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53.5% Counterfeit Hero / Chapter 61: Who is the One Saving the Others?

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Chapter 61: Who is the One Saving the Others?

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

It was truly solemn and tragic to be the one who was destined to sacrifice their lives for others. From the captain to the chefs on the battleship, everybody knew that this was the last moment of their lives.

They did not have any inclination to look back, as they knew what should be done and what would be done. The captain of the battleship looked calmly at the approaching enemy cruisers before giving out orders to all the different departments in the entire battleship, while the chefs in the kitchen continued to prepare dinner, cursing at the fact that they did not have enough spices as they treated everything as a normal occurrence. After the day which they warped through the warp points into the Newton Galaxy, these independent space warriors no longer treated returning home alive as an option.

The mixture of Federation fighter aircraft battle group and cruisers were even crazier than the enemies they killed! Several smaller fighter aircraft formations stared onto the fluttering Empire fighter aircraft that were rolling and evading their attacks before eventually becoming balls of fire under the intense attacks by the Federation groups in formation.

This mixed group had finally broken through the enemy’s fighter aircraft battle group while exterminating a huge portion of their fighter aircraft. They left behind several smaller groups of aircraft who continued pursuing their enemies in order to prevent them from reorganizing. As for the remaining cruisers and fighter aircraft battle groups, they went ahead with all of their might towards the Empire battleship formation.


Gutiérrez and his soldiers finally found the 4th Regiment Commander, who had a bloodstained face. Some of the Beast-Model Battle Mechas had already broken into the 4th Regiment’s base while the remaining 100 or so Federation Battle Mechas from the 4th Regiment were currently doing their utmost to defend against them. This person who was termed as a sick chicken regiment commander by Gutiérrez was currently hugging an energy cannon, firing in frenzy with a savage look in his bloodshot eyes.

The Battle Mechas that suddenly broke through into their base were none other than the Myth Legion’s Beast-Model Battle Mecha, the [Devil Tiger]. For a battalion of [Devil Tigers] to break through a base that was guarded by just a company of Battle Mechas, the outcome was obvious.

Filled with killing intent, these [Devil Tigers] were too fast. They flew through the infantry soldiers, alternately using their front claws and weapons to bring about carnage. The Federation soldiers were totally helpless against the incoming [Devil Tigers] that sped out, and the Federation Battle Mechas that were currently defending against this group of [Devil Tigers] wreaking havoc in their base were even more so helpless, as they could not fire back. The soldiers of the 4th Regiment could not disperse, so with a single shot from a cannon, the enemy Battle Mechas would not be damaged; instead, the flesh and blood of the Federation soldiers would be doomed.

There were even more [Devil Tigers] following behind as they broke through the entrenchment, with even more Empire infantry soldiers following behind the [Devil Tigers]. If they could not obstruct the incoming [Devil Tigers], then the entire base at point D1 would be doomed!

A soldier who a [Devil Tiger] got close to did not hesitate to pull the fusion grenade in his hand, exploding into pieces while only causing slight ripples to appear on the [Devil Tiger]’s energy shield.

However, this single instance of a harmless grenade explosion against the Battle Mecha was the bugle-horn that told the others how to resist this assault. Thus, in the base, these soldiers, who had no way of extricating themselves from the assault of the [Devil Tigers], started grouping together all the fusion grenades and ammunition boxes they had. A company worth of soldiers, under the situation where their madness reached its limit, created explosions that sent themselves up to heaven and restrained the assaulting [Devil Tigers].

Without any worries, the soldiers on the back flank of the base started concentrating their energy cannon firepower to seal the movement of the enemies, giving an opportunity for the Federation Battle Mechas to let out their cannon fire without worry.

The sick chicken held onto his energy cannon while leading the remaining soldiers, which numbered to less than a battalion, to shoot at the Empire Battle Mechas ahead of the base. Ear-splitting cannon fire could be heard as cries of death resounded to the heavens!

