporations had also come rushing here and all these rapidly drove the development in various business sectors within the entire Miracolo Planet.

Just a short few days—a week ago, this lonely planet was still covered in the flames of war, but now, it had started to transform into the most prosperous and bustling center of the Leray Federation.

Fatty had spent two days trying to find An Lei. He truly wanted to clarify the matters over Father An, but it was just that it seemed as if she was deliberately avoiding him and was akin to having evaporated into thin air. No matter whom he asked or how he tried to search for traces of her, nobody knew where she was.

Fatty felt restless and could only look for Bernadotte in the end. Those generals had cast an ambiguous gaze at him, though that was how he got an answer—An Lei had adhered to the orders and had returned to the capital.

Since he would be returning to the capital, there were several tasks which he had to arrange before leaving. Fatty first went to the 6th Research Unit Lab, passing down all the work in his hand to Big-headed Karl. Since he would not be returning for a month, the accumulated work would be huge and that almost made Karl faint.

Following that, he went ahead to bid farewell to his other colleagues. Right when Tian Xing Jian was about to leave, Colonel Pater stopped him: "Wait a moment, First Lieutenant Tian."

Colonel Pater took out a letter before passing it to him: "This letter over here was tasked to me by General Russell to be passed onto you. He wished that you would open it during the moment when you are feeling the most confused. He had told me to tell you that he once had this similar confusion in the past."

Fatty was startled. He did not think that Russell had actually left behind a letter for him. After hesitating for a moment, he received the letter in the end with suspicions. At this time, he made a decision to absolutely not be influenced by this military expert before finding an answer. Furthermore, he was truly suspicious how this military expert, who could not even say out his name, would know of the confusion in his heart.

Reaching the research lab, Boswell heard that Tian Xing Jian had taken a leave for rest and would be returning to the capital. Not even raising his head, he said, "The academies will be opening soon. This is the very first batch of students after the war, and several students who have yet to graduate will also return to resume their studies. There are not enough professors within the academy, and I’ve already recommended for you to be my teaching assistant. Many things are to be handled, so it is best for you to go early and return early."

I, as such a person, would become an instructor? What a fresh way of looking at things. Was this not the case of intentionally harming the children from other families? Fatty felt rueful in his heart as this old man’s, Boswell’s, indulgence in fantasy was even more formidable than his.

Being too lazy to say anything to this unsophisticated old man, Fatty turned around and went into Milan’s laboratory. Towards this girl, who spent a huge amount of time supporting him from behind, he held truly complex feelings about her.

Fatty liked Milan. Regardless of her appearance or her figure, Milan’s beauty could be ranked in the top few within the entire academy that could be counted on the fingers on one’s hands. Even when she was angry, she would still hold herself with a refreshing grace. Most importantly, it was Milan’s pure innocence and kindness that made her feel just like that little, clean white flower growing beside the battlefield filled with smoke; pure and delicate. She had an indescribable fondness for him.

This fondness—a small part of which had been due to Fatty spending long periods of time by Milan’s side using the sequence of psychological steps for picking up girls—had largely been due to mutual help in circumstances during the chaotic world of war. That was a feeling which was really firm and sincere as Milan was not only fond of Tian Xing Jian but also supportive towards him. The moment Fatty thought about those series of research projects Milan did for [Logic], it would make his heart feel warm.

Once again, he stealthily pushed open the door, only to suddenly hear a resounding electronic synthetic voice: "Damned fatty has come! Damned fatty has come!"

Tian Xing Jian looked towards Milan, who was rushing towards him with delight and crunched nose, and did not know whether to cry or laugh. Damn, this peeping and counter-peeping battle had started advancing technologically.

"Why are you making such things? If teacher found out about it, then it will not be good!" Fatty’s wretched gaze was clearly shown on his face; he was trying his utmost to portray an honorable expression.

Milan giggled as she knocked on Fatty’s head using her snowy and fine finger: "In the entire research laboratory, other than you, damned fatty, who else would dare to enter without knocking?"

Tsk tsk, this is something which I love hearing. Fatty felt really accomplished in his heart.

[Logic] was transported back to the research lab once again as it stood on its dedicated location. Every time he entered the lab, seeing Milan and [Logic] would make Fatty feel truly safe and peaceful in his heart. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Damned fatty, [Logic] will be having a new Battle Mecha computer in a few days time!" Milan started becoming busy once again. Just seeing Tian Xing Jian made her feel really happy.

Standing behind Milan, Tian Xing Jian was filled with hesitation. Only after spending half a day thinking did he finally mumble to her, "Milan, I’ve applied for a leave. I want to return to the capital to see a person and will be leaving for a period of time."

Milan turned around before giving Fatty a strange look: "One person? When did Mei Duo and Ni Ya transform into one person?" This lass was jealous. Fatty was between laughter and tears: "I’m not going back to see them. I’m going back to see a very important person to me."

Milan beautifully laughed, "Silly, does it matter who you are seeing?"

She gently caressed the face of Tian Xing Jian, speaking lightly, "It is so tough for you to take a leave, and now that you got it, you should rest more. Look at how you are now." Ever since he found out about the news of Father An’s death, Tian Xing Jian had indeed clearly become thin and pallid.

Seeing how Milan was feeling heart pained for him, Tian Xing Jian could not help but give her a kiss on the face. The shy and red-faced Milan pushed away Fatty, who was laughing lasciviously, as she turned around in a rush to act as if she was busy with her research.

When Fatty walked to the entrance of the room, he suddenly heard an insipid sound from Milan, "If you see Ni Ya, remember to help me pass on my greetings."

Fatty had a serious inner injury. He tasted a sweetness in his throat and had almost broken his teeth from gritting it too hard, and only then did he finally stop himself from puking blood. Just like a raccoon that had suffered from a beating, he hurriedly escaped the scene.

Finally, he was on the transport ship back to the capital. Seeing the prosperous landscape of the airport, Tian Xing Jian was suspicious of whether he was on the Miracolo Planet that had been engulfed by the destruction of war. The ability of humankind to recover was truly too powerful.

The transport ship slowly ascended. The surface of the planet outside the windows became smaller and smaller. Miracolo Planet was just like a miniature world in front of him, as the people were akin to ants, busying themselves on this planet. This planet was shining with an extremely fast speed in renewing its vitality from the grasps of death.

After two days of travel, the transport ship finally landed on Lutherither City’s Nation Defense Airport. This airport originally was not known by this name, but because of the start of the war, this airport was completed, and after the request of the government, it was given this name.

The airport was really big; it could encompass several hundreds of large-sized transport ships or tens of thousands of medium-sized transport ships at the same time. With the flow of human traffic exiting from the airport to the arrival hall, Tian Xing Jian stood on the automatic travelator looking through the enormous alloy-made transparent walls at the capital of Leray. He felt kind of foreign. Originally, he had lived here for close to 20 years, but just one year of war had been enough to make him feel as if him living here was a lifetime ago.

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