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Chapter 108: Who Was I Ever Afraid Of?

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The supporting commandos finally arrived. These elites, who had fought hundreds of battles, started to surround half the diameter of the area. The further they proceeded, the more startled they were. Every single scar left behind in the forest told of a hair-raising death match. This wasn’t a battle of a company or a platoon; instead, it was a battle between two people who used sniper rifles that did not have a high rate of firing. From the outside, the forest did not seem any different, but to these commandos who had been in battles for a long period of time, this forest was entirely a textbook for sniping!

Without touching these scars, they carefully moved along the road where the two fought until they finally saw the Federation [Beast Mk.III] model Battle Mecha with a corpse in its arms. The commander of the commandos scrutinized the appearance and special features of this corpse, and according to the description given by Russell, it was without a doubt Hopkins. After that, he looked through the small viewing window of the cabin only to see Tian Xing Jian in deep sleep.

The commando commander waved his hand before leaving behind a company to stand guard for [Logic]. He brought along the other commandos with an intention to dig out every single scar left behind from the battle so as to build a simulation and map of what had happened. Such a top-grade battle wasn’t something anyone could have the fortune of viewing. From how they ran to how they shot, these were things the commando commander believed he could learn from!

The regiment commander started from the location of the final commando who was shot, traveling opposite to where the blood stains had come from, and found the location where Hopkins had hidden himself in. The grass behind this small rock had signs of being pressed down upon. After that, he found the hole on the rock shot by a bullet, and at the same time, he discovered where the two started their very first bout.

To simulate a battle from the scars left behind in the scene was an extremely difficult and tremendous job. It was also a job that did not have great value since not every single shot and location that had been run over would leave behind signs. The commandos were, however, not tired in the least. At every single bullet hole, every footprint, and every sign of being rolled over and stopped at, they would give them a serial number while attempting to simulate what had happened. The further they proceeded, the more startled they became. This was truly a hair-raising battle. Just deducing and attempting to simulate the battle from the scars left behind had produced a picture that caused the commandos’ thoughts to dash off in fascination.

That was especially so for the small team of snipers amongst in the commando regiment. The more they observed, the more intoxicated they became. Such a high-speed battle that started without stop was truly rare, and only because of the provocation by the Federation sniper did this death match without any pause start. Even though they knew the ending, these commandos had cold sweat oozing out for this Federation sniper. Several of the bullet holes and scars were truly unfathomable, seemingly as if the Federation sniper was dancing on top of a steel wire with the abyss beneath it!

However, how did this Federation sniper end up in a Battle Mecha? This was a question that puzzled all the commandos. They tried their best to look for clues, as they wanted to break this mystery.

Many commandos already had the same suspicion in their heart: ‘If the Federation sniper is dancing on the steel wire for the sake of enticing the enemy into a trap… then this chap is truly too despicable. Does he have any awareness of being an expert?’

When several generals followed the accompanying commandos to find Tian Xing Jian, [Logic] remained in the posture that it was at previously, standing silently. That broken-looking mecha frame was covered to the brim in morning dew. The commandos that were responsible for guarding it were scattered all around the place, seemingly as if they were statues standing tall and straight.

Milan, who was very scared and on the edge, could not help but scream in fright the moment she saw the corpse of Hopkins in [Logic]’s hands.

The commando company commander responsible for guarding him saluted the few generals that came. He reported, “Generals, the enemy is confirmed dead. The reason for his death is being further analyzed currently. Our sniper is currently resting within that cabin! Are there any further instructions for us?”

Milan tried her best to conquer her fear of corpses as she turned her head and she ran past the mechanical hands of [Logic] with gritted teeth, opening up the cabin doors with the reserve remote controller and tunneling into the cabin.

[Logic]’s hands relaxed, allowing Hopkins’ body to fall onto the ground. Several commandos placed the corpse into a corpse bag before sending it away.

Within the cabin, a sleepy and hazy voice coming from Fatty could be heard: “Who is it!? … Little great aunt, why are you crying? Don’t pinch me, there’s nothing wrong here! Come, give me a kiss.”

The sculptures that were scattered all around had almost fainted. The commando company commander, who was waiting for orders, felt his entire body turn numb as he observed those weird expressions on the generals. Seeing that pitiful look on the company commander, Russell waved his hand before scolding, “This rascal! All of you are dismissed. There’s nothing else.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Several generals turned around and walked off. The commandos were holding back their laughter before dispersing, but before they had left, they heard the sound of Fatty coming from the cabin: “Junior disciple sister, this part of yours has become bigger than before! … There’s people outside? … Who am I, Russell, afraid of? … … Who am I, Big-Headed Karl, afraid of?! [1]”

Several generals simultaneously stumbled on their way. As for the commandos that had been to a hundred battles, they just fell onto the ground!

The forest finally recovered its peace. Only after a long period of time did the two finally exit the cabin with messy clothes. Milan ran over to the river by the side to wash her burning red face. Only with this clear river water could she finally wake herself up. The fatty, who stood up, laughed lasciviously as he looked at Milan, causing her to blush once again. Giving Fatty a kick, she said, “Hateful! What are you looking at!?” Thinking upon what had happened previously, Milan could not help but feel embarrassed and angry at the same time. Rolling her eyes, she pouted playfully: “You are just a shameless bastard! Quickly return with me. See how dirty your entire body is!”

