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54.38% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 62: Staying Vigilant During Peacetime, Safety is Always First

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Chapter 62: Staying Vigilant During Peacetime, Safety is Always First

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Tian Xing Jian was extremely busy, as combat plan after combat plan was sent his way in the 6th Research Unit. Even with the help of the intern, Karl, everyone was still assigned with voluminous amounts of deduction work. Those staff officers who had come here to watch the bustling activities last time no longer cared about being picked on for their mistakes; in fact, they had even hoped for Fatty to find holes in their combat plans since this battle was way too important, as losing Cato meant that the Federation would lose the initiative of the war.

Forward command had been in a discussion for four hours already with no signs of stopping. More and more reports were sent back from the front lines, and everyone in the combat planning department had been working with all their efforts like a child sucking the breast for milk [1]. The Empire’s offense was truly too fierce, and the soldiers defending the front lines were almost wiped clean, yet the enemy had no desire of stopping—their offenses continued pushing on like waves.

Where did they obtain this military power from?

Simultaneously, Fatty stared at the data being calculated on the computer while being in deep thoughts. The Empire’s offense was obviously unnatural; according to the deduction and intelligence which he knew of, the Imperial Army’s military which was gathered to maintain such a high intensity attack against the Garo Mountain region was not enough! As the attacking party, their losses would be much more than those defending from high grounds. Until now, such a high intensity attack had not even stopped a single moment, so where did they obtain this military power from? And why would they want to continue attacking Garo Mountain, this extremely hard bone, despite it not being worth the cost? Furthermore, the opponent’s commanding officer was still a famous military expert ranked amongst the top across all of human society and was someone who was famed for his calmness, ingenuity, and cunningness in the tactics used!

For the first time, Fatty realized that this brain of his, which would usually explode with countless inspirations when his life was threatened, was not enough. The deep thinking he was currently undergoing had made his head hurt even more.

Another report came back from the front lines again! The 16th Armored Division, which was one of the main reinforcement teams prepared for Garo Mountain, that was originally stationed in Catosi Canyon had been pulled to the battlefield! He did not know if the Special Scouts Regiment was also pulled along. In such a direct battle, the special forces would not hold as many advantages as the ordinary soldiers, thus it would certainly be a waste of resources.

Myth Legion appeared again. Ever since the start of the Empire’s General Offense, there were shadows of this monster appearing on several high grounds at Garo Mountain. This time, it was on high ground D1. If not for the quick reinforcement by the 16th Armored Division, a battalion of [Devil Tigers] had almost taken over the entire base.

Right now, the Empire was analogous to a fierce boxer as she used her left hand to punch the opponent, while hiding the right hand behind her back; nobody truly knew when they would suddenly be struck out with the heaviest of hooks that would knock down the opponent in a single hit!

If even the Myth Legion was thrown in as a type of left-hand punch, then what type of powerful force would constitute a right-hand punch?

Tian Xing Jian, once again, looked at the map calmly. Right now, he was not researching how to optimize the battle outcome; his fear of death had made him attempt to find a possible path of retreat.

Jialipalan could be considered the final ground at the rear. If Cato were to be broken through, then according to the Federation’s losses, they would fundamentally not have enough military power to obstruct the rapid advance of the enemy. Within a single week, Jialipalan would become a city that was surrounded!

When that stage arrived, the only possible way to escape would be for the outer space fleets to come to their rescue, allowing them to retreat all the way to the Leray Central Starfield. This would also serve as an announcement that the Miracolo Resistance had been completely defeated in the war.

But, where could he find an outer space fleet? The brain of Fatty, who was in a hurry to make plans for himself, started revolving at a quick speed. Bernadotte might possibly resist all the way until the end; if that’s the case, then the entire forward command would have no chance to escape, and if the senior officers did not leave, where would the small soldiers run to?

The best place to retreat to would be to the Jialipalan military institute’s research laboratory!

F*** this! This research lab had the daughter of a lieutenant general, so the higher-ups should arrange a battleship, right? The second-ranked person, Tian Xing Jian, was even more important and could not fall here—he had to prepare his ticket of survival!

When in times of peace, one has to prepare for crisis—this was a tenet which Fatty always followed for survival!

First, he had to find Milan. If the situation advanced to the point of no return, then this father would still have to run regardless of anything else! He must absolutely not be sacrificed! This father was still a virgin! How about this? He could make an insurance by first giving his XX to Milan and using this father’s handsome figure to completely conquer her! By then, even if I sacrifice myself, Milan should not want to be a widow, right?

The wretched person was full of imaginations as he immediately ran towards the research lab.

Milan was still currently in the lab, leaning on the table as she wrote something down in concentration; she did not even notice Fatty running in.

These few days, the research projects related to [Logic] had made a huge leap—the instantaneous physical defense transformation project had been completed. It was just that Fatty’s current hand speed and control techniques could not completely control it because the technique required one to have a hand speed of more than 40 APS; otherwise, the mecha would not be able to accurately judge where the incoming blade would land and activate the biological double attribute metal’s transformation in the related areas. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lightly walking towards Milan, Tian Xing Jian saw the quiet and concentrating woman, causing an itch to appear in his heart. As he began thinking about it, he stood there subconsciously. In his heart, he had never cared about the chaotic matters outside in the world, as such a person was either a masochist or an idiot.

Fatty’s biggest dream was to be a small landlord in ancient times, protecting his beautiful wives and children while living a peaceful and satisfying life. Occasionally, he would bring with him a group of henchmen, bullying the farmers and teasing the pretty young women out on the road—that would be so much more enjoyable than becoming a general or the president.

From the location Fatty was standing at, he could see down the neckline of Milan. When she leaned onto the table, the fair and tender springtime was fairly visible to him. The bright and clean forehead of this woman began percolating several droplets of sweat, and her ears were turning red—this was a reaction from her over-using her brain. Often, after research, Milan would sleep and laze for an entire day.

Fatty’s view stopped right inside the large, revealing neckline of Milan. He had never knew that Milan had such a well-developed bosom. She wasn’t wearing any undergarment. By the sides of the deep cleavage were the mountain ranges with two trembling pink treasures that could captivate anyone. Fatty stared upon it in a daze with saliva dripping. Regardless of whether it was the circumstances of war or Milan turning crazy, they were both equally dangerous. However, this sort of thrill brought by the danger made Fatty truly excited. It had not been the first time since some excessive thoughts arose when this wretched person’s life was threatened. Whenever he entered a dangerous situation, during the occasion prior and after, he would often find himself becoming really impulsive—it was most likely the work of adrenaline that affected even his thinking.

At that 0.1 second before Milan looked up, this fatty’s wretched eyes reluctantly left the beautiful scenery. He snatched the opportunity of greeting, “Disciple sister, you seem busy?”

Seeing the stiff and fake laugh of Fatty, Milan, who knew all about this chap, immediately reacted. Thinking about how she was coveting a more cooling feeling and was not wearing anything underneath, this spiteful chap had somehow found a sneaky method to steal a peek down her neckline. He had even stood there for such a long period of time, and the moment she thought of this, her face turned red. Rolling her eyes, she said in a displeased tone, “Damn person, what are you here for?”

[1] The degree of strength used in comparative to a child.

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