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Chapter 95: Techniques Originate from Hard Work

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The drills for the machinery maintenance camp had finished. These cadets were unlike those from the special forces camp; their main training was to become familiar with and grasp hold of the structures and important maintenance points for the current active weapons and equipment. In the upcoming war, those engineers who only had theoretical knowledge and lacked practical experience would definitely be scolded to the extent of dog’s blood being poured over them [1]. The soldiers from the combat units did not have a good temper, and if these engineers did not repair their mechas well, then these engineers would only be scolded. If the engineers spent too much time repairing, they would be scolded too.

Major Hanks was not a very tall officer. He had been a soldier for close to ten years and could be considered an expert in machinery maintenance. From appearances alone, he did not seem like a Major officer and instead looked more like a middle-aged farmer with a thick pair of hands and shoulders. Previously, he had seen how Fatty was laughing like crazy by the side, and after enduring for half a day, he handed the cadets to Fatty once his training ended and went on delightfully to watch those special forces cadets training.

Those special forces cadets were truly angered to the point of smoke coming out from their orifices. A fatty just went off, and now, another silly person came. This vengeance was becoming deeper and deeper.

In the machinery maintenance camp, other than several old soldiers who had switched to this profession halfway through, fundamentally, the others were new cadets who passed the admission into the course Design and Manufacturing of Battle Mecha and Weapon Equipment. The theory would be grasped by them in the future, and since there were few who had undergone maintenance training before, he would give them a shallow overview and let them watch what this profession was all about.

This was the first time Fatty acted as an instructor, and the training methods and curriculum did not come from the manual as well. This was entirely his personal teaching method, clearly showing how he wasn’t that responsible in teaching the cadets.

Using an electronic pen, he casually drew on the virtual whiteboard the parts of a BG-17 model Federation standardized energy rifle and the procedures of assembly and disassembly. After that, he demonstrated how to disassemble them and assemble them once before leaving the rest for the cadets to fumble with themselves by looking at the blueprint.

That time, Fatty had taught himself in a similar fashion. The assembling of BG-17’s parts was done well and could be considered as one of the simplest among all weapons and equipment. The requirements for disassembling and assembling them for this lesson were for each and every attempt they tried to be better and more familiar than the last. On this first day, they had to undergo disassemble and assemble a hundred times until they attained the time limit standard of using 12 seconds to disassemble and 15 seconds to assemble.

It was indeed easy, just that the biggest problem with this plaything had been its heaviness. The cadets had undergone a fierce drill with Major Hanks regarding formation, making their backs ache, their hands numb, and legs wobbly. And now, this Fatty, who had enough of idling around, was even more abominable. Drawing several pictures was fine, but these tiring and boring disassembly made those cadets feel a grievance against him.

The positions of cadets and instructors could not really exist together. One was there to take charge, while the other did not want to follow. Fatty had undergone the same agonizing training in the past with the black bear instructor. It was only until the end did their relationship finally warm up.

It was the same here with the machinery maintenance training camp. Thus, after just two times of using a stopwatch to time their disassembly, there were people who could not take it anymore.

First, it was a group of female cadets. They stood there crying without the slightest movement in front of their maintenance desk. Fatty went over to give them a look, and instead, he breathed in cold air—there was the 50 big rabbit cadet located there.

Fatty sanctimoniously stared at that white rabbit and kept one hand behind his back while using his right hand to point at her chest. With a heavy tone, he said, “Wanting to become a graduate who passed the requirements for design and manufacturing requires one to have great ambition, broad vision, and also adept techniques. Quickly start training. I’ll see you do it!”

That white rabbit had never thought that that fatty who stood outside the female dormitory with a dull expression was actually an instructor from the maintenance camp. Maybe it was because she had seen a familiar person, she began to cry even louder. The moment she cried, she would have to take a breath and this breath had made her chest bounce up and down.

Fatty had nearly become faint with blurred vision by the jumping white rabbits and silently mumbled to himself, ‘Mara [2]! It must be Mara! There are two demons within!”

Using a supreme determination to move his gaze away, he looked at the several other female cadets by the side and asked, “Why? It’s just two times of disassembly. You all still have 98 times which you have yet to complete.”

A female cadet cried, “Wuu, my hand hurts so much that I can’t even pick it up anymore.”