Fatty drove the Battle Mecha with Milan together back to the research laboratory. After parking the mecha, he stealthily gave a call of peace to An Lei. Over on her side, An Lei had somehow not sleep the entire night, and it was only after hearing his phone call did she finally feel peace. The moment Fatty cut off the call, he felt perplexed. When would this sneaky life of his end? The Federation had a monogamy system. In the past when he heard an outstanding history teacher speak of how this monogamy system had resulted from the private ownership of property system and of how the spouses would see one another as their private property... That was the mark of development in human society! “BUT!” This teacher who had never married before raved about madly, “This is a destruction of human nature and a desecration to all male!” Thereafter, this male teacher continued with an unceasing torrent of arguments ranging from physiological and psychological to zoological aspects to prove his point. Regardless, males and females were different. The physiological structure of a male was different than that of a female as well, and there shouldn’t be an enforcement that a man could only have one woman!

After lesson, all the male students gave a thumbs up, saying, “Support!”, while the female students instead spat out fiercely: “Pei!”

Fatty understood that even this teacher, who was standing at the apex of the spray of the current era [2], had merely dared to analyze this from the physiological aspect. At the same time, he had only dared to support a polygamy system. If he was to analyze from the psychological aspect, then he had to agree that a primitive promiscuity system would bring countless issues. Not only would the female students spit at it, even the male students’ support of the ideology would turn “dry” before all of them would be cut to their death!

The psychology of humans was truly complex. From the physiological perspective, male animals would violently kill and use barbaric ways to fight over their partners. Humans were different, as they were not low-class animals. The female psychology required an even more meticulous care and marriage did not constitute merely of s*x alone. Those who agreed with the polygamy system, other than women who had their mind breaking away from the Earth’s gravity, were all fundamentally men. If these men were asked the same question of whether they would agree if their wife had multiple partners, most likely, these men would turn crazy. Thus, in many nations with a polygamy system, they were of a masculism society and the women would have a much lower position in society.

Milan had prepared the water for bath in the resting room of the research lab. Blushing, she went over and passed him the clothes he placed in the research lab in the past. The clothes were washed clean. Because it was placed together in the same cupboard with Milan’s clothes, there was a light fragrance emitting from it. When Fatty entered the bathroom, this would be the second time he had bathed within a period of 24 hours, and at the same time, there was also a woman passing him his clothes. Fatty had used cold water to bathe, slapping himself fiercely before wondering how could he lived through these days! How could he shoulder this sort of responsibility!? Was responsibility something he could only accept for one and reject for the other!? In this chaotic world, amidst the clamoring noise coming from the conflagration of cannon fire, did he have any power to make a decision? Maybe the day when he was finally shot by a stray bullet would be the day he not have to wreck his brain over this question. But before that, he would just live every day as it was!

After bathing, Milan had already fallen asleep. She was curled up on the bed in the resting room, her silky hair softly sprinkled across the pillow, and her eyelashes felt extremely long when she was asleep; her body was just like a little kitten. She was still holding onto a set of [Logic]’s experimental data. Fatty gently walked over to her. This cute woman had been worried for an entire night. Ever since he had left, she did not relax at all until this moment. Fatty laid down beside her gently. He felt that this peace and joy was truly the greatest joy in his life.

When it was close to noon, Fatty awoke. He discovered that as Milan was huddled in his embrace, he had placed his hands in dishonesty at the location which most men would like to place their hands at. It was truly full of elasticity. Was this wanting his life?! Milan had similarly woke up the moment Fatty awoke. She did not dare to move, as this damned Fatty’s hands were making her so embarrassed that she did not dare to look up. The two of them were huddled together in an ambiguous atmosphere, and amidst the bashfulness, she felt safe and comfort. She did not have the slightest thought of leaving Fatty’s embrace. The two of them, with their own thoughts, remained in this posture, listening to the breathing of one another until Fatty’s hands could no longer resist the temptation and gave it a light squeeze.

Milan’s trembling body betrayed her. For a moment, Fatty was stunned. She was awake… The atmosphere froze within moments, and Fatty, after waiting for a period of time and seeing that Milan did not react, felt his courage become bigger and went on to squeeze it again…

Still not moving… fabulous. He extended his hands into her clothes for a squeeze…

When Fatty’s hands had just extended to the waist of Milan, Milan felt a ticklish feeling before laughing out. Blushing, she climbed on top of Fatty before strangling his neck and shouting out, “Damned fatty, I’ll strangle you to death!” The two of them laughed as they got entangled together.

Finally, Fatty’s stomach gave out a gurgling sound. This person had not eaten since evening yesterday. He had also consumed too much physical energy, and now, he was truly hungry. Milan was afraid that she was forcing him to a state of hunger and hurriedly stood up to prepare a meal for him. The research lab had meals sent by the dining hall, but Milan did not like eating those. She would usually prepare some meals herself in the resting room. In the past, Fatty would frequently rush over and request to join her shamelessly. The dishes made by Milan were really delicious; especially when Fatty was so hungry that his chest was sticking to his back, those dishes would become heavenly. Milan did not have much appetite and just drank some soup while tenderly watching Fatty ravage the food. After Fatty was finished with the dishes, Milan said, “If you have nothing to do this afternoon, I’ll bring you to a place.”

‘Bring me to the place? Did she reserve a room at the Restaurant Si Mai?!’ Fatty delightfully nodded with his eyes glowing brightly!

[1] He wanted to take on the persona of Russell when he discovered Russell is outside from Milan.

[2] Being in front and different from the societal trends.

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