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Chapter 7: Whoever is Killing Our Loved Ones

Translator: Chaos_, Luna Editor: Geoffrey_

This was the last draw that made Milan walk off furiously! Casually grabbing a rifle, she shouted furiously, "Damned fatty, are you truly looking to die today?"


A bullet shot out by the leg of Tian Xing Jian.

Fatty was so frightened that he jumped. His entire body was trembling as if he was a dog wagging his tail while facing his owner. An expression of pander appeared on his face as he smiled, "Just a joke, just a joke. This is absolutely and unquestionably a masterpiece done by the most beautiful and wise big sister Milan."

Looking at how Milan was still angry, he once again flipped out. Knowing in his heart that this seemingly gentle woman was actually a fiery demon, the fatty immediately changed the topic, "What exactly is the metal used to build this Battle Mecha?"

Hearing how her most exalted masterpiece was mentioned, Milan had visibly become less angry. Throwing aside the rifle in her hand, she clapped, "That’s how I’ll teach you to be obedient. This is actually an invention by Professor Boswell and I, a biological double attribute metal — Experiment Number BM3633. We have yet to give it a name."

Milan walked towards the enormous computer by the wall while signalling for Fatty to follow. She continued, "This metal has the strengths of a liquefiable metal and none of its weaknesses. Of course, the price is similarly as exorbitant as that of the liquefiable metal. In certain aspects, it might even be rarer than the liquefiable metal."

Touching the screen on the computer, Milan opened a document. Pointing to some sort of plant, she said to the fatty, "This type of metal attained its original form all because of the Metal Devouring Grass. This grass only exists in the Arctic Region of Miracolo Planet. Furthermore, they are rarely found. Since the soil in the Arctic Circle contains some natural radioactive material and heavy metal particles, there fundamentally shouldn’t be any life growing there, thus this grass is its only predator. For it to sustain life, the proportion of metal within the nutrients it absorbed was extremely heavy. Any kind of metal that can’t be absorbed by it will be released outside. It is the excrement from the plant that gave rise to this biological double attribute raw metal."

"The characteristics of this type of metal was actually discovered by Professor Boswell," Milan’s rapidly spun a ballpoint pen on her slim fingers. The small and delicate nose delightfully scrunched upwards, "I used the Metal Devouring Grass and the raw metal’s inability to be to be digested by the grass to finally complete the production of this alloy!"

Fatty finally understood, "In other words, the liquefiable metal comes from the biological cells turning back into its liquid state, and after this sort of biological cells is forcibly isolated, the liquid biological metal will return to its solid state. Even though the Metal Devouring Grass could change the morphology of the metal, this sort of metal could not naturally absorb any of the excreted materials. As a result, the mixing will prevent the phenomenon of biological cells swallowing them up. Adding on the memory alloy to speed up the transformation process, this ultra alloy is the final result from it. Am I right?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Your answer is correct," a sound came from behind Fatty. Turning his head, it was none other than Professor Boswell.

The old man was pleasantly surprise as he patted Fatty’s head, "Your comprehension ability is quite good. You can actually infer the entire train of thought behind the experiment from Milan’s single sentence. It seems that asking you to just repair and maintain the machines is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut."

The old man turned his head towards Milan, "Let him see the manufacturing theory and data for this Battle Mecha," before turning to Fatty, "Remember, you must read the very last sentence on the paper carefully. Any questions you have will be answered by Milan."

The overwhelmed fatty soon finished looking at the document; however, the very last sentence on it was enough to cause his body to tremble uncontrollably.

On this record regarding the data of the Battle Mecha, the manufacturing theory and experiment result, the very last line read: This document is classified as an S rank top secret of the Leray Federation.

What was the final outcome for a machinery engineer who was trying his best to defer his death sentence indefinitely that saw this S grade top secret document? Fatty did not dare to think about it.

"Two years!" a voice sounded by Fatty’s ears. This sound was akin to a demon to Fatty. It was none other than Professor Boswell, who was currently exploiting his curiosity.

The old man coldly said, "You must work here for at least 2 years until the document is declassified or until its classification grade drops to B. So for the next two years, you should just stay here peacefully."

Fatty was at a loss, as he thought, "Aren’t I on death row? What’s the meaning in saying 2 years?"


The cruel war continued regardless.

Gyaca Woods Empire strengthened the land invasion on Miracolo Planet. Due to having most of their power invested in controlling the air destroyed and having their primary communication between cities disrupted by the Imperial Army, the guards in all the various cities of Leray Federation had currently entered a situation of fighting for themselves. Even though they were doing their best to defend, five cities had inevitably fallen under the control of the invaders.

War was a continuation of political motives, and politics was the requirement for ensuring their own nation would prosper. Even though the advancement of nuclear technology from a few thousand years ago had allowed them to easily destroy a planet, under the Universe War Convention, all nations signed the agreement in hopes to restrict the usage of nuclear weapons for the sake of practicality. Both warring factions would not use weapons that could lead to consequences which they themselves could not bear.

And precisely because of this, the land resistance could continue on Miracolo Planet.

Yet, how long could this sort of hopeless resistance last? The Federation soldiers were perplexed. If the Federation could not gain an advantage in the sky, then their land forces would ultimately be exterminated slowly but surely. In the end, they would be exchanging blood and sacrificing themselves for meaningless deaths.

The Federation radio station continued broadcasting to the people for them to continue their resistance, and the resistance had never stopped for a single moment. Three of the five cities occupied by the enemy forces had already turned to ashes, with over ten million citizens dying to the war. Even though that happened, underground resistance groups were starting to appear within these cities. These groups that were started by the Federation soldiers were done according to the "Aftermath Resistance Regulations" in hopes to rapidly regroup and use their broken weapons to continuously harass the enemy as tenaciously and obstinately as possible.

