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Chapter 110: The Status of a Machinery Engineer

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Fatty and Milan turned over only to see a middle-aged person who had brought a few bodyguards with him arguing non-stop with a person of short stature. These two were actually arguing over the topic of whether the weight of a Battle Mecha would affect its speed. Actually, this topic was a simple one. A Battle Mecha’s external appearance, weight, launch system efficiency, energy distribution, electronic system, drive and propulsion system as well as the Battle Mecha structural design were all important points that would affect the speed of a Battle Mecha. It was similar to comparing a man and a horse; a horse was heavier than a man and was bigger as well, but a man could never outrun a horse. And just like how an elephant was bigger than a cheetah and heavier than it, it could not outrun a cheetah. This was completely a simple logic, just that when it was placed in the case of Battle Mechas, everything changed.

Just speaking of Battle Mechas, traveling in wild areas and on public roads were two different concepts in terms of speed. Efficient long-distance traveling and short burst movements were similarly two different concepts. The mode of movement of Human-Model Battle Mechas, Beast-Model Battle Mechas, and Insect-Model Battle Mechas were also as different as the heavens and the earth and could not be argued based on such general logic.

These two people were clearly rookies and had low standards, thereby wasting their time on such an insignificant issue. The wealthy middle-aged man argued that the greater the power, the faster the mecha would run. If the Battle Mecha had long legs, then taking one step was equivalent to a small-sized Battle Mecha’s two steps. The short-statured young man loudly retorted saying that those with short statures would have less gravity influencing them, allowing these mechas to be much more nimble than those big-sized ones and allowing them to have a greater explosive power for acceleration. The current generation miniaturization of the launch system was not required to be equipped on a big-sized Battle Mecha. The two of them argued without letting go, their spittle flying away as they did their best to criticize the other party’s ridiculous argument.

Fatty laughed to the extent that he felt cramps in his stomach. These two argued loudly as if there were nobody beside them as they tried to rebut each other’s words, yet the content of their argument was incongruous to each other. The middle-aged man’s supposed concept of speed and the young man’s concept of explosive speed were two entirely different things. One side neglected on the flexibility of the mecha, while the other side neglected the endurance. But the two of them just lively argued on, causing the people around them to listen with keen interest. There were even some who wanted to buzz things up and join in on one of the two sides, as everyone wanted to join in the fun.

Since their concepts towards speed were different from the start, the logic would naturally be different, yet these two people were full of vigor. Gradually, there were signs of fists coming into play. In the end, many people joined in on the fray, with the majority of those agreeing with the young man being people of short statures. As for those who agreed with the middle-aged man, they were mostly tall people. Adding on several who deliberately wanted to make things a mess, both sides quarreled to the extent that the sky and earth was turning upside down [1]. Amongst them, there were some Battle Mecha hobbyists who were more experienced trying to explain the logic, yet they were instead rebuked by these chaps. Fatty surreptitiously asked Milan, “Why did these people only have such a standard?”

Milan laughed as she listened: “Those who could play with Battle Mechas are usually those who are wealthy. Those who are knowledgeable about Battle Mecha maintenance are few and far between. You think that everyone will have such a good opportunity like you and be able to enter the research laboratory and read the blueprints? Right now, those outstanding machinery engineers have been grabbed by the ultra-big corporations. After all, their Battle Mecha maintenance and modification involves too many branches of study, and there is rarely anyone who could be an expert in all these different subjects. Among the civilians, the machinery maintenance and modification engineers, regardless of how high or low their standards are, will be called masters by others. The majority of such masters are those who have just finished their study. When they become just a little famous, they’ll be propped up to the heavens by the others. This maintenance center is not famous for having machinery engineers with a high standards in their techniques, but rather, they are famous for having many groups working together and splitting up the workload.”

Fatty gave it a thought before realizing that it was truly as what Milan had said. If he had not received the maintenance camp training, was not taught theories by Boswell in the research laboratory, and did not read those blueprints, then he would surely be even more ignorant than these two people. After all, these people were Battle Mecha hobbyists who had the funds, while he himself had never interacted with Battle Mecha before in the past; it was just that he loved buying and reading several books on them. As for a Battle Mecha’s internal structure and composition data, they were things he wasn’t knowledgeable on at all. The speed of a Battle Mecha and the speed of a flying car were two completely different concepts, and their structures and drive modes were two different subjects. The development of private Battle Mechas from the past till today had reached tens of thousands of different models. Battle Mecha of similar size and weight might have different performance in terms of their speed. These rookies, who had not researched into the different systems of mechas, would never understand this logic.

