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89.47% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 102: Russell Attacked by an Assassin

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Chapter 102: Russell Attacked by an Assassin

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

An Lei felt embarrassed and anxious at the same time as her ears turned red. Hitting the chest of Fatty with her pink fists, she suddenly felt herself being embraced. Thinking that this person was naked, she felt as if all the strength in her body had suddenly left. Her clothes were drenched by the water droplets on Fatty’s body, thereby sticking closely to her body and revealing her curves. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

An Lei had long treated herself as Fatty’s woman. Ever since they were reunited, she started feeling happier and happier. Those gloomy gray feelings of the past had somehow completely disappeared. As long as she stayed with Tian Xing Jian every day, she would feel fully satisfied. Sometimes when they watched television, the two of them would huddle close together with their bodies sometimes touching and sometimes not; it was filled with an ambiguous feeling in view of their skin contact.

Who would have known that today, Fatty would get straight down to the point, making An Lei wonder what she should do. That door to her affection had seemingly been kicked opened by him. Strengthless, she leaned on Fatty’s chest. Her face was red and warm with shyness and anxiety, yet never once had she thought of ever leaving his embrace. Instead, she brought her hands over and hugged his waist, burying her warm face right into his embrace without opening her eyes.

Fatty asked naively, “Yi, why did you come in? I’m still bathing! If you want to watch, then you should just peep on me.” At the same time, he extended his hand into the clothes of An Lei.

How could An Lei bear this teasing? The firm and upright bosom of hers had been caressed by a big hand, causing the lovable figure to tremble lightly in his embrace. That figure of hers felt soft and tingling as if the bones were removed, leaving behind just softness twisting around Fatty’s body. It was not known if this twisting figure of hers was resisting or pandering to. With a pair of small, misty eyes, right as she wanted to speak, her lips were captured by Fatty’s kiss.

The two of them were entangled in the bathroom. This kiss had made them forgot about everything else. This first kiss in ten years was filled with longing, love, grievance, and heartache. An Lei was grabbing Tian Xing Jian’s neck tightly, as she knew that she would never leave this man in her entire life.

Suddenly, the sound of Mother An walking down the stairs could be heard from the bathroom, waking the two from their trance. An Lei did not know how she had gotten such strength, but she had managed to push Fatty aside before stomping her way out.

Fatty was also frightened as he leaned on the door still in his panicked state, listening to Mother An’s voice from the living room, “Lei Lei, why are you so wet?”

An Lei’s voice was frantic: “I wasn’t careful just now. I… I’ll go up and change my clothes.”

Dong dong dong, that was the sound of her going up the stairs.

“Why is your face so red, Lei Lei? Are you feeling unwell?” Mother An’s voice was clearly raised as she continued questioning An Lei in confusion.

“Peng!” The sound of the door shutting could be heard. Closely following that, An Lei’s embarrassed and anxious reply reverberated from the distance.

“I’m fine!”

Fatty had just let out a breath of relief when he suddenly heard Mother An’s voice entering the bathroom while she knocked on the door: “Who’s inside? Is it Little Jian?”

Fatty’s heart was thumping so hard that it might just jump out. If she knew that he was bathing, then even if Mother An was an idiot, she would still understand how An Lei had gotten herself wet! That would just be wanting his life. Thus, gathering his survival wits, he modulated his voice to that of Big-Headed Karl with the scamming technique he learned previously: “I’m a technician who came here to repair the water pipes. Your bathroom’s nozzle had an issue, so I’m currently repairing it. It’ll be done in a moment!”

Seeing a stranger in their house, Mother An rushed up the stairs before knocking on An Lei’s door, asking: “Is the technician in the bathroom someone you called over?”

After hearing a stranger talking with Mother An and hearing the sounds of tools knocking from the bathroom, An Lei felt puzzled for a while only to finally understand what had happened. Holding back her laughter, she replied, “That’s right. He is currently fixing the pipe, so you can just ignore it.”