This could either become the small spark that leads a wildfire or the dying fire that continued swaying unstably before finally turning back into nothingness...

Everyone cast their gaze towards the intersection between the Atlantis Starfield and Leray’s Central Starfield… Only after breaching this line would Newton Starfield be fully taken back by the Federation.

Wormholes were the only channel for the human race to conquer the cosmos and transcend time and space. They made use of the natural wormholes within starfields to build certain space warp channels, reducing a distance of more than ten thousand light years into a distance that could be traversed in the blink of an eye. Interstellar battleships would not be able to open up their energy shields when warping through space, and a battleship without an energy shield protecting it would be completely destroyed after a volley of cannon fire by three enemy battleships.

This intersection between Atlantis and Leray’s center Starfield was actually a region separated apart by many tens of thousands of light years. However, the entrance and exit of a wormhole existed precisely in these two regions.

The Imperial Army was currently guarding the Atlantis Starfield’s entrance while a space fleet of the Gyaca Woods Empire was stationed here. Several fleets were guarding a part of this enormous space. They had been able to use the shortest period of time to surround and destroy every flying object that was not part of their empire.

But the Federation had an advantage — nobody knew when these complex battleships would appear in front of the Imperial Army. No battleships could fully complete charging their main cannon within 2 minutes of time, and nobody would be able to locate the exact position where the Federation’s battleships would appear. After the end of the warp, these battleships only needed 3 minutes before they could activate their energy shield once again.

Even if that was the case, for the Leray Federation, this was definitely the start of a battle that required many sacrifices.

If that’s the case, who would be the first to enter?

Who would enter and paint themselves as the primary target for the enemy, using their fresh blood to open a channel for the reinforcements behind and sacrificing themselves as martyrs?

This intense question made all the soldiers within the regional fleet in Newton Starfield coldly laugh. They scoffed disdainfully towards the person who asked this question.

There was only a single sentence amongst these men of the Leray Federation: "We’ll go! We’ll go and take back what’s ours!"

Their eyes were red and nobody dared to snatch this job.

Two months ago, after losing over 50% of their battleships, this fleet that was responsible for guarding the Newton Starfield and comprised of mostly the people from the twin Miracolo Planets had undergone a humiliating retreat back to Leray’s Center Starfield.

They felt agony.

Their homeland and their loved ones were suffering from the fires of war, yet they could not do anything about it.

These people felt tormented every single day as they stayed in the Leray’s Center Starfield. This sort of humiliating pain had penetrated deeply into their inner soul, so much that they were going crazy. They had directed this pain into training, sleeping only a total of 3 hours every day.

In reality, most of them did not even have 3 hours of sleep at all! They would wake up from nightmares, or perhaps they woke up after crying painfully... and became unable to enter slumber after that...

New Age Year 2060, March.

The Leray Federation assembled more than half of their entire nation’s military power within the fleets and started their fierce attack on the warp point.

Once the regional fleet of the Newton Starfield regrouped and fully replenished their manpower and battleships, they successively disappeared in a distorted light.

The President of the Federation, Hamilton, started his very third television address since the start of war.

Standing in front of the monument that represented freedom and unity, the television screen behind him was currently broadcasting the various scenes taken by the journalists who risked their lives to enter the planets occupied by their enemy. These scenes had been sent back to the capital and produced into the special program, "Whoever is killing our loved ones".

The special program was produced using the traditional black and white colors, though there was one other colour that remained on the actual film — the color of fresh blood.

Enormous explosions resounded in the most flourishing districts within the cities. Amongst the heart-tearing cries, a father tightly hugged his little boy, who had just died recently. He sinks his head to the top of the boy’s forehead, continuously kissing him. Tears had mixed with snivels as they dropped onto the little boy’s face.

There were even more tragic scenes happening, though the journalist had left by then.

A few hours after the journalist had passed the location he was previously at, the father was still there. He continued to hug his child foolishly, sitting amidst the crowd of people who tried to escape. His expression was completely dead as he looked into the camera. As the cameraman shifted, his gaze continued moving with it, as if the lens was pulling his lifeless expression. Finally, as the cameraman left step by step and the camera lens got further and further away, the father became very small in the scene, yet everyone could still see the despair and emptiness in his expression.


A soldier who was currently bleeding gave the cameraman a smile. He said, "We have never been afraid of resisting. However, if you can see this… mother, I love you." Three minutes later, he died in the uninhibited pain.


"Son of a b****! Come," a corporal who furiously shouted. He and his platoon was continuously repelling the enemy’s attack. The airport was behind him, and the enemy’s airborne infantry had already started to get closer to them. The fighter planes were making full use of the time to divert the enemy’s attention. They had to continue sticking to this plan since there was no road of retreat for them. The camera lens swept to the comrade of this corporal, yet the moment it turned back, a bullet had already pierced through the head of the corporal, causing him to suddenly fall onto the ground, spurting out fresh blood as if it was an atomizer that stained the entirety of the camera lens. The soldiers beside him rushed forward, trying in vain to place pressure on the corporal’s wounds. They shouted in tears, "Doctors! Quickly save him!"


There were too many of such scenes happening...

Everyone who had seen this special program was in tears. Those scenes would forever be etched in their minds.

The president said, "We must remember these scenes that are currently happening on Miracolo Planet. There is no way we can give up on them."

He ended it with a few words, "A blood debt… can only be repaid with blood!"

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