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Chapter 4: When going detention

Walking towards the detention center passed by rather mundane. In fact, there's the feeling of boredom every now and then when walking by. Looking at the group members of Fruit Baskets, it seems like they couldn't withstood the silence. Meowmy started ranting towards Suika about the best sardine she ever ate while looking forward to going at the local fish market. Avocado led both 'prisoners' with ropes on their wrists while multitasking with reading a magazine. Looking at a distance, Bai Ruoyan can tell that it was the latest summer magazine of the year. The page was flipped towards the bikini section where he could tell that many poses those models bring out their suit to the extreme. Looking at the expressionless face of Avocado, he could tell that he's now an expert of facial muscle control.

A glimpse at Seven and you wouldn't know what he's doing for he actually leaped from the ground and parkour ahead of them. From the look of it, Bai speculated that he must have a diarrhoea. The woman at his side was frowning rather distastefully around her surrounding. After all, everyone was looking at them.

Being out in the open like this doesn't bother Bai Ruoyan at all actually. The attention of those people wouldn't affect him after all. Having a father from an elite team and rumours about being born later than the other twin caused that. The trouble about deciding whether the other twin was his sibling or actual twin was also a headache since his birth month was on May while his twin Aone was born during the month of August.

Although they had never met before, he could tell that they would be great together. He's a Gemini after all and his twin a Leo. Reminds him of that one song Leo in Yoo channel where his favourite singer E ve sung one of his favourite. Moreover he actually composed it, easily making the song one of his top list of songs to listen to after his favourite band singer FALILV and two other singer, Soraru and Enae.

Looking at the rope tied on his wrist, he actually found out that it was a bit loose. Just a little frictional movement and it will free him. Doing that successfully should be no problem but escaping was the trouble. After all, the elites in front of him should never be underestimated at all.

He heard stories about how Juicy Suika managed to gather elite members despite being a human. He definitely was no ordinary man. Those green hair should be a highlight too. Plus the fact that he single handedly defeated 20 assassins assigned to kill him was already considered as legendary. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His vice-leader Meowmy though was actually the strongest in District 31. Don't let her playful behaviour bother you. She's a martial artist, ruthless to the extreme. Rumours have it that most members of Fruit Baskets joined because of her as she's considered as their goddess. She also seems rather brash though.

Seven... he didn't want to think about him at all. The rumours where he can multiplied was enough proof already. As for Avovadabro, he could take some chances. He's a lot more skilled in magic especially AoE type of magic. The saddest thing when encountering him though was that he's actually a battle mage rather than the usual traditional mage so whenever someone tried to fight him thinking that he's weak, they usually got their asses cleaning the dusts from the floor. He saw first hand how his father fought before after all.

Now then looking at his abilities, Bai Ruoyan tried to find a solution. He's fragile at the moment especially with how he left his keris behind at Eros so that he can help coat the poison properly without him poisoning himself. He had yet to actually create an antidote to cure from that poison. It's a bad move for him actually. If he ran away right now, they'll capture him and will definitely do something worse than this public-shaming. The only magic that can aid him right now would be his racial skill by which it would be rendered useless against his father. His other arsenal would be the surrounding around him but he's still in a disadvantage.

Thinking that he should give up for now, a sudden movement from his right caused him to quickly glanced and noticed that it was actually that woman. He noticed the lack of rope around her wrist and noticed that she was trying to escape. Avocado immediately noticed and tried to alert the other two couple who were still arguing but Bai Ruoyan immeadiately took an action. He pulled the rope around his wrist causing his father who were leading him to nearly fell due to the sudden pull. Doing so caused the rope to completely loosen so he immediately ran after the woman.

"Oi, Bunny woman!!" he shouted after the wererabbit who were still on the run. Behind them was the three elites who noticed them escaping.

Noticing that she actually ignored him, he once again shouted, "Seven is ahead of us! If I were you, I wouldn't want to encounter him at all!!" he shouted. Immediately it seems she stumbled a bit for her face turned pale, her eyes a tad larger than previously. It seems she heard the rumour about Seven after all.

"What's your plan?" She asked when Bai Ruoyan managed to caught up. His eyes immediately twitched with disbelief when he finally realized that she actually took off without a second thought.

"Where's your teleporting talisman?" He asked. He remembered that she said the bear was in the town because of that talisman in the first place. When mentioning about the talisman, the woman suddenly have a sour look on her face.

"That stuff is expensive you know?!" She shouted. Along the way she even kicked some barrels to slow down their pursuers.