Several male cadets took the opportunity to shout out, “The rifle is so heavy! Isn’t disassembling it a hundred times trying to tire us out!”

“That’s right! I see that all instructors are wanting to torture us!”

“12 seconds disassembly and 15 seconds assembly? Who set this standard!? It’s impossible!”

“I’ve long seen that this fatty isn’t some good person. Seeing his appearances, we know he must be loose in morals!”

For a moment, the group of cadets began stirring up emotions, turning the whole place into chaos. The female students cried all the more world-shakingly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fatty was startled and shouted, “Shut up!”

Instructors were ultimately instructors. The cadets all quietened down, with even the female cadets not daring to cry anymore. The fatty was ultimately someone who was a cadet once and knew what their thinking was. Putting on a smiling expression, he said, “You all are chosen amongst countless registrants for the Jialipalan military academy. If we are comparing your intelligence and capabilities, all of you are outstanding…”

Who would not like hearing others praise themselves? This sentence made those cadets feel better in their heart and think that Fatty wasn’t that abominable anymore.

Smacking the horse [3] while kneading human emotions were things Fatty was good at. Seeing how everyone’s complexion has lightened up, he kept his smile and said, “However, your preparation to bear hardships is clearly lacking. If you don’t suffer and hope to succeed, then why are you here in the military!?”

This sentence shouted by Fatty had a severe tone within. Once the psychology of humans had a huge drop, they would usually lose their abilities to react. These cadets were as such, as they had just been praised before being thrown down into a ditch, rendering all of them speechless.

Fatty did not give them time to react. He had changed his expression and brought out a smile once again, saying in a gentle tone, “Compared to me, this small first lieutenant, your future is so much brighter and vast! Let’s not talk about others, but just this…” Fatty pointed to his brain and said, “I can’t compare with all of you. Even if I smacked the horse to chase after you, after a few years, I might have to call you commanding officer!”

“However…” Fatty became strict again: “A soldier is a soldier! On the first day you stepped into the academy, you have all already become soldiers. The professional responsibility of a soldier is to follow their orders! Right now, I’m the instructor and my words are considered orders! If you don’t comply with it, fine! Either just keep your things and go home or we can send you up to the court martial!”

These two words “court martial” had a huge intimidating power. Actually, the court martial took everything into matters. Not only did it include matters regarding traitors, but even small, tiny matters could escalate up into the court; it was just that this only relates to soldiers, thus they were called court martial.

The students’ expressions all turned pale. Several who had created a huge disturbance started feeling regret.

Fatty picked up a BG-17 rifle and said, “This plaything is the simplest mechanical rifle of the Federation Army. As long as you grasp hold of the technique, then you can complete it within the standards. How do techniques come about? Hard work! Using your mind!”

Saying that, a rifle that was assembled had, in moments, turned into parts within the hands of Fatty, falling onto the table with pitter patter sounds.

The cadets were all staring with wide eyes, as they could not believe what they just saw.

“Look.” Fatty’s hands turned into a ray as he did not need to take those parts up, and instead, started assembling on the table rapidly. With a few clear and crisp sounds of “ka ka”, a BG-17 energy rifle was assembled. From the start to the end, not more than four seconds had passed.

More than a thousand machinery maintenance cadets did not know what to say. In their hearts, they felt stunned and respect. This was true skill. What they spent a minute doing had been done in a few seconds by Fatty—truly a bull [4]!

Humans would easily follow experts. Now, these cadets were so amazed by him that they would prostrate in admiration for Fatty.

Especially so with that technique of disassembly. The rifle in the hands of the first lieutenant had just lost its shape within moments; it was just like a magic performance, truly mystical and too awesome.

Several female students who stood in front of Fatty had been completely conquered. They had collectively grabbed their hair, widened their eyes, and opened their mouth to take a deep breath before inconsiderately shouting out while glancing left and right.

Fatty was so shocked that he had jumped. He had merely played with the rifle and the female students had all reached an orgasm. This was still the first time he had seen this.

[1] Just a Chinese saying–狗血淋头–that means torrents of abuse; being scolded like crazy…

[2] Mara refers to the demon of temptation.

[3] 拍马匹 - Meaning to spout nonsense

[4] This is a Chinese saying that means that someone is very formidable.

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