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Chapter 5: The Delicate Beancurd

Translator: Chaos_, Luna Editor: Geoffrey_

At this moment, the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army’s forward base was filled with people jumping like chickens — it was total chaos. The surrounding patrols were all rushing back to the base.

Once the opportunity was lost, it would not come again.

Fatty’s current pair of hands were moving as fast as lasers — ten movements were done with his hands every second in order to control the Battle Mecha and flee northwards.

Their luck was quite good. They had only met a single patrol team that was rushing back to the base as they left the boundary of the forest. Before this team that consisted of two single-operated Empire’s Battle Mecha and several soldiers discovered them, Fatty had swiftly turned his body around as if he was heading back to the base as well.

The patrol team was thoroughly deceived. They had thought that this Battle Mecha was also a team of patrol dispatched from the base, thus they did not pause before walking past the fatty without looking back. In reality, all they had to do was investigate the the lightly trembling Battle Mecha. They would have been able to see a shivering and vulgar-looking fatty.

Doing his utmost to control his trembling hands, the fatty did not let out a single sound as he tried to get as far as possible from the base before reaching a small slope before turning north. Ten minutes later, the sight ahead of them was desolate. The Battle Mecha’s radar did not detect the presence of any enemy Battle Mecha nearby. Only then did the the fatty release the other six mechanical legs. 20 minutes later, they finally ran through the 30 kilometers wide plain, tunneling into the northern forest at the foot of the mountain.

After running into the forest within a single breath, the Battle Mecha finally stopped. Fatty collapsed and laid down in the cabin to catch a respite before walking out of the cabin. Outside the cabin on the grassfields were two beautiful female soldiers currently hugging each other. The delight of having escaped from death’s crutches had led the two female soldiers to cry tears of happiness. Fatty did not hesitate to rush over. This wretched person had a naive expression as he jumped for joy while trying to hug the two female soldiers in celebration.

What he got in return was two extremely fierce pairs of eyes that stopped the fatty from advancing any further. He turned around unabashedly, celebrating and crying for joy as if he initially wanted to do that from the start.

“Giggle,” the two small white pigeons, who still had tears in their eyes, could not help but laugh. “Stupid fatty,” they laughingly scolded him.

The few days of bitter experiences had created some sort of familiarity with this wretched fatty, who had saved them. Going through the trials and tribulations together, they truly understood that this fatty was actually really formidable. He had certain areas which everyone hated so much that it made him seemingly cute. This person’s bold and unrestrained style of thinking made others wonder if they should laugh or be angry.

The sky started to brighten.

Finally, the very first ray of sunshine could be seen from the horizon, creating a bright red color as if it was fire or blood.

The fresh air within the forest along with the bright chirping from the birds made them feel as if they were in a paradise.

Tian Xing Jian continued sleeping. The back and forth rush during the entire night was enough to make him feel fatigued. The long period of being on the edge had finally ended. He could relax now. Lying underneath a tree, he soon entered the land of dreams. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ni Ya and Mei Duo sat by his side, softly chatting. At the same time, they had swatted away the ground insects that were dancing on the fatty.

By the time Fatty awoke, the two female soldiers were no longer by his sides. The Battle Mecha was still quietly standing by his side without any signs of being moved. The sunlight piercing through the gaps of the trees fell down on him. The greenery within the forest brought about an exceptional fresh and vivid feeling, as if they had been living in a fairy tale.

Fatty focused on his ears. Somehow, he could hear a strand of voice amidst the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects.

Sounds of spring water accompanied by giggles.

Standing up, he headed in the direction of the sound.

Stepping on the thick, dried branches and the fallen leaves, he lowered his body and crawled through the vines that intertwined between the trees before finally sliding down a slope filled with green grass and wild flowers. The sound started to become more distinct — it was the voices of Ni Ya and Mei Duo accompanied by the sound of splashing water. Such a cheerful and pleasant sound to listen to.

Taking a detour around the few big trees ahead of him, Tian Xing Jian finally saw a beautiful small lake ahead.

This was truly a fascinating lake that could bring feelings of tranquility.

The water with no impurities in sight was so clear that the various colors underneath the lake could be clearly seen — deep blue, light green, and golden yellow. Several tree branches that fell naturally gently sunk into the water. There were also beautiful, spotted fish swimming around those branches.

