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84.21% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 96: What Exactly is Being Tyrannical?

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Chapter 96: What Exactly is Being Tyrannical?

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Afraid that he would be defiled by this female cadet’s youthful look, Tian Xing Jian immediately left the danger region, signalling for everyone to continue training.

A small crisis had at least been averted. Afterwards, Fatty went on to instruct the fellow cadets on how to disassemble the rifle on the maintenance desk, on the ground, and even on the thigh without using much strength. From this moment on, everyone in the machinery maintenance training camp had treated Tian Xing Jian as their idol, especially when several of them had read about the public record being five seconds for dismantling and seven seconds for assembling. Fatty had, at the most, taken two seconds to dismantle and four to assemble, thus all the cadets felt that this Fatty was absolutely a hidden expert.

After the training which ended before noon, Tian Xing Jian transformed from an instructor into a student. From today on, he would be receiving Russell’s tutelage.

Reaching Russell’s office, Russell did not even raise his head before he pointed to a huge pile of books and said, “This is basic theory. Familiarize yourself with those within two days!” Fatty felt his head getting big. Frowning, he complained, “So many books! And these are technical books, and not just some novels!”

Russell finally looked up: “Do you think you can succeed without hard work? Do you think it’s that easy to become a commanding officer that meets my standards?”

Tian Xing Jian was tongue-tied. These were the words that had seemingly been said by him to the cadets. Karmic retribution happened truly fast. Hanging his head down dispiritedly, he hugged the books and was prepared to leave when Russell said, “Why are you leaving? These books are for you to read during your free time. Right now, we’ll have lessons!”

Tian Xing Jian felt that he was truly a lowly person for he had been rushing to send himself into the hands of his enemy, especially when he became the student of someone whom he had offended before.

Russell had seemingly been reminded of that situation of when he was like a tiger that came down the hill—bullied by Fatty as a result. Right now, Russell had used the strictest of standards to teach him; there were too many battle examples and data being taught, and as long as Russell gave the command, Fatty would be required to memorize everything within a time limit.

Even though memorizing was tough, Fatty could not help but admit that Russell’s teaching standards were relatively high, especially his explanation regarding past battle examples.

Case after case of past battles had been dissected by Russell, revealing their true face. Several tactics and connections in the battle examples were things which he would never have thought of before. There were also many famous precedent battles that had been researched by many others, and Tian Xing Jian’s understanding of these battles had long reached the stage of knowing them like the back of his hand, but upon looking at those battles from another perspective after Russell’s explanation, Fatty felt that he was essentially ignorant. Amongst those, there were countless crucial data, terrain decisions, and scheming methods that had their original form revealed after Russell spun silk from cocoons [1], allowing him to clearly understand the reason for defeat and the important points of those battles.

Fatty was completely convinced that the other party was truly a famous general. Let’s not talk about others, just considering his ability of prying apart the dense fog in those battles was enough for Fatty to learn from him!

As for deductions, Russell had deliberately placed it aside. He did not wish to use his own school of thought to affect Tian Xing Jian’s current personal deduction methods. Even Fatty’s weakest actual ground—command and troop deployments—were not taught by him systematically, and instead, they were taught using various battle examples to guide Fatty’s line of thinking, inducing the spark for him to have his own combat school of thought that solely belonged to him.

Tian Xing Jian became more familiar with Russell. Towards this famous general, he was someone Fatty truly admired. Just from his action of being willing to give up his status and wealth in the Empire without turning back and joining his own race’s resistance battle, Russell was truly a hero of his race.

Other than teaching theories, Russell had also discussed with him the international circumstances and Gyaca Woods Empire’s internal workings. Fatty was a curious person, so these topics were somehow extremely alluring to him.