When no employees came out despite these people arguing so loudly, Fatty thought, ‘No wonder the business of this maintenance center is booming and dared to say they are unparalleled. If these hobbyists were to associate together, then they would truly be unparalleled. In the future when I retire, I should start such a maintenance center as well, calling it Ultra Unparalleled. Wouldn’t that sound nice?”

The two sides argued all their anger out. That short-statured young man said, “Don’t you not believe! Let me tell you, if you don’t believe, we should try competing in terms of our running speed. You are taller than me, so let’s see who can run faster!” This illogical theory had actually made that middle-aged man tongue-tied. In ordinary days, he was too used to enjoyment. All that remained was for someone to feed him during his meals. At this moment, there was even someone who wanted to race against him. This was the number one hardest task under the heavens, so how could he accept? Fortunately, one of his bodyguards had a well-shaped, muscular body. This hunk stood out against that short-statured young man and said, “My stature is taller than yours. How about racing with me instead?”

The short-statured young man had not thought he would be pulled into another situation. Winning against that middle-aged man was a certainty in terms of running, but against this person in front of him who had a body built like a hundred-meter champion, if he was to truly race against him, then these two short legs of his would have to turn as mysterious as a windmill [2]. Darting his eyes around, he tried to determine if there was any comrades of his by his side with a body of similar build that could replace him in racing against the middle-aged man’s bodyguard.

Fatty had became excited by their argument. He did not think twice before that mischievous heart of his made him shout out, “I’ll compete with you!”

These words had been directed towards the young man, angering that young man to the extent that smoke was being released from all seven orifices of his. Damn, it was fine if others bullied him because he had a champion body, but why was a fatty trying to join in on the fun? Immediately, he replied, “Good! I’ll compete with you! You are taller than me and heavier than me, so let’s see who can run faster!” That middle-aged man saw the victory that was supposedly in his grasp being cut off by this Fatty as he took over the limelight. He shook his head: “No, no, this won’t do. It’ll be better if my man competes with him. You can’t do it!” Fatty angrily retorted, “Why can’t I do it? I’m taller than him and heavier than him, and every single step I take will be twice of his. And I also insist on competing!”

“Not only do I want to compete with him, I want to compete with your man as well!” Fatty spoke forcibly with righteousness, “Bullying people with my size is something which I forbid!” It created an uproar amongst the people around them. What sickness did this Fatty have that caused him to challenge the tall one after challenging the short one?. Where did he come from? Yet, they never thought this Fatty was just a scoundrel who wanted to seek amusement due to boredom. That bodyguard was full of confidence as he shook his head: “You can’t outrun me. You’re too fat!” Fatty angrily retorted, “No way! We must compete at this moment! If you bully and say that this father is short, then I will not comment about it. But now that you have looked down on this father for being fat, then today, I want to let you know what is called a short and strong fatty!”

The middle-aged man spiritedly said, “Ah Three! Go, let this fatty accept wholeheartedly that he can’t win!”

Milan laughed as he stuck closely to Fatty’s body without moving at all. The two of them were being called out of the great hall until they reached an empty ground in one of the Battle Mecha maintenance waiting areas. Fatty acted as if he was warming up with Milan standing by his side. She did not know whether to laugh or cry; she only wanted to strangle this spiteful Fatty to death.

Some kind-hearted soul went to draw a starting line and measured out 100 meters. He then found a Battle Mecha to be a judge via using its optical scan to determine the results. The three of them stood by the start line when the wealthy middle-aged man suddenly shouted, “Wait!” Everyone was startled as they only saw him walk towards Fatty and said, “Initially, this isn’t an issue for you, but who would have thought that you would want to join in on the fun. If Ah Three loses, I’ll gift you a [Hurricane], but what if you lose?” The crowd became getting excited. A Year 2059 design [Hurricane] private Battle Mecha that had just been customized was a treasure which many people dreamt of having. Fatty was stunned. Look at this, he was about to get some profits. Where would he obtain the money for this? Right when he was about refuse and criticize him for gambling, Milan, who was by the side, did not feel content and shouted out, “If we lose, we’ll give you a [Hurricane] too.”

Just when Milan finished speaking, there were two voices sounding out simultaneously, “I’ll pay for this [Hurricane]!” Fatty and Milan turned around and looked at the two people who were now looking at each other in dismay. One of them was a familiar person—he was the Restaurant Si Mai’s young master, Mills. A few of his sidekicks were by his side and looking over with faces full of smiles.

