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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine

I am in Nowhere.

I'm aware of myself floating in it. It's all dark. There is no sound here, and nothing to touch, nothing to taste. All I feel is weightlessness.

Is this Death?

I wonder.

If only I'd had more power, I could have -

"Do you want power?"

A voice suddenly rings out in my head. It was deeper than any voice I'd ever heard before, and it sounded infuriated. The darkness deepens around me, and for some reason, I'm feeling nostalgic.

Who are you?

The voice ignores my question. Do you hate?

Hate who?

The ones who abandoned you, who treated you that way, this world. Do you hate them?

I hate it! I hate the people who abandoned me! The people who tortured me! And I hate my weakness! The words were torn from me before I could think them. Shame brims in me, at how childish the words sounded. It's a foreign emotion. I try to sense where the voice was coming from, but it seems like everywhere. Or from inside, as if I were answering myself.

The voice chuckled.

Do you want revenge?

I want them to suffer. To beg for death. To look up with their glazed eyes and pin them on me. And I want to kill them. It's what they deserve.

Fine. But don't forget, you get nothing for free.

I know that.

… Who are you? I asked again.

A few minutes of silence passed.

It's best if I show you.



I can see grass, moving beneath me. A pair of tiny feet are barely in my point of vision, and I see grass, miles of nothing but grass, stretching out before me, and a forest in the distance. The sky is a watery grey-blue, and there are streaks of sunlight slipping through the patches. I pass through one, but the warmth on my face doesn't feel real. A sense of detachment passes through me, as if - as if I were in somebody else's body.

"Come back, sweetie! You're not meant to go near the forest!"

"Catch me if you can!" I feel my own voice ring out, and the legs begin pumping faster beneath me.

"Stop! Come back!"

Is this… a memory?

The scene blurs, and shifts.

My body was sitting somewhere. My head is tilted towards a door, and I can see the yellowing plaster around it chipping. There is a bare floor in my vision, bare stone, and I think I can feel a rough chair of sorts beneath me. The door opens, and a blonde man walks through. My vision shifts, and then I'm standing up, running, to be engulfed in a black coat. My eyes are shut, but I can definitely feel this man's arms around me. I turn my head away and look up at him. He's got weary wrinkles surrounding his face, stretched out and prominent from the way he's smiling. He's got a peppered brow, and brown eyes. They're gentle.

The scene blurs again.

I'm facing cotton sheets this time. I see a knee in my line of sight, and I feel the limbs underneath me. Hair tickles my neck, and I look up, at a woman with long brown hair and grey eyes and a soft smile.

There's remnants of an emotion inside me.

It was peaceful.

"Did I wake you, sweetheart?"

It all blurs again before I can reply. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

There is darkness this time.

The mood abruptly changes.

I'm crouching in the bushes, and my feet are soaked. It's chilling. My eyes are burning, and I'm staring in horror as the house burns. I can hear the voices still ringing in her memory. Run and hide. You can't let them find you." I remember their fear, and it tripled my panic, so I forced myself to get up, turn around, and run.

It was the only movement that I could control.

As I ran, frustratingly slowly, I saw the village. The path was lit by the burning houses, and I could hear the screaming above the roaring flames. I saw people in metal moving in and out of the houses, sometimes dragging children with them, and I swerved into the shadows to avoid them. Thankfully, my legs sped up, and I ran out of the village, onto the empty field. Darkness shrouded the ground. I was turned around for one last look.

The village was aglow, bathed in firelight and shrieks. Everything was orange and black, and the smoke that was rising was reflecting the firelight. The stars were hidden tonight. Words were echoing in this body's memory as she watched it all.

"It should have been killed the very second it opened its eyes! This child has cursed our fates!"

Against my will, her body sunk to the ground. Tears blurred her vision, and dread bloomed in me as she tucked her body into a tiny ball. She'd be found if she stayed here. They'd find her and drag her back to be killed. I tried to get her to stand, to run and hide somewhere, but she wouldn't move.

It was the longest memory I'd ever experienced. I felt the hours pass, saw the sky slowly lightening, but I couldn't do anything. I felt the girl's sorrow, and a loss of my own, but I knew how this would end, and I could only slowly endure it.

I heard footsteps approaching, and there was a kick in my side that sent me sprawling. I looked up as a few guardsmen came towards me.

"Look-ie here, guys! Seems like a brat's here."

"Heh, we could sell 'er to the mines."

Dread pierced through me as they chorused. "Sure! It'll be s'me extra coins."

They surrounded her, and grabbed at her arms. She tried to move, but they were obviously too strong for her weak body. Tears slipped out again and I screamed, just as something heavy smacked my head and the darkness hit me.

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