Tearing apart his outer garment, Gutiérrez started to blend in with the group of soldiers as they fired at the enemy. Seeing how this sick chicken was acting, he felt convinced, as this thin and weak chap, who had a lofty spirit, did not lose out as a man to him, who was a two-meter giant! You want to become the savior of the other party? Gutiérrez spat at himself firmly! Dream on! Why would such a man need someone to save him? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The 3rd Regiment suddenly sent over a battalion to help the 4th Regiment temporarily hold back the advances of the enemy. However, as more and more Battle Mechas and Empire infantry soldiers started to break into the base, the entire situation at the base started falling into uncertainty once again.

"Fire! Artillery, fire towards the direction of the 4th Regiment’s base!" A signaller who was huddled up in a corner started requesting with frenzy by using the military signal set. Standing at his side was the 4th Regiment commander, who was in high spirits, as he hollered to the signaller, "Ask them to be faster! There’s no point in calculating, so just fire now!"

Damn! Gutiérrez was stunned. There was nothing to be said if this sick chicken became a fighting chicken; however, he had currently become a mad chicken, as he had actually requested the artillery team to fire at the base, saying there was no need to do calculations for the artillery sweep! That was totally taking down the enemies with their lives!

A loud sound boomed as an artillery shell accurately landed on the base. An unlucky [Devil Tiger] was shot head-on as the ultra-big caliber cannon shell from the autonomous artillery landed on him, immediately causing this [Devil Tiger], who had his energy shield dropped to red levels, to explode into pieces. The 4th Regiment commander and the other soldiers threw aside the weapons in their hands as they scattered like birds and beasts, moving with a nimbleness that was on a different level compared to the [Devil Tigers]!

"F*** your mother! Quickly run!" Gutiérrez was not an idiot and immediately brought his soldiers to retreat to the side. Clearly, at the signs of the first volley of the artillery fire landing, this two-meter tall heroic man ran even faster than a rabbit towards the slope behind them, frantically trying to escape from his current position. Having run away for close to a hundred meters, the entire 4th Regiment base became enveloped in a chain of explosions.

Gutiérrez immediately grabbed onto the collar of the 4th Regiment commander, the sick chicken, and shouted angrily at him, "You sick chicken, you are just trying to embarrass this father, aren’t you!?"

The 4th Regiment commander rolled his eyes. "If I don’t call for an artillery sweep, the entire 4th Regiment base would be infiltrated. Others can just follow along the entrenchment before charging into your 3rd Regiment base. Is this how you repay us for sacrifices of the 4th Regiment for the sake of your lives?"

Gutiérrez was so infuriated that he almost collapsed. He shouted out," Scram, you scoundrel!. It’s this father who came to save you!"

"What a load of fart. It’s obviously the 4th Regiment who saved you all…"

Amidst the artillery fire covering the skies, these two colonels, who had figures on two opposing sides of the spectrum, started arguing without care. The group of Federation soldiers, who had arms around each other’s shoulders, looked on with a smile at the bustling activity.

Before the Federation’s autonomous artillery team had been suppressed by the enemies, the reinforcement division reached their area. This time, it was a full armored division who came to their aid; it was the Federation Aviation Squadron Ground-Based 16th Armored Division who came from the tall forest-filled areas of Cato.

This was already one of the two last armored division reinforcements which General Blatter had on hand.

The 16th Armored Division came with a quick speed as they charged into the base. As the artillery team was sweeping the area, the Imperial Army lost their opportunity to fully break through the entrenchments and enter into the base, and neither did they have the opportunity to spread their control from the point of opening towards the two wings. Once the Special Scouts Regiment directly subordinate to the 16th Division’s Regiment Commander Nadal leads a regiment of warrior-class pioneer Battle Mechas into the base, the entire base would be recaptured by the two other Battle Mecha regiments that went ahead.

After the 201st Fully-Mechanized Infantry Division handed the responsibility of defending the base to the 16th Armored Division, they started retreating. Their injuries were much more serious, reaching a casualty to injury rate of more than 160%. However, they were the only infantry division out of the three that had defended the high ground D1 with people returning alive.

The other two divisions had been wiped clean while defending the high ground! Amongst those who had died included the two division commanders who charged into the base personally! What remained behind had only been the logistics unit under the division. Whenever they met someone else in the logistic base, there would always be people asking, "Have you seen your division? How is the situation at the front lines?"

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