As for the other person, he was someone they had never seen before. Fatty pondered for a long time, thinking that he had never seen this person before. For a moment, he stared blankly at him. He found it strange for Mills to actually decide to support him, and now, another strange old man popped up. It seemed that this person wasn’t young anymore and did not seem to like joking with his words. When did Fatty running become so popular? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mills walked towards Fatty and said, “Big Brother Tian, in the past, I am ignorant. Today, regardless of whether you win or not, just treat it as my punishment. In the past, I wanted to talk to you, but there wasn’t enough time.” Of everyone present in the scene, he and his friends were the ones who understood the identity of Fatty the most. Even though this person might seem insincere, he was, after all, brought up in a family of businessmen and just a slight revolution in his mind would allow him to know what he should do at this moment. Furthermore, they truly wanted to become friends with this Fatty.

That unfamiliar old man smiled by the side without making any sound.

Fatty helplessly nodded to Mills. He felt kind of flabbergasted, as he might really be the duck that got chased up the shelf [3] if he wasn’t careful enough. Damn, it’s time for him to go broke. Even if he died, he would have to win. If he were to lose, then it would be truly disgraceful.

Under the command of a single voice, the three shot forth like arrows shot from a bow; they rushed out. Fatty was someone who had been through professional special forces training. That short young man might be nimble, but he would never be able to compete with him. Within 30 meters, he was left behind. Before reaching 70 meters, the bodyguard Ah Three similarly could not catch up with this fatty who was dashing madly. Once Fatty took the lead and crossed the finish line like a rhinoceros in heat, everyone became dumbstruck. Never would they have thought that this Fatty would be so formidable.

That middle-aged man was even more dumbstruck. He would never have thought that Ah Three would lose. What felt even more resentful to him was that he had actually took the initiative in giving up a [Hurricane] to the other party. A Battle Mecha was fine, but to him, who was a distinguished and accomplished, elegant, confident and outstanding upper-class figure, his reputation was much more important. Fatty grinned from side to side as he came walking back. A [Hurricane] had been so easily obtained by him. He truly wanted to run two more times.

But that middle-aged man did not prepare himself to be spendthrift and foolish again. He said in a melancholic tone to an employee from the maintenance center, “Send him a [Hurricane] with the bill paid by me.” Fatty put on an honorable look as he said to the middle-aged man, “See this? The truly fastest Battle Mechas are those that are fat! Next time, all of you should try modifying towards this direction!”

The moment they heard Fatty’s words, the audience started laughing. The unfamiliar old man could not help but speak loudly, “This sir is joking with others. Modification of Battle Mechas involves many different aspects and isn’t just solely influenced by the figure of a Battle Mecha and its weight. If you don’t understand, then this center has many Battle Mecha lectures open to the public. We welcome everyone to come and join us.” Saying that, he bitterly laughed at Fatty before saying softly, “Sir Great Master, you shouldn’t poke (fun) at us anymore. If they truly start modifying Battle Mechas with plump figures, then the aspect of speed will not go along with our reputation of business, and everything will crumble apart because of these people who were arguing about some insignificant problems.”

Fatty was stunned. He asked, “What did you call me?”

The unfamiliar old man laughed, “Great Master! You are absolutely a Great Master in Battle Mecha modifications! Previously, I had overheard what you were talking about. Every single Battle Mecha subject you talked about were crucial matters. Your understanding is truly worth me prostrating myself in admiration of you. See this? I’ve recorded all of them down.” Saying that, he took out a miniature-recording instrument and pressed the restart button. The voice emitting was precisely the discussion between Fatty and Milan regarding the pros and cons of these Battle Mechas.

“You are…” Fatty felt strange. Why would someone be so bored that he came with a recorder? That strange old man laughed: “I’m called Hurstkurt, the boss of this maintenance center.”

Fatty was startled. He had never thought that this matter would actually bring out the boss of this center. Posturing in an overwhelmed manner, Fatty laughed: “Oh, the unparalleled boss, truly a loss of respect. I hope I didn’t create trouble for this boss?”

Hurstkurst understood himself that the name which he gave for this center felt offending to the experts. He laughed: “The name of this center originated as a result of an act in a fit with someone else and it has incurred ridicule by this sir.”

Fatty pondered… After all, the other party had given his support and this gesture felt sincere enough. He waved his hand and said, “Hehe, just joking. However… although those modified Battle Mechas which you guys exhibit may seem good, they can’t triumph over all enemies. There are people who argue over a very simple logic, and it can easily be settled if one or two of your employees come out and explain it to them. But from what I see, all of them did not seem to care about this. It feels like something is amiss.”