Mei Duo and Ni Ya were currently bathing within this clear lake.

The two curved and enticing figures were akin to mermaids of the lake. Half of their bodies were soaked within the water while the other half were revealed in the early morning’s fresh air. The sparkling translucent water droplets rolled down their delicate, naked bodies. The beautiful skin that was so tender and snow-like felt exceptionally dazzling and exquisitely smooth.

Beautiful things always had an overall character attached to it. Their pure and holy bodies had completely immersed into this fairy tale-like lake.

Fatty could not bear such an enchanting scene. Suddenly, he became dizzy as if he was in his past-life or a dream. He felt a nostalgic feeling of having seen this scene before, and that memory mysteriously resonated within him.

Quickly, he shook his head. He felt ashamed of temporarily losing himself in front of the two beautiful naked bodies.

“Save me, there’s a rat! A rat!” this wretched person had an expression of anxiety as he charged out of his hiding spot. Accompanying the screams, Fatty jumped into the water with a somersault.

He charged frantically towards the two enchanting figures. Currently, the flesh on Fatty’s face was trembling. His eyes were glowing and saliva dripping. The two female soldiers only had enough time to cover their private parts before the extremely fast fatty charged forward. This wretched person jumped headfirst into the embrace of Mei Duo, and his other hand grabbed the raised and relishing butt of Ni Ya. On one hand, he was currently eating the beancurd which happened once in a blue moon, and on the other hand, he was screaming as if he was a frightened child being wronged, “Rat, there’s a rat chasing after me!”



Two slaps happened simultaneously on both sides of the fatty’s face.

Mei Duo and Ni Ya felt bashful and angry at the same time. They did not care about revealing themselves. Instead, they were beating up the fatty with their fists and kicking him with their feet.

Having to endure the two female’s flying fists, he continued to look at the gentle, jade-like rising peaks of their figures. Even though the thick-skinned fatty was shouting out in agony, he was actually extremely delighted deep in his heart.

When the three of them returned to the forest, Fatty brought back with him several fish caught from the lake. He acted as if nothing had happened, as if the previous peeping and beating he underwent had nothing to do with him. Ferociously looking at this shameless wretched person, the two female soldiers were red in their face. They looked at each other momentarily before immediately averting their gazes, bringing with it a bashful and angry feeling. Oh god, how could there be such a damnable fatty living in this world?

After eating some fish, the three continued on their journey. From the radar of the Battle Mecha, there were no traces of activities from the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army’s Battle Mechas. After all, towards the north, there were only mountain chains covering the entire place. Unlike ancient times when there would be farmers living on the planets, these human-populated planets did not have any human activities at all in these places.

The supply and economy, which space wars depended on, could not be realized at a location away from the cities. Fighting using guerilla tactics on the surface of the planet would only be seeking death. If all the cities on this planet were controlled, there would no longer be any supplies available — the missiles would be used up, there would be no manpower left to replace those who died, and they could neither continue to fight nor travel in the air. How could a person depend on just his human legs or a Battle Mecha to outrun the extremely powerful aviation forces? After fully installing their defense system, any guerilla forces would die the moment they get too close to the cities. Since they could not get close to those cities and there were no villages in these human-populated planets, then what use was there for these guerilla teams? Thus, the guerilla tactics used during ancient wars would only be applied by certain space pirates.

Carefully choosing the road to continue on, Tian Xing Jian drove the Battle Mecha in the winding forest. After his modifications, the mecha that originally excelled in cross-country movement became even more formidable. Some of the places where a two-legged Battle Mecha couldn’t traverse were easily completed by this six-legged modified Battle Mecha with its jets as an aid.

After passing several northern mountain chains, he was fully confident in having escaped the Gyaca Woods Empire’s base of operations. As such, Tian Xing Jian decided to take the eastern road from this point forward.

Relying on the skills he trained during the scout training camp and his innate keen senses, Tian Xing Jian had brought both Mei Duo and Ni Ya on a scenic tour while miraculously passing countless battlefields via the small gap in between after two weeks. They had travelled many thousands of kilometers. At the moment, the large energy piece had been fully consumed to power the mecha. The three of them had already reached the external boundary of the capital of Miracolo Planet — Jialipalan’s Three Lake Plains.