Rolling his eyes, Bai Ruoyan said, "If you want to get beaten up by those guys then I welcomed you. I don't want to deal with Avocadabro at all," the thought only makes him shiver. All the books he read would've been confiscated by him. Oh gosh, he remembered the nightmare of where Avocado actually stole his book for his own use and entertainment. He wouldn't want to get back those book at all. No, he refused!

With a grimaced, she took out her talisman that was around her neck. "Held my hand!" She shouted as she immediately threw the thing hard onto the ground. The stone shattered and Bai Ruoyan managed to grasped her hand real as they both managed to teleport into another place. A second before he disappeared along with the mysterious woman, Bai Ruoyan managed to take a glimpse of his father and see his exasperated look as well as anger in his eyes. Luckily he managed to escape successfully this time.

The two of them gasped and heaved for breath. It was such a great hurdle escaping from two predators. Really, he should exercise more often. He felt how tired his lungs was and he didn't want to experience this ever again although that would've been impossible with his future jobs now. Looking at the wererabbit in front of him, he saw that she was as tired as him, maybe more considering that he only joined in the middle.

"Y-you..." she still heaved rather heavily. Bai Ruoyan only looked at her with a questioning glance with his hands on his knees. The moment they finally managed to get enough oxygen in their system, they finally looked at each other's eyes. The woman then make a gesture of a handshake. "Since we've been through this together, it would be weird if I didn't introduce myself to you. My name is Di Fenghua, a clan member of the place where the sun rises. It's unfortunate that we met in such a tight situation," the wererabbit, formally known as Di Fenghua said as she looked at Bai Ruoyan.

Looking at her hand gesture, he clasped it. "I'm Bai Ruoyan, a fangborn. If you heard the conversation just now, it's true that Bravo Avocado is my father. I felt that the rumour was rather exaggerated though, with me having a twin and all," he said. Really, it was ridiculous no matter what!

Looking around their place, they noticed that it wasn't far away from the city. The two then decided to walk back to the city without any worries. After all, they brought enough time to escape and well... they did escape successfully after all. If news got out about their recent escape, surely people in the city would talk about it. After all, the fruits rarely failed their missions.

"So you're actually joining a guild?" Di Fenghua asked with curiousity. Hearing her question, Bai Ruoyan nodded with a smile on his face.

"Yup. My mama told me its time I join a guild. After all I'm already of age and she wanted me to explore more of this world. I don't intend to join the fruity though because they only took elite of the elites, not a newbie like me. Plus when I looked up lots of the guilds was actually booked so really, I managed to register only by luck today," talking all of that spontanoeusly makes his throat thirsty. Typing all of this spontanoeusly is even more tiring. Bashing a book though surpassed my chapter's words.

"Cool. Can I join you guys? I'm new to this district," she asked. Bai Ruoyan looked at her with star-struck eyes.

"Really?! Come to Chuan then. There's still some slots left," he said energetically with a grin on his face. The thought of having another companion in his guild really makes him happy. After all it's not like he would only talk with his mom. He wanted to be independant away from her, not to be sticky. Mama Kristina was also busy lately what with her doing some jobs and all.

When they reached the gate, both of their faces became blank. Even Bai Ruoyan, the one who usually do something crazy was speechless with what he saw in front of him. After all, who wouldn't? It was such a crazy thing after all.

"I'm hundred percent sure that your talisman is cursed, period," Bai Ruoyan said as he looked at the building. It was the detention center. Of all places the talisman teleport, it actually led them outside the southeast gate. Of course after entering the gate it will lead to detention center.

Di Fenghua by his side only cry without tears. Her luck seems to be shitty that day. One morning she travelled to reach here only to encounter many type of monsters. When fighting them all, her favourite weapon broke leaving her defenseless therefore she chose to escape by using the talisman. It actually led her to the city but well, as if luck sided with her when a bear actually followed her. Now it's the elite team of the city that managed to apprehend her and using that talisman once again only gave her temporary freedom. Now she's back finally facing that jail.

"Oho, I thought you guys escape~ To think that you guys are eager to go to the detention center very much~" a playful voice resounded in the air and when Di and Bai turned around, they saw a smirking Meowmy with a bat full of nails in her hands, tapping the bat as if it's a plaything. Her tail sways playfully as she looked at them. "Ne~ It's ironic that you guys are here now. There's no escape anymore ne~"

The last sight Bai Ruoyan saw that day was a chesire cat's playful grin and after that, he couldn't remember much. Only by the time he and Di walked out, they both felt as if their soul flown away. They both should've stay put after all! Everytime he looked at the detention center in the future, Bai Ruoyan would always shivered because it felt as if he saw those chesire grin again.

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