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Chapter 3: The Female Soldiers Who Broke Down

Translator: Chaos_, Luna Editor: Geoffrey_

Fatty felt grievance deep in his heart.

He cried tears that were akin to the rain.

There was no way he could live through these days anymore.

When they started battling, he could not escape. Now that he had the chance to escape, he had been left behind even after giving intelligence to those people. However, weeping would not achieve anything. Tian Xing Jian was not an idiot. Picking up his rifle, he continued to run deeper into the jungle; his agile movements akin to a fat rabbit.

As long as the Imperial Army’s Battle Mechas did not enter the forest, Fatty was 80 percent certain that he could hide and escape his current predicament. If these Battle Mechas chased after the Federation, then it would be even better.

Fatty could use the fastest speed to run across the vast and open space. As long as he could throw himself into River Su Peng Mang, a river that did not flow that fast, with the fat on his figure and the achievement of getting number one in swimming with military equipment worn, Fatty could easily return to the garrison. He began to think of how he could then eat a big piece of barbequed meat, drink a cup of hot chocolate or tea, or even some wine… Tian Xing Jian shook his head to throw these foolish ideas out. At this moment when he was feeling fatigued, hungry, and sad, thinking about such things made him even more depressed.

First, he had to find a place to hide. If those heavy-sized Battle Mechas reached the battlefield and did not continue to chase northwards but decided to stay here instead to collect the destroyed single-operator mechas, then they would certainly build their camp in this forest.

Fatty could almost certainly imagine the events that happened after his capture. He would definitely, like a white sheep tied to a tree, be skinned and have his fats and flesh extracted.

That was too tragic.

He vaguely determined his current direction before he continued running frantically. In order to increase his chances of survival, he needed to collect several pieces of instruments.

The original garrison of that Federation armored division was not far from here. Very soon, Fatty reached their camp. Overthrowing everything he saw there, he soon found several hand-grenades, an energy piece, and several energy cannons that had been replaced.

Most importantly, there was a mechanical arm which an engineer could utilize. With it, Fatty would be able to use the shortest period of time to use all sorts of materials to build any kind of transportation. During the previous 20 escapes, 15 escapes were done using such a method, and furthermore, the materials he found this time were much more adequate than before.

But, these objects were so heavy that he could not single-handedly carry them. Employing the mechanical arm to dig out several holes, he threw all the objects but the hand-grenade into it, burying them underground. Thereafter, Fatty did not hesitate set it on fire before running away.

Once the flame moved in the direction Tian Xing Jian calculated — towards the explosives, this poor single Machinery Engineer had already reached a smelly mud pool in the middle of the place.

Simply by spending a few minutes, he had completely submerged himself in it. The only thing left was merely a hollow tube led all the way to the field nearby so as to avoid the detection from the infrared scanner or lifeform scanners. However, solely depending on this to fight against detection was not enough. Fatty had even reduced his breathing rate and heart rate to a very dangerous level. This was one of the many weird techniques that was taught to him during the scout training camp by the black bear military instructor.

Tian Xing Jian had an exceptional talent in these kinds of weird techniques. He felt that if he could just stay here the entire time until the battle was over, he would definitely bury himself even deeper.

The Imperial Army’s Battle Mecha platoon acted according to what the fatty had predicted.

They did not continue chasing; instead, they tried to contact the defeated single-operator mechas, who were all over the place, in an attempt to regroup. According to their combat plans, this would be the new forward base of operations for the attack against New Rome, implying the fact that Fatty would be better off just marking his own gravestone than to wait until they leave before climbing out of the mud pool.

Poor Tian Xing Jian did not know of this point. The moment he relaxed, his fatigue was akin to the dam letting out water. Within moments, he fell asleep in the mud pool.

At this time, the Leray Federation’s Supreme Headquarter was already completely in disorder.

The ringing of telephones happened incessantly; the central computer was being buried by more than ten thousand different incoming information. The officers in charge of planning had their expressions turned grey as they tried sorting the intelligence into the different storage discs.

The Miracolo Star floating in suspension within the hall was riddled with problems, signifying the Imperial Army’s color of red was spreading on this planet model at a shocking pace. Over 40 of the 60 migrated cities had been surrounded by them. Of those 40, 16 had fallen, turning into a complete grey - marking complete destruction.

After losing control of the airfield, their ground defenses turned into a chaotic situation where every region was fighting for themselves. Large fragments of the regions under the Federation Army’s control were isolated by the the red color of Imperial Army, before being overwhelmed.

Within the office of this Supreme Headquarter, the chief commander, General Sergei Eisenstein, was currently reporting in person to the president located in the headquarter.

"As of now, the Federation has already lost control of 5 human-populated planets. With only an "Orion" grade battleship, a few light cruisers, and one Titan grade aircraft carrier surviving, the 11th and 12th Space Fleets stationed in the Galileo Galaxy has practically been annihilated. The aircraft carrier in particular survived solely because of the change in shifts. As for those stationed in the Newton Galaxy around the Miracolo region, the Supreme Headquarter has decided to let the fleet retreat since they suffered from a 50 percent loss due to the huge disparity of firepower from the Atlantis Starfield."