Mills and his other friends came over to listen. The more they listened, the more stunned they became. When did this fatty first lieutenant become a Battle Mecha modification Great Master? However, if they gave it a thought, the other person had saved so many people, so how could it be possible if not for his skills!? They heard this old man was the boss of this center. Mills added, “Right, my Battle Mecha has been undergoing modification for close to a month, so why is it not done yet?”

Hurstkurst hesitated for a moment before he replied after looking around him, “This… there are some words which can’t be said here. How about we go to my office?”

Fatty and Milan had originally wanted to understand more about private Battle Mechas, so they agreed without much hesitation. This group of people went with Hurstkurst to his office. After closing the door, Hurstkurst laughed bitterly: “This is something which we can’t really handle. Right now, there are fewer and fewer machinery engineers amongst the civilians. Let’s take my center as an example. If not for the makeshift team, nothing would ever be done here. It’s not easy for me to finally get hold of two who have solid skills, yet they had been snatched away by those ultra-big corporations. Over at their side, the system of cultivation of talent is according to standards and their salary is high too. So who would be willing to stay and work in this civilian modification center? During the past two days, there is so much work that we can’t catch up with already.”

Fatty found it weird: “But from what I see, your business over here is quite good!”

Stewart poured a cup of tea for them while explaining, “We are just the dwarves amidst the giants. The people here did not have any other places to go to and could only come to my place.” He sighed before continuing, “During these two days, another few of our employees left again. It seems as if there’s no more pillars holding this center up. The eastern district is also prepared to open a maintenance center that is even bigger than this place of mine. They said they are backed up by a Battle Mecha manufacturing corporation. Let’s not mention the old masters, even the new machinery engineers are heading over to their direction.”

A friend of Mills reacted quickly with a laugh: “Are you planning to bring this master over to be your pillar?”

Hurstkurst saw that someone had pointed out his idea in words, causing him to blush: “Keke… This... I am quite unsure of which area this Great Master is good at. If it is possible… Ai, after spending a few days trying to find some employees and failing at that, I am truly feeling quite anxious and am being seen as a joke by everyone here.”

Fatty and Milan laughed after looking at each other as they thought, ‘This old man is quite good at scheming.’

Mills waved his hands and said, “You should dispel this thought of yours if you know that he is… I shall not say. If I said, you might just be frightened to death.” Seeing that delighted expression on his, it seemed as if knowing the identity of this Fatty was an amazing matter.

Hurstkurst had opened this maintenance center for a few dozen of years and would certainly be experienced in making deals. He immediately changed his thinking. With a smile, he passed a card to Fatty and said, “This is a VIP card for my center. All of your expenses in this place will be paid by me. If this Great Master is interested, you can come here any time for some tea and lend a helping hand if you want!”

Fatty fell into a daze. It was only now did he realize that amongst these civilian maintenance centers and Battle Mecha hobbyists, an expert machinery engineer had a high status. He himself had merely had a discussion with Milan, and yet, that had almost sufficed to turn him into someone akin to the other party’s ancestor. This treatment felt too baseless. Right when he did not know what to do, Milan accepted the card in Hurstkurst’s hand before replying with a smile, “Alright! As long as this boss finds it fine, we’ll come over and disturb you at anytime. It is out of the question for us to teach you all, so let’s just undergo research together.”

Fatty understood Milan’s thinking. Even though the blueprints in the research laboratory were complete, they were veered towards military standardized Battle Mechas. The future modifications of [Logic] would still require a line of thought that utilized the experiences from private Battle Mechas. Where else would there be a better place to research than this maintenance center that specialized in private Battle Mechas? Not only could they interact with various models of Battle Mechas, they could also observe the reasoning behind the different modifications and even see the internal structures and other system parts whenever they wanted. This opportunity was indeed a rare chance for them.

Hurstkurst, seeing that Milan promised them, felt so happy that he could not close his mouth. He rushed over to Mills and said, “I’ll give a call to the workshop regarding your Battle Mecha. I assure you that it’ll certainly be the first to be completed by them!” He took out a phone and right when he was about to ask the maintenance serial number for Mills’ Battle Mecha, the office door was suddenly pushed open and an employee came running over, shouting out breathlessly, “Mr. Hurstkurst, someone is creating a disturbance!”

Chaos_ Chaos_

[1] Messy.

[2] Kind of like the meaning of turning fast into slow.

[3] Being forced to do something which he is not good at.

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