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Chapter 87: Why is it Him?

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

That day, many things happened in Jialipalan. The president had personally come to welcome the general of the Empire, Russell, and had also conferred him the rank of general of the Federation, the chief advisor of the Supreme Headquarters, as well as the chief emeritus professor of the Leray’s three big military institutes.

Even though they were all positions without obligations, for these positions to be given to an enemy who had only recently been brought over, it was enough to show the sincerity of the Federation. Furthermore, the Supreme Headquarters was not prejudiced against Russell when he came over daily for work and had even arranged an office for him in the front lines forward command department.

At the same time, the president signed and announced oven ten proposals that had passed through the parliament regarding the reconstruction of Miracolo Planet. These included a series of preferential policies towards the local corporations on Miracolo Planet, policies that supported banks, the investment on the fundamentals of the nation, the government budget plan, as well as the military budget plan.

Numbering in the hundreds, the ground-based fully-mechanised infantry divisions, ground-based armored divisions, and the aviation squadron armored divisions would be gathering in Miracolo Planet as they prepared for the counter-attack against the Galileo Galaxy.

The 1st and 2nd United Space Fleets would regroup over at Miracolo Planet. Each of the united fleets would be replenished with two new formations worth of new model battleships, totalling up to a five-fleet, large-scale united fleet.

The 3rd United Fleet had also been given orders to station over at Newton Galaxy. This fleet had only been recently assembled and was comprised fully of the monotonous-colored new model battleships; these were new products after the mobilization of the nation in preparation for war.

Enriched with more than 30 resource planets, the Newton Galaxy would construct over 1300 gigantic space docks so as to rebuild the new Federation’s space battleship construction base. At the same time, the new battleship models reinforcing the united fleets would be constructed there.


Tian Xing Jian did not know how he had walked back to the academy’s dormitory. For the entire day, he sat there in a daze. On the next day, once he was woken up from his dream by a knock on the door, he realized that his face was still covered with signs of tears.

Dizzily walking over to open the door, it was a confidential secretary from the forward command. This young female secretary did not show any emotions as she said, "First Lieutenant Tian, General Bernadotte has ordered you to go to his office as soon as possible." Saying that, she did not care about Fatty’s reaction and just turned and walked off.

Fatty did not have the heart to care about her; he who was used to sleeping in the nude went back mechanically to wear his pants.

Pants… F***!

No wonder that confidential secretary had a weird expression.

After wearing his clothes, he took the medal with him customarily. Tian Xing Jian soon rushed over to the office of Bernadotte, with You Na opening the door for him.

Fatty thanked her simultaneously with entering the office laterally.

The huge office was filled with people. Other than Bernadotte and several other generals whom he had seen frequently, there was also Federation President Hamilton, the Supreme Headquarters’ General Sergei Eisenstein, several major generals, and lieutenant generals who were sparkling.

Tian Xing Jian could not help but heave in a breath of cold air as he saluted to General Bernadotte, "General, Federation First Lieutenant Tian Xing Jian reports to you. Please give your orders."

The office that was filled with people talking cheerfully and wittily had suddenly quietened down. A general whose back was facing him turned around before staring at Tian Xing Jian with an expression of disbelief as if he saw a ghost: "‘It’s him?!’

This general was none other than Russell, and the person whom he was asking—Bernadotte—had merely smiled and nodded: "At ease, First Lieutenant… That’s right, General Russell, he is the person who saw through your combat plans twice. It’s not us generals, but instead, it was Staff Officer Tian of the 6th Research Unit from the combat planning department."

Russell felt that his dream was just like a mirror breaking apart.

He was filled with a disappointment that could not be described!

He had always thought that a wise and farsighted general had appeared from within the Federation. This general, even though he wasn’t that experienced, was someone who had enough wisdom to become his partner. Once he could finally return to the Freedom Battlefront to lead his own people, this general would certainly be able to cooperate with him, and they would be friends and a pair of terrifying twin swords that would be pointed against the enemies.

In this chaotic era, one single person’s strength was ultimately weak. He understood this logic when a problem cropped up in the cooperation between himself and the Federation. As for that Federation general whom he was thinking of, he was actually the biggest motivation for him in defecting to the Federation.

But alas, there was none! No wide and farsighted character, and no general was present.

This person who had consecutively seen through his combat plan was merely a first lieutenant, a first lieutenant who did not have any power. Furthermore, this first lieutenant was also the person who had saved him—that fatty who exterminated half of the soldiers pursuing him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This first lieutenant felt as if he had a blood sea of vengeance against him, and the entire road of suffering was something Russell could not even forget until now!

Just like the disappointment that could not be described, the currently shocked Russell was similarly feeling something indescribable!

What character was this first lieutenant exactly? How could he actually be part of the special forces? How could he be the one who was able to rescue him from the hands of the Myth Legion after entering deep into the rear enemy lines and also the stellar military staff officer who was so outstanding that he could consecutively see through his plans and almost single-handedly change the entire outcome of the battle on Miracolo!?

A first lieutenant… He was a first lieutenant! But, why was he just a first lieutenant? Why?

All sorts of feelings welled up in Russell’s heart as disappointment and shock intertwined within, preventing him from being able to calm down!

At the same time, shock was surging through Federation President Hamilton and Supreme Headquarters’ General Sergei Eisenstein as well.

They had long heard of the name of this first lieutenant and have heard of how he had led a platoon of special scouts to bring out over 200 Federation prisoners-of-war. The Federation had made this a huge issue that led to not only the international society discussing and criticising the Gyaca Woods Empire, but even some of the nations that the Federation was working closely with had borrowed this opportunity to stop their commercial trades with the Gyaca Woods Empire. Even those that were iron allies of the Gyaca Woods could only provide aid to this inhumane nation in the dark.

This was also the first time the population’s support of the president and the military had reached a high of 80%!

He had similarly seen through the first combat plan of Russell. The President’s Office and the Supreme Headquarters had almost made a mistake with [Operation Lightning], which could have possibly sent the Newton Galaxy to its funeral! If not for this first lieutenant, the Federation would have long been defeated, and the president and the military would have become sinners in history!

Who would have thought that this second time, he had similarly been the one to see through the plans of Russell? Not only had he turn around the complete defeat, but he had even settled the entire outcome with a single move. Today, everyone could sit here and celebrate the overall triumph of Newton Galaxy largely because of this first lieutenant!

History was filled with too many coincidences. Bernadotte had merely coincidentally thought that this Battle Mecha engineer, who did not seem outstanding, was someone who met opportunities to contribute a first order merit as a counterfeit hero, thus he decided to send him to the front lines, but that eventually saved the Federation.

Hamilton looked towards Tian Xing Jian and the interesting expressions on Russell’s face. He had a sudden thought of laughing out loud wantonly! Madly! Coincidence! That was something which is so damningly interesting!

It seemed that luck was on the side of the Federation!

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