General Sergei Eisenstein’s voice was quite hoarse as he spoke. It has been half a year from the point when Gyaca Woods Empire started an undeclared war with them. As the Federation’s preparation for war has long been seriously insufficient for long periods of time, they could not even organize a proper defensive power nor could they retaliate. Owning 3 big Starfields and 8 different Galaxies, the Leray Federation is currently facing the toughest of tests it has ever had."

Facing the Gyaca Woods Empire, who had been well-prepared in terms of the military power, Leray Federation had always been on the back foot. The Dove faction, who is currently directing the government and parliament of the Federation, has never took any actions against the bloodthirsty Gyaca Woods Empire, who had history of invading other factions. Instead, they loosened their guards against them. The military has even sent a few proposal in request to increase the budget given to them but nevertheless was rejected.

Lack of budget, old fleet of spaceships, and lack of training.

What made General Sergei Eisenstein even more helpless was that a large amount of military instructors teaching in the academies had never been bathed in the flames of war. The Leray Federation had indeed been in peace for too long. This heroic nation that had emerged 300 years ago when the previous generations were so dazzling and bright had already become history and characters taught in their books. There were even sculptures of these heroes placed in the fields of the military academies.

What the Leray Federation needed most now was time. The command to mobilize the entire population had already been passed down. The factories and docks were operating full-time, constructing new Battle Mechas and spaceships. Batches after batches of new recruits were currently being conscripted to undergo training in the military camps. Yet, the question now was whether time would allow the Leray Federation to bathe in the light of victory once again.

"The very first United Space Force comprised of the 4th, 6th, and 7th Space Fleets have completely assembled in Leray’s Central Starfield. As the warp gates in the Newton Galaxy have been sealed by the Gyaca Empire’s Space Fleets, forcibly warping there is currently impossible. Thus, the Supreme Headquarters has sent down commands to seal the gates between Leray and Atlantis Starfield, and the first United Space Force has been ordered to defend that location."

Seeing that there was not much reaction from the president, who was currently brewing tea in a frown, General Sergei Eisenstein continued, "Currently, the 1st, 2nd, and 8th Space Fleets are being brought back from the Bermuda Starfield to assemble in the rear. A little time is required to repair the fleet and for the ammunition staff to replenish their inventory. The 3rd and 9th Space Fleets have already been given the order to set out, taking a roundabout route by using the public Starfields in search for the warp gates that would lead them to the Atlantis Starfield. The 5th and 10th Space Fleets will remain in charge of protecting our main planets."

"All the fleets are currently undergoing a reorganization. After replenishing the spaceships and manpower, we can approximately expand up to 5 or 6 United Space Forces in total."

President Hamilton finally placed the teacup in his hand down and raised his hand. "Tell me your difficulties. What do you need me to do? As long as it’s something the military needs, I’ll support it without any conditions."

Pausing for a moment, the president continued, "Right now, the internal state within the nation isn’t very stable. Since we have already lost 5 human-populated planets that consisted of over 300 cities and a few billions of people, then let bygones be bygones. But currently, the voices of the citizens demanding a counterattack are becoming louder. The opposition party is also adding oil to the fire. If we lose Miracolo Planet, then I’m sure we'll completely lose the war with no forward bases to counterattack from."

Seeing that General Sergei Eisenstein wanted to say something, the president waved his hand to stop him before walking towards the windows. His back was currently facing the general. "I know what you wanted to say, but we truly have no other options. If we can’t keep the Miracolo Planet, then I’ll certainly become the very first president in the whole history of the Federation to resign from my position. As for you, you’ll become the first general to resign as well. Without any sacrifice, there won’t be any victory. Even if we have to gamble, we can only continue until our deaths and take the bet."

Turning around, the president hinted to the secretary to bring a document over to the general. He added, "This is the total force that 3 months of mobilizing the entire population in the Federation can bring. I believe that after these 3 months, we’ll be able to reach an equilibrium in the war. With our superior amount of resources and birth rate compared to the Gyaca Woods Empire, we can certainly start our counterattack within a year."

"Without sacrifices, there won’t be any victories." General Sergei Eisenstein repeatedly pondered over this sentence.

"We aren’t afraid even if we have only a single city or a single military force left. As long as we bite down and resist to the end, Miracolo Planet will absolutely not land in the hands of Gyaca Woods. The people want victory, so we’ll give them one. The public wants a hero, so we’ll give them one." The president’s gaze was much calmer than his tone of speech. "Take back the warp gates and reinforce Miracolo as soon as possible. Unite the ground forces as one, and mould that single Federation hero before obtaining an overall victory. Do you understand what I said?"