Mother An shook her head: “No wonder your body is so wet. If the nozzle is faulty, then just let the technician repair it. Why would you blindly enter?”

An Lei painfully held back her laughter: “Mom, I’d like to eat Six-Flavor Fish. Can you help me later tonight?”

Mother An laughed: “Silly lass, when did you start liking Six-Flavor Fish again? You’re helping Little Jian, right? It seems like during the past two days, he has been suffering a lot. Seeing him like this just make me feel heartache. I’ll go out and buy some right away.”

Only after Fatty heard the door of the entrance shutting did he truly let out a breath of relief, as he knew Mother An had just left. After wearing his clothes, he walked out of the bathroom while wiping his hair with a towel. An Lei, who was baring her fangs and claws at the entrance, had already pounced over.

“Darling Tian, you are such a pervert!” She giggled while jumping onto his back as she hit his shoulder using her tiny fists. She then scolded him with a smile, “Evil, evil! My mom treated you so well, yet you lied to her. When I expose you, you’ll be doomed! It’s time for me to rid the world of an evil person!”

Fatty suddenly stooped over, causing An Lei, who was hanging off his back, to let out a scream. The two ended up entangled together.

How could An Lei ever be Fatty’s match? After messing around for a moment, she ended up in the clutches of this shameless person, causing her to turn red beyond her ears. Biting Fatty, An Lei then jumped up and urged him, “Quickly get up, accompany me to shop this afternoon.”

Accompanying a woman to shop was truly an arduous and unrewarding task to all men, but Tian Xing Jian gladly accepted it. In the gradually bustling crowded Jialipalan street, gazing at the woman he loved acting like a child, innocent, and happy, Fatty felt even more delighted at the sight of the strange or jealous looks the other passersby were giving him.

Indeed, a man would always feel a sense of accomplishment when there was a beautiful woman accompanying him. However, he had never thought about that before since whenever others met a beauty and a beast together, the first sentence in their mind would usually be “Damn, a beautiful flower is stuck in a pile of cow dung!” or “Damn, such a good cabbage is being grabbed by a swine!”. Regardless of being cow dung or a pig, words of praise would never end up on his head, thus there would always be a sense of disappointment despite the happiness, as nothing in the world was perfect.

The only thing Fatty felt pity about was that as they were shopping, he had yet to meet anyone robbing or molesting others, tarnishing the perfect outing for him. Meeting a robber, he would naturally beat him up to display his heroism. As for the molester… this wretched person had a narcissistic thought: ‘If a beauty wants to molest me, should I agree or not?’ This was a conundrum that after thinking over for half a day, he decided to just throw it to the back of his mind.

As they were shopping for the entire afternoon, Fatty had energetically given his advice in the shopping center, especially when they were in the undergarment department. Everyone could hear his voice: “This is good, this is good too! This can’t block anything and is a fabulous design!” An Lei was so embarrassed that her entire face was red. She immediately pulled and pushed him out of the shop.

When An Lei finally bought the undergarments chosen by Fatty and exited the shop, she saw Fatty and an old man in a trance as they stared through the window at the display showing a virtual model changing her clothes. It was only when the shop assistant gave them a glare did they regretfully look at each other before turning around and going off on their own ways.

An Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry.

During the evening, as the two finally returned home to prepare dinner, Tian Xing Jian suddenly received a call that caused his entire expression to change. This call came from Hamid, saying that someone had tried to assassinate Russell! Russell had fortunately gotten off with just a scratch on his shoulder and was not in a life-threatening situation.

Fatty had not even eaten the meal when he rushed off at his fastest speed to the academy. The security in this place had become stricter; only after the guards responsible for security checked Fatty’s documents did they let him in. After asking about what had happened, he flew towards General Bernadotte’s office. Russell and several other generals had been targets for assassination in a small meeting room on the same level with their office. They affirmed that there was certainly at least two assassins! One of them was certainly from the female dormitory 200 meters away, while the other was possibly located on the hill more than 1000 meters behind the academy. They were currently searching for the culprits.

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