Due to the lack of manpower, Gyaca Woods Empire did not start attacking the most heavily defended city, Jialipalan. They had only stationed several guards at a location several hundreds of kilometers outside the Three Lake Basin.

Just ahead of them was a region under the Federation’s control. For the sake of preventing deaths under the Federation soldiers, Fatty, who was wearing the Imperial soldier’s uniform, once again stripped himself without warning. However, this time, he had left on him a pair of underpants.

The two female soldiers had already completely lost trust in this shameless and wretched person. Even though they tried their best to act indifferently, the fatty continued to act secretive as he revealed his tummy flabs while acting apologetic. This truly made Mei Duo and Ni Ya break down. They felt their heads ached and wanted to kill someone at this moment.

Stationed just right outside the basin, a small patrol team from the Leray Federation’s land force, 109th Armored Division, soon discovered the three individuals. With one of them being a white fatty in just his underpants, together they made a weird combination.

Even after stripping his clothes, the underpants which Fatty was currently wearing was still the one worn by the soldiers of the Gyaca Woods Empire. There was a black bear logo imprinted on it.

At this moment, the Federation patrol team prudently came up to them. Fatty, who was currently just holding onto a mechanical arm, did not notice it, but behind him, the two female soldiers, who had suffered from enough shame, gave him a dirty look.

In the distance, for the sake of preventing any unnecessary damages, Fatty had already raised both his arms high up in the sky. As for Ni Ya, she was currently carrying the fatty’s modified rifle and had placed it down onto the floor in preparation to be escorted.

Even with his arms raised, Fatty began to tremble as he stood in front of the mouths of the rifles that were pointed at him by the Federation’s soldiers. He did not dare to gasp at all, for he was afraid that his small motion would create a misunderstanding, leading to them firing at him. That would truly be an unjust death.

After the commander in charge of the team exchanged a few words by the ears of Mei Duo, he ordered the soldiers to escort the Imperial Army’s captive, Tian Xing Jian, back into their base.

Unable to make any heads or tails, Fatty had just placed his hands down to try and explain his situation. However, at that moment, an automatic energy rifle touched his back. That frightened him so much that he raised his hands up immediately again.

Regardless of how many times he continuously turned back his head to wink at the two women, they continued to smile and conversed with the commander of the team happily, ignoring him entirely.

Halfway through, Fatty finally understood. One should offend a vile character and not a woman. This was revenge. He truly had been played.

After reaching the military base, the fatty had finally cleared his identity using the Battle Records Device. He was sent to the transport ship along with the other two female soldiers to be sent back to Jialipalan’s forward commanding department.

Towards this bad person who had escaped 21 times from the war 109th Division’s troops gave him cruel treatment by not providing him with any clothes at all, letting him board the transport ship in his underpants.

Several tens of minutes later, the miniature transport ship finally descended in a big institute within Jialipalan City. This was the Federation’s Jialipalan Military institute, one of the three great military institutes of the Leray Federation. Due to war, it was being converted into an operation center. The students had been fully converted into reserve troops. A section of the school was assigned to the land military armored division, and the remaining was assigned to the Newton Galaxy’s space fleet. After a few bouts of defeat, they had long retreated their fleets into Leray’s middle starfield.

Fatty became excited the moment he disembarked from the ship. As if he had arranged this beforehand with them, there were over ten heroes also in underpants. Fatty was currently puzzled. A junior ranking officer saw him the moment he came down. He immediately rushed forward and kicked the fatty back to the team of underpants heroes before scolding, “What are you so foolishly looking at? We have already assembled for 1 minute before you arrived!”

Looking at the junior ranking officer who was scolding him, Tian Xing Jian was currently trying to figure out what was happening when a white-robed, old man came running over. He grabbed hold of the fatty’s mechanical arm before telling the junior officer, “It’s a mistake. He isn’t someone participating in the selection.” Finishing his sentence, he pulled away the fatty. Looking at the person who had come to receive him, Fatty did not say anything. Turning his head around, Mei Duo and Ni Ya had already been brought away by several other female doctor soldiers. Fatty let out a sigh before following the old man towards a big building.

Fatty didn’t know, but at the entrance of the transport ship he took, a doctor who came walking out was currently looking at the group of doctor soldiers. “There’s nobody inside. We’ve already checked through. Didn’t you say there was a fatty?”

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