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85% Creed of the Betrayed / Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen

Ashbel pov:

"D-don't want to die… C-cough I finally…"

The child collapsed. Her eyes were unwilling to give up end till the end. I couldn't help but feel moved by the determination to live. I could still feel the chill from her bloodlust. 

"Good work Ashbel." Father sheathed his sword.

He seems unaffected. I need to train harder. I need to stand firm. 

"Did you kill her?" 

"No. I avoided her vitals."

"Did you not want her dead?" I ask him perplexed. 

"I changed my mind. This child may be useful to some extent. That last attack was strong."

True. That attack was strong but a commoner like her should not be able to use magic…

"Father was that a magic attack? I have never seen something like that. She also has heterochromia so it is impossible for the elements to bless her."

"Indeed you are correct, but That was undoubtedly an attack with mana."

I was surprised once again. If she can actually use mana she would be a good asset for the House. We are severely lacking capable magical soldiers after all. 

"I see. So what will you make her do? We still have to give an explanation to His Majesty."

Father turned to Lia who I laid on the carpet and said, "Let her serve as Liana's maid. Then we can keep a better eye on the kid and Liana."

Certainly, that would be the best arrangement. Lia will also be satisfied with this. 

"That… may be the best. Will you be able to control that child though Father?"

"That will be your task Ashbel. Keep an eye on Liana and the kid."

So you are just dumping the task to me? She won't be easy to persuade. 

"Don't make such an unhappy face. You are responsible for not keeping Liana in check. She has been too willful."

" *sigh* I understand Father." I guess I'm lucky to not get punished this time. 

I sighed once more looking at both the girl and my sister who were lying on the carpet. 

This will be tough. 

Thus began my duty of looking after that girl.

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Aelin pov:

I could barely feel the sensation of  my body touching something soft. Like the caress of mother's embrace. It felt comfortable. 

"--ke up! Wake up!"

I opened my eyes and was stunned to see the faces of the noble brats. 

"Aah!" I shift as far as I can from the two of them. 

It is then that I realize that I am in the bed of the same room as yesterday. 

I'm alive...? 

"Aelin! Father decided to spare you! You won't be killed!" the girl beams at me. 

The Marquess definitely tried to kill me. He won't spare me so easily. 

"Stop lying! I am of no use to the Marquess for him to spare me. If this is a game for your amusement, then please kill me right now. I don't want to be a toy for you nobles."

Her eyes widen at my answer. This girl might honestly be kind but I can't trust anyone. After all no person has ever treated me kindly except my parents. 

'I don't want to be lumped with a cursed child.' Those words of Dan echo in my head. The memories flash in front of my eyes and remind me not to trust anyone.

"It is true that the Marquess spared you. You will serve as Lia's personal maid. For this kindness you will not receive any wages for a year."

What? The Marquess really spared me? Why? They have nothing to gain from me. 


I just want freedom. But I won't be able to have it cause I'm a cursed child. Nobody will accept a cursed existence like me. 

"Because Father wishes it. You now belong to House Zephyrus." 

"Your identity will be changed. You are no longer a slave. You are Aelin, the orphan taken in by Lia."


I--don't know what to do. 

Should I try again? 

Can I believe their words? 

Will I be abandoned again? 

What should I do? 

"You don't need to worry. I will protect you." 

That smile. 

The smile that the gentle woman used to show me whenever she held me in her arms. 

Her touch is oh so warm. But it's all gone. Long gone. Burnt to ashes in that fire and forgotten in the ravages of time. 


But I feel that touch again. The gentle hands wipe away tears that I didn't realize were falling. The smile is still present in her youthful face. 

I look at her face. Her green eyes are sparkling like stars. 

It's all wrong. It isn't the same. But why do I feel this bittersweet longing? The desire to embrace that person again with those lovely eyes. To be in her protection. 

I know that I can't ever go back to that old cottage. The field that was filled with golden wheat is no longer there. My home no longer exists. 

It must be because of that smile. That's why I'm feeling so weird. I need to get a hold of myself. Yes, I need to calm down. I was almost killed by the Marquess. I need to keep my guard up. 

"You don't need to cry Aelin. You are safe now. No one will hurt you."

It hurts. My body and heart is in pain. 

So please don't look at me like that. Don't look at me with that gentle gaze. I won't be able to protect my heart this way. 

I don't want to trust anyone anymore. I don't want to feel that pain again. So please don't show such a beautiful smile. 

"I- , I am a cursed child. If you stay near me you will face misfortune." 

"I don't care about misfortune! Such beautiful eyes like yours can't bring misfortune to myself."

Beautiful? These cursed eyes of mine? 

I see. This girl is truly naive.

"I understand. Then Lady Liana, I'm in your service."

It won't be a bad idea to look after this girl. I won't have to worry about food and shelter at least. 

And so, I became the personal maid of Lady Liana Zephyrus. 

asphyxia778 asphyxia778

Hope you enjoy ♡

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