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50% Creed of the Betrayed / Chapter 10: Chapter Ten

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Chapter 10: Chapter Ten

I was back in the darkness.

"Did you see your parents?"

Shock hit me like a ton of bricks. Those were… my parents? Which meant -

"Yes, those were your own memories. Bits and pieces that were still left."

That girl was me. Sorrow and pity bloomed in me, and then it fizzled into anger.

"Who attacked the village?"

"I don't know."

"Who are you?"

There was silence for a few seconds. I waited, still seething with anger.


"What do you -"

"You. Your memories. The other half of you that was locked up after they took you."

A few more seconds of silence passed.

"Why are you here now?"

"You died a pitiful death. I figured I should come out."

So, I did die.

"Why bother?"

"I want you to remember. The rage and the hate. I want you to avenge us."

"But I'm dead."

"Do you want power?"

Understanding dawned in me.

"You can give it to me?"

"You already had it."

The questions from before - it all made sense now. She could give me the power I needed to avenge us. Nothing more needed to be said.

I smiled.


I opened my eyes.

I was back in the room. My lashes were weighing down against me, and I saw specs of ashes on them.

I blinked furiously. It was the only movement I could make yet.

I'm lying on the marble. I can see from the corners of my eyes, the dark stone surrounding me. The fire's embers are still glowing faintly, The same rags. I should be freezing, but I don't feel the cold.

Is it numbness?

But I don't feel anything in my limbs. Not the slightest ache.

I look down at my body. To my faint surprise, the knife is still there. Exactly where I was punctured. Blood has seeped out from the wound, pooling on the black slab and dripping onto the floor. I'm surprised at the fact that they didn't strike the knife again into my corpse. It doesn't seem as if they've touched me at all after I died. I can still move my hands a little. I bring up my right palm, and it comes to rest on my stomach. There's no pain at all.

Then one of the masked men sees me, and screams.

The Baron's speech cut off abruptly. He spun around to face the man, who's backing away from me in horror. My eyes are fixed on the Baron. His robes were still settling as his eyes flicked straight into mine.

I smiled.

His face dropped in shock, and he began to stutter.

"Impossible! H-How?! You're supposed to be dead!!"

The anger returns.


I tried to move my hand up, to grip the knife, but it was still shaky. I remembered my broken bones, and grimaced to myself. As I pulled the knife out slowly, the pain came back. I closed my eyes, and tried to focus on something else.

I wanted to make the pain go away.

I heard snapping, but it was somehow… far off. The pain was slowly disappearing. I felt my body shifting, and I heard gasps. The knife's edge left my body, and dropped down beside me.

I opened my eyes.

And I was astounded.

My body had healed. My limbs were in position. My tissues were unripped.

My cheeks pulled up into a grin, one that didn't hurt in the least.

So, I could heal myself. Though the previous scars remained.

She did say I could use powers.

I looked at the noble who was screaming. He seemed to be having a fit, pointing at me and failing his arms. I sat up, revelling in the smooth movements of my muscles, and narrowed my eyes at him. I wish he'd shut up, the pathetic thing.

Suddenly, he froze. His limbs literally froze where they were. His screaming cut off. I heard his voice in my head.

"What's going on?! Why can't I move?!"

I blinked in surprise. It was surprisingly easy.

His eyes swivelled to me. "You wench!!! What did you do?!"

"It would be a waste of energy to chase you." My voice rang out, loud and commanding. "Now, shrivel up and die!"

As I watched him, his body began to age. His skin went grey and sagged, and his veins grew darker. His hair went from grey to white in seconds, and a scream stood on the tip of his tongue as his skin went black. He slumped to the ground.

The people around him backed away. I smirked, and froze their legs. They were hysterical, slapping each other's faces and staring at the fallen man in horror. Their screams fell on my ears.


"Don't kill me!!!"

"I don't want to die!"


The voice rang in my head, and I agreed with her. I stood up, and gripped the knife. The first man had died too quickly. I'd like to rip them to pieces myself.

As I advanced, the hypocrites begged me to spare them. I saw the look in their eyes, and it stopped me short.

Shock pierced me, at how satisfying it was. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Look at me like that.

Pure fear.



I almost wanted to spare them, to keep that look in their eyes… I thought, as I dug the knives through their skin. Their howls were too sweet though. I smiled.

It felt good to smile again.

It felt good to hack through their limbs.

I looked down at my blood stained hands, and a giggle rose up in my throat.

"Who would've guessed?"

I didn't care if I'd become a monster.

"Killing is so much fun!"

I wouldn't give up this happiness for anything, ever again.

asphyxia778 asphyxia778

hello everyone crazy author here. How do you feel reading this chapter?

It seems too convenient doesn't it? For the MC to gain such power without any consequences.

Remember nothing in the world is free.

next chapter
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