From Russell’s words, the Myth Legion was indeed the most loyal soldiers to the Empire’s royal family and were indeed the same as the rumors outside; this legion had been embroiled in war for several hundred years until now, and it was also the legion that could make the final decision on the outcome of war. Usually, they would be deployed in the most crucial places. If comparing the combat power of a single one of their soldiers, then even with the issues of the Gyaca Woods’ economy and technology, their Battle Mechas and the ordinary soldiers from the legion could still look down upon the Federation, a nation that did not put much focus on its military. However, if they were facing those special forces from the ultra-big nations, they did not hold any advantages at all; it was just that if they were to rank the coordination between small sections and the commanding abilities of troops above battalion size, the Myth Legion would absolutely be able to rank among the top five international special forces organizations.

Russell had not only given Tian Xing Jian the corresponding information regarding the Myth Legion, but he had even give him a set of regulations regarding how those Myth Legion trained their Battle Mecha controlling abilities.

As for the international circumstances, Russell had also intentionally guided Tian Xing Jian in starting his analysis as they discussed. For the current human society, other than several small nations located in the borders who maintained a neutral stance, the majority of nations had already either joined the Alliance of Fei or the West Faction. These two huge military alliances had already been facing each other for more than a hundred years, with this hundred years or so being truly the darkest period of the human race, as many small nations located at the center were entirely annihilated. War would sooner or later explode, and this time, it would be a war that would sweep all nations in, including the Leray Federation as well.

These conclusions made Tian Xing Jian feel worried in his heart. Fighting against the Gyaca Woods Empire was still fine, but if a cosmic war was to truly erupt, then nobody would know how the Federation would fare in the future. This was the first time he felt pressure in survival.

The days passed in such a routine. As Miracolo Planet continued their war development, news outlets had also made another move to garner the support of citizens, especially when the military had made that mysterious company commander and mystical staff officer into a special topic, causing those citizens to feel hung up in their feelings halfway up the heavens [2]. Fatty was worried that he might be revealed. By then, it would not be solely taking responsibility solely given by Father An. Who damningly gave him another responsibility? Well, who asked you to become a hero!?

Every once in awhile, he would snatch a moment of leisure amidst his business, running to Milan’s research lab. After transforming the virtual cabin into a gravity virtual cabin, the crisis he felt had forced him upon the route of self-torture once again.

In the gravity virtual cabin, Fatty had to put in extra effort all the time! Clearly, his hand speed was faster than the other party by nature, and he would even have energy left over after fighting them, but his potential just could not be unveiled like when he had reached his limits. Regardless of how he trained, there was no growth at all. Maintaining the speed of 40 APS, he could not last more than a minute before he would certainly get cramps.

That made Fatty felt anxious. Regardless of that super high ranking officers in the Myth Legion, the top 500 experts from the various nation in the 《Omnipresent Fire of War》, or the experts in Karl’s 《Battle Mecha Pilot Rankings》 book, none of them had a hand speed lower than 40 APS.

Helplessly, Fatty could only find an alternative path to circumvent this problem of lacking hand speed. After all, in the battlefield, hand speed could not solely determine and guarantee victory. Only with a nimble and agile use of various methods would he have an opportunity to triumph over those enemies whom he could never defeat.

Just by relying on hand speed alone did not determine tyranny!

Within the next few days, SM01314 had consecutively chosen several experts to battle with. Due to this wretched chap’s infamy being too great, there would be more than a million gamers watching his battle every time. Once this person used the mechanical arm underneath his groin to do a sneak attack and dismantle part of the opponent’s mechanical leg, the entire viewing platform went into an uproar.

“Damn, who is this SM01314? Why is it this move again?”

“Too despicable! For him to use his little brother to kill someone, this wretched person truly has the shamelessness equivalent to the entire human population.”

In front of the wall of the main hall, the news shown on the discussion forum kept renewing. News regarding the gamer SM01314 was proliferated, with the words below being: 《The Hands of Little Brother Seen Once Again》 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

《An Expert or a Demon?—Discussion of The Modification Standards behind SM01314 Battle Mecha》

《Be Wary of his Little Brother, it’ll kill!》

《Looking at the Control Improvement of SM01314 from His Battles》

Fatty had a silly expression as he laughed inwardly. Only through despicable means would it be known as true tyranny!

[1] Making a painstaking investigation.

[2] Cliff-hanger anyone?

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