General Sergei Eisenstein heavily nodded. Suddenly, he realized that he himself was not just simply a soldier. Instead, he had to take into considerations of the political impacts of his decisions, as they were no longer just military matters.

"I hope that our decision is the right one," looking at the back of the president as he walked away, the general thought solemnly to himself.


Tian Xing Jian stealthily tunneled himself out of the pool. Staying submerged in the smelly mud pool for half a day and an entire night was not pleasant at all.

Tian Xing Jian, who was in the mud pool, knew that he was doomed this time.

The Imperial Battle Mechas, transport vehicles, and soldiers were continuously travelling back and forth from the forest. The Imperial Army seemed keen to build their base over here until the war was over. They had even set up a platform within an empty open space in the forest for supply transport ships to descend. Soldier after soldier started flowing in and assembling here with materials that piled up as high as mountains.

Even if he was to use his toes to think , Tian Xing Jian also understood that the Federation Army had most certainly retreated back to the second defense line. Maybe even the Su River Bridge had been destroyed by the Federation.

Even though he was submerged in the mud pool, Fatty had the ability to discern what the voices from the Imperial Army were saying. That there would be so and so… That was the only activity he could do to whittle away time while in the pool. Tian Xing Jian stayed motionless as he "observed" this extremely vile Imperial Army.

Staying here for a day and a night, the Imperial Army at this location had already suffered from two attacks by the Federation’s Air force. However, because their concealment was good, they did not suffer huge losses in terms of their supply and soldiers.

But as the aviation army from the Empire increasingly strengthened their control over the airspace, there had not been another occurrences of something that would make Tian Xing Jian happy. Camouflaging himself as a big ball of mud within the grassfields, the fatty’s mind started turning.

"Your granny, if this continues without someone discovering me, then this father will die of hunger instead."

If it wasn't for the education he received when he was young, which taught him to be patriotic, his fear of torture, and his flying car back home in the capital, Fatty would certainty rather walk over to the Imperial Army to be captured.

"Whatever I say, I’ll still have to find a way to escape from here," Fatty contemplated over the problem resolutely, "If I continued to stay here, I think I’ll be beaten into pieces before I could even escape from this forest."

Having gone through a round of thinking, the fatty did not hesitate any longer. Without taking any risks, he could not see himself escaping from his current predicament.

Usually, scouts in his predicament would adopt various measures such as assassinating the commanding officer of the enemy army, blowing up the place, disguising oneself, distorting the target locations of the aviation, poisoning the water supply, and many other means of creating chaos in order to survive. But for this fatty, that was too dangerous, and he did not dare to think about it.

Assassinating the senior officer? If he died, Fatty would die as well.

Blowing up the place? If the supply was blown, he would die too.

Disguising himself as an enemy soldier? Did you think he was watching a movie? Fatty only knew two sentences from the language of the Empire. The passwords were also secretly stumbled upon by him. But what if he could not find an appropriate uniform? Usually, when Fatty bought clothes, he would even visit shops that specialized in selling larger than usual clothings.

Distorting the aviation targets? Currently, those broken airplanes of the Federation were still fortunately in a piece? Alright, even if he was the ace pilot, wanting to break through this airlock by the Empire’s Air force was not an easy task.

Poisoning the water supply? Fatty was currently a mere Machinery Engineer and not someone who would be knowledgeable in every single matter like poison. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fatty could feel his brain exploding as every method would be full of difficulties.

"Damn! Let’s just risk it all!" When pushed into desperate straits, the fatty’s gangster indecorum would reveal itself once again.

Tian Xing Jian did not know whether he was lucky or not.

The moment he set down his heart resolutely, the moment he started encouraging himself, a tall and well-built Imperial soldier brought with him two Federation captives into the forest, passing by the fatty.

This was a once in a blue moon opportunity. There was nobody around him. Fatty recklessly acted without thinking. Leaping out, he locked his hands together and caused a light gasp to be heard. The Imperial soldier’s head had been forcibly cracked, causing his entire body to be akin to a small little child having his neck being twisted like a rag doll, before falling down onto the ground. As this was his first time killing someone, the fatty did not end his actions there. Taking out a dagger, he struck the unlucky soldier’s throat before using his knee to smash against the lower half of that soldier.

After placing the corpse down, he was still not settled. He gave the brain of the unlucky soldier a smash before finally pulling the corpse into the grassland.

It did not even take 5 seconds from the start to the end.

Fatty’s two legs were trembling as adrenaline caused his heart to palpitate.

He had finally killed someone. Damn. This really was a game of life.

These few moves of his was like a falcon striking the rabbit the moment it started to move. The two captives were gaping widely at him.

They were two females.

One a pilot, and the other a doctor.

As delicate as flower, as refined as jade. They were so beautiful that it would move anyone.

Right now, Fatty did not care about the two stunned female soldiers. He did not hesitate to take off his clothe before putting on the Imperial soldier’s uniform.

The two female Federation soldiers were about to break down.

What exactly is this white and fat creature?

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