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Chapter 88: Two Medals

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Bernadotte laughingly said to Tian Xing Jian, "First Lieutenant, General Russell holds your talent in military affairs in high regards. The president and General Sergei Eisenstein had also wanted to see our Federation hero, thus I had requested you to come over and chat with everyone. Other than that…"

Bernadotte and General Sergei Eisenstein gave each other a look before Bernadotte laughed: "In view of your contributions to the Federation, we wish to hear your opinions before we reward you and see if you have any requests."

Tian Xing Jian became absent-minded for a moment as An Lei’s words floated in his mind once again.

"Tell me, why did you become a soldier?"

He, who had initially understood why he became a soldier, did not truly understand it now. Was it for rewards and promotion? Were these truly what he wanted?

If he wanted to rise up in the military, then once he reached a rank above major, according to the regulations of the Federation, other than physical or age problems, one could never retreat in times of war! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He thought of the bustling streets in Jialipalan once again. He truly wanted to spout out the word of "resigning"; however, not knowing why or how, his mind suddenly flashed towards Father An, that father-like man whom he had disappointed very much.

Looking at the questioning look of the general, Tian Xing Jian shook his head: "I have a question which I have yet to clarify, and this question has stumped me for quite a long time. I don’t really want any rewards or promotion, but if it is a must, then I hope it can just be a medal. What I want is for a period of leave, as I want to see a person in the capital."

Everyone was startled. Disregarding the fact that this wasn’t the first time the first lieutenant gave such a weird request, was there truly someone in this world who did not like power, reputation, money, and status?

That was especially so when his contribution had been greater than everyone in the Federation! He was absolutely a military genius and the Federation’s rising star!

If he said that it was a coincidence that he saw through Russell’s plan the first time, then what about the second time?

As for the missions in the enemy’s rear—bringing more than 200 Federation soldiers and escaping after running for 500 kilometers or saving Russell from the hands of the Myth Legion—how many Federation soldiers could accomplish that?

What exactly was this military expert thinking? Why would they always feel that his heart was filled with contradictions? He had already received a Purple Insignia Medal of Freedom, was there even another medal more glorious than this?

Could taking a leave even be considered a reward? Don’t make others laugh! Even if it was a year or two, there would not be any problems with it!

Bernadotte, the president, and General Sergei Eisenstein looked at each other and hesitated for a moment.

The Federation truly needed a hero. From the start of the war, the President’s Office and the Supreme Headquarters had already crafted a plan of moulding a Federation hero, and this person in front of their eyes was absolutely the best possible choice for being that hero!

But as it happened, he was not willing to cooperate! He was seemingly against being a hero, one who would be looked up upon by millions. He was incompatible with war and these glories, so how would such a person cooperate with the propaganda? If he was forced, he might just be denounced as being counterfeit goods!

The president bitterly laughed. Such a person was a military genius and a hero, but hearing how Bernadotte had talked about how this person, who was so afraid of death that he begged for mercy, had led others to not know whether to laugh or cry. However, if not for this point, Bernadotte would not have sent him to the frontlines and he would not have established such an unfathomable meritorious service.

The propaganda department had spent a huge amount of effort in disseminating information without restraint on those young people who had some result and contribution, but these people were too far off from a real hero of Federation, and some of them had merely achieved those things because of luck. If their fortune was bad, then they might just die after going onto the battlefield!

No matter what, they could not give up. Whatever issues there are must be resolved! This mysterious company commander—this mysterious military genius—had already roused the mood of the audience. There was no need to propagandize him; all they needed was to announce his name and it would incite an uproar!

The president and the two generals did not care about other things anymore. They stood up to discuss in a low voice for half a day before finally making their decision. The military would place extra emphasis on nurturing Tian Xing Jian! They would give this future star of the Federation a unique position. Being a Purple Insignia Medal of Freedom twice awardee, he could participate in meetings of any levels, and he could read all sorts of secret documents! As long as he took the initiative to ask for a secret document, then regardless of whether he was in the military or not, he could not choose to leave the army anymore! This was totally a joke move since it came from Professor Boswell [1].

Tian Xing Jian did not know that he had been plotted against by these politicians and received another Purple Insignia Medal of Freedom. Towards being able to read all sorts of secret classified information or participating in any levels of military meetings, Fatty was completely disinterested, though he felt that these two medals could help him in the future when he retired by providing him two sets of national subsidies—that was more practical.

Other than that, he was able to obtain a month of leave.

When Tian Xing Jian saluted and was prepared to leave, Russell, who had been quiet for a long period of time, suddenly shouted, "Wait a moment!"

Russell looked towards Tian Xing Jian and said, "I understand your doubts! I can give you an answer, but I have a request—and that is for you to become my student! I’ll leave behind all my military knowledge to you without holding anything back! You have the capability of becoming the most outstanding military expert in the Federation and becoming someone who is even more outstanding than I!"

The generals were all wild with joy. Russell, who are you? A famous general! This was the first time since the emergence of the Federation that they had a military expert that ranked in the top few internationally! As for the reason why he was given the position of chief professor of all three big military institutes of the Federation, it was for the hope that he could pass down his knowledge to all the Federation military students!

Right now, he had actually suggested it himself and that was enough to make the others wild with joy.

Tian Xing Jian looked towards Russell. The more he looked, the more he did not like him. In the past when he saw his picture for the first time, that feeling of how they were innate friends was something he could not remember anymore.

Fatty smiled: "Are you very outstanding? I’m not interested in those things you said. What I want to learn are things that you can’t teach me! As for my question, I’ll seek for an answer myself!"

Fatty turned around, opened the door, and left the room while leaving behind a tongue-tied Russell and a room full of upset generals.

Returning to his dormitory, he washed his face with water. Tian Xing Jian disappointedly looked at himself in the mirror. That person in the mirror had become a stranger that was sneering at himself.

Walking out of the pile of generals, he had, once again, gotten something which he did not want.

At this moment, Tian Xing Jian was lost. After becoming a soldier, he had not only participated in the war but had also earned two "Purple Insignia Medal of Freedom". Could this represent that he had enough courage?

When An Lei asked him why he joined the military, he was as bewildered right now as he was back then. Why? Was it for the sake of seeking what he had lost? But what had he lost? An Lei? His courage?

Could he find his courage?

That person in the mirror looked at himself coldly. Could these two medals provide him the courage to meet the spirit of Father An?

What was courage?

Tian Xing Jian’s head ached so much that he buried his face in the water.

He was prepared to return to the capital to see Father An. Perhaps he might be able to find an answer when he was in front of his grave.

[1] Remember the part when Professor Boswell kept fatty in because he read the secret document?

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